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Stepdaughter catches me sniffing her panties, cock in hand. What happens next is unbelievable

I’ve always thought my stepdaughter was gorgeous, but I never did anything.

I mean, when she was young, of course… a beautiful blonde nymph. Then, as she got a little older, she packed on some serious weight. This did not turn me off as she developed some of the nicest tit’s I had ever seen. She’d have given Dolly Parton a run for her money… and won!

About four years ago, she finally came to realize that her weight was not helping her. She started dieting and working out. Hard to believe, but true, she lost nearly 100 pounds!

Sadly, this means that those glorious breast’s were gone. She went from a 40 DD cup to a 34 B. She switched from satin underwire bras to sports bras.

But this diet and exercise really made her ass… well, it’s just incredible. Imagine the most perfect ass you’ve ever seen, and then realize it’s just another ass and no competition for my stepdaughter’s amazing tush.

To make matters worse for me, she went from wearing dresses to wearing leggings. Ouch! I even started to go to the gym with her just so I could watch her ass bounce in that skintight lycra as she ran on the treadmill or bounced on the elliptical. Thigh gap and cameltoe galore. I had to start wearing a jockstrap with a cup to conceal my erections in the gym.

Soon, the desire to see more overcame me. I waited until she was sound asleep. She was snoring very loudly as I gently knocked on her door. As I expected, there was no answer. I carefully opened the door. She had fallen asleep with the light on, the book she’d been reading tented next to her head. And, there she was, sprawled on her back, her legs akimbo, her night dress – a long T-Shirt – had rolled up above her waist. Her pussy was on full display! Lightly haired with big pouty lips and a protruding clit. She even looked a little wet as though maybe she had been playing with herself before she fell asleep.

I crept forward, hoping to get a better view, pulling my phone out of my pocket and launching the camera.

My heart was racing. I was sweating, afraid. But the fear didn’t affect my cock. It was throbbing in my jeans. I managed to control myself and did not whip it out and start jacking right then and there. Instead, I focused on my camera.

I managed to take a short video and snap a picture. That was a mistake. I had neglected to turn off the flash, and she stirred, moaning a little.

I hastily, silently, left the room, closing the door behind me very carefully. Retreating to my office, I loaded the picture onto my computer and played the short video clip on a loop while I stroked my thick nine-inch cock.

It still wasn’t enough, though. I still wanted more!

I bought a spy camera pen and secreted it in the bathroom to watch her shower. Sadly, the steam was too much for it. I couldn’t see anything clearly.

The next day, I hid it in her room to see her changing. I figured I’d sneak back in afterwards and get it.

Imagine my shock when I snuck in and realized the pen had been discovered. I thought for sure that my marriage was over and for several days, I sat nervously Waiting for the police to show up and cart me away.

It never happened. Slowly, I relaxed.

But the desire… the need to see more and more… never subsided.

I have an entire hidden and encrypted folder of pictures and videos of her. I’ve taken them at the gym, while she was sleeping, the foggy vid of her toweling off after the shower. I even used some AI apps to nudify some of the pictures I’ve taken.

It wasn’t enough for me. I was an addict and I wanted… no, needed more.

After gym and chores, her process was to duck into her bedroom and strip down. She’d wrap a towel around herself and run to the bathroom to shower. One morning, while she was showering, I snuck into her bedroom and dug into her dirty clothes until I found the clothes she had been wearing to the gym. Leggings with her panties rolled into them sports bra and racer back tank top. I disentangled the panties and brought them to my nose. Sweat and piss and a little bit of goo. They smelled wonderful, and my cock sprang to life

I couldn’t help myself. I pulled out my throbbing member and began stroking as I sniffed and licked the crotch of her panties. I was so engrossed in the forbidden experience, I didn’t hear her open the door and walk in. Out of the corner of my squinted eyes, I saw her staring at my hands. Her gaze flicked from the hand stoking my cock to the other clutching her panties to my face.

‘I forgot my shower cap. What are you doing?”

I hastily dropped her panties back in the hamper, fumbling to tuck my stiff prick back in my jeans.

“Why don’t you just go to the source?”

My jaw dropped. I mumbled an apology and tried to leave, again with visions of divorce, cops, and jail running through my head.

She took my arm and turned me around. Dropping her towel, she said “I’m serious… go to the source.”

She curled her fingers into my hair and fell back on the bed, pulling my face into her hairy pussy.

