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Honey’s Jungle sexpedition – Part-II

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“Today, the whole clan will have sex to celebrate the union of Goldie and Montos. ,
“Why are you chirping so much?” Honey said tauntingly to the Mona.
“Don’t underestimate me Honey, the pleasure that my intelligent mouth gives is unique.
“Okay Mona, tell me your secret too. ,
sucking is good as mouth is the second cunt of woman.
Mona told now it is your daughter Honey’s turn to get fucked after you
Then after some rest, Mona got Honey ready and took her with her. She entered a tent where the entire clan was gathered. Honey was just watching in astonishment, because the entire clan was engrossed in fucking in twos and threes, a man and a woman were having sex in a group. Then Bandung came and told to Mona: suck my penis. ,
Mona: “Yes yes, why not, come on,. Bandung took out his penis and put it in the Mona’s mouth. The mouth of the Mona is supersensitive which kept Bandung’s penis remained erect while uttering “Ummmm…”.
Honey has seen group sex many times in her life but not with so much horny sexy people about 50, she was getting quite horny now. Honey’s eyes started searching for Montos but she saw something strange.
Montos was engaged there with girls from two tribes. Then Honey became furious and before she could go to Montos, Mona stopped her, “Look, this is a common thing in the clan, everyone has sex with each other and also incest, taboo and perversion is common feature in the clan
“What kind of bestiality is this?”
“There is no bestiality, this is our tradition that has been going on for centuries. ” Saying this, Mona pulled the string of Honey’s clothes and her clothes fell in front of Bandung and Honey became completely nude. Honey quickly started hiding her naked body with her hands but her voluptuous boobs with pin pointed nipples attracts everyone.. Bandung’s lustful eyes has seen Honey’s delicate body, while getting his penis sucked by Mona, Bandung pulled Honey towards himself and started kissing her boobs. Honey hesitated only for a few moments, but when Mona gave Bandung’s cock in Honey’s hands, she loved to taking such a big cock in her hand and started kissing Bandung’s cock.
Mona was now sucking Honey’s big voluptuous breasts and Bandung was sucking her lips. Then Bandung made Honey lie down and put his humongous penis in her mouth, Mona started licking Honey’s pussy. Honey was enjoying while saying “Hmm…”.
Seeing Honey in this condition, Montos became furious and immediately reached there. He removed Bandung from Honey’s body and now a fight started between the two brothers to fuck Honey. Then to end this dilemma, Mona made a proposal, “It seems that both of you have fallen in fucking love with the sexy bitch and Montos, it is a tradition that we do not stop those who want to have sex as per their wish. Yes, that’s why you can’t stop the phase. But since you are the leader of this clan, you will be given full opportunity to pursue your wishes. My proposal is that both of you fuck Honey and the one who ejaculates first will lose the right to fuck Honey. ,
Both of them agreed to this proposal, so both of them completely attacked Honey, Montos inserted his penis in Honey’s pussy and Bandung kept getting his penis sucked. Then after a few moments, Montos took Honey in his lap and inserted his penis in her ass, Honey had never taken such a humongous penis in her ass. Montos had rubbed a lot of oil on Honey’s ass hole.
When the penis went inside, Honey groaned, “Uff ah ahh…”
To give double the fun, Bandung then inserted his penis into Honey’s pussy, and both the men started fucking Honey. This was the deepest fucking sexperience in Honey’s life. “Oh! Oh… ”
Honey was screaming loudly and then Bandung ejaculated inside Honey’s pussy. On the other hand, Montos was very happy that now Honey belonged only to him, Montos also ejaculated in Honey’s ass after that.
All three started sweating profusely and then the entire clan chanted for Montos and Honey in Corus.
After that, when Bandung was dejected over his defeat, Mona came to him and said to him, why are you angry, don’t forget that you have ejaculated in her pussy. You will have a child from her, who will be the rightful owner of the throne. Mona and Bandung kept laughing at this. But now you will get another chubby sexy this girl’s mom and you can keep her as your wife or this girl Honey as per discussion with your brother Montos.
As Bandung was second chief of the clan so everyone use to respect him and he was also brother of Montos. Now Goldie was brought to Bandung and Mona prepared Goldie by giving sex enhancer fruit juice and Goldie feeling a sex war in her body as she has watched how Honey and the total clan was under fucking spell. Goldie opened her legs and invited Bandung to land on her cunt with his humongous cock. Bandung became very happy and after his cock well sucked by Goldie, Bandung took out his cock from Goldie’s mouth and took two legs of Goldie on his shoulder and labia lips of Goldie sexposed more than before and with one sudden force half of his cock went inside Goldie’s pussy and slowly Goldie’s pussy engulfed the gigantic cock of Bandung and after fucking Goldie for half an hour both Goldie and Bandung released their sex jism in unison inside Goldie’s pussy.
Mona watched the show and told to Bandung you are making both mother and daughter pregnant by your sex jism but out of two who is better?
Bandung: It is difficult to comment as both are unique during fucking.
They did not know that both Honey and Goldie are in special sex pill and they will not be pregnant under any circumstance anyhow miracle can happen at anytime.


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