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Grooming 10year Old Dayann

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If you desire little girl pussy you have to get her to want you to touch her pussy.So many of you write fake stories of manipulation.Listen and learn

We live in a gated community in the Philippines and I love it.Our houses are all for the most part 2 story 3 bedroom homes no yard at all built attached to each other.A little 10yr old neighbor girl lives 3 doors down from us and she is the the highlight of my day.In the Philippines girls that have not yet started wearing a bra are not afraid to show their little breast buds so it’s heaven seeing this little girls newly forming breast.Here is how I manipulated her into desiring me to touch her pussy.

It’s middle of May 2024 I’ve lived here in the Philippines for going on 3 years now.My sexual desires to have sex with young girls is still going strong at 58 years old.Im 5’7″ 165pounds fit not fat at all.My cock is only 6 inch’s fully hard but it works to my advantage being as I like little girl pussy more then a grown woman.My cock can penetrate little girls quicker then a 8 inch fat cock can.The little girl 3 doors down is named Dayann, just turned 10,about 65 pounds, 4′ 2, nice little bubble butt that jiggles as she walks,marble size just forming breast,long jet black hair,dark brown skin no tan lines,dark black eyes and is just beautiful.

It’s taken a few months of waving saying high as Dayann played on our street .Our street is a dead end only about 500 feet long with a Mom an Pop store and 6 houses including ours.So there is no cars or motor bikes other then the people that live here.

Dayann since I started watching her has given me several good memories for me to think of as I jackoff.Young girls her age here don’t try to keep their little body fully covered , I’ve seen her little growing breast buds several times.Now months later Dayann is a friend of our family,she has had dinner here when we cookout,she let’s my wife paint her nails,she showered here one day why I can’t remember I was to busy watching her naked in the shower threw a peep hole I made when we moved in.Dayann has a nice curved plump C shape mound, her breast are bottle cap size with with plump brown nipples.Watching her shower is a joy as I jacked off in my closet watching threw the peep hole.

The act of molesting a little girl needs the girl to desire the tingle of a forming orgasm.This can be achieved in several ways but my choice is the horse ride method it works everytime.My wife had gone to pay bills and it’s always an all day thing so I knew I had a lot of time to start my plan.Dayann was doing her normal everyday playing , I was watching sitting on our porch as I always am.After about an hour of watching this little goddess play I said hey Dayann do you want a Coke,of course she said yes.She walks up opens the gate I say you know where they are go grab yourself a Coke.

Dayann comes back out sits on the porch swing next to me says thank you, and we just sit and chat while she drinks her Coke.The thrill of grooming a little girl is such a turn on.As we talk I put my plan into action and ask Dayann,hey have you ever rode a horse?Dayan says no I haven’t.Well I think you would love it I said.So I explain how you have to hold on and sometimes it gets bumpy and you bounce so you have to squeeze your legs around the horse and push your self forward a little leaning towards the head of the horse to stay on.I think you would be able to ride I said to Dayann.You need good balance you ride your bike good I bet you could stay on.Taking Dayanns hand I said here let’s try sit straddle on my knee facing away from me and let’s see if you can ride I said.Dayann was use to me playing with her I had started tickling her over a month prior catching a few quick feels of her little nipples.Her tiny breast have the hard round marble feel with soft raised up fluffy nipple.

Hold my hands wrap your legs around mine and try to keep your balance.Lean forward incase the horse jumps you don’t roll off backwards i said to Dayann.Having Dayann lean forward was so her little clit is grinding into my knee as I bounce and shake my leg side to side to stimulate her pussy starting the tingle between her legs.Dayann is wearing a white spaghetti strap very lose tank top that as she leans forward gives me a perfect view of her newly forming little breat buds and a hello kitty dinem skirt.As she sits down on my leg for the first time I feel her little pussy threw her little girl panties on my knee it’s so warm feeling.My cock is already hard from the game I’m playing with Dayann that she is about to experience her first pussy tingle.

