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High school guy takes younger girl

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When he saw her, he knew he wanted to fuck her even if she was young.

A little while ago I was a high school senior. The girlfriend I had for a while was no fun and wouldn’t let me touch her the way I wanted. Then I saw something I really did want.

I saw a neighbor girl walking home from her school. I knew that she was 10, but she looked hot. Her school used uniforms with a slightly see through blouses so you could see the little outline of a bra.

There was also a short skirt that never seemed to cover her ass.
I took a pic with my phone so I could stare at her smiling face surrounded by long dark hair.

When I heard my now ex girlfriend was fucking some guy I lost it a bit. I started to think about slapping my ex a bit and maybe fucking her. I was on my home thinking about how to make that work when I saw the little one again. I realized I didn’t know her name. I didn’t care. I wanted to fuck her just for being a sexy little 10yo.

I hurried to catch up and was close enough to see that outline of her bra through the back of her blouse. It was a black bra which I knew meant she wanted men to look at her tiny tits. I wanted to do more than look. My cock was hard.

She decided to walk down an alley as a shortcut home. That was good news for me. I knew this area very well. I backed off for minute until I saw the old garage with a broken door.

It only took a few fast steps and I was able to grab her arm and pull her into the garage. With the door shut it was pretty dark. I had a hankie in my pocket that I shoved into the mouth of that little bitch.
I didn’t want to hear her talk or scream. I just wanted that cunt.

The zipper on the skirt broke as I pulled it down. The blouse and that little black bra got pushed up. There were her nipples on a little chest. Even in the dim light I could see they were a dark brown. I couldn’t help but taste them and give a little bite.

It was still the cunt I wanted most. She had stopped fighting and was crying hard. By that point she was on her back on the dirty garage floor. To me, that made it even better. I slide my hand from her nipples to her panties.

Her eyes got bigger. I pulled my pants down to free my cock. And then pulled down those panties. There it was. Smooth. Hairless. A tiny slit that had never been used. I pulled her legs apart and got between them. She started to fight a little again, but it didn’t matter.

The head of my cock poked into her slit just a little. I thought of my ex fucking someone else. I thought of the slut girls in my class. Then I looked at this thing on the cement floor. I shoved as hard as I could. I felt the walls of her cunt move out of the way. Her hymen was destroyed. I could feel her blood.

I kept thrusting hard. Every thrust was to teach that little bitch a lesson. She had stopped fight back again. That meant she knew her place as the new neighborhood slut. I came in her cunt. I know there was more cum then ever before and I kept thrusting until I had no more energy.

When I pulled out and stood, I looked at this little thing on the cement floor. I pulled my hankie out of her mouth and did up my pants. She had served a purpose and was now nothing more then a toy for any man who wanted to fuck her.

I left right away. What seemed like hours was only a few minutes. My knees were stained and cut. I’m sure her back and ass were too.

She managed to get home and not tell anyone. I found out later that her parents would have blamed her anyway, so she said nothing.

A few weeks later and I was off to university. I still have that photo of her on my phone. And a few others.

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  • Reply karma ID:27lk12ed4

    great making new sluts

  • Reply [email protected] ID:59plfoym3

    If you want a female’s opinion, leaving the little bitch alive to tell on you was taking one hell of a risk, don’t you think? Just saying!

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      Wait what ? So are you recommending that he should have killed her too ?

    • Icraveyoungpussy ID:712cx7z8rj

      Jennikins and I would love to talk to you about anything and I have Proton Mail and it’s [email protected]

  • Reply Anonymous ID:4bn00en3fia

    Hope ur feeling ok

  • Reply Mei lin ID:2px1ogouh8z

    You should of ripped her in haft destroying her body as you rape her brutally

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    You Did a great job, man and I hope you won’t stop there!

  • Reply mom forced ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Great story would love to see the pictures

  • Reply A. ID:1cn4gpacmfxw

    Too bad you weren’t able to breed her, bet her parents would have made her keep it