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Grandpa Took Me To The Barn

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When I was 10, I would go to my grandparents house in the country for the summer. They would take care of me because, momma worked and she had no one to watch me. They were momma’s parents. I loved going to the farm. I always wanted to go to the barn with my grandpa but, he never let me until this year. There was a stipulation though. He said, “If you go to the barn with me there are chores you must do or you can’t go.” I said “Okay, I’ll do whatever you want me to do, grandpa.” My grandpa was a tall rugged but, good looking man with salt and pepper hair and brown eyes.

So, off we go to the barn. Now, I knew a little about sex because, my daddy had fucked my pussy a few years ago. That’s why momma left him. I knew I wasn’t a virgin but, nobody had touched me since daddy left. I was a little 4’11”, blonde curly haired, green eyed girl. I was just getting puffy titties. My nipples would stick out if my blouse rubbed them. I didn’t wear a bra yet but, you could tell they were puffed out.
Actually, my grandma said, “I think we need to take you shopping for a bra little girl, I can see your boobies are sticking out.”

Then grandpa said, “You’re right mother, I noticed that myself.” He always called grandma, mother. So, I guess I was needing a bra. I did see grandpa looking at them a lot.
We went to the barn and I ask grandpa, “What’s gonna be my chores.” He said, “Oh, there’s many you’ll have go do but, not all are barn chores.” I said, “I don’t know what you mean.” He said, “Well, when you come to the barn you have to take care of my needs as well as the animal’s needs.” I said, “Okay, what are your needs?”

Grandpa unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. I was shocked he did that. He said, “Rule # 1, you can’t say anything to anybody about what happens here in the barn, do you understand?” I said, “Yes.”
He was stroking his dick an it was growing. He was a lot thicker than daddy. Rule #2, you can’t tell me no when I give you a chore, understand?” “Yes.” “Okay, now, I know what your daddy did to you.”

“Did you like it when he would touch you and fuck you?” I said, “Well, at first, I didn’t but, then I would get a good feeling in my pussy that I liked.” “So, do you ever touch yourself now for that good feeling.” I said, “Yeah, but, I can’t make it feel like daddy did.” He said, “I know when little girls have sex early, they want it afterwards.” Grandpa said, “I wanna give you that good feeling plus, it makes me feel really good.” “Is that okay with you?” I said, “I thought I wasn’t supposed to be doing this again.” He said, “That’s why you can’t tell anybody because, it’s a secret between me an you.”

He said, “Many people think little girls don’t know what they want, just because they’re young but, that’s not true.” “You have needs too just like adults.” “Do you agree?” I said, “Yeah, I do. ” “Mommy always thinks she knows what I want or need and sometimes she’s wrong.” He said, “Exactly.”

He said as he stroked his big hard dick, “You need to take off you shorts and panties.” So, I did. He took them and we walked to this back room that was behind a fake wall. I didn’t even know there was a room or a door there. He unlocked it and inside was a couple of chairs, a table and a bed. He shut us in there and said, “Get on the bed and lay down.” He was looking at my pussy. He said, “I love your little hairless pussy.”

I laid down but, I was kinda scared. He still had his big thick dick sticking out of his zipper. Grandpa sprayed this oil or something on my pussy then, he started touching my clit with his thumb, rubbing it gently. He said, “Close your eyes and think about how good this feels, me rubbing your clit” I closed my eyes and he gently stuck a finger in my pussy. That kinda felt good. Reminded me of daddy.

He was fingering me slowly and still touching my clit. It felt good. He put another finger in me and did that for a bit. He said, “You like this don’t cha?” I said, “Yeah, it feel so good” He put his dick at my opening and started pushing it in. It was very big. He kept pushing and it was stretching my pussy a lot. He sprayed his dick and my pussy again. Then, he grabbed my waist and pulled me down onto his dick while he shoved it in me.

I yelled out, “It’s too big.” He said, “Oh no, it’s in there, it will spread your pussy open just let me fuck you a little.” So, he fucked me in an out several times and then, it slid in real easy with that oil on it. Grandpa said, “Oh my gosh girl, your pussy is tight.” I said, “Does it feel good to you grandpa?” He said, “It’s the best pussy I’ve ever had my dick in.” I felt glad that he liked my pussy.

He said, “Does it feel good to you, Heather?” I said, “Yeah, I feel like daddy made me feel, my pussy likes it.” He’s rubbing my clit again an it feels so good. Grandpa started fucking me fast and hard. He unbuttoned my blouse and pinched my nipples, he leaned over and sucked on both of them. He was flicking my hard nipple with his tongue while breathing on them. That made my pussy twitch. His dick was very thick and he was about 6″ long, maybe 6 1/2″. Grandpa was getting worked up. He said, “Ooh, I’m gonna cum in your little pussy, baby.” Then, he grunted, pulled me down on his dick, pushed in deep then cum. I felt him squirting his stuff in me while he jerked three or four times to finish.

