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Fun with baby sister

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I’ve (m16) been having fun with my baby sister (f8) for years when I babysit, and recently my high school girlfriend (f14)has joined into the fun.

The very first time I babysat my sister, I remember my parents left to go to meet some friends and left me in charge and it this point she’s about 4 years old. It all started when I found myself jacking off while she was asleep, and nutting all over and scrambling to clean myself up before my parents got home. This progressed until I semi-regularly would take off her clothes and jack off over her until I would cum all over her little pussy, and rub it in with my fingers very gently, or cum in a sippy cup and give it to her to drink. This happened for like 4 years, and finally 4 years later I decided to take it a step further.

Mom and dad were out for the night with another couple and wouldn’t be back until the morning. My girlfriend and I had been seeing each other for about 6 months and finally everything lined up so she could come stay the night and we could have sex in the living room (I have no idea why this was so important now looking back). So my girlfriend (phoebe) was supposed to sneak leave her house around 9 which would put her at my house at about 10.

Parents left at about 5 and I was just lounging around the house and made my sister some dinner at about 7:30. After dinner was bath time and as I was watching her play in the tub I couldn’t contain myself and started getting incredibly hard. I picked my sister up out of the bath and wrapped her in a towel and carried her to the living room where I sat her on the couch and immediately started taking my pants off. I began to stroke my cock as I spread her legs with my other arm and was practically drooling at the sight of her tiny little bald slit, I swear it still looked like a newborns pussy. I was getting so horny and I began rubbing the precum from my cock all over her pussy, and for the first time I found my finger pressed firmly against her little pussy hole and trying to push my way in, wiggling it deeper very slowly.

I was feeling like an animal at this point, and when she started to fight and squirm a bit, I didn’t back off like I usually did, but instead held her in place by her shoulders with my other hand and shoving harder with my finger. I had gotten about a joint and a half of my finger in when she started to cry, and I don’t know why but it only made me more horny and hungry for her. As I shoved my finger deeper and deeper I could feel my fingertip pressed up against her little cervix, pushing it back as I pushed forward. Right when I had almost gotten my finger all the way in, my other hand holding her in place and covering her mouth muffling her screams all at once, I heard the door open. Before I even had time to react I looked up and saw my girlfriend eyes wide, watched her jaw drop and close the door behind her.

It all set in at one and I began pulling my finger out of her pussy but it was so tight it literally felt like a Chinese finger trap as I slowly withdrew my finger and loosened my grip on my sisters mouth allowing her whimpering to fill the room. I opened my mouth to speak but the words just wouldn’t come, and as I struggled to find the words, phoebe dropped her purse and said “Don’t stop on my account, this is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen”.

Before I could figure out what was even going on Phoebe walked over to the couch and reached over the back to rub her hand down my sisters chest, sliding down until her middle finger reached the top of my sisters slit. She then looked me in the eye and asked “Have you ever fucked her?” In suppose I responded meekly “No, this is the farthest I’ve ever gone, I was just about to stop though I…” she cut me off by saying “I don’t want you to stop, I want you to go all the way, and let me help you.”

For the next 5 or so minutes we talked over my sisters naked body, I was explaining that I’d been doing this since she was 4 but this was the first time I actually was ever INSIDE her. I told her I was worried my parents would find out, but she quickly cast aside those doubts. She took off everything except the little bra she was wearing and sat by my sisters head, and I stayed by her legs. Phoebe grabbed my sisters arms and put my sisters hands under her knees pinning them down, and spread her legs open wide. I could see my sisters pussy was already swollen and red and the slit was so small it looked like the side of a dime (the coin).

Phoebe looked at me with a smile and a wild look in her eye and nodded towards my sister. Looking at phoebes own little pussy and how she was holding down my naked baby sister in front of me drove me mad and I felt like an animal all over again. I spit on my fingers and wasted no time, this time I shoved my finger right in all the way and began to wiggle it around, my sisters cries only turning me on more. As i brought my middle finger up to her pussy I couldn’t find any way for it in as her tiny little pussy held onto my finger with the grip of a baby.

As I was digging around in my baby sisters pussy, Phoebe stopped holding her legs and pulled off one of her stockings, which she used to tie up both my sisters hands. She then spread her legs back open and held one leg down with one of her legs, and the other leg with her hand holding her in a full spread, all the while my finger exploring every inch inside her. Phoebe took her free hand and began to spread my sisters tiny little baby pussy lips and told me “Stick another fucking finger in” I licked my lips and told her “I tried it, it won’t fit” she smiled and told me “Then make it fit”.

I began to shove harder as my sister squirmed even more and Phoebe was spreading her as wide as humanly possible (hardly helped, I’m telling you this thing is a keyhole) and I finally felt my middle finger begin to slide in. In a full frenzy I shoved my middle finger in alongside my pointer with as much force as it took to stretch that little hole. I began pumping with those fingers and my dick felt like it was about to rip out of its skin. I muttered “I’m ganna cum” and Phoebe yelled out with a smile “No don’t! I want you to fill this little whore up! Hurry stick your dick in!”

