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First time with sister

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My family goes out for dinner and we come back and everyone is tired so they head to bed and my sister wears a night gown and her and i were watching a movie and i look over and i could just see her pussy. It was so hairy and i got a boner. We share a room so i went up to jerkoff to get rid of it, few minutes after i came she came up too. She went to bed but i couldn’t stop thinking about her hairy pussy so around 12:30-1 am i went over with my phone and took a picture of her pussy. It looked amazing so i moved her legs to lift up the gown and took more pics. I wanted to see more so i moved the top down so i could see her tits and they were so round, not really big but not small either. I started to lightly kiss her on the lips and started getting hard again so i put my dick in her mouth and it felt amazing but this is my first time ever having my dick in anyones mouth. She rolls over and i thought i was caught cause she was talking a little bit but she stayed asleep so i go back down to her ass and her tight little butthole was just amazing looking. I licked my finger and rubbed it over her butthole and stuck it in and licked it and it tasted good so I started rimming her and she was moaning. My dick is only 5 inches so idk if thats big or not but i cant take it anymore i js stick it in her pussy. It was tight and she started moaning and waking up but instead of yelling or crying she kept thrusting back on me and she got up and asked if she can suck it so i said yes absolutely and idk if this is her first time but she sucked my dick so good but i wanted to be in that asshole so I asked if i can fuck her butthole and at first she kept saying no but she finally said yes so i grab just spit on her butthole and my dick and I stuck it in. I am shocked on how i didnt cum right away on how tight she is. I fucked her ass for like 5 mins then went to her pussy but she kept making sure i pulled out and i said i would but it was just to damn tight i needed to be in there and i cummed so much and she had to get a shower to rinse the cum our of her.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj44

    I had an Italian girl one time that had thick dark eyebrows and thick dark hair on her arms, WHen I went down on her I was hit with the most hairy bush I have ever seen in my life. Her bush stuck out 2 1/2 inches at least if not more. The size of her clit and lips were huge and she came non stop from the time I licked her to the multiple times I fucked her nonstop for 5 nuts. Left a two foot wet spot on the bed, GOD I miss her soooo much.
    I never got to fuck a fam member growing up but I did fuck my daughter for 9 years.

  • Reply Beachboy here ID:1cueu1xd131a

    Dam I love to read about others who had sex with there family members and I never knew how great it was to have a big brother and little sister and I went from room to room a few times a week sucking and fucking each one every other night my sister one night and the brother and his cock was the first and only for me and I am so horny looking for someone to suck and fuck me and my ass will take a big cock and he was very big fucking my ass every other night my ass was very tight that was a weird thing to get fucked in my ass love it and want it again and again

    • Jay ID:1eh2a8ysj2ft

      R u boy or girl

  • Reply [email protected] ID:fx6we02qm

    Hot atory message me id love to see how hairy she is.