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Fuck younger girls, don’t date them!

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A cautionary tale about how I got too involved with a young gullible conquest

What is it about little girls that drives us older guys wild? Is it just being first, taking their purity, corrupting their innocence? I think it’s an odd combination of it all, and the taboo of doing something we both know we’re not supposed to. But kids are always in a rush to grow up, curious to learn and do what they see adults doing, and it’s fun being bad sometimes. I like to think of myself as the self proclaimed stranger danger parents warn their teenage daughters about.

Usually I’m against meeting online, it does work but it’s tricky and you never know who is actually an undercover cop. I’ve this far avoided being told to sit down by Chris Hansen and intend to keep it that way. I would typically see a younger girl out in the wild, stalk her nonchalantly for awhile, and eventually make contact. Only then would I get their details so I knew for sure that’s who I was talking to. But once I got a little overzealous.

I’d been talking to a girl for a little over a month a few years back, she always chickened out when it came to doing the deed. I get it, little girls get nervous and if I moved too fast they might get scared and tattle. No one wants that. Gotta make them feel safe and secure and like it’s something they want to happen. But this bitch was getting on my last nerve. We’d made plans to meet up and fuck six times by then and she always would say she wanted to wait, she wanted her first time to be special, blah blah blah. Too many girls confuse sex with love. She wanted to be in a relationship before she did anything serious.

So defying the odds, I said sure, we’ll date. I had no intention of actually getting into a relationship. But she took it seriously. And even though I made her promise we would be in a secret relationship, of course the naive little bitch got excited and had to blast about it to anyone and everyone all over social media that would listen. And God she has a big fucking blabber mouth. I get it, she was excited, thought she had a boyfriend, an older guy at that. And for the most part she did keep certain details about me hidden. I’m just glad I always feed them fake information so anything about me that does get accidentally spilled would lead to dead ends anyway.

Looking back, I ask myself if it was worth it. The sex was amazing, and she was such a cute little girl. Blonde, how I like them, long hair, glasses covering up her little freckle face, a tiny beauty mark on her left chin, big hazel eyes, standing at about 5 ft even, and the most perfect bouncy tits a fifteen year old has ever had. I made sure she was real before getting too personal with her, having her take certain kinds of pictures and videos. She did just about anything I told her to do. We’ll call this one Mia.

So, “Mia” and I “dated” for about two weeks. She was a lot braver online that in person, telling me all the naughty things she thought about and wanted done to her. Having her little virgin pussy eaten and slapped with my cock, sucking on me while playing with my balls, having me jerk off on her tits and face and into her mouth. She even wanted to try anal and I’d convinced her to use household toys in her ass. She seemed like the perfect little slave, until it came time to actually do any of these things. Then she would get bashful and nervous about meeting up. Even when we did, she wouldn’t do much, we would kiss and I’d feel her tits, but anytime I tried to push things forward and get my cock out she would just giggle and blush and say “I don’t know…” In a mousy little voice. It was cute, at first. But she left me with blue balls more times than I could count. Teasing can be fun, but ladies, give it up in a timely manner. An old man’s patience wears thin of that shit after so many times of driving halfway across town just to be toyed with. I came close to raping the girl just on principle once because I was sick of being denied.

Also, this was the most clingy little bitch I’d ever met. Especially after agreeing to “date” my phone would buzz once every few minutes. There were times I was making arrangements with other girls and there she would be, saying hi, sending emojis, asking what I’m doing, freaking out if I didn’t respond quickly enough, speaking in a language that was barely intelligible English in 2018 teen slang. I muted her more than a couple times and told her I was at work or sleeping, once even as I was on my way to another conquests house, but that’s a story for another time.

Eventually I guilt tripped her into having sex, telling her it’s what couples in relationships do and saying it wasn’t fair that she was teasing me with all this sexy stuff online but then chickening out in person. I hate going down that route but a bears gotta eat right. She finally caved and told me she was ready. You better believe I made it across town in my truck in record time, lucky I didn’t get a ticket.

