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Five shades of Nike – Chapter 19

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Part 19 of stories told about a group of typical UK estate chav’s and their lives. See part 1 for any full intro

Visiting the gym

I never had any interest in going to the gym. It seemed full of self-obsessed people mainly, though my bother went and some of his friends too. I did feel I needed to bulk up a bit and I was always trying not to be the geek that I felt people thought I was. I tried some home gym type exercises I had seen on a website, and I did feel it was of some benefit. Steve was home and he came into my room as I was exercising. He said, good to see your doing something more than just reading and computers he laughs. I gave him a dirty look, and he said, sorry but seriously why don’t you come to the gym with me tomorrow? I am not sure and tell him so, but he convinces me to give it a try. He knows the gym owner, and he will be fine with me coming along for a try out session without paying anything. So, the next day we head off to the gym and my brother spends some time showing me what to do and gives me some confidence to try it out. It seems the other people there are also OK and don’t interfere with what I am doing or mock me. After we are done, the owner of the gym Paddy, asks if I enjoyed it and I said I did, though I was aching a fair amount. He said that if I wanted to come over early on a Saturday then it would be quiet before 8, and as I was new to it, he did me a deal on the costs and I didn’t have to pay anything for the first few weeks or sign a contract. I said fine and I started going, at first with my brother but then often I could go on my own. There were showers there with 3 cubicles and then a corridor to a further 2 showers which were meant for when the outside space was being used in the summer. It was nice to pull the yellow curtain across and shower after working out. The gym was not the newest or the best, and there were a few new chain gyms opening and this had meant Paddy had lost some members to them. Being 16 now and soon to be 17, the gym was starting to have results. I would try and go when it was quiet and then shower before heading off to my next thing to do. Sometimes I was there on my own, other times there were guys there. One time, as I was heading in, I saw what I thought was Danny walking away from there. A few times I saw Matt, who is Nick’s brother, and he was always friendly to me and said hello and a bit of chat but nothing more. Once or twice, I saw him with another guy, and they really seemed to be getting on well. One morning I arrive, and I go and change into my gym gear. Just as I change Danny appears and starts to change too. Smiles and says, hey bud how’s you? I blush a bit and say I am good. I maybe stayed longer than I should have and watch him undress and look at his fit body. I can see the nice package in his boxers which I had sucked once before. He seems me looking and smiles again, and as ever I feel even more embarrassed and head off to the gym and start my workout. Matt then arrives and Danny comes out and starts to exercise, and then Matt also then goes and starts on a running machine. I am thinking if I can keep going long enough that Danny will give up first and then I can wait for him to go. I don’t want any more awkwardness in the changing room, but the trouble is I cannot help myself but look over to him, and I think a couple of times he catches me and smiles over at me. I finally admit defeat, I am to the point I know I cannot go on any longer so decide to hit the showers. I head off to the changing room and my clothes at that point are wet with sweat. I think the best way out of this whole thing is to use one of the two showers down the end of the corridor, normally used for the outside space, but with it being winter they are not used. I grab my shower gel my two towels and strip off just to my boxers. I head down to the shower and turn on the water. I walk into the shower and pull the yellow curtain across. Turning on the water, I am lost in the delight of a hot shower. Suddenly the curtain opens, and Danny is there smiling and says, you got some shower gel there Paul? I am shocked at the intrusion of my privacy, and then I notice he is nude, and his cock is semi hard. I go to grab the bottle of gel and he says, no matter we can share here, and he steps inside and closes the curtain. I am almost stunned but at the same time, my mind is fixed to his hot body and nice cock, he says, wanna wash my back and he turns round. I grab some gel and start to rub it over his back. Oh, that’s nice he says, and I wash his back then down to his arse and then I rub my hand over his peachy arse cheeks. I am now hard, and I would love to just ram my cock between his cheeks. He turns around and now says, what about the front now. I feel all over his muscle defined body and then I reach his cock. I start to wash it and he groans and it is now stiff and pointing upwards against his chest. He says time to rinse, and he walks under the shower jets. I watch as the soap runs off his body. Then he says, come here and I move over, he says I need rinsing down here and he pushes my head down to face his cock. I open my mouth and take in his stiff cock and start to suck on it. He moans and says, yes that’s right, suck it boy. I am expecting to get the reward of cum in my mouth any time soon, but after a couple of minutes he says, now your turn to be washed. I reluctantly remove his cock from my mouth and stand up. He turns me around and then I am under the water jets. He