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Filthy Sluts/chavs/skanks. Crude dialogue. Slutty-dressing. F/f. F/m/m. w/s. Body fluids,Smegma

18350 words | 4 |3.67

Written by me years ago and posted on (now defunct) ASSTR. It’s a bit disjointed but I hope that a lot of you will find what you are looking for!

Council Estate sluts/chavs/skanks. Crude dialogue. Slutty-dressing. F/f. F/m/m. w/s. Body fluids, smegma, cockcheese – later in the story some scat.

“Smegma-loving Sluts Orgy”

Written by Suzie

Soon, ‘Slut’ (as she likes to be called) will arrive.

Tonight we will drag each other once again to the depths – deeper than our previous filthiest limits.

Tonight we will suck pleasure from each others bodies in every imaginable way, suck and fuck our way through each other and as many men as we can handle, hopefully experiencing in the flesh the filthiest, most perverse scenarios our twisted minds have already invented.

My cunt seeps into white satin panties. My fingers slip over my fork (the seven-inch shiny-black PVC miniskirt being no hindrance). I shudder, my teats bubble, pushing through the white spandex of my new tiny white, shiny spandex gaping-cut boob-top.

I sneak a glimpse in the mirror of myself – the other slut who will service so many cocks tonight (if all goes to plan).

Eighteen years of age, bleached-blonde, frizzy-permed hair cut in a sluttishly wayward fashion. Perky features, wide mouth, dark eyes, skin tanned to hazel by my summer park outings dressed in next to nothing – to pull the filthiest of park voyeurs, to lure them into the bushes and let them have their way with me…

Next to nothing is what I am wearing for tonight, for my adventure with Slut.

The mirror shows me. The miniskirt, even from this angle, shows the white-pantied ‘V’ of my core. I revel for an instant in the pleasure that that view will give to the men tonight. I might as well not be wearing the skirt – they can put their hand down there, extend their fingers and feel my cunt through a few microns of sheer slicked satin. No shorts to pull down, no zippers to contend with, no hem to lift … just extend and …. zingo … their fingers will be there – groping cunt.

The top shows off my bigger than average tits to perfection. I’m only 5’4″, slim, but my ass and tits are magnets – honey to a swarm of bees. My cunt has a wide cameltoe which I use to my best advantage when on a fuck-hunt. My ass is high-jutting, proud, boyish in a nice sort of way. One day it will drop and look nasty but for now it’s an ejaculation.

I glance at the clock. She’s late – but no worry. She’ll have stopped for a fuck on the way.

She’s like that – just a filthy bitch. Never a missed an opportunist fuck since she was twelve and three filthy-dirty and smelly fairground workers fucked her behind a burger bar after she’d taunted and flaunted her twelve-year-old body at them ‘dressed’ in skintight, gaudy-orange short-shorts and yellow boob-top. Virgin cunt showing itself through nylon! Boyish girl-ass pouting through bright orange! Budding tits poking through skin-hugging yellow! And at TWELVE for fuck’s sake!

(I know all this because she’s told me every gross detail – right down to the individual taste of each cock and asshole she sucked, how she’d felt as they invaded each virgin hole, how the spunk had tasted different from each one, how the cocks had tasted different after they’d been where they’d been.

(And she’s told me exactly how she felt when she got herself back home. What she did with the spunk afterwards. How she stood naked in front of her bedroom mirror and played with the stuff as it oozed out of her newly-fucked hole. Eaten the Goddam stuff even! At TWELVE for fuck’s sake!

Tonight she’s probably managed to encourage a semi-willing cock and got herself a cuntful at the train station. It’s almost as if she thinks that that pleasure-hole of hers will heal up if it’s devoid of cock for too long. (It never is).

I’ve known her four weeks now – since we ‘met’ in a dark-and-dingy disco ladiesroom where she’d been abandoned by four dykes. She was sitting on the floor, naked except for a dreamy smile. Her face was streaked with cunt-stuff, her hair matted with it, her face and body shining with piss and God knows what else.

Her cunt, asshole and mouth were like trash receptacles, abused and dribbling juice.

Because, after the dykes had finished with her, they told the men where she was, what condition she was in, and the inevitable happened. No one could have described it as ‘rape’. She saw the first man come in and crawled towards him on hands and knees, fumbling, begging, reaching up to unzip his flies, her mouth, cunt and asshole craving for cock.

Craving for a real fucking with dirty men instead of her ‘lady’ friends.

She managed a weak smile for me after going through all of this, and her voice – only just intelligable – was still croaking ‘piss on me, please’ automatically. She’d been used by others as a joke, you see, other women that came in after her dyke-fuck had just straddled and used her for a bit of fun, most of them drunk enough to find the act of pissing over a girl pleasurable – if not arousing. This was before the men, and they did it to her too – pissed over her.

Yes, she’s told me the story many times. Maybe someday I’ll take her, for an eighteenth birthday treat perhaps?

The door-chime! My heart races as I open it, pause to absorb the sight of my Slut standing in the doorway looking every inch the slut she is…

The wild mass of spikily-permed, raven-black hair frame deeply-sexual, naturally-slutty features that still take my breath away. Not an ounce of innocence is in that face – innocence is one thing that Slut is completely devoid of.

Her body is unashamedly displayed. (I’d offered to get her a cab to bring her here but she’d smiled at me and said ‘I’ll walk, get the bus, then the train, then walk. Who knows what I might cum across. It’ll do me good.’

I’d smiled too – at her reply – knowing exactly what she meant. She would make the journey with her body on show, almost naked. She would absorb any visual lust with relish, each eye contact from passer-by or driver making her hotter. And she would take any cock offered as a compliment, and arrive in the state I loved her to be in…

Super-horny, breath smelling of filthy cocks, cunt dripping jizz, hotter than ever for the evenings’ partying.

