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Honey’s Jungle sexpedition – Part-III (Both mom and daughter)

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Now in the morning they all got fresh around 10’O clock and during lunch it was found that there is Goldie, Honey, Montos, Bandung, Honey and more two girls.
Goldie: where are other man of your clan ?
Bandung: There is only one more person of our clan, our grandfather aged 54 Yrs. and he stay alone separately, not with us. This two widow girl kamia and Sunda along with Mona only maiden in this clan give him sex service at night alternately but he likes fresh pussy like yours Goldie and Honey.
Montos: Brother Bandung we are the last two member of our clan, all other has died due to curse. The people you all saw yesterday are people exiled from other clan and taken shelter here and join our party but they stay separately and obey the rules and dominance of our clan.
Bandung: Brother Montos what you think about these two ladies Goldie.
Montos: Bandung doesn’t try to make me fool. I have noticed that you have poured your sex jism in their pussy and thought you will be the successful father of their child but our Grand father told we all three male can have sex but not baby. These Mona-24 yrs., Kam-16 Yrs. and Sunda- 14 Yrs. all has been fucked by both of us regularly and repeatedly but they have never been pregnant.
Bandung: We want fresh cock to test at least three pussies of our clan whether they are fertile to raise baby in their womb or not.
Honey: If you want I have a friend Abra and I can call here for fertilizing these three ladies.
Goldie: Yes he is my would be son in law and very competent in fucking and both mother and daughter are his guarantor to fuck all three ladies and make them pregnant as both mother and daughter has been fucked by his humongous cock.
Montos: Now from now onwards Goldie is my wife and Honey is your wife. It will be sexcellent that mother and daughter is getting fucked side to side by two brothers and started laughing.
Bandung: Thank you my brother but I hope this arrangement is quite temporary.
Montos: Surely and we have to send them to our Grandfather for his pleasure also.
Both Montos and Bandung has a great respect cum fear for their Grandfather as he only predicts the future of their clan and he has predicted that their Gold reserve and diamonds kept in the vault where he stays with the clan Idol will come to their hand and their clan will be revived. So all have to abide by this old man rules and regulations in the clan. He always says that my dad has the key to this wealth but how they will get the wealth?
This night Mona will go to their Grandfather for calming his sex heat and here both mom and daughter Goldie and Honey will be fucked by Montos and Bandung on the same bed.
As Goldie and Honey are captive of them and their all luggage including mobile phone are in charging condition was left in the hotel room. They planned with Murphy that if he is unable to connect them then come to the hotel after 15 days for rescue. Murphy could not contact Goldie and Honey and decided to send Honey’s lover cum would be Hubby Abraham to the hotel due to some business problem of Murphy.
It was only second night of Goldie and Honey of their captives by these jungle clan and now two brothers called Sunda and Kamia as Mona has gone for sexperience with their Grandfather. Now Bandung told them that they have stopped fighting among the different clans and made treaty with them and keep peaceful friendship. Montos told that they believe in treaty among other clans.
Sunda: Bandung you have to send two ladies to the furious gang and myself refuse to go there.
Kamia: Yes they have got black python in between their legs and I also fear them
Montos: You don’t take tension tomorrow night these two captives will be send to them and we two brothers will fuck Kamia and Mona as Sunda will go to Grandfather.
Kamia: smiled and say we are your sex slaves.
Now Kamia placed her mouth in between Goldie’s pussy and Sunda started sucking Honey’s pussy and giving them tongue fucking and these two Bandung placed his cock inside Goldie’s mouth and Montos inside Honey’s mouth and both mom and daughter finds no other way but sucking the cocks and in their pussy also getting wet by the vigorous tongue sucking by those two girls and released their sex water in their mouth and both Bandung and Montosh released their pre cum juice in their mouth.
Now Bandung in between two legs of Honey and her labia mouth is welcoming bulbous Penis head of Bandung. Kamia applied her tongue on the bulbous penis head of Bandung and started to rub the penis head against the labia of Honey and the labia mouth of Honey is also opening to engulf the cock. slowly and slowly Honey engulfed total cock of Bandung.
On the other side Montos lay on the bed and his humongous cock is standing up like a pole both Sunda and Kamia holding both side of Goldie placed her labia hole on Montos’s pole and OMG: what as lutty woman this Goldie is as she directly sat on Montos Stomach as she has engulfed the total humongous cock in one go. Now Goldie started to have cowgirl putting her two hands on her shoulder sexposing her voluptuous breast vividly and she started sex on Montos’s cock and as her voluptuous book is dancing both Kamia and Sunda started slapping her boobs making Honey more sexcited.
Now Kamia Leaving Goldie came for sex attention of Bandung and Honey and Sunda was left for Montos and Goldie. Sunda placed her labia on Montos’s mouth as he love’s sex juice and lapping cunt and both Goldie and Sunda started boobs messaging of each other.
As Bandung is fucking Honey by taking her legs in his shoulder so her mouth is fully open and Kamia placed her cunt o Honey’s mouth for sucking.
All were fucking in total amusement and forgetting everything outside and even the presence of two male watching the sex show without interruption and they are leader of the other clan Xintu and his son Mablo and their they decided Xintu aged around 36 will fuck Honey and Mablo 14 Yrs. will fuck Goldie.
Now all Six after disengaging them from sex battle welcome them and they have brought food materials for them and Goldie and Honey will be going with them for one week. Both Honey and Goldie laughed at their fate.
Now let’s see how this father and son duo treats mother and daughter duo.


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