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gay club at school

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check out the last story about me and my bf having sex at a debate tournament. we had an hour of sex in a school bathroom, went to his house and fucked some more, and then slept and woke up. he was spooned in me and i was cuddling him from behind. we both woke up at the same time. hi, i said. that wasn’t a dream, was it, he said. no, i said with a laugh. he turned around to face me and we kissed and embraced. so what now, he said. wanna go on a date, i asked. yes, he said while laughing. but before that, i said while pushing his shoulder, i’m gonna drill you again. he lay on his back and spread his legs around. i positioned myself on top of him and we kissed for a couple minutes. i kissed his neck and spent a lot of time on his nipples. i kissed his stomach and then i moved down and licked his balls and ran my tongue up the shaft of his 4 inch dick and licked his tip. he moaned with satisfaction. i put my mouth around his dick and sucked up and down gently. i loved the taste of his salty precum. i’m bi and i’ve eaten pussy before, but dick is way better. and since i’m a man, i know how give the best head. i did everything that i wanted when i get head and he loved it. i kept sucking and using my tongue around his dick until he spurted his warm salty and sweet cum in my mouth. i swallowed it all again. we passionately made out for a couple minutes again and i made out with his tiny nipples again. i pulled his legs forward to reveal his perfect ass. i pushed my tongue inside and again felt the amazing soft insides of his butt. i loved this and i loved him. i kept licking for five minutes and then used my finger. then, i fucked him solid and cummed deep inside him. i wish guys could get pregnant. we laid there for another couple minutes and made out. we got in the shower and i carried him and fucked him some more. this time, he gave me amazing head and i cummed on his face. we lathered each other up and i gave him a handjob and he cummed into the soap. i washed his dick and he washed mine and then we dried off. i dried him with a towel and he did the same for me. he was about to go into his closet but i said, we don’t need to wear clothes. oh yeah, he said with a smile. he was so hot naked i just wanted to drill his ass again. we were home alone. i carried him downstairs and before we had breakfast, i couldn’t resist fucking him on the living room sofa. we had breakfast and i took him to a secluded lake and we hung out there. i took a selfie of us and was going to post it on my snap but he said, wait, i don’t know if we should tell everyone yet. why, i asked. some of my friends are homophobic, he said. that was true. i said, don’t worry, as long as we’re together everything will be okay. i posted pictures of us cuddling and making out. a few of my friends made fun of me and same with him, but i didn’t care. i was in love and nothing was going to stop me. surprisingly, we got a lot of support. a lot of my friends came out to me that day. guys that i hadn’t expected at all to be into guys. i thought, what if we started a men-support-men club, or msm. we could have a gay club at school. there was this other couple that we both knew and we knew they were best friends but they turned out to be boyfriends which wasn’t that surprising. both of them were super hot. they told us we were hot as well. this is when we were still at the lake. we told them to come and they came and we had a foursome at this secluded lake. i cummed in both of their faces and asses. we recorded the whole thing and posted it to our private stories. each of us got 15 replies on guys that came out and who wanted to join in on the foursome. so, we decided to start a club at school. our first meeting had about 30 people show up. they were all lean and muscular and we only accepted 10s. to prove they were gay, each member had to have sex with one of us four. the first guy, a junior, came up to me. i had a feeling he was into guys. i asked, do you like guys only or both guys and girls. no, he said. i’m not into girls but i live for men. he took his clothes off. he was the same build was my bf but his skin was golden brown. i don’t believe you, i said with a smirk and a laugh. i did that just to play with him. i’ll show you, he said. he had a 4 inch long dick. it was hard as a rock and sticking out. he came up to me and kissed me straight on the lips. i was so horny for this guy and i wanted to just fuck the shit out of him but i was patient and let him do his thing. we were both standing in the class and making out. he was holding my face while kissing me while i was squeezing his soft perfect butt cheeks. my bf and the other two were also testing three other guys. everyone else waiting was naked and were exploring with each other. they had just come out as gay and i was betting they had no idea how to have gay sex. anyways, i gently broke the kiss and turned him around with his back to my chest. i couldn’t resist anymore. he was so hot. i wrapped my arms around his chest and pulled him to close to me. i whispered in his ear, if you want to be in this club you have to prove to me how gay you are. he nodded. i rubbed my hands all over his soft golden brown skin and stroked his cute 4 inch hard dick. you like that, i said. yes daddy, he said while moaning. i kept stroking until he cummed perfect white warm and sticky liquid onto my right hand. let me taste this, i said. give me some, he said. i stuck my middle finger in his mouth and he licked it clean off. i licked the rest of it out. now it’s your turn, he said. he squatted down in front of my 6 inch hard dick and he was so hot i could’ve cum right there. he slowly sucked my dick until i cummed on his cute face. i helped him back up and kissed him so hard. i wrapped my arms around his legs and carried him to the nearest table and put him down and he spread his legs out. i ate everything out of his ass and it was the same warm soft feeling as my bf. i got up and he put his feet on my chest and i held it there and rubbed it. then, i sucked his perfect small cute nipples. then, i sucked his dick. and then, i fucked him so hard that his eyes rolled back when he cummed all over his own chest and when i cummed inside him so hard it could’ve changed men biologically to where they could’ve become pregnant. i helped him back up and we kissed. did i pass, he asked tiredly. uhhhh, i think you need some extra lessons, i said with a smirk. he laughed while yawning. i picked his cute naked body up and let him sleep in the corner. i did the same to 10 more people. the next week, we had some more people join. in the end, me and my boyfriend are happy and we have a successful club where half of the guys in our school are in it. we have club orgies every week.

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