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Honey’s Jungle sexpedition –(Water play)Part-V

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After departure of Goldie and Honey Montos and Bandung feeling very lonely. Montos and Bandung Both having great fun and being happy with Goldie and Honey and feeling lonely. Now they know next day Xinto and Mablo will take Goldie and Honey to the waterfall nearby and will have great fun there so they decided to go there along with Mona, Kamia and Sunda and there was a proposal of marriage between Mablo and Sunda so Xinto was some kindness for Sunda.
Montos and Bandung reached before Xinto and started water playing in the spring. The three ladies went in the water to water play.
Soon Xinto and Mablo reached with Goldie and Honey. Today they will sexperience and both Xinto and Bandung to watch only.
Sunda – Mablo, What are you doing on the other side? Come here among us
Kamia – You go and bring them. Sunda, take care of them,
Mona – I don’t know why, today I have come to make fun.
Honey – Hey you all have come, I am feeling very enchanting, hope you all are also thrilled.
Mona – yes Honey. Correct
Sunda – Why can’t we have fun? I mean, I know that both father and son are waiting for fucking in the spring
Kamia – What are you saying bitch?
Mona – Why?
Honey – Everyone is ready to wait for fucking. Come here Xinto.
Kamia – Main sex programme with Honey and Xinto. Rest of we are with Mablo. Nice idea
Then Honey and Kamia lifted Mablo on their shoulders. In the same way Sunda, Mona and Goldie picked up Xinto and placed on their shoulders and took them to the water as rituals.
Mona – Xinto, Bandung, today you both will see the true form of this spring. Just chill and relax.
Kamia – Dear Mona, we all are nude but see Goldie and Honey.
Honey – I don’t want to wear my underwear any more.
Sunda – Hey let’s enjoy
And this time Mablo also removed dress of Goldie and Honey which is just made of animal skin and tree leaves and he started sucking Goldie’s nipples and fondling Honey’s boobs with his hand.
Xinto – Hey Mona what are you doing?
Mablo – Mona see, Goldie did not take off my dress yet now.
Honey – Look at your cock, it is hot and erect
Kamia – Look, it’s hot from his childhood like a devil at the age of 12 it is huge 8 inch and started laughing
Sunda – Kamia is absolutely right,
Kamia – Wow, By the way, Xinto please take initiation
Mona – What happened to you Xinto? Standing Calm
Honey – Mona, don’t play fool anymore, enjoy
Kamia – Today, one for all and all for all and one by one we will get a chance with everyone. Think how many varieties of pussy and cock and started laughing
Sunda – Have some patience Kamia, there are still in queue my would be husband Mablo will fuck me after Honey and Goldie
Kamia – Honey – Truly your bum is awesome, I have no patience anymore.
Mona – Honey Did you have fun Yesterday?
Honey – Smilingly a great fun dear.
Mona – Today Kamia and Sunda are going to break their virginity of this spring fucking. Till the time they will remain hot. Sunda will be fucked by Mablo and Kamia will maiden test the cockof clan leader Xinto
Mona – Look, I don’t wear any clothes in the spring
Mablo – Xinto, see how big are your Honey’s buttocks?
Xinto – Yes but your Goldie’s bruises are also looking very delicious.
Honey – Are you wearing clothes Mona?
Mona – No, Today we all will remain in nude.
Honey – Mona, we all will loose our virginity at spring?
Mona – But we are fuckers. How can it be done?
Honey – Don’t you hear the tune of spring and first time of every woman here, makes her virgin for this spot.
Xinto – This is my first time here
Mablo – I am also the first time.
Mona: Montos and Bandung Your dad popped up my cherry here when I was 11 years only and for that reason this place is quite memorable for me.
Honey –Montos and Bandung you two will repeat the history of your dad with Mona by combinly fucking her , Isn’t?
Mablo – obviously, I want to enjoy it. .
Honey –Xinto, whom do you like to fuck?