I was even nice enough to get her some flowers, albeit cheap ones that would die faster than our “relationship” after I fucked her. I usually blocked them after getting what I wanted, sometimes I stuck around for a couple more sessions, but never long enough to put myself at risk. This one would be blocked before I even got home, I was so sick of her. Teens would be better if they didn’t talk so much.

When I got her Mia’s house she threw her arms around me and I kissed her, playing the role of the romantic boyfriend. I gave her the flowers and she said I was sweet. She also said her parents were on a date night for dinner and a movie so we wouldn’t have very long, which was perfect for me. I just wanted to bust my nut I’d been saving for a week and leave anyway. I told her we would make every minute count.

Despite being so fucking feebleminded, she was smart enough to say we should do it in the guest room because her parents rarely go in there anyway. I agreed and followed her inside. She shut the door and my tongue was immediately down her throat, her hands on my shoulders to try and slow me down but I wasn’t going to. I fell backwards on the little twin bed and kicked my boots off, then slid out of my shirt and unbuttoned my jeans. I wasn’t wearing boxers, so my cock just flipped right out. She looked down and giggled nervously, I told her it was okay and it doesn’t bite.

I took her little teen hands in mine and guided her to me, sitting on the edge of the bed and instructed her to get on her knees. She did so, eyes wide behind her glasses, and told her to just do what came natural. I told her sex is the most natural thing two people can do together, and that she didn’t have to take me all down her throat. I said just to get a taste, and she took a deep breath and grabbed my cock with a gasp.
“It’s really hard!”
“That’s what you do to me, baby.”

She blushed and giggled a little, moving her little face to it but not quite sucking it. She seems like she was trying to brace herself and convince herself to do it. I gave her a little nod and pet her blonde hair, and told her it would be okay and that she would love it. With that motivation and encouragement, I finally got what I’ve been wanting for so long. She started licking the tip, before taking it in her mouth. I closed my eyes and sighed happily, telling her she was a good girl and to do it exactly like that. Not the best blowjob ever but for a beginner she did okay, and honestly getting a taste of me seemed to awaken that secret sexual side of her that I’d gotten to know online when she was braver.

Mia kept smiling, like she knew she was being bad and doing something she wasn’t supposed to, tasting something she was far too young to enjoy the flavor of, and I just kept petting her head and telling her she was doing such a good job.

She seemed to be really getting into it and even started taking me further and her mouth, but I knew time was short and I didn’t drive all the way over there just for some mediocre head. So after about 10 or so minutes, I instructed her to stand up and begin stripping for me. I leaned back on the bed and stroked my cock while she began moving every article of clothing per my instructions. First her shirt, then her skinny jeans, I had seen her body so many times before but it was much better in person. The panties came off next, she hadn’t shaved for a few days but that was fine. Then came her pink little bra, exposing her gorgeous tits and standing there nude in front of me. I complimented her on her amazing teenage body, and then instructed her to come to me.

She was definitely the submissive type, it just took some easy into like taking a hot bath to get her comfortable enough to give me her innocence. She came to me slowly and I wrapped my arms around her, sucking on her breasts which got her to moan pretty loud. She was completely shaking before I even leaned down to get a taste of that virgin pussy. A lot more tangy than most of the ones I had eaten, but I had to make sure this girl was nice and wet for me.

Mia moaned so loud and excitedly reached down to stroke my hard cock that according to her was even older than her parents by a few years. I began fingering her and grabbing her ass while sucking on her tits, before wrapping my arms around her and sliding up on the bed, dragging her down with me. We had talked about this moment for so long and I knew she wanted to be on top for her first time, so I figured I’d let her. If she moved too slow I could always take control and grab her hips, using her like my own personal Fleshlight.

