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Grandad can you help me Part 3

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Grandad now knows all is lost his resistance is gone

Thursday morning

Tim is up early and a quick wank then a long shower, Today’s task is to sent the spy cams up in Gemma’s house to catch all the fun, He sets out on the half hour drive to Gemma’s house, at the end of the narrow country lane he messages Gemma, ” hi naughty girl how is your sexy smooth pussy today, after getting waxed, Gemma responded almost immediately, my pussy is so smooth, wet and knickerless lol, Tim messages, did you enjoy having your pussy touched, and were you horny as it was getting waxed lol, but you don’t need to answer that because I know you always enjoy it,

Gemma was horny after her trip to the salon, she loved the pain and pleasure, legs open her pussy on display the gentle touch of the girl then the pain as her hairs were ripped from her pussy, she had juice running down from her pussy to her ass hole, and the way the girl was smiling and chatting away,
Gemma messaged back, “Always horny”

Tim arrives at Gemma’s house the front door is unlocked, he heads into the lounge, and starts to installing two cameras, then up the her bedroom and fits the other two, “shit” he thinks to himself i should has ordered more after spending ten minutes getting the perfect angles, he opens the bedside cabinet top drawer, knickers and bras, the second drawer, toys three vibrator’s one still had her pussy juice on it, he pulls back the bed sheet and a big wet stain on the bottom sheet, she must have played this morning before she went to work, he unzipped his jeans and turned the vibrator on and smeared her cream on his cock and started to wank, it didn’t take to long before he felt the feeling start to rise from his balls, and spunk started to erupting onto the vibrator, he rubbed it all over the vibrator, wiped his cock on her bed sheets and put everything back to where he had found it and left,

When he gets home, he messages Caitlin “Hi love are you okay, are you looking forward for tomorrow night, Gemma’s excited ” he knows that Caitlin is in school but thought he would just make sure she was okay, at lunch time he received a message from Caitlin, ” Hi Grandad i super excited, i can’t wait for tomorrow, Gemma sent me pic yesterday, i could tell she was excited lol, Tim messaged back ” How could you tell ” Caitlin response, by the pic, she had just had her pussy waxed and her lips were all wet with juice of course, so me and Jazz sent her a pic of us together with are legs open, her pussy looked just like ours but wetter lol.
Grandad messaged back send me all the pics you have sent her and the ones she has sent you. Love you Caitlin see you tomorrow xx
Over the next ten minutes his phone received message after messages from Caitlin
Later he messaged Gemma, ” I just seen what you have been messaging Caitlin and the pics are disgusting thank you lol
Gemma’s just sends Tim pic of her with the very same vibrator he shot his cum on, its lodged deep her in her pussy, with the message just fucked my wet pussy x
Tim quickly checks the spy cams , but he had missed it, he will look at the recording later.
He messaged back “your pussy looks divine, wet and ceamy, I think someone is looking forward to tomorrow lol x