grabs some shower gel and washes my back, so close to me. I then feel him come right behind me and his hand reaches round, and he starts to rub my upper body. I can feel his cock pressed against me. His hand then travels downwards and starts to stroke my cock. How I didn’t just cum there and then I do not know, but I think I was holding out of doing so for dear life. He senses my nearness to cumming, and he removes his hand. I almost feel like I have been cheated from getting a first prize, but at the same time I am glad I didn’t cum and then risk losing my horn for him. He then takes a step back and turns me around. He looks at me and he suddenly starts to kiss me. It remains one of the hottest kissing sessions I have ever had to this day. He is in total command, and he turns me back around and resumes washing my back. I then feel his fingers pressing at my arse hole. At first, he is exploring the outer edges and the feeling is almost of fireworks inside my head and he starts to stimulate my hole, ever deeper and with more fingers. He is finger fucking my hole and then I hear the squirt of more shower gel and then I feel something much bigger at my entrance. His cock is pressing at my arse. I am mixed with emotions of do I want this or do I want to tell him to stop. No, I do want this, and I moan as a sign to keep going and he presses further in. It is a mix of pain and pleasure. He pulls back and presses hard again; I can feel his cock sliding inside me. I am full of so many emotions. I want to turn round and just hug and kiss him and feel him in my arms, but he is focused on pushing his rod deep into me and within a few strokes he is fully in me, held against me, and slowing he starts to pump on me. It takes a bit to adjust to him, it remains a mix of pleasure pain and lust. He is slowly increasing the pace. I am moaning quite a bit now without realising it. I can hear the occasional grunt from him, and I can tell by the speeding up and slowing down he is enjoying it. Then he starts to speed up but there is not no longer any slowing, and his noises are getting louder and so are mine, he warns me he is going to cum, but I am not going to stop him now. I am stroking my cock, I would have loved to cum at the same moment he did, but I think I was over horny, and my brain was too hazed with all the sexual energy to send the signal to my balls. That means all of a sudden when Danny starts to power stroke his cum into me, I just moan to the point it is almost a scream and he groans and says, oh fuck, oh fuck as he is unloading inside me. He stops after a few moments, and he is still inside of me and the throbbing of is cock stops. I manage to stop stroking and I turn, and he kisses me again and smiles. I almost want to laugh but then suddenly the curtain slides open, and Matt is standing there, nude and hard. He has been outside listening and maybe even peeking through a gap in the curtain. Rather than be embarrassed at being busted, Danny smiles and says hey, sorry was we disturbing you. He sees Matt’s hard cock and says, well I guess you need a turn and steps to the side. Matt comes up to me and looks and half smiles but then looks like he has a domination in his mind. He grabs me and pushes me against the tiled wall, and I feel a more enlarged cock enter my arse. He groans but doesn’t wait for me to adjust to him and just starts to pump. I am again moaning, and I am being pistoned deep hard and fast. I guess Danny’s cum is acting as additional lube and after only a few minutes I hear Matt groan and his head turn upwards and the starts to thrust in almost a jabbing motion into my arse. I swear I could feel the jets of cum firing into me. He holds in deep and is panting, and I guess trying to recover from the sensation of blasting his load deep into me. He suddenly slides out and then I am being kissed by him, almost in a forced way, but it is still hot. Not as hot as with Danny. I look to see Danny has not waited around and has left the cubical. Matt sees my cock is hard and says, now you fuck me. I went to the back of him and grabbed my throbbing cock. I am surprised I didn’t just cum there and then. For a split second I thought about do I need a condom, but considering he just fucked me, I guess it was pointless. I grabbed my cock and then I grabbed some shower gel and rubbed the head of it. I pressed against his hole. I felt the tightness and warmth of his arse as I pushed in, then slid back as I had learnt to do when fucking a girl, and then slid in deeper. Matt moaned and then said, yea fuck me hard, fuck me. I started to pump faster now, and I could feel my balls starting to boil and tighten. I was so horny; I knew I wouldn’t last and then I felt my cock throb and start to shoot my cum inside him. We both groaned loudly and after the 5th thrust, I held myself inside him. For some reason the urge to kiss him on his back came into my mind and I kissed him gently. He let me slide out of him, he turned round, and he was wanking his cock, which was hard again, and within a few seconds he let rip, and cum was shooting out, spraying on the floor and some over me. He smiled and I smiled. He then kissed me, and we continued to do so for a few minutes. He then said, we better get cleaned up. We both showered, and I was still having trouble not getting another hard-on, but I did need to get home. We both got dressed and then we walked out past the reception, Paddy’s Daughter Trudy is sitting there, and she says, good night. It had been a wild night and I have to say that one of my fantasies had come true with me and Danny, but I wasn’t sure it would happen again.

