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Groomed pt10: learn to love it or else

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Grandfather gave me a list of rules to obey him or be punished. My pussy couldn’t take anymore torture, but I had no choice.

After destroying the sheets with my piss, grandma checked the time and realized it was time for dinner. Grandma left the room to start cooking and left me alone in the room with him while I was still bound. I was scared. Devastated. Ashamed. My naked preteen body was sprawled out and restrained. Grandfather could do anything he wanted to me. I started choking on my breath, gasping as I struggled to pull myself together. I had just wet the bed. Piss drenched the sheets and it was all over my legs and pussy. I could never imagine what he was about to do next. Surely I was too dirty and soiled, I thought maybe if he had any heart at all, he could see I was desperate to be untied and clean myself up. No, quite the contrary. Grandfather got between my legs with his body sliding over the piss soaked sheets putting his face right back into position to lick and tongue fuck my baby parts. No way! Ew!

“Grandfather please I can’t take this anymore, please stoooop” I begged. “Remember what grandma said, sweetie doll. If you fight me it will only get worse. Besides, your pussy looks so delicious with the extra coating of your pee and pussy juices. I saw you aching for an orgasm, why don’t I lick your button and make you cum while grandma makes dinner? We have a special dessert for you after dinner, so be a good girl sweetie doll and I’ll be so gentle while rubbing your pussy with my tongue.” Grandpa dug his tongue into my slit and started licking the pee off of me, sucking on my not fully developed labia and little button.

The pleasure was so intense, it was tingly like I had to pee again. I felt so dirty as my grandfather tongue fucked my button. He wanted to watch me squirm and struggle as he did it too, I could just tell by the way he would moan with pleasure watching me trying to escape him. Oh god my clit was getting that good feeling again and I couldn’t hold back. “Grandpa please ahhhh mmmm oh oh oh please st- ahhhh oh oh oh AHHHH AHH AHH ohhhh oh mmm..” I couldn’t contain myself. It felt so amazing I couldn’t help but be vocal about the amount of pleasure my grandfather lapping and sucking my little button gave me.

After it was over, I was so ashamed. I started crying. “Oh sweetie, you’re alright, I didn’t hurt you this time, it should have only felt good! Now I’m going to untie you but before I do, I want to set some ground rules with you.” Grandfather became stern as he sat up, his naked body between my legs in full view of my exposed baby pussy, soaking wet from my cum.

“Rule #1. Do not leave this house unless I personally say it’s okay. Even grandma has to ask. No playing outside with my permission.

Rule #2. If you back talk, you get punished, if you challenge our orders in anyway, you get punished. You better listen to your grandmother and I until you go back to school on Tuesday.

Rule #3. You are banned from talking to Mrs. Myers at all, and you are not allowed to speak about anything that happens at my house. If you disobey me, I will punish you fully for months. We are a very strict family when it comes to our privacy, and if you go against our orders, we will punish you, and then tell your father to ship you off to military school. If that were to happen, you wouldn’t be able to call your family to come and help you when they do much worse to you.

Sweetie doll, please understand we’re trying to protect you and teach you valuable lessons. We’re going to have a lot of fun as long as you don’t put up a fight. I promise, you’ll learn to love what we’re doing to you. You’ll come back begging for more.” Grandpa gave off a chuckle at the end there. “Alright sweetie I’m gonna until you and give you my big t-shirt to put on, don’t put on anything else.”

Grandfather unrestrained me and left the room, I laid in my captive position then slowly curled up into fetal position. Tears rolling down my face as I just stared at the wall. Grandma knocked on the door and said “5 minutes! Wash up, sweetie.”

My clit was so tender and I could feel it throbbing for more pleasure. Under the table I left my legs open so my pussy could get some air. The smell of my juices and grandpas sweat was heavy in the air. Grandma made us spaghetti with hot dog slices. What she used to make for me when I was 6-9. I’ve out grown this dish but I guess she was feeling nostalgic. I could barely eat, I felt sick in my heart and head, for real sick. Grandma left the dinner table and went into the guest room to change the sheets and god knows what else, leaving me alone with my grandfather. I was going to tell dad. I had to, if anyone could save me, it’s him. How do I call him without my grandparents knowing? How do I tell him without giving it away. I was so hopeless.

Grandpa finished dinner, picked up his plate and mine then told me to sit on the couch. We were going to watch other home videos now. “This one’s of your cousin Trisha from a couple years ago. This was the night her father took her flower. She was supposed to be mine to break in, but her troublesome father uncle drew couldn’t help himself.” Grandpa said with some resentment in his voice, like it was some kind of messed up right of passage he put on all of his girls. The tape started playing and it started out with Trisha and I when we would play sailor scouts in our costumes! Then it cut to Trisha laying on the grass lifting her skirt up exposing her small little puffy slit as she smiled, like she wanted to show off. I guess it makes sense, she loved being the star of the show, now I see where she got it from. The video then cut to Trisha in bed with her dad as he held a vibrator to her own pussy?! Grandpa must of seen the shock on my face. He ordered grandma to take out her massager and bring it to the living room. She plugged it in then turned it on and handed it to me. I looked up still only in grandpas white t shirt. “Go on, hold it against your pussy like Trishas” I looked at both of them, realizing I had no choice, I lifted the bottom of the shirt up exposing my tender baby pussy and pressed it on my button. “AHHH” it was over stimulating, like I’ve been playing with it too much. Too afraid to go against my grandparents I pressed it lightly, just enough to feel the vibrations but not too intensely. That must of woken my button up because it started feeling good again.

There I was, on the couch facing my grandparents as Trisha’s video played in the background of her daddy fucking her little slit while I tickled my button and I was started to enjoy it. I had no choice. I leaned my head back while the vibrations shook my pussy lips and little clit. I looked up at my grandfather in his chair with his cock out standing straight up. The sick fuck loved watching us. Trisha was 10 in the video and I’m 12 now. He loved watching little girls submit. Uncle drew was never this cruel when playing with me, except for once when he got mad at me. Still, I don’t want to go to military school. If my grandparents are like this, what would happen if a complete stranger took me? Just like the man at the mall, at least I knew my captors.

My orgasm began to build and grandpa started beating his cock faster at the site of me cumming for the 3rd time today. “Mmmmmmm oh god oh god ahhh ahh yes ohhh it.. uhh it feels so good I’m counting AHH AHH OHHohhhh ahhhh” I took the massager off of my soaking pussy as it dragged a line of my cum with it. I was drenched once again. Grandpa exploded upwards then dripping out cum from his cock head all over himself as he watched. Trisha’s video ended. It was now dark and I was still so very tired. Grandma picked me off of the couch and brought me back to the guest room and tucked me in.

Grandma cuffed one of my hands to a bed post so I couldn’t escape, kissed my forehead and told me she loves me sweetie doll. Too bad you can’t stay awake, I guess your dessert will have to wait until tomorrow.

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