Friday arrives
All Caitlin can think about is how wet her little pussy feels.
All Gemma can think about is Caitlin’s young pussy All Tim can think about is will Caitlin enjoy her time with Gemma, WHAT will Gemma do to his young granddaughter, and will his cock just explode before tonight.
It was a very uncomfortable day for all three of them
Caitlin and Jazz have been talking and whispering all day, as soon as the school bell rings for the end of the day, they run to Caitlin’s house so she grab her things, in Caitlin’s bedroom she quickly packs her things and stripped out of her uniform, as she peels her panties off, they are soaking wet and stick to her pussy, Jazz is sitting on the edge of the bed, watching her and says your so lucky to have a grandad who is willing to help you, Caitlin says i wish it would be him playing with me, they both laugh, Caitlin’s phone receives a message from Grandad, it read, “Hi honey I’m outside waiting”
Caitlin and Jazz ran to the car, Caitlin opened the door and said “Hi Grandad and gave him the big hug, can Jazz come to your house for dinner, before I go to Gemma’s tonight, Grandad says “I suppose so but you need to get a shower and ready, ” you can’t keep Gemma waiting when she arrives”, when they get to his house Caitlin and Jazz run upstairs to her bedroom, he can hear laughter and giggling over the music, he prepared dinner, they all sat down and eat,
After they had finished both girls excuse themselves but Grandad say “Jazz you go upstairs I need a word with Caitlin,
Caitlin love does Jazz know why your going to Gemma’s tonight, “Yes I told her, and don’t worry she won’t tell anyone, “But I told you not to tell anyone, we could all get into really big trouble ” says Grandad
Jazz asked me if she could go with me, but I told her she couldn’t replied Caitlin, “OK ” says Grandad, “go and get a shower and dressed she will be here soon,
Tim decides to watch the cams in Caitlin bedroom, Caitlin is in the shower, Jazz is lying on the bed looking at her phone and her hand is in her little pink panties, Caitlin enters the bedroom naked and is dancing about, Jazz looks up and shows her what she is watching on her phone, Jazz’s hand is still rubbing away inside her panties, Caitlin sits on the bed and is watching the screen, and her hand wanders between her legs, and she starts to breathe heavily, she turns to Jazz and they both start to laugh, Grandad goes upstairs and enters Caitlin’s bedroom, and says, “hurry up” Caitlin stops rubbing her pussy and says “ok Grandad i won’t be long, Jazz on the other hand still has her hand in her panties, she slowly withdraw’s her hand and puts her wet sticky fingers in her mouth and sucks them while looking directly at Grandad, he smiles, and rearranged his hard cock in his trousers and goes downstairs, Caitlin turns to Jazz and says ” that was naughty off you making Grandad hard” Jazz replies “I only wanted to see if you were telling lies about how big it was, and it worked
Caitlin and Jazz were sat on the stairs by the front door when Gemma arrived, Caitlin shouted Grandad and she ran and gave him the biggest hug ever he bent down to kiss her on the head, but she moved her head so he kisses her on the mouth, she held him tight with her lips pressed tight to his, she pulled back and said “I love you ” turned and walked to the door, Jazz got up and hugged her, both Grandad and Jazz stood at the door and watched her get in Gemma’s car,
Grandad turned to Jazz and said ” do you want me to drive you home now” No” replied Jazz can I stay for a while, my Mum and Dad won’t be home till later, and I don’t like being home alone”
“Can we watch tv for a while” said Jazz
Grandad says okay, but you can’t stay to long, so they settle down to watch TV, Jazz is watching some kids programme, they are sat on the sofa Grandad at one end, all he can think about is Caitlin and Gemma, Jazz is sat at the other end and all she can think about is grandads cock, she says to Grandad, thanks for letting me stay for a while, Grandad smiles at her and says I like having company, Jazz asks “can I call you Grandad” like Caitlin does, he looks at her and says of course you can, she moves closer to him and gives him a hug and snuggles into him, Grandad puts his arm around her and rubs her back gently,
Meanwhile in Gemma’s car, Gemma asks Caitlin so why do you want to learn how to cum, Caitlin replies “it feels really good when i rub my pussy, and I want to feel like that all the time, so i asked Grandad to help, I love him, and when he holds me or kisses me goodnight, my pussy gets wet, I want Grandad to touch me so much, and maybe he will let me touch his cock”
Gemma asks Caitlin “are you horny now, is you pussy wet, “oh yes” says Caitlin, so Gemma tells Caitlin to take her panties off, Caitlin is hesitant but she lifts her bum up pulls up her dress and peels them off, Gemma can’t take her eyes off her young pussy, Caitlin pulls her dress back down covering her pussy,
When they reach Gemma’s house, they get out off the car Gemma grabs Caitlin’s hand and they enter the house, Gemma leads Caitlin into the lounge and stands in front of her and says ” well my young horny little Caitlin, I’m going to undress you, then your going to undress me, then we are going to have some fun, but first tell me, are you a virgin and have you ever seen a big hard cock, As Caitlin is telling Gemma that she is a virgin, and no she hasn’t seen a big hard cock, Gemma is slowly slipping down the shoulder straps off her pretty dress, she reaches around and slides the zip down, and her dress falls to the floor, Caitlin is now stark naked, Caitlin is still telling Gemma she hasn’t seen one but has felt Grandads when he hugs her or when she sits on his knee, Gemma says to Caitlin dam your a sexy girl, she has both hands on her shoulders and run them down her arms and onto her slim waist, Caitlin bites her bottom lip, and says, ” do you want me to undress you now, Gemma nods her head and says “yes please” as Caitlin starts to unbutton Gemma’s blouse she can feel her pussy start to leak even more juice, with her blouse removed Gemma says now take of my bra, Caitlin is standing against her, she reaches behind Gemma and unclips it, and pulls it forward, Gemma’s breasts bounce free, her nipples are sticking out , hard and ready to be touched, Caitlin reaches down to Gemma’s jeans, she slowly undoes the button and slides the zip down, Gemma says now kneel down and take my legs out, Caitlin kneels down her face is level with Gemma’s pussy, Caitlin says do you never wear panties, Gemma smiles and says, ” sometimes I do, but if I’m know I’m going to get wet, i don’t bother” with Gemma free fron her jeans, Caitlin stands up and says ” your pussy looks as soft as mine since you had it waxed” Gemma says touch it to see for yourself, Caitlin reaches down and runs her little hand over Gemma dripping pussy and feels her wet smooth pussy lips, as she brings her hand away, her fingers are covered in pussy juice, Gemma says ” Sorry about that” and grabs Caitlin’s hand and sucks her fingers clean, Caitlin pulls a funny face, Gemma says “do you not lick your fingers clean when you have fingered your pussy ” Caitlin replies “No” well you should says Gemma don’t waste some tasty pussy cream, So whos pussy is softer then my waxed pussy or your young hairless pussy, Caitlin says “Mine” Gemma reaches down and lets her fingers wander all around Caitlin’s young pussy, as she brings her hand out from between Caitlin’s legs her fingers have Caitlin’s pussy juice on them, she holds them up to Caitlin’s face and says “lick and suck your sweet cream from my fingers” Caitlin opens her mouth and Gemna put one finger at a time in her mouth, Caitlin starts licking and sucking till she has cleaned Gemma’s fingers,
Gemma says your right Your pussy is smoother than mine.
Gemma asks Caitlin “have you even kissed anyone” Caitlin shakes her head, Gemma leans forward and kisses her, Caitlin responds, soon they are kissing passionately, their tounge’s are flicking in and out of each others mouths, Caitlin can feel Gemna’s hard nipples pressing into her chest, her hands are around Gemma’s waist, Gemma’s hand are all over Caitlin from her back to her cute little ass, after a long embrace they part, Caitlin is breathing heavily, her little chest is rising and falling, Gemma says their you go your first proper kiss, how did you like it, Caitlin says “It was great it was so good to be held and it really turned me on”.Gemma reaches up and gently pinches Caitlin’s hard little nipples,
Gemma says well sit on the sofa open your legs and I will teach you more, As Caitlin sits in the middle off the sofa she opens her legs wide, her pussy is slick with cream she thought to herself she would be embarrassed about opening her legs to someone apart from Grandad, but she liked it, she was more aroused than ever, Gemma sits on the floor between Caitlin’s open legs, and says show me how you play with your pussy, so Caitlin reaches down and starts to rub frantically at her pussy, Gemma tells her to stop, and says slow down its not a race, we have all night, I don’t want you to cum yet, if you feel it starting I want you to stop, if you can keep your pussy on the edge of an orgasm, when you do cum it will be so so good, believe me, Lets swap places so you can look at how I do it, so Gemma starts playing with her pussy slowly circles around her clit and lips spreading her pussy juice all over her pussy, Caitlin is sat transfixed biting her bottom lip then licking her lips, occasionally looking at Gemma’s face, then back to her pussy,
Gemma tell Caitlin to change places and to try again, so with Caitlin sat on the sofa, legs spread, Caitlin tries again, slowly rubbing her clit, Gemma reaches for Caitlin’ hand hand says let me help, she holds her hand and guides her hand from her clit to her wet pussy lips and rubs slowly but hard, Caitlin’s eyes are starting to close, she is panting and cute little noises escape from her lips.
Gemma says “don’t cum, not yet”