Threw her panties I can feel the little bump of her clit resting on my knee.Precum is seeping out the head of my cock I’m so sexually aroused by this little girls pussy.Holding Dayanns arms up about her shoulder hight I rock my leg back and forth telling Dayann let the horse move don’t try to rock with it let it roll under you side to side OK.Dayann said OK lol..I can feel the pop of her little clit rolling over my knee grinding into her little 10yr old pussy.The feel of her clit has me ready to shot cum just knowing any second Dayann is going to start the tingle of her first orgasm and she has no clue it’s going to happen.Grip hard Dayann the horse wants to run wrap your legs tight lean forward a little more I said.Now her little clit is fully getting massage by my knee the warmth of her little virgin pussy is so erotic.Her hands take a tighter grip to mine , I’m now bouncing my foot just enough to get her clit to really mash into the bone of my knee as I rock her back and forth trying to get her to cum.Yeah Dayann you can ride, this is how it feels to ride a horse I said.Dayann laughs and replys saying its fun and continued a little giggle as I get her closer to her first orgasm.

Her legs I feel grip my leg even tighter,she’s helping me grind her little pussy into my knee.Dayann leans even more forward now with a little wetness working it’s way threw her panties I feel on my knee.Her breath is starting to get faster and I’ve felt a couple twitches in her legs as her clit rolls over my knee bone popin off the bone and back again.Dayann is feeling the tingle in her pussy and she’s helping by pushing her pussy down onto my knee.Do you like this Dayann you like how riding a horse feels I ask?Her head is looking down like she’s looking between her legs to see what is happening between her legs that feels so good and not a word she just kept letting me grind her pussy into my knee.I ask again, Do you like the feeling Dayann do you want stop.Quickly she answered No don’t stop I like it.So badly I wanted to to pull my cock out and jackoff squirting my cum all over her little brown 10 Yr old back and butt hole.But I can’t stop she’s so close to having her first orgasm.Her panties are wet,the heat from the grinding is mind blowing and has me so aroused and ready to shot streams of cum all over this little girl.

My leg is starting to tingle from Dayann gripping so tightly around it but knowing soon she will have an orgasm no way am I stopping.Her little hands are squeezing so hard her finger tips have white tent in my hand.Dayann if you want the horse to run you have to rock back and forth and it will run.Let me show you let go of one hand , she does and I grab her tiny waist and push her back and forth as I wiggle my leg and bounce her.Do that OK it feels even better when you ride OK?Dayann didnt answer she just gripped my hand again and started jerking her self forward and back hard and fast grinding her clit deep into my knee.Thats it Sissy as I call her most of the time.Ride that horse go fast make it feel really good make the horse run super fast.Dayann is jerking forward and back with such intent I can barley keep her balanced, her legs are opening and closing now her little hands are squeezing my hands so hard .Her breath is fast and quick she’s about to cum.

Dayann jeks forward and back like she is being fucked for the first time I’m encouraging her yeah Sissy ride that horse make it feel so good don’t stop Sissy keep going.Her little niplles are sticking straight out as she jerks her shirt opens giving me full view of her little breast.She has figured out when her clit goes over my knee it feels good.Dayann is grinding in a circular motion , breathing hard it’s so erotic to watch this little girl giving herself what I hope is her first orgasm and then it happens.Her hands grip my hands so tight and begin to shake her legs grip around my knee even quivering and shaking ,her head is buried into her chest her breath is in and out deep breaths she’s cuming.Her little toes are curled and she makes sounds as if she can’t pick something up to heavy and she struggling to get strength.Thats it Sissy ride that horse make it feel good.Her little tummy is quivering in and out.I feel her panties are soaked now she is cuming so hard.

Her legs go straight back her little hips twitch up and down a couple of time like she is fucking herself on my knee and she stands up , not looking back opens the gate and runs home.To be honest I was terrified.Oh my what have I done am I going to jail?Yeah the risk we take as child molester just appeared.My knee had a wet spot from Dayann cuming on my leg , yes i tasted it.I went to the bathroom and jacked off squirting my cum all over my legs I like how it feels showered and stared the worry part of being a child molester.

