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Getting fucked by my white neighbor

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So I was 16 at the time and I remember I was walking to school one morning. I was passing by a neighbor’s house who lived up the street (older white male either in his late 40s or early 50s) and he was getting stuff out of his truck. He stopped me and asked if I wanted some shoes. I guess they was for his knees or something I don’t know but I said that I would take a look. He told me to follow him inside which I did and when I sat down on the living room couch he bought the shoes out. They was some Nikes and I said I would take them. He said I can pick them up after school if I wanted to and as I was walking out the door he suddenly hugged me from behind. I didn’t like this and as I tried to get out of his grasp he started to squeeze on my tits through my shirt while kissing on my neck . This went on for a few moments before he eventually spun me and kissed me. This had me just completely shocked and after he broke the kiss he picked me up and closed the front door. He then carried me deeper into his house before carrying me down in his basement. I guess he was turning it into a extra room or something because it had a bed, TV and stuff like that down there. While he was stripping me he was telling me that he’s not a bad guy it’s just that he finds younger girls far more sexier. I called him a fucking pedophile which he happily said he was. He then walked over to this dresser which had a camcorder on it and he turned it on. He then told me that soon all I would want was pedophile dick and long story short he fucked me senseless. I wasn’t a virgin and that time I did have a boyfriend who was mixed but the way that older white man fucked me he might’ve well been my first. He went from calling me sweet pet names like ‘Chocolate beauty and princess’ to then ‘slut and bitch’ and then he finally started calling me his little nigger. While he was fucking me he was also giving me a education saying things like “Pedophiles aren’t bad people, society just doesn’t want to accept us” and “Cute black girls like you belong to older white men”. After fucking me for like a hour and using my mouth and pussy he eventually put me on and absolutely covered my face in his thick hot cum. After he was finished dumping on to my face he grabbed the camcorder and brought it closer as he told me to state my name and age while I did while looking up into that camera. I had no problem doing that because he fucked my brains out and it kinda made me change all my views and beliefs. I never told on him either because it was all really super hot what we did. He did end up keeping my panties and bra as his little trophy.

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