Xinto-No comments
Mona – Xinto, please tell me whom do you want. It will be fun to see whatever you choose today.
Honey – Don’t be shy and tell me.
Goldie turned her buttocks towards Mablo, this scene could not be more beautiful, after all Honey held Mablo’s cock with her hand and started caressing her mummy’s buttocks. Mablo started feeling very sexcited and then Honey slapped hard on her mummy’s buttocks.
Mona – ouch Honey. Are you crazy? with such force slapping your mom
Goldie turned to look at her bum and started rubbing it.
Mona –Xinto are you watching? Honey is spanking your wife’s bum and you are just watching?
Xinto – what can I do?
Honey –Xinto, you can also spank me if you want , otherwise you can also fuck me.
Mona – Honey, you fuck Xinto but I am Bandung’s slave girl.
Honey – You are mainly sex slave on the bed and Xinto is enjoying on the water.
Mona – good idea. Honey Go with Xinto.
Honey made Xinto lie down on the stone and opened his legs and sat in middle keeping her labia lips on Xinto’s erected humongous cock and bent down and started taking Xinto’s lips in her mouth. Xinto for balancing cupped the voluptuous breast of Honey though Pussy of Honey already engulfed half of Xinto’s humongous cock and strucked. On the other side, Goldie also sucking Mablo’s cock in the same way. Both mothe and daughter getting fucked by son and father duo. To complete tne incest circle Sunda place her labia on Honey’s buttoc and lay on her as a result her would be father in law holding her boobs in one hand and Honey’s boobs in other hand while Honey engulfing the total cock of Xinto.
Honey – That little dick of Mablo compare to Xinto gives pleasure to my pussy and started laughing
Mona – Yes absolutely. Right Honey, Xinto is tremendous between the legs, I have once sexperienced.
Honey – I will teach how to take big things in pussy.
Mona – Xinto, you also look carefully. You will get Goldie’s pussy
Xinto – yes Mona
Mona – What did you say, Xinto?
Xinto – Yes my whore but how did you know?
Mona – I am a jungle whore
Honey –Xinto stop talking and let’s play
Xinto started licking Honey’s pussy and found this taste is very interesting. It was a little sweet and a little salty. But it was very soft and as it continued to move her tongue over the G spot and clit of Honey , it seemed like sex water was coming out. Even the smell of pussy made Xinto sex intoxicated.
In this way both of father and son started licking Goldie and Honey’s pussy and both of them started rubbing their hands in their balls out of sexcitement.
Sunda – It is right for you both. Have you swapped your partners?
Mona – You are crazy, here mom Goldie is in state of fucking big cocks and wants swapping.
Xinto – Come darling Goldie
Mablo – yes aHoney you come to me.
Sunda – Dear father and son, come here. Have fun with me, right?
Kamia – nice idea.
Mona – Come on, how much care will you take? All girls should pay attention to sex. Bye
We both mom and daughter were very happy that there is going to be more fun and my mom will sit on bigger cock. After that my mom spit in her hand and rubbed Xinto’s cock and then kissed on top of his bulbous penis head. Honey slapped her pussy and went towards Mablo to challenge his cock, Son Mablo’s penis had entered Honey’s pussy easily and Honey also started enjoying while lying down on the water. Both of us were feeling very hot and her pussy was very hot and wet.
Mablo – Suddenly screamed after fucking for 15 minutes, Hai Honey my cock milk has released in your vagina
Mona – The son’s sex cream has not come out completely
Mona – Honey, what happened to Mablo?
Honey – In experience in sex.
After fucking for half an hour Xinto released his sex jism and at the same time released her second time sex jism in unison.
Xinto – aah Goldie I am releasing my sex jism in your pussy.
Goldie: No problem dear I am also releasing my sex jism.
Xinto: Tomorrow Honey will be fucked by we four. Apart from me my son Mablo, Montos and Bandung.
Lets wait for tomorrow.


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