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Groomed pt:11 waking up to a surprise

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Grandpa fucks my baby parts as I sleep, daddy can’t help me.

Chained to the bed, I couldn’t leave the guest room to get to the phone to call my daddy. What would I even say to him? How do I even begin? I’m so humiliated, part of me would never want my daddy knowing what kind of perverted things his parents are doing to me. I could hardly look at my reflection, I couldn’t even imagine what my father would see every time he looked at me if he knew..

I was fast asleep. It must of been around 2am when I moaned myself awake. Something was wrong and my baby parts felt weird. I opened my eyes and realized grandfather was in bed with me, inserting his cock into my tight little pussy hole, thrusting in and out. I couldn’t resist moaning with pleasure. Even though I was devastated, my body was reacting and his cock felt soooo good. He thrusted his cock deep inside me once he realized I was awake. “Took you long enough to wake up! I’ve been using your baby hole for the last 20 minutes. Did you know you whimper in your sleep? Maybe you were whimpering because you subconsciously know grandpas cock feels good. Oh sweetie you were moaning so softly as I slowly pushed in and out of your tiny cunt. Be a good girl and open your legs wide now, I want to fuck you deep and slow.”

In the corner of the room, I saw a red dot flashing, meaning he was making another home movie. I couldn’t disobey him, what if he beats me into submission? I gave up fighting him, I moved my body to his desired position. I looked at my grandfathered naked body, huge cock lowered right next to my baby hole, and watched him as he slid his cock inside me. He was a tall and large man, and I was so little in comparison, just like grandma. I guess he likes us when we’re tiny.

His thrusts inside my pussy were slow at first, I felt his cock head hit the back walls of my cunt then he would slowly retreat. My grandfather was again fucking my little pussy, stretching me out beyond belief. My grandfather told me he loved me and this is what his love looked like. Fucking my helpless pussy as I lose any fight left in me to escape. I was his little fuck toy, he had me bound and ready for his pleasure whenever he wanted, and his accomplice, my grandmother… she wasn’t in the room with us? I guess grandpa snuck away in the middle of the night so we could have naughty alone time against my will.

“Sweetie doll..” grandpa said in a breathy and pleasured voice “your baby hold is so tight, you’re going to make your grandfather cum so fast. Oh sweetie yes.. yessss ahhhhh oh.” Grandpas thrusting started to build in speed and I couldn’t help but help and moan along with him, I hated that my body loved his cock. This is so wrong I would think to myself, but why do I feel so good? My tiny pussy couldn’t take all of grandfathers cock but he was determined to try. I could feel him slamming the back of my pussy so fast I thought he would break me inside. “Grandpa you’re being to rough it hurts!” I pleaded with him. “Ahh ohhhh OW OW ohhhh fuUCK grandpa ahh.”

He ignored my cries as he started thrusting even faster and harder now. Oh no, he was going to cum inside my preteen pussy again. I’m so scared he’s going to make me pregnant by the time I go home.. what do I do?

“OHHHH SWEETIE YES IM CUMMING IM CUM- ahh ahh ohhhhhh fuck. Your pussy is so tight.” I felt the warmth of his hot cum fill me, his penis throbbed inside me sending a sensation through my pussy. I was fucked so hard. I’m grandfathers little fuck toy, that’s all I’m worth. “Mmmm sweetie I love that your pussy is so tight, I love how young you are and how you’re all mine.” He’s so sick in the head. How could he? How could he do this to me? Again? “Since I came, I think it’s only fair you get off too, however I’m tired. I’m going to tie a massager between your legs and leave it running for the night.” NO! I thought to myself, my clit is still so tender, I couldn’t take it all night long. All the while, my grandfathers seed was seeping out of my tiny baby hole. He creampied me, and there was so much hot sticky cum flowing out of me. I started crying. “Grandpa I don’t want to be pregnant” sobbing and miserable, my grandfather just looked at me. He stood up, got the massager and came close to me face to face. “We’re family. If you get pregnant, then all that means is we created something beautiful, together. I love you sweetie doll, you’re all mine.”

Grandpa turned on the massager and I could hear the vibrators intense rattling, slowly he went in between my cum soaked thighs and placed the vibrator on my button. Shaking my tender button so intensely and making me squirm and moan. “Ohhh ah ahh grandpa it’s tickling me too much, my button can’t take it! Please!” “Sweetie! You will take it and you will like it, you’re my little slut now, do as I say and let yourself enjoy it!” Grandpa grabbed tape out of the side drawer like it was there meant for this exact moment. He taped the vibrator to my inner thigh and then turned the massager up. There is no escaping. My pussies started to feel so good again as the vibrations were so intense shaking my clit.the moonlight shining through the window exposing Grandpas naked body covered in my and his juices is all I could see and the vibrations from the massager tickling my clit is all I could feel. He was watching me struggle as it felt so good. Before my orgasm could build, I felt myself falling asleep again. He really meant it, he was going to leave the vibrator on all night. I shut my eyes and pretended to start to fall asleep. Grandpa quietly left, keeping the camera rolling. Even if I used my free hand to take the massager off my baby parts, he’d see later on and I’d be punished.

That was the night I made a puddle of myself as the vibrator went to town on my pussy, tickling my button over and over, not giving me a break. One more sleep after this, and I’ll see daddy again.

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    Your pussy must be all worn and sore from the all-nighter.
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    So fucking hot my cock is aching to use your tight pussy