My wife gets home about 3 hours later so far no cops but I’m still worried.Dayann parents don’t work they live off a government check about $250 American dollars a month.Her parents are very rarely outside we only see them if we have a open party or they walk to the the store.Needless to say 3 days pass so I’m safe but Dayann hasn’t been back outside since I gave her the orgasm.

My wife had gone to bed around 10pm and I’m sitting on our porch drinking Red Horse beer it’s now close to 1am.No porch light just in the dark with the porch shades down only the gate is not covered by roll down shades enjoying the night thinking about jacking off to the memory of Dayann cuming on my knee and out of knowhwere there she is riding her bike on the dark street in the middle of the night,it’s Dayann.What is she doing out here so late at night?Do I let her see me ?Is she scared of me now?Did I go to far getting her to cum on me?I have to know .I open the gate and say hi, she stops says hi back that’s a relief.Do you want a Coke and candy bar I can’t sleep so I’m sitting on the porch.She said yes oh my gosh I’m so relieved I won’t ever touch her again I took to big of a risk.

As we sit Dayann drinks her Coke and finishes her snickers I ask , why are you out here so late Sissy?Her English is good they teach English in schools here.Dayann reply saying my parents went to a party they won’t be back till tomorrow night.So your home alone I ask?She said no my cousin is staying with me he’s sleeping I was hot so I came out to cool off.Shes wearing what looks like one of her Papas Tshirts no shoes bare feet she looks so cute.I had to ask her. Sissy why did you run off so quick the other day did I hurt you?She shook her head no I could see she was shy now and very timid.Im sorry if I scared you Sissy I didn’t mean to I just thought you would like how it feels to ride a horse.I switched right back to grooming after saying I would never touch her again.Did you like how it felt Sissy did it hurt ?She said it didn’t hurt.Well what happened you ran off I thought you was mad at me for some reason.I wasn’t mad she said shyly.Well can I ask , was you scared?Yes a little she replied.Was you scared because how the horse ride made you feel?Dayann nodded her head yes.Ok , having the orgasm scared her but she clearly liked it because she didn’t jump up until after she stopped cuming.Now I have to get her trust and let her know that what happened was she had an orgasm and it’s OK.

So i talk about other things like her school and what she likes about school to get her talking.Then I ask her , would you like to go real horse back riding my wife and I are going in a couple of weeks?She said yes she would like that.Well how did you like my pretend horse ride did it feel good?She covered her face with little giggles nodded her head yes.Oh my gosh she liked cuming this is the perfect time I’m going to try and explain what I did but in a sneaky way.
How did it feel Sissy?Dayann does the shy laugh and says I don’t know .Did it feel good?She covered her face again nodded yes again.Sometimes when I ride a horse it gives me a tingly feeling I like that,did you have a tingly feeling?Her face is hid she nodded yes.Have you ever felt that tingle before?Face still behind her hands she shook her head no.Well I like that tingle and I know how to use my hand so I feel that tingle all I want.You think you would want to feel that tingle again?Maybe now I can show you how.She didn’t nod she didn’t answer am I going to fast.Ok well if you want to tingle I can show you OK.She said OK. Sissy OK as in you want to tingle now or maybe later I ask?She giggled and sat back on the swing pulling her legs up into her chest covering her face and laughing softly not answering.The way she is sitting I can see between her legs , she has on tight pink panties and her slit is sucking her panties in showing her maybe inch an half long pussy split.

Dayann sat face covered knees in her chest exposing a great view of the little pussy with only her pink panties obstructing my view.Im going to tell her what she felt and hope she liked it enough she wants to feel it again.Dayann are you OK, it’s OK how the pretend horse made you feel all little girls feel that and most of them enjoy it Sissy it’s OK.You said you liked how it felt , the tingle it felt good right Her head still buried hiding her face she nodded yes again she liked cuming.Boys can feel that tingle too, I know how to make mine tingle when I’m alone in bed at night and it feels so much better then on a horse.Look at me Sissy don’t be shy it’s OK to like that feeling.She slowly looks up with a shy curious smile on her face and I say, there’s my pretty goddess , don’t be shy OK it’s OK if you want to tingle again OK.She nodded yes still smiling.

