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Groomed 12: enter Trisha

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My grandfather raped my baby parts, then made me cum over and over all night. What’s next is something I’d never ever dream of.

I woke up to the massager, dead. The motor must of finally died after the hours of torture it caused my little button. Fear not, grandpa bought me many toys yesterday as a reward for taking my virginity. He wasn’t done with me yet.

Grandmother came into the guest room delighted from a full nights sleep. She turned off the camera then unrestrained me from the bed post. I was silent. Bruises forming from where I struggled in the cuff. “We’ll have to ice your wrist right away!” She said gleefully. “Grandma..” I spoke softly, afraid of her wrath I’ve never known before “I’m so sore, my body hurts from grandpas cock and my button is so numb from all the toys. Please spare me. I need a break. I’ll do whatever you want just please… stop.”

Grandma looked at me with mercy on her face. “Oh come here sweetie” she said as she held me close. “You’re old enough now to hear how your grandfather and I got together. I-“ before grandma could tell me her story, grandfather barged in saying loud and proud “dessert for breakfast sweetie! Oh and don’t bother getting dressed.” My mouth was wide open. He wants me naked in the dining room for dessert? This can’t be good. “Oh! I forgot. Your dad called. He said drew is okay but they are going to stay a few more days up state to figure out his legal issues. Surprise! Your cousins are coming to join you!” Grandma put down a can of whipped cream next to berry ice cream with chocolate covered strawberries

My naked body sitting on the chair with the yummy dessert in my face made me forget about the abuse I was enduring, that is until grandma shook the can of whipped cream and sprayed my nipples instead of the ice cream. Both grandparents took one nipple each into their mouths and started licking, sucking and slurping the whipped cream up. Twirling their tongues making my nipples hard from the stimulation. What did I expect? My whole world was turned upside down. I’m now only surviving.

To recap, I have 3 cousins that I would play with on the weekend. Usually Saturday and Sunday, but this weekend was different. Uncle drew got in trouble which put Peter, Trisha and their little brother Donny in custody of the state. My grandparents spared me the details but it seemed as if my cousins would be moving into grandma and grandpas house for a while. Oh no I thought… Trisha, she was my best friend and I’ve already seen what they’ve done to her, now she’ll have to live entirely within the perversion of this fucked up family? Given, she seemed to like it more than I did from what I saw in the video.

My cousins arrived. They had bags packed as if they would be staying for a few days, just like me. I was so embarrassed from everything going on I could only force a smile. Trisha saw the look on my face and came over to me real close, and held my hand. Uncle drew had us tied together as he played with both our baby parts. I think she meant to be comforting, but I was too ashamed.

“Oh sweetie, Trisha, do I have a surprise for you…” grandfather said with a creepy grin. My eyes went wide with terror as Trisha, so used to this life only smiled as she continued holding my hand. She turned her head to look at me and I turned to her, she leaned in to kiss me and I was so shocked! “Girls!” Grandpa said with a strict tone, “save it for later. We’re going to make another home video. You two are going to be stars.”

Grandpa took me and Trisha to his bedroom. I’ve never been in there before, it was like a special treat finally seeing the insides of his bedroom. Grandma and my boy cousins were off outside somewhere. I heard something about their surprised being in the greenhouse/shed? Trisha and I laid down on the bed awaiting the next form of torture this man had in store, but I could never fathom what he had in mind. “Sweetie, Trisha… go ahead and cuddle.” I was still butt naked. Trisha was taking her clothes off later by layer throughout the day. “Cuddle?” Trisha said, as if she was also not expecting what was coming for us next. “Yes, get real close, put your hands on each others privates and play with each other.” Trisha didn’t hesitate. She was staring at my naked body all day, like she was ready to pounce on me. Trisha put one hand on my developing breast and the other hand went exploring for my button. “Ohh ahhhhh” I moaned as it seemed Trisha knew exactly where to press inside my slit.

“Ok girls, I want you to touch baby parts. Trisha you take the lead and sit up, go between sweeties legs and press buttons together.” She did as he commanded as grandpa recorded her movements. Oh. Her clit was touching mine. “Okay Trisha, now start grinding on her pussy, you’ll both feel so good.” She did as she was told, like a pro, she humped her baby parts against mine and I could feel her wet pussy juices start to soak all over me. She was rubbing her crotch on me faster and faster that I started panting from the good feeling, ohhh I loved it but I didn’t understand what was happening. Scissoring is what it’s called I found out later at dinner when Trisha whispered to me after I asked her so softly in her ear what was it we were doing.

Trisha was riding my pussy for a good half an hour before she started screaming and squirting all over me. “This is by far your best performance Trisha!” Grandpa exclaimed. “Sweetie you really need to get it together! Trisha loves this, why can’t you? Look she came all over your pussy.” My button was throbbing for more but I was happy it was over. How many times was I raped and molested just these last 2 days alone? I’ve gone further in 2 days than drew made me go in two years, and HE? Was the one in trouble?

Dinner. Grandpa told us to put on an oversized shirt and go to the table. “I can’t wait to play with both of you girls later. Sweetie doll, Trisha, I’m so glad to have my girls here. I can’t wait to make you both take my cock. You both are in for quite a treat.” Grandma said the same to Trisha’s brothers.

This family is irredeemable. My poor sore pussy.

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    You and Trisha are in for some amazing sex, I think. Enjoy. I’ll be glad to read about it.
    Love, sucks, and fucks,

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