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Honey Life- (Sex show)- Concluding Part

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I am Honey attending my 19 yrs. birthday on very next day and It was a Saturday and my Step dad along with his daughter Emily and sister Norah Knew about me from my mom Goldie and most attractive part is my flagellation which has attracted Murphy’s head and he declared on Saturday evening Honey will be star attraction in his sex drama open theater show and laughingly said Tomorrow is Porn flagellation of Honey in our Porn industry of sex and blue film.
Our Star performer Bulldozer man a huge gigantic penis man from Nigeria will perform his last performance and will go back to his country and to bid farewell it is my plan to offer Honey for his counterpart instead of regular female porn industry star.
All Goldie, Emily, Norah and Pamela shouted in chorus Honey is the right whore you choose and we will also arrange her birthday on the stage.
Murphy: Tomorrow’s stage show demand is very high. I have collected already what I collect in one month from my four sex stage show and hope to get tips and sell to our guests of the sex stage show also will be a fair amount. Now we have to prepare Honey as she does not get injured in her pussy.
Next day Stage show is scheduled at 10’O clock at night. Just before the show Honey was called and she was injected inside her vagina and Murphy sexplained to Honey Bulldozer man has a humongous cock of one foot with bulbous penis head like a Swan Egg. His cock is about 4 inch in dia and you will think you are taking a horse cock inside your pussy. Since your pussy does not rupture or lose its elasticity so the medicine is given. Don’t worry my girl.
Now Murphy came to the stage and announce today is the last show of our star performer Bulldozer man and my stepdaughter Honey and surely will be helper by her mom Goldie i.e is my newly married wife Goldie. By the by Tonight is also Honey’s birthday and if you want to share the Birthday cake then can take it from the counter.
Murphy announces Tonight’s first show is The Great Irish Wolf Hound and Puppy and you will really view a dog and bitch fucking.
There was murmuring among the guest in the audience and they are shouting we have given so much to see the open sex drama not any Animal sex here.
Murphy answered laughingly the name of the puppy is Honey y daughter.
There was clap from everyone in the Audience.
Honey came in the audience along with Goldie. Now Honey is in puppy dress with a fake dog tail hiding her pussy. Goldie applied some sex cream and also some butter loved by the Irish Hound. Honey took the position of a bitch. Goldie applied her tongue on Wolf Hound’s cock and his pointed cock started too come out of his sheath and the Hound started to lick Honey’s pussy and without any invitation jumped his two front legs on Honey’s shoulder as a dog fucks bitch and most surprising think is that without any help of Goldie the hound inserted her cock inside Honey’s pussy. All her friends Abraham, Tommy, Kelly and Ben along with their Girl friends Nancy, Kathie and Matilda along with Pamela the She male is moving in nude around Honey. All are coming in front of Honey’s mouth and Honey is sucking either cock or cunt and taking Grey Hound’s cock punch in her pussy. They Grey hound must have been given some sex enhancer and after fucking Honey for forty minutes released his sex jism and Honey also released her sex jism but Honey is a perfect Bitch girl and not like other girls and The Grey Hound releasing his semen his cock remained inserted inside Honey’s pussy and they took real dog and bitch fucking position but here Wolf Hound is dog and Bitch is Honey and all the audience started clapping.
Now Murphy announced today’s attendance is Maximum-male is 24 and female is 16 and you can choose your partner from the audience as usual by mutual sex co operation and from my side there myself presents my wife, sister and daughter along with more three beautiful teens as per your demand and five males including me and a She male and you pay the amount when there will be last show in the stage a Bull fucking a Calf.
Again whispering started in the Audience
Murphy: Dear Audience here also Bull is my Bulldozer Man and it is his last performance in the show and my dear daughter Honey.
Audience shouted in chorus: OMG:
Now Bulldozer man arrived on the stage, he is about 300 pounds and sexceptionaly height 6 ft 4 inch heavily muscular at this age of 46 Yrs. and Tonight is his last performance. Now Goldie and Emily took out all dress of Bull and made her completely nude. Emily started applying tongue on Bull’s bulbous cock head and now Goldie remove Emily from Bull’s gigantic cock and herself slowly inserted her mouth and engulfed the total swan egg of Bull’s penis head and chocked in her mouth. Bull also playing with boobs of Emily and Norah and they in turn oil messaging humongous penis of Bull with sex oil and OMG: the veins and ridges are growing and Goldie started an unexpected sexpression since she cannot scream as Bull’s Bulbous Penis head is the gag in her mouth. Murphy came running and released Goldie’s mouth from Bull’s cock but Goldie became unconscious for few minutes and again came to her sense with sobbing OMG, OMG.
Now Murphy’s cock is pointing towards his naval and it is rock hard. Goldie removed Emily and Murphy started fondling voluptuous Boobs Goldie and Norah beside him. Now Murphy, Goldie and Norah Lifted Honey to tip of Bull’s bulbous penis head which is salivated by Goldie and total cock is fully oiled. Emily from the below holding bull’s cock and pointing towards Honey’s cunt and Honey’s cunt sexpanding when it is on Bull’s cock head but cannot go anymore as only half of the bulbous penis head has been engulfed by Honey’s pussy and it is stretched at max.
Suddenly Honey’s first sex guide Pamela came to the Sex show stage and suddenly put her cock inside Honey’s anus and Honey with one jerk upward passed the bulbous penis head of Bull and Honey caught the neck of Bull and Honey slowly gliding her pussy and OMG: it stopped at the base of Bull’s cock but Honey fainted from this action and Pamela took out her penis from Honey’s butt. All hand were removed from Honey’s body and Audience saw Honey is impaled in Bull’s cock and it does not need any hand to keep Honey impaled in his cock.
Bulldozer announced today I will not use my hand to hold Honey.
Now Goldie and Norah with the help of Pamela started to play Honey’s cunt over Bull’s cock and Honey is regaining her sense and also releasing sex water which is being tasted and drank by Emily sitting in the bottom.
Suddenly within 15 minutes both erupted their sex jism and all are collected and spread on the Birthday Cake of Honey and was distributed later on.
Now Audience demanded they are on heat and they want to fuck their partner and the whores and gigolos to be supplied by Murphy. All Murphy, Abraham, Tommy, Kelly and Ben along with their Girl friends Nancy, Kathie and Matilda and Goldie, Norah, Emily accompanied by She male Pamela gave their sex service to the Audience.
At last Birthday Cake was distributed and Murphy decided that Goldie and Honey will not perform sex stage show any more and get themselves ready for their Jungle sex adventure.


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