Now it gets to the point of no return this is jail time or great time rubbing a 10 year old little girls pussy.Dayann is so pretty, her hips are already taking shape and her little nipples get so hard when she cums the tip of her nipple turns white.I decide to let Dayann see me look between her legs to see if she puts her legs down.I slowly look down her body with a sexual look gazing between her legs and say would you want me to help it tingle now?I was looking directly at her pussy and I know she felt me looking at her , but she didn’t put her legs down.Ive molested some little girls it was so easy no reluctantance at all and yeah it was great but the ones that are like Dayann innocent,shy,curious,not knowing I’m teaching them how to cum they are amazing.Dayann put her hands back up covering her face and nodded her head yes.She wants to cum again but first I need to make sure she understands knowone can know I’m touching her pussy.

Dayann have you ever felt the tingle between your legs like you did the other day before?I took a chance to let her know that I understand the the tingle is her pussy.She giggled again and balled up tighter trying to hide her face deep in legs and shook her head no.I can make you tingle now but I will need to touch you.This tingle will be better then when you was on my knee , would you like that?She didn’t reply she only giggled and turned away a little.Sissy it’s OK we can do it some other time don’t be shy.And from her shy voice I hear her say , I want to .My cock was so hard and now she wants to cum I can’t believe I’m about to masturbate this 10year old little girl on my porch.Do you know where I want to touch you I ask Dayann?She didn’t reply just the continued small laugh.Her knees are still up buried into her little chest and slowly gently reach over and rub my finger up her little pussy split that is still showing.Dayanns legs instantly slam down , she looks at me and giggles holding her legs down as if they will fly open at any moment.Her little nipples are hard and trying to poke threw the fabric of the t-shirt she’s wearing.Are you OK Sissy?That’s where the tingle starts OK I won’t hurt I promise.Dayann raises her knees back up pulling them in tight to her chest exposing her split again.Can I touch you there for 10seconds , you count and ill rub you there and if you don’t like it we won’t do it again OK.She sat there for few seconds and said OK.Ok Sissy turn your body this way towards me and open your legs a little.My hands take each of Dayanns knees and slowly open up her legs enough I can see her little belly button and her entrie split it’s short but her pussy has such a nice C shaped curved thick mound.OK Sissy you ready to count?Dayann nodded yes.Dont start till you fell me touching you OK she shook her head OK.Threw her panties I can see she has already getting a swollen clit she’s excited and wanting to cum.Ok Sissy here goes now just keep your eyes closed and let it tingle OK.Dayann answered and said OK then the gentle shy laugh.Soon as my finger touched her pussy she counted to 10 quicker then I thought she would I only got about 3 figure 8 motions on her little pussy but I did get a small twitch of her legs and she kinda slid down a little pushing her hips out.Soon as she said 10 I stopped and said , OK how did that feel ?Did you like it?She nodded yes and giggled some more.Do you want to do it again this time maybe you count to 30 but slowly count so the tingle last longer.She sat and thought for a few seconds and said OK..

Dayann I have an idea, how about if you lay back and lay across my lap it will feel better.She didn’t move I was scared I was going to fast but to my surprise she laid her legs across my lap so I pulled her across so her butt was in my lap.Now open your legs like this as I push her knees apart.Ok get ready to count OK Sissy. She replied OK.Now I can see her clit is rock hard and she has a small wet spot right where her vagine opening is , I can feel my cock pressing into her small 10yr old butt cheeks.Soon as my finger touches her little clit she started counting this time slow, slow enough I got 2 figure 8 rubs on her little clit between numbers.By the time Dayann got to 15 the wet spot was 2 times bigger from her sex juices leaking out of her little tiny cunt.Her toes were bending forward and back, her breathing was long deep breaths her little tummy was quivering her orgasm is building.Daynn slow down count slower OK. Dayanns little hips are just slightly humping up and down as if instinct has kicked in and she wants a cock in her pussy.

