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Had a baby 2 days after my 14th birthday, the guy was only 13. We had to wait

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Our parents agreed, no abortion, I didn’t want adoption, I was only 13 when my friend Dave fucked me. We were both virgins, we only did it 4 times and I missed my period. Dave was almost 13, he was about 6 months younger than me. We’d been playing house since we were about 7 or 8, and showing grew to touching, touching grew to licking and sucking, and horny as hell from his tongue I was laying on my bed, parents out for the evening. We were already naked, and half way to my third orgasm, Dave pulled up, kissed me and I reached down and put his cock at the entrance to my hairy pussy. I held and he pushed in. We felt resistance and he asked me if I was sure. I was, and took my legs, hooked around his butt and pulled him the rest of the way in. I gasped, and he asked if he should take it out. I didn’t know, and he started to slowly pull out, but I didn’t like that feeling, so I pulled him back in with my hands and just asked him to hold it there. I wanted to get used to it. Then it happened, just holding it inside me, Dave came inside my newly initiated pussy. He was apologizing like crazy and I told him it was alright, we could build up to it, after all it was my fault I didn’t let him move. He pulled it out of me and I experienced a very strange sensation. I felt empty. I’d never really felt empty before and now after he pulled his cock out of me I really noticed how empty I felt. He noticed the bleeding, and I made him get some toilet paper to wipe me up, then embarrassed I asked him to go under the sink in my moms bath and get a pad for me. He watched intently as I put on my panties, then with my pussy and tits fully exposed, put the pad in position in the panties and pulled them up.

We at around, kissing, feeling each other through or under our clothes watching a movie. He wanted to do it again that night but it was too late, my parents would be home soon. Sure enough 10 minutes later they came in. We were on opposite ends of the couch pretending so much that we never kissed or touched, it was so obvious that we had. They went into their bedroom, my mom came out as Dave was leaving, she said bye, as did he. Then she stopped him with the door still open. She looked at me, and said “It’s ok to give him a kiss goodbye if you want” and turned and walked into her room. I got up, walked to him grabbed his hand with no one around, and put it to my crotch. I whispered in his ear “That pad you feel is soaking up my blood from breaking me, and also I feel your sperm leaking into it too” then I kissed him very passionately, felt his hard cock through his shorts and he left.

After that we did it three more times, and like an idiot only the last time did I tell him to pull out to cum. He didn’t want to, but I told him to shoot it on my boobs. He loved my B cup boobs so he did. I let him watch me scoop it all up and put it in my mouth to swallow. Then a week later, my period didn’t come. I waited, and waited. I got really scared and so did Dave. I finally after 2 weeks without went to my mother and confessed it all. She got me a store test and I tested positive. Then to the doctors office and again positive. She called my dad, Dave and Dave’s parents (we were all family friends and hung out a lot together, in fact I think they may have wife-swapped a few times). It was decided that we’d have the baby, but we were too young to get married. Even though they tried to keep us apart, Dave told everyone we were getting married as soon as it was feasible. He had a good plan, end high school, college on a fast track, then a job, then marriage. It was announced by all four adults NO MORE BABIES in the meantime.

As my boobs filled up, grew firmer, my belly swelling, I was put in a special school for troubled and of course, pregnant kids. Dave stayed in regular school. He couldn’t keep his hands off my swelling body though, we fucked so many times during my pregnancy, at the end when the colostrum came and I’d be leaking he relished sucking my boobs. I actually came from him doing that which I never did before. In fact I came when he fucked me which I’d not done before either. Eventually the parents gave us and let us be in the same bed at either house. After the baby, I was put on BC and we continued. I had a lighter schedule due to the baby but soon both Dave and I started dating, and fucking other people. I guess I was a proved one, since I clearly put out as I had a baby. I was somewhat of a prize with the older boys. I was on BC, Dave and I weren’t fucking as much and I liked sex.

Eventually; after high school Dave and I got back together, I moved to the city where he was in college, he did get out after only 2 years in a 4 year school, his parents paid for summer school – 2 sessions every summer, and extra hours during the regular semesters. He did indeed get a job first as a programmer, then recruited by the government as an IT security watchdog. Then within only two years after college the private sector scooped him up for an incredible salary. We live in California now, have a big house, a pool, I work too though I don’t have to, and our daughter is now 10 years old. To tell the truth, we both talk about our other lovers in high school in deep detail as it excites us both and we have great sex. We’ve both picked up a few tricks along the way too.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj44

    My dirty lil secret is when I lived in Ohio A young girl down the street had a dick for a boyfriend and I wound up fucking her quite frequently. She got pregnant and even said with the timing it was mine but she kept it a secret. They later after school got married and wound up having another kid and again he thinks that kid is his. What he didn’t know was she was coming to my house to fuck while he was working and I was on nights. The last I seen of them was him playing with my kids as I drove by and she waved and blew me a kiss then I hit the interstate and left to another state. Damn I love em young

  • Reply 🤬 Hank ID:y0zuiigi273

    I started having sex I was a very young boy 11. I had an older 14 year old stepsister I just met I thought she the sexist girl I ever seen. Thought she would never give me a chance in hell to get any where close to having sex with her . Because she seemed much older then me at the time but a few bumps and rubs then a couple of hot making out late at night while everyone was sleeping . The first time we where alone it started . For the next two years we fucked like rabbits every chance we could. I never knocked her up and always finished inside her . And was lucky enough that all the sex I had through out my highschool years I didn’t get any other girls pregnant either then I fucked my not really my girlfriends best friend and knocked her up. I say my not really girlfriend but really was this girl had a big crush on me and made friends with my little 10 yr old sister she was fourteen
    I was 17 . She stayed the night four or five nights a week and I would sneak her in my room every night and fuck her over and over until I would hear my stepdads alarm clock go off to go to work . After he would leave she would come back and let me do anything I wanted with her . I must have fucked her thousands of time for about four years. Once you start . I fucked sisters one . Next time I got a girl pregnant . We was having a party at my house I had been dating this chick and we went to my bedroom fucked a couple of times but she worked third shift. But before she let her hot younger sister showed up just broke up with her boyfriend . So I ended up knocking up this little sister that night . My last kid was by my ex girlfriends niece. I broke up with a girlfriend I lived with about four years for cheating on me. She had this niece that was only eight years younger than my ex I always wanted to fuck but never hit on while I was with my then girlfriend. But as luck would have it . I did a bunch of getting even . So now I have three kids that all grown now . Three moms

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Delightful story! You see, getting pregnant at 13 can be great! Girls, take note!

  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    Well, you should definitely fuck some other people. You should also be fucking your daughter by now too.

    • Stephen Herbson ID:1dshfqe8wlvm

      Have you ever had a younger Australian girl…?

    • slutasia ID:62vvtscxii

      t.me/leehuang2002 dm for me

  • Reply Mr Devil ID:4loyukoi9

    That’s such a sweet story it warms my heart

    • Angela ID:c9lffskd3

      Damn the devil has a heart ?