Girlfriend and daughter

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One Saturday my girlfriend and I was having drinks when her daughter came home and said I will have a drink with you guys so I got up and got her a drink when I went to give her the drink she was sitting there with her legs apart and she seen me looking at her and she didn’t move she just smiled and licked her lips.As the night went on the three of us was getting drunker and the daughter said come here I want to braid your hair so I sat down in front of her and her legs was spread around me I could feel the heat from her pussy and my girlfriend asked if we want another drink yes we said so she went in to make the drinks and when she was out of view the daughter was chatting to me and started grinding her pussy up against me I said what are you doing and she said I am so fucking wet and ask me do I like it I said you are my girlfriends daughter she said but I am 18 and have needs to then her mother came in with the drinks then said she was going to go to bed she wasn’t feeling well so she went up stairs to bed about half hour later I went up to say goodnight and she was snoring sound asleep so I went back downstairs and made me and the daughter another drink as I bring the drinks out I see the daughter was playing with herself I said are you serious and she pulled her nickers down and threw them at me .Then she put her wet fingers in her mouth while staring at me I was getting hard and she could see and rubbed my cock and asked could I make cum like you make mum cum and then she unzipped my pants and took my hard cock out and was licking it so I started fingering her two fingers slipped straight in as she was so wet and she let out a moan then I couldn’t hold back any longer and cum down her throat and she keeps sucking every last drop then I lay her down on the floor and started licking her clit and finger fucking her she was now moaning very loud and said she was Cumming and pushing my head up then she squirted all in my face and she ask me do I taste better then mum and as I look up my girlfriend said so does she and I was like baby are you ok and she said yes my plan has worked no us girls are going to fuck and lick each other till we are spent.i seen mother and daughter going down on each other while I fuck the other from behind.This happend two years ago and now we all sleep in the same bed every night and fuck each other all the time.

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  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    I would love a mother and daughter like that