Grandad is still running hand over Jazz’s shoulders and back, she grabs a cushion and puts it on his lap, and rests her head on it, Grandads hand moves down from her shoulders to her waist and hips, Jazz can feel his hard cock even through the cushion, she puts her hand under her head, she is sure she can feel it move every now and then, Grandad is now rubbing the small of her back and the top of her ass, Jazz turns and looks at Grandad and says ” do you think Caitlin is having a good time with Gemma, do you think she has cum yet” he just shrugs his shoulders, Grandad is deep in thought and doesn’t notice at first that Jazz has moved her hand under the cushion and is now rubbing his cock over his pants, she squeezed it hard, and Grandad looks down at her smiling face, Nice cock she says its as big as Caitlin said it was, I like you rubbing my bum, Are you thinking about your Granddaughter Caitlin and your friend Gemma playing with there pussies or are you thinking about Me stroking your cock, Grandad Jazz says I’m going to phone my mum and ask if i can spend the night hear with Caitlin, before he can say a word, jazz is on the phone asking her mum if she can stay, Jazz hands the phone to Grandad and says she wants to speak to you, as Jazz’s mum is checking if it’s okay , grandad is saying yes it no trouble Caitlin is just getting ready for bed, but if you don’t want her to stay i will drive her home, Jazz is rubbing his cock a little bit harder now, he looks down at her as he tells her mum “great i will drop her off home tomorrow afternoon ” Jazz unzips his pants, and with difficulty fishes out his big hand swollen cock.
Grandad now knows all is lost, his resistance is gone

Part 4 to follow

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