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Honey’s Jungle sexpedition -(Mom’s sex trial) Part-I

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After giving sexam for high school both Goldie and Honey started their journey to know their ancestor i.e grand father and the ring Honey is wearing in her engrossed large clit locked by a clit ring at the end of clitoris. Now both Goldie and Honey got many information from her Granny’s chip and they packed their luggage and went for jungle at Congo and landed at Airport at night. After keeping their luggage in the hotel they forcibly went outside of the Hotel to view the night outside though Hotel staff told there are high risk of Animals and savage people.
In night when both Honey and Goldie were roaming, both of them suddenly captive by some jungle people and their sex journey in Jungle started. They both were brought to a place of sin named Bakkas- A land of Baka clan. Both Goldie and Honey was kept prisoner by the warriors of Bakkas for the last four hours. Because Honey was very beautiful, she was being saved for the clan leader. Tonight there clan leader Montos is returning from hunting and his hunger for lust was at its peak. When Montos came to the clan, he called his special man his brother Bandung, “Bandung, go to the city today and pick up some young beauty, today I feel like fucking a voluptuous older sexy lady.
Brother already an arrangement has been made for you, sexactly the kind of woman you are looking for, we have kept a girl captive along with her voluptuous sexy mom
“What ? Well done my bro, Now do one thing quickly, introduce Mona our pimp sex girl. She will prepare the sexy voluptuous mom and then I will fuck her tonight itself. ,
“Yes of course Montos. ,
Bandung told Montos’s order to Mona and Mona in turn came to Honey and Goldie and chose Goldie as Bandung’s prey for fucking. First of all, she completely removed the rags that were left on Goldie’s body and made her completely naked. Goldie’s hands and legs were tied and a gag was also stuffed in her mouth. She had no other option but to shed tears. same thing with Honey also
Then Mona pressed Honey’s 36C- big breasts and caressed her pink nipples and same thing done with Goldie’s boobs, she wanted to see whether either of them have milk in her breasts or not. Montos loved to drink breast milk. After thoroughly fumbling with both Goldie Honey’s breasts, Mona inspected their pussy and ass but not all astonished by the nipple and clit ring as it is very common in their clan
Both Goldie and Honey’s ass was very chubby and both of their pussy was quite smooth. To warm Goldie’s r pussy a little, Mona first rubbed her fingers on Goldie’s pussy, but the pussy was not getting so wet and Goldie told “Mona, I am nervous,
Mona answered: don’t worry at all. Montos has the biggest dick in the clan and he also fucks very well. You are going to have a lot of fun and for your relief, I will give you yellow grape sex enhancing juice. ,
The sinful Mona gave grape juice to both Goldie and Honey due to which both were gradually losing consciousness, then Mona sent a message via Bandung to Montos and called Montos inside the room. When Montos’s sex greedy eyes fell on both mom and daughter Goldie and Honey but he chose more voluptuous boobs older lady Goldie to fuck and his humongous 11 inch+ penis immediately got erect, he said to the Mona, “Take your reward and go now.”
Mona said to Montos: you , lick the girl’s pussy thoroughly first and make it completely wet . Then you and she too will have complete fun. ,
As the Mona told, Montos started licking Goldie’s pussy. Both the smell and taste of her pink pussy were quite sweet. Montos was becoming more crazy with the smell of Goldie’s pussy. He started chewing and lapping Goldie’s pussy thoroughly. Montos’s tongue was touching the right place in her G-spot and clit and now Goldie was getting more sexcited from the pussy licking than from the grape juice.
Goldie’s smooth clean shaved pussy had become completely wet, suddenly Goldie’s urine came out and she urinated on Montos’s face.
Then the Mona gave Goldie the liquor made in the clan and made her drunk which is actually a sex potent.
Due to this, Montos became even more sexcited and standing up, he removed the cloth from Goldie’s mouth and started kissing her lips, “You know, only the queen of this tribe can dare to urinate on Montos. Because you have shown this courage, I want to make you the queen of this tribe. ,
Goldie was regaining consciousness, “Hmm, I thought some coward was going to lock me up and fuck me. But there is something special about you, the way you licked my pussy…”
Before Goldie could say anything else, Montos untied her hands and picked her up and took her in his lap. The entire clan was watching this as sex is well open in the clan and also Honey had now become clan leader Montos’s wife.
Now Montos took out his humongous 11 inch+ penis and Goldie was surprised to see Montos’s penis, “What is this? Are you a human being or a donkey?”
Control your tongue, when it goes inside your pussy then you will know what real pleasure is, then Montos went to Goldie and bent her over and made her a mare. Then after opening Goldie’s pussy, Montos inserted half of his penis inside and Goldie screamed, “Ahh…Ohh, Ummm”
But without saying anything or stopping, Montos started fucking Goldie’s pussy, due to Montos’s thrusts, Honey’s big breasts were shaking vigorously. Montos was fucking Honey in a very vigorous manner. Once again Honey’s pussy released a fountain of sex jism and once again the sex water from Goldie’s pussy fell on Montos’s face. “Oops, ahh…”
Goldie had thoroughly enjoyed the sex, when Montos was about to ejaculate, he put his cock in Goldie’s mouth and said, “Come on, suck it well, I will release my sex cream in your mouth.” ,

Montos poured all the sex cream into Goldie’s mouth and filled her entire mouth and Goldie drank all the sex jism of Monto and found it was very tasty
As soon as Montos left, the Mona came inside and asked Goldie, “How was your cunt plowed? did Montos make you happy or not?”
“Hmm, very much. ” said Goldie shyly.
Next is your daughter Honey’s turn


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