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Fucked Hard By Dog

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Another hard fucking by the dog named Buster


My weekend schedule was free and I knew what I wanted to do and It was all planned out. Later in the afternoon I would be enjoying the pleasure of being fucked by Buster’s enormous sized doggie cock. Little did I realize at the time that this would not be one of Buster’s regular dog fuck sessions. I was home alone except for my dog Buster and I could sense that Buster was egger so it was time for the session to begin. After bringing Buster indoors and removing all my cloths and tossing them aside I decided the place for the session would be in the living room.

I unrolled a throw rug over the spot on the living room floor that I had picked out to be fucked by Buster on. Buster was already behind me almost before getting the throw rug unrolled as I drop to my hands and knees onto the throw rug as soon as my knees hit the floor Buster was ready and quickly mounted me. I felt Buster humping me for about a minute as he was trying to fuck my pussy with his dog cock then I final felt Buster’s dog cock enter into my pussy and then the hard doggie fucking begin.

Immediately I felt Buster’s dog cock swell in size as he was fucking my pussy and his doggie cock was completely swollen and enormous inside my tight walls as the dog fucking continued for the next few minutes I realized that Buster was not slowing down and I soon felt the warm sensation of dog cum filling up my pussy and this did no slow down for the next several minutes I was pumped full of warm doggie cum. I felt Buster stop thrusting and I was still knotted with Buster but now I was ready for Buster to pull out his enormous doggie cock. I thought I had it planned out however Buster had other plans so I remained on my hands and knees and still knotted by Buster the doggie cum was occasionally still filling me and I was now locked with Buster and the enormous cock inside my pussy and unable to free myself or move.

For the next 45 minutes I would continuously pull forward and rock side to side to free my self from Buster’s swollen knot. The 45 minutes actually seemed like over an hour before I could feel his cock beginning to slowly slide out of me then as I tugged forward the swollen dog knot popped out followed by dogging cum flowing from my cum filled pussy. I let out a loud sigh “Free at Last” Yes, I was finally free and now able to move. Once I looked down at the puddle of doggie cum that dripped from my pussy onto the throw rug I was actually felt lucky to have been able to experience such a special moment.

This would only be the beginning for me as I continue to explore my lust for K9’s and have my fantasies fulfilled

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  • Reply Matt ID:pw5buezrj

    I love your stories.

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    read this story and it reminded me of a woman i use to date she had a dobie and fucked him which i knew about. i fucked her also well she invited me to go to a dog party as she called it. well the day came and we meet these other women at a home and all had dogs with them. some of them were huge. after all the gabbing was done they got down to fucking. one gal had a Dane and he was big my friend wanted to try him so they started he mounted her and started in and his cock was a monster in length and the knot was too .i don’t know how she took it all she did and said it was wonderful. i got some strange that day also. i want to go again some day

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    If you have never gotten fucked by a dog I highly encourage you to. I have been fucked by many dogs since I was 11 I’m 55 now and still love getting knotted as often as I can.

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