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GF, now wife and I used hire out for sex

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It was a long time ago, the GF, now wife, and I were very adventurous and decided to put ads out as a couple for hire for sex.

We posted with pictures with faces blurred out. I was in a great job, she worked from home a lot. My girlfriend, now wife is 5ft. 7 in tall, brunette with flowing long hair, trimmed bush on a very pouty little pussy, and with D cup breast with gentle pink nipples. She has, even today a great shape and is a beautiful woman. Also up for something sexual, she’d been in group love relationships, lesbian relationships, hetero she never shied away from anything sexual. She got popped at 14, was sucking cocks at 12, and buttfucking by 16. It was an older woman who satisfied her anal fixation and poppled S’s pretty little backside. I’m 6ft. 1in, weighed 180 back then, mildly muscled not ripped. I have an 8 incher, I’m blonde including on my pubes. I keep trimmed, sometimes shaved. S and I just finished having a four way with another couple. I was 22 she was 20. With the foursome I fucked her, I fucked S, I fucked the other guy, he fucked me, S and the other woman ate each other, even cleaning our creampies from each others pussies. I had to get up and go to work early, and S said it was a shame that we couldn’t have sex for money instead of working. My thought was that we couldn’t make enough to justify my salary and hers together.

That night she suggested that we do evenings only, and put out ads for sex. We’d be a married couple (we got fake rings to wear) and first put out to let guys watch us have sex. I didn’t think there would be a lot wanting that, so it was probably manageable. Little did I know. The first evening we got a call from a visitor in an upscale hotel. He wanted to watch us make love on his bed, oral and vaginal, he wanted to be sure I came inside S. He wanted her to get over his face and let my cum drip into his mouth while he masturbated. We dressed nicely for the hotel, and in his room, he paid us immediately; and told us to get undressed. He was chubby, about mid 40s to 50ish. Light hair on his head, and he stood admiring S body, complimenting her. He agreed to pay $50 extra if he could touch her tits. We let him. He did all that while staring at my cock. He led us into the bedroom and we started. We sucked, ate, and then fucked for a good 30 minutes and I announced I was coming. He was sitting in a chair about 2 feet from the side of the bed. As I was pulling out, he offered us another 100 if he could not lick, just kiss her opened pussyhole with the cum in it. She was willing so he did. Then he pulled down his pants and his boxers, and laid on his back. S got up over his mouth and he just said “So pretty” as she let my cum slide down and drip into his mouth. His rather thin 5 inch cock was getting a workout, he was going at it furiously, then shot his load all over his hand, some on his chubby belly, some even ending up on S’s butt. He said thanks, and that we could get dressed. S needed to use the toilet to get the rest out of her but instead he said he’d pay for her panties if she wiped herself with them, got my cum and hers all over and left them with him. We left with over $1000 we were in heaven.

Later that night was another call, this guy wanted to fuck her and have me fuck her after, then him again. We left his place with his $500 plus another $200 because he wanted me to cum in S and him lick it up. He used a condom the two times he fucked her.

This went on and on, mostly lonely guys, some wanted me to watch while she sucked them, or sucked them and fucked them. Plenty wanted to fuck her, and watch me after, or take her anally after they fucked her pussy. She pretended each time was the first anal sex and winced and whined, and even managed a few tears sometimes. They all bought it. Soon we had so many calls, I went freelance to keep my time free and have a way to report income, she lowered her work time and we had sex with MF couples, FF couples, MM couples, single men, single women, Old men, old women. We even had one kid who said he was 19 but we both suspected he was 16, but he had money. She finally got him to say he was a virgin, and I watched as my girlfriend took him down the road to manhood. We both agreed to let him go bareback in her. He paid, we left, he called four times the first week.

I know many women especially have had bad experiences, and I don’t recommend it, but we had a great time, made mad money, bought a house upstate, and have one in Europe as well. We are wealthy, we still work in our other jobs, not sex, and still swing with other couples and singles. Both of us are bi, and we enjoy our lives to the max. Whenever we need to get kinky we remember certain customers we had several regulars, and we get each other off.

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