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Her bruised, beaten, red, purple and blue ass hurt enough, Then I fucked it

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She was a total sub slut, I’d fucked her off and on for 3 years. I made her do silly, & disgusting things. This beating was in front of her sister.

She was a total sub slut. My sub, my slut. She’d do anything I told her to do, with anyone, at anytime, and anyplace. I made her eat another girlfriends pussy next to the car on a big parking lot. I’ve taken her out of town, and made her wear a tight band across her big floppy fat tits, and a mini skirt on her big fat body. Her pussy hair was showing, half her ass, and I made her take $5 to fuck guys with condoms. One time I wanted a beer and three teens about 16 were on a parking lot, I let them all fuck her for one beer for me. I made her go get it for me and bring them back to my car. She pulled up her skirt, opened her blouse and laid there with her cunt and huge tits showing. They all three fucked her, and thanked me, I thanked them for the beer. She asked for a sip and I said no, she’d have to offer them her asshole for that. Two of them wanted it, and came back after they dropped loads in her big fat ass (though it does have a nice tight fuckhole) I let her take a drink. So three loads up her miserable slut cunt and two up her asshole, we drove away.

This time she’d brought her sister over. Her sister is really not great looking in the face but has a body you just want to fuck. She persuaded her sister to let me fuck her and soon I’d taken her non-virgin mouth, her virgin cunt and her super tight virgin asshole, all while her fat sub sister watched. This time she balked at me buttfucking her sister after the sub was sucking me hard. So I pulled out of her sisters ass and walked over to my pants. I pulled out my belt and she started trying to get away, begging me not to whip her. I was yelling at the bitch, “GET ON THE FUCKING BOARD NOW” She laid back on the board, and I hooked up each ankle to a leather hitch, then pulled up her legs high, it also pulled them far, far apart. Her now shaved cunt lips totally exposed. “Please don’t, please don’t do it honey, please, I’ll do anything for you, anything you want” she was starting to cry without me even laying a whack on her. Her sister was chiming in “Whip that bitches ass, don’t stop till she bleeds, I want you cock up my ass, give it to her, make me hot” with all the crying and chiding I told the sister to sit on her sub sisters mouth. She put her pussy right over my subs mouth, I lashed out with the belt on the sisters ass. “NO BITCH, your ass on her mouth, make her tongue fuck your asshole while I do what I have to do”

As she moved her asshole over her sisters mouth, I could see my sub rapidly tongue fucking her sisters asshole. Then I let loose with the first hard strap onto her shaved cuntlips. She let out a wild cry, and another Muffled under the sisters ass “Please dont’ do it, please, I’m doing what you want” she mumbled. “Then keep tongue fucking her ass while I do this, if you stop it all starts again you whore. You get 10 on your used up whore cunt, then 50 on her big, fat, whorish ass.” I yelled. I added “if you say anymore you get double” all I heard were crys when I’d strike. Her tongue was moving in and out of her sisters asshole. by the 10 heavy hits on her pussy lips, one of them had broken skin and was bleeding. Crying constant while her tongue was doing it’s duty. Then her ass. By the time I was done she was bleeding, she had big read, blue, even purple ass cheeks. I made her sister get off her and bend over a chair with her asshole pulled open by her hands. I undid the restraints, and made my sub stand up perfectly straight, her pussy lips bleeding, and her ass bruised and bleeding. I stuck my cock into her sisters ass and fucked her for about 10 minutes, then made my sub kneel down and cuck all her sisters shit stains off my cock. The sister was laughing at her, as she just cried while doing her duty.

“Your ass hurting baby?” I asked her. “Yes sir” was the answer. “It hurts to touch, or just standing her, my pussy is hurt too, really bad honey, I mean sir”. I added “That’s alright, a few more and then I’ll use your ass and pussy to fuck” She started crying “Honey I don’t think I can I hurt too bad, I’ve never been whipped this bad before” “Well, you’ve never been that bad before” I said. With that I had her sister take my belt and whack the subs big tits 10 times each. They were hard, she was calling her all sorts of names, then after it was done she told me to fuck the bitch, make her hurt. I smacked her across the face with my hand, and told her she is NEVER to tell me what the fuck to do.

With that I made my sub bend over the bench she was whipped on, and reach back and crying with the pain, spread her bruised ass cheeks as I ram fucked her ass for over 20 minutes. At the end, not even cleaning up I shoved my cock up her beaten pussy and she was crying again. The sister was egging me on all the time, I pulled out and stuck my cock in the sisters mouth to cum. With that I said “I want to tattoo your ass” the sub said “Yes sir” I replied, “Not you cunt, her” point to her sister.

Now I have two horny fucked up sub sisters.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    That’s the way to treat the fucking bitches. Makes me so fucking horny!!

  • Reply Mark T. ID:3q9adka41

    This story reminds me of the very first time a chick asked me to fuck her in the ass. Usually, it was me doing the begging and pleading and maybe it’d happen and maybe it wouldn’t. The “why” of it, I have no idea to this day. But she was determined and that’s the way it was going to be. She was aggressive about it. What happened was, this “chick” was my female cousin that lived next door to me. Her stepfather still beat her ass even when we were 15. She came to my house crying one evening. I asked her what was wrong with her. She said her stepfather had used a belt on her bare ass for about 10 solid minutes. She pulled down the back of her shorts and showed me. She said she had looked at it in the mirror. It was blue and dark purple and had what looked like blood blister marks all over it. No actual blood, though. Anyway, it was a thoroughly beat ass, that’s for sure. She asked me if we could go to my room. I said sure. When we got there, she asked me if I had any lotion or anything for “lube”. I was dumbfounded. Clueless. I said, “Lube? For what?” “She said, “To put on your dick when you put in in my butt?” Now I was really shocked. This whole crazy shit was making me nervous for some reason. Like I was being dragged into some bullshit between her and her stepdad. She spotted a thing of cocoa butter on my dresser. She picked it up and said “Here.” Stupidly, I said “What am I supposed to do with that?” She said, “I told you already.” To make a long story shorter, after much objecting (but secretly wanting to do it), she pulled down her shorts and bent over my bed and I lubed up my dick and fucked her in the ass. It was great and weird at the same time. She told me not to pull out, to cum in her ass. So I did. I put my dick away and she pulled her shorts up and, bizarrely, started talking like all that didn’t just happen. My dick was happy but my brain wasn’t. I was figuring she was going straight to her stepdad and saying “You beat my ass but guess what I did?”