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Fucked and abused by a guy at the age of 16 (true story)

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I met a guy from an online marketplace, wanted to explore my submissive side and it turned into basically rape.

I was 16, very thin, with brown hair and white skin, living in a medium-sized town in Germany. I was still a complete virgin, but I always considered myself straight; in fact, I still do. However, what happened 5 years ago, when I was 16, I will never forget. Just thinking about it makes me horny for some reason. I guess I liked it in the end, but let’s not get too ahead here.

I was constantly horny back then; all I thought about at school or at home was sex. I masturbated every day in the school or gym bathroom stalls and almost got caught multiple times. At some point, I started to imagine myself sucking dicks and swallowing their cum. Every time I watched straight porn, I imagined myself being the girl who gets fucked and used, even by multiple guys. I just couldn’t let go of that thought, and at one point, it was the only fantasy I jerked off to.

To be clear here that started when I was like 14 or 15, all I was thinking then when I was horny were dicks and cum of other guys. But I would never even consider doing that at that time. All of my friends were strongly straight and I was just forced to kinda fit in.

Then, when I was 16, I discovered a German marketplace site that had a kind of “sex dating” section. Most people there were prostitutes, but out of horniness, I made an account and a listing with the title “M16 virgin sub looking for a dick to suck,” or something like that. I jerked off and forgot about it. When I came back the next day, I had over 120 messages from random guys all over Germany.

All kinds of people messaged me, from the age of 16 to 70, before that I would have never even considered doing it, but seeing all these people and messages and being able to text with them fully anonymous made me at least think about it.

Some people offered me money, some people were just very nice and wanted to explore and help me, and some people just straight-up commanded me to come to them, suck their dick, and then piss off. For some reason, out of all the offers, the people who seemed the most dangerous and riskiest attracted me the most. I just couldn’t control myself when I texted with them. I remember how they commanded me to take pictures and videos of myself and send them to them. I just couldn’t disobey; the horniness took over. I even send one guy a picture of how I filled my mouth with my underwear. My heart was racing when I did all these things. It made me feel so dirty, like a whore.

At that point I already knew if a guy that lives close to me commands me to come to his place, I couldn’t say no, I would just obey.

And then, after about a week of texting, it happened. A guy I was texting with said he would come to my city, he lived about 250 km away, and will meet me. He didn’t even ask me, he just said, “I will pick you up, bitch.” Something like that. He told me to get ready and that I had better not disappoint him. It made me so nervous; my heart was racing, but I knew I couldn’t resist and this was the best-case scenario. The guy was not from here, he didn’t know my real name, and he didn’t even know exactly where I lived. So I thought, you know what, why not?

I gave him an address where he could pick me up, shaved my legs and ass, and cleaned myself fully. I told him multiple times that I would only give blowjobs since I had absolutely no experience, and he seemed to respect that. I had never had something in my ass, every time I tried it when I was alone, it felt terrible, so I never pursued it. That’s why I just wanted to suck and swallow. And I was excited for that initially.

And then it happened.

I waited on the street, it was already dark outside. He picked me up in an older Audi combi. He was around 28-32, had some weight on, not obese, not muscular, but like 100 kg at 175 cm or something like that. Anyway, he asked me how old I was. I said again that I’m 16. He just smiled, put his hand behind my head, and said, “Good boy.” The entire time, I was so nervous that I didn’t even ask where we were driving to. I could see that his dick was hard the entire time we drove.

We arrived at a cheap motel on the outskirts of my city. He opened his door and let me walk in. He closed the door behind him with his key and put it into his bag, jokingly saying that I was trapped now. I knew there was no going back, and the thought just made me so uncontrollably horny. Looking back on it now, it was very dangerous to begin with, but I had been texting with him for a week and thought I knew him well.

He offered me something to drink. When I turned around, his dick was already out. He jokingly referred to me drinking his cum if I was thirsty. I approached him and went down to my knees, opening my mouth while my heart was racing. He grabbed my head with his hand and pulled me closer to his dick, basically pushing it inside. I gagged and almost threw up; he went too deep. I couldn’t believe I was sucking a dick. It felt completely different that how I’ve expected it, much more difficult to take in. To be honest at that point I was already thinking that I hope it ends quickly. It was just to much for me to take. But I tried to enjoy it and being a cum slut.

He started to push his dick deeper inside and kept repeating that I had to relax. While I gagged, tears ran down my face; it was just too much to take. His dick was around 15 cm, but it seemed very thick. At one point, he started to moan and demanded that I suck. I gave my best to make him cum, but after some time, he pulled out and said I have to stand up. When I did he said take your pants off, in a very aggressive tone. I was frightened to be honest. And slowly pulled my pants down, he said turn around and he started to spank my ass very hard, I still had my underwear on as he ripped them off. He pulled all my clothes off, even my socks, and put them in his back, which had a code lock. So I was now completely trapped and exposed.

At that point, I repeated that I only suck and added that we could fuck next time, hoping he would just let go of me. But he smiled and said, “You’ll obey, bitch,” and spanked my ass multiple times. This was actually a fantasy I had dreamed of so many times, but I was so scared it felt different in real life. He grabbed me and pushed me onto the bed, so that my back was facing him. He instantly went on top of me, and I instantly felt his dick at my entrance. He used some spit and slowly pushed in.

I will always remember the pain, it felt like taking a shit over and over, and I absolutely couldn’t enjoy it. He moaned and repeatedly said how tight I was. He started to fuck me really quickly. Slow thrusts, not fully pulling out, that felt surprisingly good. I remember that while he was fucking me he kept asking me how old I was, I kept repeating that I’m 16, I guess my age alone made him horny. After about 2 minutes, he moaned out loud and came deep into my ass. I felt his dick twitching as he collapsed on me.

When he pulled out, I felt something warm flowing out of my ass. I thought it was blood, but it was clearly his cum. He came hard, very hard, because it kept flowing out when I started to move.

He didn’t say a word and went into the bathroom. While I was lying there, dripping with cum and feeling trapped, it was very difficult to describe the feeling I had. I felt raped but also like the dirty slut I wanted to be. The cum flowing out just felt amazing…

Stay tuned for part 2

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    Hope you put yourself in some more sexy dangerous situations!

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    WOW that’s sweet