He is away part 1

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His older brother is away so young Adam has fun

Adam was sat in the family house alone, his alcoholic mum away on one of her booze related trips, his brother in prison where he had been sent that morning. Adam was thinking I am only 12 years old but I am going to have some fun and enjoy it. As Adam was thinking his brother’s 16 year old girlfriend Cindy who also lived in the house walked in, Adam looked at her smiled and said to her ” I am now in charge round here so you do as I tell you” Cindy looked at him and told him she knew the house rules and that unlike him she was not thick, Adam said ” oh good I want to see your tits so get them out” Cindy smiled said ” it did not take you long” Adam was surprised when with out any argument which he had been expecting Cindy took her jumper off followed by her bra, Adam sat admiring Cindy’s naked ample tits, then told her to get naked then watched as she stripped out of the rest of her clothes, once she was naked Adam looked in awe at her smooth pussy and after a couple of minutes said to Cindy ” suck me off” Cindy smiled said ” your a quick worker” then after a minute added if you want me to suck your cock you better get it out, Adam stood and stripped naked, Cindy looked at his four inch solid dick and said “that is bigger than I thought it would be” then went over to Adan knelt down and started to lick his dick before taking it in her mouth and started to suck it, Adam lay where he was on the settee enjoying his first ever blow job, after a few minutes Cindy felt his dick twitch and knew he had dry cum, Cindy stood up said ” pity you cannot shoot spunk” then went to her room, A few hours later Cindy arrived home after going out went and put gown on then sat beside Adam on the settee, After a few minutes Cindy stood and took her gown off, Adam smiled when he saw she was naked and noticed her nipples were erect, he was surprised when Cindy sat astride his lap and said you need to learn about girls and started to rub her pussy, then stopped and said ” your turn” Adam reached down and started to rub Cindy feeling how moist she was, Cindy bent forward and pushed a tit in her mouth saying suck as she did, after sucking her nipple for a few minutes Adam stopped , Cindy stood up grabbed Adam by his wrist told him to strip then got in her bed when Adam was naked Cindy pushed the duvet back and said get in, lets see if your cock is big enough to fuck me with, Adam did not hesitate and was soon in the bed with Cindy, thinking this is a lot better than what I thought it was going to be, my mates will be jealous.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Cindy didn’t waste any time either! What’s the betting her guy’s inside for rape haha?!

  • Reply Anon ID:f2eoyxjyv25

    Line breaks please, write in paragraphs

    • Your boss ID:1e5hm0zh3bio

      💀 it’s still semi-pornography it don’t need anything, “write in MLA format” says the nerd