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Fucked then fuck them back 2

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Warning I wrote it so it not for everyone,

I dumped my ride, left it to burn, got a new ride and off we go to grammies house, o joy and what fun we will all have, I got their at 0400, I drove past and drove into the next field and parked behind a hedge row, I opened the window of the car and sat and watched and listened, nothing moved and no sounds other than the frogs and crickets, this told me no one was moving,

I walked in the shadow of the hedge and made my way to the house, I got to the car and felt the hood with the back of my hand, not much heat coming from the hood, I put on latex gloves I opened the car door and popped the hood, got under the hood and took the fuses out so the car would not run if they wanted too, I hid the fuses in the air cleaner just in case I needed another ride, one can never tell,

I got to the back door of the house and looked around to see if I could see a dog bone or anything like that, non found, I looked in the kitchen window and was about to shine my light inside when the kitchen light came on, I dam near shit my pants, my heart beat a million miles an hour, it was granny, she had her eyes half closed as she got used to the light,

Granny came down and get a drink and to refill her water bottle, she took some pills and left the bottle on the counter and walked into the bathroom and closed the door, I quickly tried the back door it opened, I slid into the kitchen and picked the bottle up and read take two tablets every night for a max of 5 nights consecutively, for insomnia, doxylamine 100 mg per tablet, I opened the bottle and quickly crushed 4 tablets and put them in her water bottle and shook it up, I slipped into the next room and watched from the shadows, I had shut one eye as I watched and waited,

About 2 min later she came out of the bathroom and took a big drink from her water bottle, she made her way towards the stairs and shut off the light in the kitchen, I opened my closed eye and watched her walk up the stairs in the dark, I followed her as she was making enough noise I could have had a brass band following her,

She went passed a bedroom and looked in, then she went into another bedroom and stood by the bed, she took another drink of water and she seemed to sway a little, she got into bed, I stepped back away from the door just as she turned on her bedside lamp, I heard her pick up a book and thumb to a page, I waited for maybe 20 to 30 min and I could hear her snoring away,

I slipped into her bedroom and got to her bedside, I touched her on the arm, no movement, just snoring, I took her book and dropped it on her legs in the bed, nothing, I pulled all the bedding off the bed then took out some zip ties and tied her to the posts on her bed she lay spread eagle on her queen bed,

I looked around but found no mens clothes, figured divorce as she was only in her mid to late 40s and a good figure from what I could see with her still in her nighty,

I went down the hallway and found the other room, two girls sleeping away, to little angels I thought, time for them to meet satan, I walk up to the bed, pulled the covers off of them and watched their little bodies, both only in long tee shirts, I could see the one girls firm round ass, as the tee had ridden up, she was the first one I picked up off the bed and took to grammy and placed her on the bed on her back and tied her to the bed and granny

I went back for the other one, she too had moved around so much her tee was up and I could see her hairless cunny, I licked my lips as I know they will taste so sweet, I picked her up and off we went into the other room,

I placed her on the other side of grammy, I took her nighty off of her, she laid there so sweet, I could smell her little cunny, it seemed to be wet, I pushed her legs apart and slowly put my face between her legs, I took a deep breath, my cock spring to life so hard and so fast I almost passed out from loss of blood to my brain,

She was damp, her little lips looked like they had morning dew on them, it took all my willpower to not just ram my cock into her cunt and fuck her to death, drive my 10 inch meat into her so deep it would have no choice but to come out her mouth

I got control of myself and kissed her cunny lips, my nose was filled with her perfume, I kissed again and she moaned, I slipped my tongue out and tasted the sweetest girl honey in my life, she gasped and moaned louder, she was wiggling around as I licked her more and more, she then started to shake, then she said, Gammy O gammy im going to cum and she screamed and sprayed on my face, once her orgasim finished with her she opened her eyes and seen me between her young legs she screamed and called out for Granny, Granny nevered moved she was out, her sister woke and started to scream as well,

I slapped the one I eat out across the face, she stopped screaming, but the other one did not stop screaming, so she got the same, I told them both to shut the fuck up and do as they are told, I told them if you dont do as told the other gets hurt, I asked do you understand, the tied up one said she will call the cops, I slapped her sister hard in the face, she screamed, I slapped the other one hard, she screamed, I slapped the other one and so on till they got hint,

I pulled the tied one’s nighty up and pulled the other girl down to her sisters cunny, I told her to lick her cunt, just like her granny did to her, she started to lick her sisters cunt, she had done it before and I bet Granny was the one she did it too