Two weeks later, I again visited the gym late than evening. Danny was on the desk and smiled at me, I didn’t stay long to chat with him but went to the changing room. As I walked to the doorway which led to the lockers I saw Matt, who had his back to me, sitting on a machine. I continued and headed into the changing room. I did half expect him to be visited by one of the guys, but they hadn’t come by the time I changed, so I just went into the main room and started exercising on different machines. I looked over at one point and Matt saw me and smiled and gave a half wave and then carried on. After a while I saw Matt finish and head towards the changing room. I looked round to see Danny looking and he goes to the front door and turns the lock over to lock it. He then heads towards the locker room. I guessed something was going to happen and I didn’t want to be left out, but at the same time, I didn’t want to gate crash. So, I left it a few minutes then headed into the locker room, in my mind acting all innocent but of course it was likely there was action. I supposed that it would be in the showers, but as I went into the main changing room, I saw Danny standing there. Matt was on his knees sucking on Danny. Danny smiled and said, hey Paul, I needed some relief, and gives that cheeky grin of his. It was a horny sight, watching Danny get sucked. I tented straight away, but just stood there watching. I saw Matt turn his eyes to look at me for a moment but then go back to concentrating on Danny’s smooth cock. I had my shorts down before I could stop myself and started to wank. I drew close them, hoping that Matt might leave Danny for a moment and give me some attention, but he was to engaged in sucking Danny. I suddenly felt Danny’s hand reach around my cock and start to stroke it. This was in some ways so hot and other ways not a good idea, as the thought of this cute guy’s hand wanking me, made my mind go into overtime of sexual thoughts and sparks flying inside my brain meant that I suddenly warned I was going to cum. Danny took the signal and speeded up and pointed my cock onto his and a suddenly shot streams of my cum onto his cock and some onto the floor. Matt didn’t care that Danny’s cock was now covered in my cum and proceeded to suck it harder and to clean off all the cum, sucking harder. This set Danny off, and I saw those hot bubble arse cheeks squeezing hard and then Danny rolled his head back closed his eyes and moaned. I could just about make out his cock throbbing and he delivered his cum into Matt’s mouth. He also moaned and I noticed he was wanking his cock hard. He got up from his knees, grabbed me and pushed me onto my knees and without much warning forced his cock into my mouth. It happened so fast that it wasn’t the case of an unwilling victim, more one of total unpreparedness. Matt pumped in and out of my mouth not more than 8 times before he too moaned and I felt my mouth being flooded with his cum. I was trying to swallow, to keep from chocking or letting any cum escape. I looked up to see Danny and Matt kissing each other. I took myself off his cock and then I regained my composure. Getting up off my knees, Danny and Matt both broke off their kissing and Matt said, thanks guys that was so hot. Matt grabbed a towel and heads off to the showers. I did wonder what would happen next, and then Danny came and kissed me and then we snogged again. He grabs one of my hands and pushes it to his cock, which has reset itself and is hard again. I start to stroke, and I am thinking that it is likely he wants me to wank him off. But he then uncouples from my kissing and turns me around and pulls down my shorts. It is obvious he wants to bury his cock in my arse again. He pushes my down onto a bench, and he is on top of me. I feel his breath on the back of my neck and then I feel the head of his cock pressing on my arse. I feel the pressure of his cock head opening my arse, pushing through the tightened ring and he is soon past that and buried deep in me. He starts to fuck me and I am groaning and he is grunting. I am expecting him to last for a long time, considering he has not too long ago cum, but it isn’t too long before he tells me he is cumming. It is like something I am just going to have to accept he is going to do inside me and, then he does. He pumps around only 2 strokes in me and holds me as he is pressed deeply against my body. He is obviously firing his cum inside of me. Had I been able to carry a child, I am sure that would have been enough to get my pregnant. He then pulls out and he says, wow that was a great fuck. I get off the bench and then decide I should hit the showers. I can feel the cum start to flow from my arse. I undress and head for the showers. As I do so, Matt is heading the other way and he looks and smiles but continues to walk. When I am back from washing myself, the changing room is empty, and I get dressed and head to reception. Danny grins at me and we chat for a minute but then he says, I need to lock up and head home. I say OK and then exit through the main door. Matt, I guess has already left.

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