He pulled out of me and looked at me. He said, “There’s cum running out of your pussy.” He had some tissues on a table and he wiped it up. He said, “That was great Heather.” I said, “I’m glad I pleased you grandpa.” He said, “Oh, you’re gonna be pleasing me a lot while your here.” He smiled and I grinned back at him.

He sat in one of the chairs and wiped off his dick. He left it out of his unzipped pants. He said, “Did you suck your daddy’s dick for him.” I said, “Yeah.” He said, “Well, why don’t you come over here and show me how you did it to your daddy” I got down on my knees in front of grandpa and took a hold of his dick. I had to stretch my mouth open really wide. I started licking it and sucking on the head and it started getting bigger and harder. Grandpa said, “Oh Heather, you do that so well”

“Did your daddy cum in your mouth?” I nodded yes. He said, “Good, because, I’m gonna cum in your mouth too.” He took his hands and moved my head up and down on his dick as he pumped his dick into me. I felt his dick hitting the back of my throat. All of a sudden he said, “Here it comes baby.” Then, he was shooting jet streams of cum in the back of my throat. I tried to move my mouth off of his dick but, he held my head in place until he finished cumming.

I spit it out. Grandpa laughed at me. He said, “Do with it what you want sweetheart, grandpa doesn’t care.” I started laughing too. He picked me up and hugged me. He said, “I guess we better get to those other chores down here at the barn, yes?” I said, “Yes, grandpa.” I put my panties and shorts back on and grandpa zipped up. We went out, fed the animals and cleaned the stalls.

Later, when we were back at the house I jumped in the tub and took my bath. I put on my nighty and was watching Andy Griffith on tv. Grandma said she had to go to town for a few things before supper. So, she left. Grandpa was sitting on the couch and told me to come snuggle with him. I went and laid down in front of him. He was spooned up against me.

He reached his hand around me and slipped it down into my panties. He started rubbing my pussy then, my clit and then, he stuck his finger in me. I liked what he was doing. I felt his dick was hard behind me. I knew he was gonna fuck me again. He took his finger out and slid my panties off of me. He smelled them and unzipped his pants, pulled his hard dick out and stuck it into my pussy, hard. It made me gasp.

There wasn’t any oil on it so, it didn’t wanna go in like before. But, grandpa just rammed it in me anyway. He said, “Oh wow, I like that, when I have to force my dick into a young pussy.” “It makes me harder.”
He’s holding me by my belly hard against him while he fucks me from behind. He’s got my leg raised up on his hip to have my pussy open up so, he can fuck me.

He said, “I didn’t think I’d get to fuck you again this soon.” “But, I’m not gonna pass any opportunity to out my dick in this tight little pussy.” “Does it feel good, Heather, do you like me fuck you from behind?”
I said, “It’s good grandpa, I like it from behind.” “Daddy calls it doggie style.” He’s pounding me hard and his dick is so big feeling. He fucks me a long time. He starts playing with my clit and I get a wonderful feeling.

I told grandpa, “I’m gonna pee, I’ve gotta pee.” Grandpa said, “No, honey you’re getting ready to have a climax so, go ahead and enjoy that feeling.” He kept up on my clit an I peed, I got so wet an it felt so good. Grandpa fucked me really hard when I cum. I loved his dick at that moment. He held me so tight against him and fucked me so hard then, cum in my pussy. He was grunting and moaning when he spewed into me.

When he finished he said, “Unbelievable, that was just amazing.” “I could make a million dollars should I sell you to men.” Grandpa pulled his dick out and I got up, went to the bathroom and cleaned up. He put his dick back in his pants an acted like nothing happened when grandma got back.

During the night, I was asleep when grandpa came into my room. I was sleep on my side. He pulled my butt to the edge of the bed, pulled down my panties, stuck his dick in me again, fucked me, cum in me and left without saying a word. I guess grandpa wasn’t getting much sex from grandma or he was just horny. I fell back to sleep with a pussy full of cum.

Grandpa said, “Start of a new day Heather, you ready to do chores?” I said, “Yes grandpa.” So, after breakfast we went to the barn. I wondered what we were gonna do first, sex or feed the animals.
It was sex. He moved the fake wall which, I found out automatic closes back when he shuts the door, after we get in the room. He said, “Take all your clothes off.” I did and he took all his off too. He laid me gown on the bed, sprayed my pussyggvv with the oil and got on the bed, sitting on his legs. He pulled me down to his dick with my legs spread around his waist.

He said “I wanna watch my fat dick going in an out of your little pussy.” The way grandpa talked made my pussy twitch. So, he pushes into me as he pulls me onto his dick. Then, he holds my waist moving me back and forth on his dick while he watches. He said, “Your little pussy sure can stretch over my dick.” “It makes me so hard looking at it.” He fucks me hard, shaking me back and forth . He’s so strong.

