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Fucked At Ten, My Secret Made Me Feel Powerful I Could Make A Grown Man Cum

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I remember when I was 10 years old, how special I felt with a secret I had. My daddy’s cousin Julian had been touching my pussy for a long time. He told me it was a secret between us. I knew I made him feel so good when he touched and played with my pussy. His dick would get hard and that excited me. I liked being touched. I felt like I was grown up being able to make a man’s dick hard, pleasing him enough to make him cum. I felt like I had some kind of power.

It was exciting that nobody knew I was pleasing a grown man sexually. He would touch my pussy when other people were around but, nobody knew. I liked that. Julian finally fucked me. One day he was watching me while daddy had to go get mom. Her car had broken down.

Julian made me straddle him and sit my pussy on his dick. He lifted me up and down just barely putting any pressure on my pussy hole. Then he said, “This is gonna hurt at first but, then it’ll feel so good.” He took his hands and put them under my arms then, up on my shoulders up around my back. He scooted down on the couch and holding me close he pulled me down on his dick as he rammed it up in me.

I screamed but, he kept it in me. Then, he started fucking me and he fucked me until I quit crying. He was talking to me and it actually started feeling good. An again, I felt so grown up that I was making a grown man breath hard and fuck me hard because, he was so turned on. Making him talk so dirty to me about, his hard dick fucking my little pussy and how much he loved it. That made my pussy excited.

I felt like I had some kind of power, to be able to do that. It made me feel good after the pain of him putting it in me stopped. My pussy was wet and his dick was sliding in an out with ease. He couldn’t put all of it in me. He said he wanted to but, he knew it hurt me so, he didn’t.

Julian fucked me for years and then, one day he told me how bad my dad wanted to fuck me. I was so surprised.
Daddy never made a move on me but, I thought about it an it turned me on thinking he’d like to fuck me. I was older now with nice titties. They had grown to a 34 C an I’d did catch daddy watching and looking at me especially, when an had my thin night shirt on with no bra.

Mom was away, visiting her mom. I had taken my shower and was drying off in my room then, I went back to the bathroom and daddy was standing there. I was completely naked and daddy starred at me and said how beautiful I was as he reached for my titties. I just let him squeeze them. It was turning me on that he was seeing me naked. He said he shouldn’t be doing stuff like this to me but, he always wanted to.

I told him I wanted him to do whatever he wanted to do to me. He wanted to fuck me so, he put me on the counter pulled out a huge dick and fucked my brains out. I couldn’t believe how big he was, much bigger than Julian. Daddy wanted to know who took my virginity. I didn’t want to tell him. He said, “Tell me baby, it makes my dick hard thinking of some guy fucking this pussy.”

So, I told him it was Julian and I was 10 when he did it. Daddy’s dick got so hard and he fucked me hard then, shot his load in me. It really did turn him on. His hard dick made me cum as he was sucking and squeezing my titties while he pounded my pussy. He fucked me several times before mom got back home. Julian and daddy ended up fucking me at the same time. It kinda become a ritual on Saturday’s. I would go to Julia’s house to clean and daddy would pop over then, they’d fuck me several times. They made me suck them and they fucked my ass and pussy at the same time. I was their fuck toy who would do anything they wanted.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved being used and having the ability to please men by, letting them use me for their sexual needs. My needs were met too. No one knew our secret. I didn’t need a boyfriend with these two studs around. It was great. I felt truly loved and desired.

I remembered how I felt after Julian started playing with my pussy. It gave me a power inside my mind I can’t explain. I don’t think I know any woman who hasn’t been touched or forced unless she lived in a bubble. Most of it happens when they’re young. I also think that it makes them promiscuous growing up. It did me. I told very few men no. I don’t regret any part of my childhood. I especially liked the sex.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1cnvacpm8yz9

    My main regret is that I didn’t start fucking grown men earlier. Maybe 7-8 instead of 10. I missed out on a lot of cum!

  • Reply akroho ID:7xsdkeqk

    As long as you are enjoying it I’d say you are a good girl. I would pet you.

  • Reply Dad4lil ID:1eep2dd5qy7u

    I love taboo stuff feel free to message me ill keep this open fir atleast a week 051f416e74fba5e1115ae8b8627bc8771c54e022ac3861b8aafb440ebb92526722

  • Reply Dan ID:5jndljba2xi

    Hey Sophia you are just my yummy type mmmmm

    • Sophia Cum Slut ID:1a912bhj

      Dan, tell me what you like. I’d like to hear.

    • Dan ID:5jndljba2xi

      Sophia I want to make you my yummy fuck toy to eat and eamnjoy

    • Sophia Cum Slut ID:1a912bhj

      Mmm Dan, sounds so nice. I’d love to please you. I’d let you do whatever you wanted. I love being used by a strong man who knows what he wants.

  • Reply Daddybigcock ID:6hge6rtk0i

    I wished I had a fuck toy like you
    Your daddy and uncle are lucky men

  • Reply Dan ID:5jndljba2xi

    Damn mmmmm I’m so horny now

  • Reply daddy1980 ID:1dk81siygtk3

    Two very lucky guys having taken care of you

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1dl646javhf0

    It is so exciting to me to know grown men want to put their thick cocks into little girls like me!

    • daddy1980 ID:1dk81siygtk3

      Daddy like them like that

    • Tightpussy ID:bhr2s9499

      Fuck my tight pussy…I love getting raped

    • Dan ID:5jndljba2xi

      Omg yes can i

    • Happy Uncle ID:2qm4gx0hi

      Girls, hmu! ☺️

  • Reply [email protected] ID:3p68bnnpd9b

    Would love to read more of your stories

  • Reply FriendofKoyote ID:1et6w0n2fp3d

    What a sweetie she is. All those extra years of delight. Much better to start at 10 than 18

  • Reply I wish it was me ID:1dfldgjb5kn5

    I commend you for not falling victim to societal’s thoughts on childern having a sexual awaking. What happened to you felt right and you wanted it, I’m glad you understood that and felt no guilt, because you shouldn’t feel guilt like society wants you too. You understood you had sexual needs and were fortunate enough to find the right man / men to fill those needs; you were very fortunate. I am female and if you want to chat you can email me at: [email protected] (I am also an author on this site)

  • Reply Sick Littles only ID:1dq1arvc6owp

    Raised right!!!

    • sick little ID:1clmqssfdgmk

      this is how i was raised

    • Started young. ID:1ck78njowllr

      My left when I was young left me with my dad and three brothers I serviced all of them as soon as I turned 11. Before that my brother who was 15 was used by the other two. My dad said he didn’t Care but he wanted them to respect me and love me no abuse and no raping me. I was always willing I loved my family and he wanted me to know they loved me. So my dad was first I was 11 and he was 50 I spent the whole night in bed he took my virginity and by morning u woke him up and saw his woody and I sucked him off to wake him up. My brother’s was making breakfast when I walked out with my dad and that started a long teen life of constant sex. I knew I could not say anything and u had boyfriends and girlfriends who I fucked but my huge cock family was the best sex ever

    • Sophia Cum Slut ID:1a912bhj

      Started young,
      I really believe being touch sexually by men when I was so young is what made me such an easy fuck when I got older. Plus, I liked that men wanted to use me to satisfy themselves. I loved satisfying them with my pussy.

  • Reply Nig ID:2nhj3yjhra

    Such a lucky Uncle & Father to have a naughty daughter like you Sophia

    • john ID:2wdowr0rk0j

      like to fuck you all night