What could I do? I started licking from her perfectly puckered asshole up to her engorged clit. Every now and then, I’d pause to lavish attention on her asshole or vagina, or suck in one of her juicy lips and gently chew on it before focusing back on her lovely clit.

Her moans turned to gasps and her breathing grew ragged. I could have redoubled my efforts on her clit, but I stopped and began probing her ass deeper while gently massaging the hood of her clit with my fingers. One large finger occasionally finding its way into her dripping hole.

Once her breathing normalized and the moaning started again, I returned to her clit, sucking, gently nibbling, changing directions. I slid two fingers past my bearded chin and into her pussy, curling them up to reach her g-spot.

Again, her breathing sped up, and her body began to tense. I now sped up both fingers, the pinky finger now buried in her perfect ass, and tongue.

She came, screaming, body rigid, squirting all over my hand and face. Then she slumped, collapsing into a pile of twitches

I didn’t stop, though. I kept on picking and plunging my fingers in and out at a frantic pace. She began to beg me to stop, pushing my head away, pulling my hair. She convulse again and let loose a long stream of piss. I shifted my head and drank deeply. I knew how much water she drank while working out and the piss was clean, clear, and wonderful in my mouth and on my face.

I quit licking her clit, but continued with my fingers while I cleaned her cum and kiss off of her muscular thighs, lips, even my hand. So delicious!

Finally, I withdrew my fingers eliciting a whimper.

I stood and turned to leave, wanting to avoid further complications. Eating her with her consent was one thing. Fucking her was quite another, but I had to cum. My erection, still trapped awkwardly where I had stuffed it when she surprised me, was painful. My balls full.

I managed one step before I felt her finger curl into the belt loop on the back of my jeans. She pulled me back and pushed me onto the bed. Flipping around, she ripped open my pants, the button flying across the room, the zipper nearly coming apart. Before I could protest – not that I would have protested much – her mouth, warm and wet, engulfed my straining prick. In three strokes, I was buried in her throat.

“Wha… no… oh my god!” was all I could manage.

About three minutes that felt like a lifetime passed before she let my cock fall from her mouth. She climbed up my body, pushing the nipples on her now tiny tit’s onto my face, into my mouth. I sucked, nibbled, feeling them grow even stiffer as the whole pink areola raised, tightened and puckered.

Her hand snaked between our bodies and she lined up my saliva coated member with her still dripping cunt. With a single smooth motion, she impaled herself on me, sinking to the base and grinding her clit against my public hair.

Sitting a little higher now, her nipples removed from my gasping mouth, she settled into a steady rhythm. She’d release when sliding down and squeeze all the way back up. I couldn’t believe it. Where had she learned to fuck like this?

“Oh my god, that feels so good!” I mumbled between moans and groans.

She leaned forward and whispered “in for a penny…”

She pulled herself off of my cock, and spun around. I now had a perfect view of the ass I had been watching so intently all these years. Her asshole was pink, wet with my spit and her cum, and slightly dilated from the probing I gave it just a few moments ago. Beneath that perfect pucker, her large lips were hot pink, dripping, swollen, and pulsing in time with her elevated heartbeat.

She positioned my mushroom head against her bung, the pussy juice, precum, and saliva doing a fine job as lube as she wiggled into place. With a grunt, she abruptly sat down, engulfing the entire throbbing length in her ass. She stifled a bit of a scream and began to ride, gritting her teeth, grimacing for a few moments as she became accustomed to my girth.

Again, She’d unclenched as she dropped to the base, and squeezed all the way up. I reach both hands around her rocking body. One hand cupped her breast, bringing the nipple back to a stiff peak which I rolled between my fingers. The other hand found her clit and began rubbing.

I began to meet her rhythm, clenching as she dropped down and relaxing as she rose up. I knew I couldn’t last much longer, but I’d never been able to come while lying on my back.

I grabbed her hips and, without withdrawing, flipped her over with her ass in the air and her face down, I began to pummel her backdoor. In seconds, I was ready to cum. Pulling out, stroking a few times, I sprayed my load all over her ass and back. Some even reached her short curly blonde hair.

Seeing the cum run and pool in the ridges and valleys created by her spine and back muscles, I wish I had flipped her over again and cum on her face. Regardless, I still pulled my phone from my destroyed jeans pocket and snapped a picture or two of her gaped ass, pink pussy, and the gobs of jizz on her back. I wanted not only memories, but protection in case she blabbed.

As though she heard my thoughts, she rolled over lazily. “Don’t worry,” she said “ you can come on my face next time.”

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