Then, he turns me around on my hands and knees and fucks me from behind. He’s playing with my clit an I’m getting that good feeling again. He said, “You’re clit is hard baby, go ahead and cum on my dick.”
“You’re grandpa’s little cum slut, fucking me whenever I want.” That made me cum. He said, “There ya go, I know that feels good don’t it?” I said, “Yes.” He starts pounding into me and his dick swells up an he cums in me. I feel it shooting in my pussy. I like that feeling.

Grandpa is massaging my titties and rolling my nipples, as he slide his dick back and forth in the cum in my pussy. He finally pulls out and says, “Sorry about last night but, I got to thinking about your pussy an I couldn’t sleep with a hard on so, I had to fuck you.” I said, “That’s okay grandpa.”

We laid there awhile and he fucked me again. He had me sit on his dick and fuck him. It felt good pumping my butt up and down on his dick as it went in my pussy. He loved it. I got to watch it going in an out in that position.

Then, we did our chores in the barn. That’s how my summer was. Grandpa fucked me any chance he got plus, when he took me to the barn. I never told anybody until now. But, you guys don’t know me so, I’m sure it’s okay. Grandpa fucked me every summer I went there. I loved letting him. A couple years later, I ask him, “Grandpa, who else have you brought here, to the barn?” He was fucking me at the time and said, “You’ll keep it a secret if I tell you?” I said, “Yes.”

He said, “I used to bring your mother down here.” I said, “You’re kidding.” He said, “No, I brought her here when she wasn’t even 10.” I ask him, “Did she like it?” He said, “She loved it and that’s why I was so surprised when she left your father because, he did it to you.” He said, “But, she did tell me I better not bring you down here.” “Then why did you?” “Because, my dick got so hard I couldn’t stand it.” “I told her I couldn’t get it up anymore.” “So, she thinks I can’t fuck you or anybody.”

We laughed and he shot his load in me. Grandpa always wanted to know who I let fuck me when I went back to school. I would tell him and be got off hearing about it. I thought about mom getting fucked by her dad an I wanted so bad to ask her about it but, I didn’t.

My sweet grandpa suddenly died when I was 16. I miss him terribly.

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    I Kept on doing this for almost 2 years every day and then one day he said you are going to become a woman and is placed his cock at the entrance to my pussy and slowly started pushing it I felt a little pain but the pleasure of her so much that I completely forgot about it as soon he managed to shove his cock in my pussy it felt heavenly he was pulling in and out and I was lifting my hip up-and-down as he was fucking me with this lovely cock and soon suddenly my pussy clamped on top of a Cock and he became very big and soon he started growing larger I thought I am going to die but then suddenly he released lot of cream in my pussy felt like gallons and I had it biggest orgasm in my life. I miss you dad.
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    When I was high school I was very horny. So decided to go to my parents bedroom and my mom will go to office much earlier than my dad so we’ll just stay in bed. One day my daddy started taking his finger from my side of panties over by my pussy he started fiddling with it and it felt very good. I loved it. I pretended as if I am not sexually active.
    Every day he will fiddle my pussy with his finger and I will get wet and I have a hot good feeling like somebody has punched me in my belly it felt so good oh my God.
    One day daddy asked me if you want to feel better I said yes how do I feel better daddy? Well both of us have to get naked.
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  • Reply granddaughter ID:1d9uxou5qxxr

    This made me cum!! My grandaddy used to take me to the shed starting at 8. He was not gentle and I hated it! But over the years I learned to love taking his poundings

    • RudyGardet ID:4glk83qrc

      Would love to hear about how you grew to enjoy it. My session is below but I’m also in Kik and Telegram @rudygardet.


  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    That’s so bad that your father fucked you when you’re a lot younger, which was good and now your grandfather was fucking you is disappointing. Your mother had to lie to you.

  • Reply James Powers ID:2px1ogoll8z

    Mmmm, little granddaughter I would love to see a picture of what you look like? And chat more. My email is [email protected]

    • Wolfman64 ID:1ck6lx88xp10

      Grandpa’s gone ask mom about her trips to the barn now !

  • Reply [email protected] ID:3kfd37wp20c

    Good story! Who is next for Little Granddaughter?


    • Little Granddaughter ID:1a912bhj

      My favorite uncle took over when I was 16. I started babysitting for his family and he caught me coming out of the shower. We were alone in the house and he forced his dick in me and fucked me. I initially fought him but, after he got it in, I let him fuck me several more times. He had a very big thick dick, I could resist. I’ll try to write about it soon.

    • Little Granddaughter ID:1a912bhj

      I meant to write I couldn’t resist his dick.

  • Reply A. ID:1cn4gpacmfxw

    Too bad he didn’t leave you with something more than just memories