Without asking I ease Dayanns panties over ever so slowly exposing her little 10year pussy letting her panties pull out from under the pressure of my finger on her hard little clit.She is wet her clit is so smooth it’s like it has lube on it so much pussy juice has leaked out of her little cunt and clit.Hows that feel Sissy do you like doing this?She nodded and said uh huh I like it.Do you want to do it for a really long time?She looked at me her hips still humping slowly toes curled and said yes I like it.So I fully opened her legs pushing one back behind my back opening her little cunt up so much I can see inside her pussy and begin rubbing faster up and down her pussy hole and her clit.Dayanns little mouth is open she’s breathing so hard deep breaths her eyes are glued on her pussy and what I’m doing to her.Her little nipples are needle point hard tips white I had to give them little small pinch.Does it feel like you need to pee Sissy?She nodded yes and said but it feels good.Do you want me to stop,as I said that I went faster and pushed down harder into her clit, she gulped air and her back arched just slightly, no keep doing it please.Oh how bad I wanted to taste her pussy but that’s next time this time I’m going to get this little goddess her first real hard orgasm.

OK Sissy your doing great your gonna cum now ill tell you after what this is called just close your eyes and if you feel like your gonna pee go ahead OK pee it’s OK.. What that said her whole body quivered and shook her knees went straight her tummy was heaving up and down. Dayann is cuming all over my lap she is in extasy and loving it.Thats it baby girl pee on me your doing so good.Dayanns orgasm lasted about 15seconds and she then started the after affects quivers and she pushed my hand off her pussy her legs collapsed she was limp and enjoying the feeling.Dayann you just had your first orgasm I said.

Looking down at Dayanns pussy it is shiny from all her pussy juices and her little white milky cum that is built up into a little ball hanging onto her vagina opening.I had to taste her so I scooped up threw her pussy to her clit then tasted this little 10 year olds still warm cum and it’s so sweet.Did you like that Sissy?She nodded yes.Ok we can do it again if you want anytime you want OK But we can’t tell anyone OK you know that right.She looked at me and said I promise I won’t tell I promise.

I wanted so bad to jackoff in front of Dayann but she just had her first real finger fucking from a 58 year old man.My cock isn’t huge only 6 inch’s fully hard but I was afraid if I show her now she will be scared so ill let her ask me later to show because I will be masturbating her again.

This is middle of May 2024 when this happened and it’s 100% true.I have several stories about mine and Dyanns sexual life that takes an unexpected twist for the good about a week after I started molesting her.

Let me know in the comments if you want more.I think I’m in love with 10yr old Dayann.

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    It’s a hot story, but it would be much better if you improve your writing skills, including proper grammar and punctuation and sentence structure. Believe me, it helps a lot! A poorly written story really diminishes from the arousal value of it.

    • 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

      The read someone else’s story I don’t need to be corrected fuck you

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      The point is you sound stupid AF when you don’t use proper grammar and punctuation, you sound like an undeveloped monkey , take writing classes you ape

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    read your story it was great reading it brought to mind a thing that happened some time ago a friend called me asked me to go to her home to tell her husband to come get her she said his is in back yard no answer on house phone his cell is in this car, she broke down in her car. over i went right to the back thru the house slide the patio door open there he was naked fucking their nine year old daughter he saw me so did the daughter said wife called here no answer so call her and get going she broke down i left for home. later he was at my door saying it isn’t what it looked like, really i said you were fucking her that’s what it is. so don’t make excuses for it. he said are you going to tell my wife i said i should but tell me how long have you been banging her and did you make her do it. i didn’t make her she wanted to know about what she on the computer watching porn i bet. yes he said i have been fucking her about six months. are you going to tell my wife i said no i wont tell her, i want to fuck the little too think that’s possible he said i will bring her over on Saturday are we both can fuck her.

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    Great story. Next time have her jack you off.

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    Philippines is an amazing country I’m there all the time love them all

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      Big Dick Daddy she gets real comfortable with having orgasm and I ask her to jack me off she didn’t hesitate .She sat naked across my legs stroked my cock till cum spurted out she let go of my cock it was her first time getting me to cum.She gets way better at it.I. hoping by her 9th b day I can fuck her I ordered a dildo almost the same size of my cock if she can fu k it ill force my Cock in her.We tried anal she wasn’t about it but to be honest I love our sex I’m OK with fingering her and her jacking me off.