I tried to pull my fingers out as fast as I could and grabbed my dick to guide it to her pussy. As soon as I pressed my cock against her spread pussy, I immediately nutted uncontrollably. I felt some of my jizz shoot right inside her, but most of it just smooshed all over the place overflowing out the sides in every way. As the cum soaked her I could feel her tiny little pussy hope flexing against the tip of my dick, and i began to shove it in as hard as I could. It was hardly budging but I could feel it slowly sliding in. It felt like it was literally choking my dick, fighting every step of the way.

As I shoved deeper she squirmed harder and I could feel her pussy hole filled with cum now stretching around my cock as it pressed firmly against her little cervix. Phoebe was still spreading her pussy but had released one leg and was now using both hands to spread her pussy, fighting off her leg with an elbow. About 2 inches of my cock was in her now and she was so tight it felt like it could cut my dick off and the deeper I went, the tighter it got. 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches were now inside her and I could see her belly beginning to bulge as I pushed deeper still.

I grabbed my sisters shoulders and began to pull her towards me, further down my cock and pushing my hips forward, wiggling my hips to try and continue to shove in and make room. 6 inches, 7 inches, she had now all of my cock but the last two inches in her and it felt like I couldn’t push her pussy any deeper, it was like I was pressing it into a brick wall. Now with 7 inches in her I pulled my hips back to begin my first thrust, and she was so tight that her body move with my hips because her pussy was so tightly locked on my cock.

Phoebe and I held her in place as I backed out about an inch and began shoving in again. I could see her belly budging as I shove it in again, and I began slowly thrusting like this, out one inch, in one inch, out one inch, in one inch. Phoebe said with a giggle “See this would be easier if you’d been fucking her all this time rather than just looking at her and playing with yourself”. I began to go a little faster now as it had started to get easier and I felt like I could feel my dick pushing aside all her guts every time I pushed or pulled. Phoebe said “Fuck her like there’s no tomorrow, I want you to fuck her like she was born for this.” I began to pull my dick almost all the way out before shoving it as deep as I could again with a good amount of force. I was pushing deeper every stroke, I was at about 8 inches deep now.

I was now fully fucking her, all 9 inches, all the way in and all the way out and Phoebe was going back and forth between spreading her pussy open for my cock and rubbing her own pussy. Phoebe said “fuck her harder. Does her pussy feel good on your cock? Does it feel like a newborns pussy? Do you wish it was? Fuck her harder now.” At this point I was fucking her good and hard, as hard as I would fuck my girlfriend, no… harder.

I could feel the cum building in my dick and I could tell I was getting close to cumming again. Phoebe grabbed her phone and opened it to a video of a baby getting fucked just as hard as I was fucking my 8 year old sister, and Phoebe said, “See you can fuck her harder even, she can take it, look at this baby here she can take it. I want you to imagine she’s one year old and fuck her as hard as you can.” My legs were getting weak but I did as she said I started fucking as hard as I possibly could, pulling my dick almost all the way out and then slamming it in her as hard as I could and all the way in, which the end of my dick was past her belly button for sure.

I fucked her like this for another 2 minutes, each stroke harder than the last until I finally felt my cock absolutely explode inside her and my body became all week and my knees gave out as I just sat there in her with my divk 9 inches deep, pulsing out cum. I pulled my dick out slow and as I did Phoebe stuck to fingers from each hand in her pussy spreading it wide and I could see it swollen and red and ooozing with cum.

She sat there holding her pussy open, stretching it as wide as she could. She had her fingers in her pussy to the second joint and just sat there holding her pussy wide open while my sister continued whining and crying and squirming. She was stretching her pussy out wider and wider and shoving her fingers deeper and deeper and finally said “ stick it back in now”. I couldn’t resist the urge and I grabbed my cock, I said “Alright move your fingers” at which point Phoebe looked my in the eyes and shook her head. “I want you to stick it in with my fingers” she said, confused I responded “There’s no way it will fit, it’s not possible, maybe one finger but not two from each hand.” Phoebe smiled and said “I I already told you, MAKE IT FIT”

I brought my dick up to her pussy again, and began to shove my cock in alongside her fingers. This pussy that 45 minutes ago was too tight for a pencil, now had 4 fingers and my dick in it. This was hard, almost impossible, but I continued shoving deeper and pulling her closer and deeper and deeper it went slowly, still oozing with cum. I got my dick all the way in and I could still feel Phoebe pulling outward, stretching her pussy even more, pulling it apart and then adjusting her fingers and pulling again. As I sat there with my dick all the way in I could feel Phoebe trying to slide yet another finger in. As she caught to try and fit another finger, I began to stroke again, soft at first but harder each time. Phoebe stretching, me fucking, sister tied and crying and I felt like a demon, I couldn’t help but think I wish I had done this when she was younger, maybe 4 I thought. As I pictured my 8 year old sister as a 4 year old and felt Phoebe finally get in the next two fingers she was now stretched open more than most grown women ever would be. She had a total of 6 fingers, a 9 inch dick, and 2 loads in here, and her pussy didn’t even have it’s first hair yet. I began fucking harder and harder but I felt like I had no more cum, and just fucked harder and harder and harder. Finally the last of my jizz shot inside her and I pulled my divk out as I stared at a now GAPING hole on my little sister, blood and cum all over the couch and floor and our bodies. That’s when I heard the door open a second time……

Pt2 coming soon.

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