We kissed for a few minutes as I got her legs wrapped around my hair old man body and placed the tip of my precum leaking cock at her entrance, she hissed something about how she thought I’d be wearing a condom but the primal instincts took over for both of us as as soon as she felt skin against skin, logic and rational thought went out the window. I propped her up on me and rubbed her back as she hovered over my cock, looking down to see it about to enter her body. My hands went up to her shoulders and I encouraged her to just kneel down and take it inside her. She looked at me with some worry and hesitation in her eyes, knowing it would probably hurt that I just told her to take it slow and it would feel good.

Of course she moved really slow and I could only put up with that for so long before my hands went up to her shoulders and I began to apply some pressure, pushing her down and feeling her hymen rip to shreds against my cock. She tensed up and whimpered a little, I always love seeing the pain in their face although I tried to hide my excitement. Mia started to moan a little as she went down and her pussy slowly engulfed my dick inch by inch until it was fully inside of her, and she stopped moving for a moment. She let out a series of “oh my gods” and “you’re inside me, I’m having sex, I’m doing it” in an almost panicked disbelief.

I smiled and called her my good little girl, and told her see, it was worth the wait right, she nodded and began sobbing, wiping a sprouting tear from her eye. Oh no … I thought. She was seeing this as beautiful and romantic and was going to start sobbing. I hate it when girls do that. She thought we were making love but I was just trying to get fucked.

She said the dreadful “I love you” to me which I responded with the same, gag… then she began rocking her little body, taking my daddy cock deeply into her and sighing happily. She had a huge smile across her face that was broken here and there by the intensity of the pain and feeling her virginity being lost as her pussy stretched around my cock. Looking down I could see traces of blood leaking down my shaft every time she lifted up and slid her wet pussy off of me, before I’d shove it back inside her.

Her hand played with my hairy chest as she moaned the fake name id given her to call me, as I alternated between rubbing her tits and back, eventually taking her slightly chubby love handles in my grasp and rocking her at a faster motion on my cock. She said some more shit but i stopped paying attention, I just laid back and enjoyed the ride I’d waited so long to have.

Mia got more into it as the minutes passed, although I’m not sure if she ever truly felt pleasure from it as much as pain. But that wasn’t my problem. I bounced her little body against mine and after a few minutes of feeling her tight pussy contracting and milking me, my balls tightened and spasmed and I unloaded days worth of stored up daddy cum into her freshly fucked cunt. I held her tightly and she spoke some more, telling me she could feel my cum inside her but I shushed her as my legs continued to convulse and I planted my seed as deep into her as I could.

After a minute I helped lift her off me and she wanted to cuddle, ugggg… I let her do it and she laid on my chest with my arm around her shoulder, caressing her gently.
“Do you think I’ll get pregnant from this?” She asked after a moment.
“Doubt it, you gotta be fucking around the clock for that to happen.”
“Making love you mean.” She tried to correct me.
“Yes.” God she was so annoying.
“But would you want to have babys with me and maybe get married one day?”
Oh god.

“One day sweetie, but we’d have to wait or people would think I groomed and manipulated you.” He he he…
“How long though?”
“Should probably wait until you’re an adult, then we can just tell people we met at a bar or something and hit it off, however people meet.”
“Yeah I guess…” She said as if she was a little disappointed.
I kissed her cheek and said it would happen when the time is right, she nodded and then snuggled and started crying quietly. I took that as my time to go.

There were some wet wipes on the dresser, so I took some from the pack and cleaned the left over cum and blood off my cock then tossed them into the little waste bin by the door. I was going to recommend she empty that out but I also never intended to deal with this bitch again so fuck it. I nearly had a heart attack when I heard a noise at the door, she jumped up as well but then giggled and said it was just her cat. God I hate cats!

I laughed it off and started getting dressed, then walked over to her and kissed her. She pulled the sheet off and I got one last look at her body which would now be permanently ruined by me. I had to kiss those big titties goodbye as well, which caused mia to giggle.