I got behind her as she licked that sweet pussy, I licked her cunny again and soon was licking the girls asshole, fuck she tasted so good, I was high on her, I could not get enough of her sweet nectars, the two girls moaned more than they wanted to, I had her eat her sister out and watched as she writhed and fought against her ties, when her sister pulled away from her she was shaking as if she had gotten out of a paint shaker,

I took the loss girl back to the other side of the bed and placed the head of my cock to her pussy, I told her if she did not do as told this would happen to her sister and then you, I pushed just the head of my raging hard on into her little cunt, she screamed in pain as I tore her open,

I took my cock head out and asked do you understand, she shook her head yes, I took out a knife and cut the clothes off granny, what I found was a 50s hard body gym rat, boy was I thank full, I looked her body over, and told the girl to sit on grannys face, I asked have you done that before, she said yes,

I rubbed her cunt lips, dampness is what I found, I climbed on the bed and placed the head of my cock at her pussy lips, I rubbed them with my cock, up and down, I asked did you have a grandpa, she said no, we have two grammy,

I looked down at the cunt as I rubbed my cock on her pussy and seen her pussy wanting my cock as she was soaking wet in seconds, I pushed my cock into her, I had trouble getting past her entrance, I worked it back and forth and up and down and slowly she started to open up, before long my cock head popped into her, she grunted as I did,

Fuck she was tight, I worked my cock in and slowly got it all the way into her, she was moaning and grunting with each movement of my cock, her vise like grip on my cock was doing wonders for me, I did not last long as I pushed deep and held it in place and shot my load, rope after long rope into her womb

I dropped on top of her and panted, I got my breath back and pulled my still rock hard cock out of her cunt, I told the girl to lick her cunt clean as I was going to lick her sister cunt myself as she eat her Granny, I watch her go down on her and she said to me the there is this white stuff leaking out of her granny, I told her it is cum and will give granny a baby,

She asked would I get a baby if I have that in me too, Yes baby you would, she looked at me and said can I have it then, I told her remember how much it hurt when I put my cock just inside your pussy, she said yes but I want a baby, she asked is there no other way, I told her no, even tho there is,

She said ok put it in me and give me a baby,

I asked boy or girl she said, girl, I told her to lay on top of granny and lift her legs as far over her head as she could, she did, I took my cock and rubbed it up and down her pussy so much, she told me her pussy lips feel numb, I pushed my cock head into her pussy, she cried out in pain but stayed in place, I pushed more into her, she gasped and her eyes widened, she was breathing heavy and said it hurts, dont stop, I want a baby in me,

I worked maybe 2 inches into her and then told her it is going to hurt like hell but will start to feel better soon, she looked into my eyes, and as we locked eyes, I pushed through her hymen and landed into her womb, she never stopped looking into my eye as I took her to another level of pain and then pleasure started to rear it ugly head,

She soon was begging for me to cum in her, to give her a baby, she was moaning and the sharp intake of air and the groan and grunts, I told her she would be a cum slut, a cum dumpster, a baby machine, she told me to fuck her, cum dump in me make me your slut for cum,

I held on as long as I could but lost the fight and started to shoot into her cunt, she cried out your cumming in me, I can feel it filling me up, O thank you, O yes fill me with your baby,

I pulled out of her and dropped on top of her sister panting, I told her she was next, she told me I want a boy, I told her I would have to tie her up so she is bent over, she said ok,

I put her over granny’s tits and pushed my cock into her tight cunt, it took some time and she screamed the whole time as I fucked her, I took her hymen as well, and shot my cum into her cunny, I had worked up quite the thrust and was hunger as well, I tied the loss girl to her granny so her leaking cunt was over her face and would drip cumm and her blood on her face,

I went down stair and it was daylight out, I found food and made myself a grand meal, 3 eggs, ham steak, fried boiled potatoes, large tea with honey, and toast, I sat in the tv room and watched the local news, seem the man hunt has moved on into other states,

I went back up and found all three still on the bed, granny was awake now, I smiled as she said to no one my cunt hurts, one of the girls said to her, it hurt because he put his baby into you like he did to us as well,

Her eyes widened as she seen me with my cock hanging low and about 8 inches, I started to stroke it and told her as she watched my it gets bigger and once Im hard again its your ass im going to fuck next, you better tell the girls how good it feels are I will have to show them myself how good it feels,

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    I’m very willing to believe you’ve got 10 inches. Now get them all up Granny’s shithole!!

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    10 inch cock in your dreams faggot.

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      Just remember a real man will fuck anything, when your the one enjoying being on bottom the makes you the Fag, your such a poor bitch hope you never have or had any kids, dont want a person with such a small mind to spread there small mindness