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    Good story as I have always love em young but your sheer arrogance of thinking everyone else’s stories are fake is just pure fucking bull shit. I spent years in the Philippines, Asia and west pac countries and have written about it with every single word a fucking fact. I was in the Philippines fucking young girls while you were still a senior in high school lol.
    I dated many girls that had younger sister that had to be brought along on the date or she could not go. OFC they were always curious as to why their sister was moaning and wanted in the action. Yes I fucked many a younger girls while I was there , actually so many I lost count.
    The last time I was there I got two 13 year old birthday girls and their mother pregnant. The very next day I let a young 9 or 10 year old sit on my lap riding to Subic city as the other was full with her older sister and brother. Half way through the trip I got a raging hard on and she got wet as hell then pulled her panties aside and I slipped my cock in her. By the time we arrived I came twice to her 4 or 5 times. She hugged and kissed me which made her sister freak our lol then later joined me at a low key bard and I snuck her upstairs and fucked her most of the night. Another one is “Japanese delight” which is very true took place in Japan with 20 yo Yoshi and her 12 to sister. I would up fucking most of her 11 and 12 year old friends over a course of three months during sleep overs while her sister was away on short business trips. And yes I slept with both sisters and one in a threesome many times.
    My motto is start them young and watch the fireworks explode. And by the way my kink into younger girls started when I was 12 with two blond, blue eyed twin 7 1/2 year olds. Funny thing is I have NEVER raped a single girl in my life. I just gave them what they wanted and needed.

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      What i loser and your story is pure shit

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      Gonzo you make no sense your comment literally starts out you saying this is a good story then when you read my reply to your fake poorly written comment you post another comment and I quote “What I loser and your story is pure shit” , hahahaha What the fuck bro your an idiot that has no clue how to even write a sentence hahahahhaha.What I loser you said what the fuck does that mean hahahahahha your embarrassing your self just stop OK.Lol..What I loser hahahah

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    Oh yes….. the memories of being molested and taught how to cum….. my neighbor would stroke his cock and give me instructions on how to cummm…… he did that for a few months before ever touching me……. Then he used his mouth…., I’m going to cum right now thinking about it.

    • Stephen Herbson ID:1dshfqe8wlvm

      Sounds like myself at 16….slowly getting trust of my older sister’s best friends 11yr old daughter….walked in on her playing in the bath….got her trust and slowly played with her puffy pussy lips licking,fingerbash,rimming her bum hole and her sucking me off and at 12yr I finally got her to hold my cock as she inserted it in her tight pussy

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      Little girl, you should know that I’ve been lazily stroking to stories for a few hours, but this comment made be blow. If you’re into chat, here’s me sessions. I’m also OK Kik and Telegram @rudygardet.


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    you should creampie her titgthly pussy next time

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    Very true.Dayann wanted to cum so badly the 2nd time her little body shook so hard when I finally let her cum was amazing to watch.I ordered a finger size vibrater shaped like a small cock and gave her she uses it all the time.She has no idea that she’s stretching herself so I can fuck her soon.Ive never fucked a 10 year old pussy.

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    Hahaha I’m glad you liked it , I know I enjoyed doing it.I wish you could jackoff off on her while I was finger fucking her that would be hot got hard just imaging it.Dayann has turned into my little 10 year old girlfriend.When my wife is gone Dayann stays here with me your gonna love what happens, let’s just say I have no fear of being caught by her parents.Part 2 will be put tomorrow I hope .You should write about how you jackoff would love to hear the story.

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      Exactly, I let Dayan cum on my leg wow that was so erotic watching her little body quiver with a hard orgasm and it was her first one.Dayann told me a few days later she didn’t know anything about masturbating and now she does it all the time.The little girls loves to cum.Out of all the girls I’ve molested and the one I raped on a Grayhound bus watching Dayann cum on my leg has been the most erotic so far.Im in love with her and can’t wait to fuck her and I will be cuming in her.I want a baby girl by her we can molest together.

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