“I should really get going now” I said as I pet her hair, she nodded sadly and then burst into a full on cry. I had to calm her down and assured her I loved her again, and that I would be back so we could do this again soon. She nodded and sobbed some more and said she loved me and wished laws weren’t so stupid, and wished we could just be together for real whenever we wanted without facing consequences. I told her I wished that too. I told her again I’d be back soon and kissed her cheek, then left. I had my phone out and was blocking her on everything before I was even out the door, leaving her little teen ass full of an older strangers cum and letting her naively believe she’d just lost her virginity to a man who would marry her. Little girls are so stupid, but God do they make for fine fucktoys.

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  • Reply emmapod32 on discord ID:7481adjbm4

    this is so fucking hot, im 15 and all the boys my age are so bland when it comes to sex, none of them would ever attempt a rape kink like this. i could start crying and theyd think i didnt like it but i actually want more. i need an older man like this

    • The Groomer ID:pa1zf7w20d

      Right you are!

  • Reply RawAnalonly ID:gnrr5kb0k

    rape them up the ass!

    • The Groomer ID:pa1zf7w20d

      I do have another story coming about an anal adventure, stay tuned

  • Reply Whiteboi ID:1emn7aou6q4j

    Lol 😂😆

  • Reply The Groomer ID:pa1zf7w20d

    Sound like my kind of girl

  • Reply ATLAS ID:1cmkkchpv4dt

    All women, especially little ones, should be treated as mere cows. They are made to be used, abused and bred. Keep up the good work!

    • The Groomer ID:pa1zf7w20d

      Couldn’t agree more

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5h8v7uzfn7

    Maybe you’d think I’m crazy but I’d have gone for it. Having a hot submissive young girl devoted to you is something special, and it seems like a waste to go to all that effort to fuck her the once. She sounds like she could have become a good personal slut.

    • The Groomer ID:pa1zf7w20d

      Haha there’s been a couple that I kept around for awhile afterwards, but I’d had my fill of Mia. She probably would have become three times as clingy as she already was.

  • Reply Zoe ID:5mna3mt0i

    Honestly she sounds like she’s read way too many novels or wattpad stories. I’m 12 myself and i wouldn’t say any of that dumb romantic stuff. I’m so sorry you had to deal with her! 🤣 If i were in her place i’d let you fuck and use me as much as you wanted after like 2 weeks of talking together

    • The Groomer ID:pa1zf7w20d

      Zoe, you are a dream come true!

    • Steve ID:10wsytpo8z5d

      Can i fuck your little pussy?

  • Reply The Groomer ID:pa1zf7w20d

    Good girl

  • Reply [email protected] ID:2m816pwozk

    Used and.groomed like all little girls should be.

    • The Groomer ID:pa1zf7w20d

      When you’re right, you’re right!

  • Reply Izzy_roze2023 on Insta ID:1eo67yxacc1y

    God I love this story I mean I do like saying the cute/romantic shit that never means anything but it’s always so hot in the moment I’m 15 with DDs I think mine are pretty big

    • Bonestt ID:8k4ijpkb0c

      Lets fine out

    • [email protected] ID:2m816pwozk

      Agree let’s find out. Session me little one.

    • The Groomer ID:pa1zf7w20d

      Hehehe I am glad you enjoyed it. 15 huh? Sounds like you have something an old perv like me could enjoy as well.

    • Happy Uncle ID:bj05bcm9a

      Izzy, the security on Insta is terrible.
      Hmu on Session

  • Reply Aries ID:19iamkeiwluy

    Yes I have to agree with the whole online dating thing. You may never know who’s an agent on the other end.

    Which is why I prefer just going out in a different town, or a run down neighborhood. Because, kids sneak out doing shit their parents told them not to do. Girls, will meet up with any guy that’s older and would be picked up. I just got lucky one time, and this chica came out, and gave me a fantastic blowjob. I drove somewhere more private to fuck her in the back of my car! Then dropped her off, so she can walk back to her place!

    • The Groomer ID:pa1zf7w20d

      Best way to do it!