The curves of her gorgeous body push through an almost translucent white latex mini-dress that glows in the streetlights. The tits (far too big for her height), stretch the slinky-thin rubber, soft flesh spilling above the low-cleaved front, teats prodding the latex, the hard, their browny circles visible through the white. A wide, uncovered gold zipper runs from cleavage to two inches above the hemline which is an unbelievable one-inch below her crotch so that bare, tanned thigh is flashed right up to that place that ought to be so private. But on Slut that place is so public. Through the dress can be seen the ‘V’ of gaudy pink panties (or perhaps a thong?).

She couldn’t look more brazen if she had ‘FUCK ME’ tattooed across her forehead.

The smell of her drifts in through the open doorway. It’s just girl-smell – she never wears perfume or deodorant. I breathe her in – wondering why she has made the effort to look so gorgeous, when in a short while she will look like, and smell like, the very devil.

For now though, she’s perfect. Looking every inch the slut she is – every inch the slut she is proud to be! My Slut – willing to be used in whatever way pleases me.

And tonight I have a surprise planned for her, one that will fulfil her most wild fantasy.

She enters coolly, arrogantly, smiling that knowing smile, the ever-present glint in her eye that says to every man she meets – “I love fucking, I love cock, put your cock in my mouth or in my cunt and fuck me”. To any gay female it says “I love fucking, I love to eat cunt, come sit on my face, or fuck me with your favorite strap-on.”

She brushes past me on her way into the den and I notice the cum on her neck and sticking to her hair. I follow, noting that her ‘dress’ is so thin that I can make out the tan color of her ass with the line of pink thong above it, the crack showing a darker gap. The latex squeaks its way higher as she walks and she has to keep smoothing it down so her ass doesn’t actually show. (Why does she bother when you can see it throught it!).

Shit! She’s been walking the streets like this! And riding a train!

She turns and smiles, white and flashy against deep, gypsy-like skin.

‘You haven’t told me how I look?’

‘Like cunt for sale. Or begging to be raped.’

I swear I can smell her cunt already…

I grab her, pull her to me, kiss her a full-mouther. Her response is hungry, her mouth sucking my saliva, spitting it out back at me.

I taste the taste, smell the smell on her breath.

‘You found some smeggy cocks, I can tell?

‘Fuckin’ did, yeah!”

I smell it off of her face. She smells like a bowl of rotting prawns. I lick around her mouth where she will have wiped it before actually putting it in… (“So I can smell it for ages afterwards” she never tires of telling me).

‘You’re late, how come your late?’ I ask, breathlessly awaiting the story…

‘Sorry. Missed the train – had to hitch a ride.’

I know what’s coming…

‘Got a lift from a lorry driver. Dropped me right at the end of your road. Only ’cause I fucked ‘im though. Dirty old bastard.’

‘Tell me…,’ I croak, knowing she’s dying to tell me anyway. Also knowing how she loves me to milk her for every sordid detail of her sleazy conquests.

I pull her to me, kiss her neck, feeling her latex’d tits press warm on mine. She pushes her crotch on me, straddling her thighs, trying to push her cunt into my thigh. Sometimes I wish I had a cock so I could really give this slut the fucking she loves. But she makes do with my thigh.

‘Your mini’s as short as mine,’ she whispers, now pushing her thigh between mine, feeling the warmth of my cunt on her flesh. ‘Piss for me, piss your panties, piss down my leg?’

Nice idea – but I don’t…

‘Tell me about the men,’ I remind her, still slowly running my hands over her latex’d curves, but not going near her cunt. I want her crazy with lust. I push my face into her hair, knowing immediately that she’s done what I wished. She’s washed it, rinsed it, dried it. Then soaked it with the piss I gave her, then let it dry straggly.

‘I did it,’ she giggles. ‘It’s gone kinda crusty but it works as good as hairspray!’

‘Tell me about the truck driver,’ I remind her.

‘The lorry driver? He was about fifty, I suppose. Pig-ugly. Smelled like he hadn’t washed for a week. Lovely big uncut dicker though. Dirty fucker couldn’t believe his luck when I hitched a ride, dying to get into my cunt soon as I give him a flash of it as I climbed into his cab…

‘Sucked his cock first though – fuckin’ love cocks and his smelled like a fuckin’ prawn-fishing boat left out in the sun all day. I wiped the dirty-cheesy stuff off on my face so you can smell it?’
(She wipes her mouth and cheeks around my lips. I can smell it alright. My hand slips between my legs…
‘Keep telling me…’
‘Sit down. I want to watch you wank off while I tell you.’
I sit back on the settee, fingers between open thighs, my fingertips gently finger the white satin panties that are already being gently chewed by cuntie. She stares at my hand, licks her lips, nods, moves so she’s standing right in front of me looking down. Her thighs are parted and she lifts the latex hem an inch so I can see the full ‘V’ of dark-pink, gaudy-shiny satin, I can also see the rope disappearing into the heaven that is her ass. She presses a fingertip to the pink and I know what’s coming next, I can SEE it for myself…

‘They’re full of jizz for you Suzie, a pocket of filthy old ball-cream. Man-slime. Cum. Cock-spew. Want a mouthful to be going on with? A little face-smear perhaps?

‘Smell me tits, Suzie’ I wiped some smeg on there when I was pulling it towards me mouth, knew you’d have wanted me to.

‘Just go on and tell me, and keep your fingers off of there. Play with your tits if you want. Or don’t play at all.’
She grins, pulls the dress down under her tits. Its elasticity pushes those huge-looking things up at a gross angle. The dress hasn’t dropped any so I can still see the thong. And now her tits, and she’s standing with her hands on her hips, pushing them out. I CAN smell her cunt, I decide…

And also, more than that, there’s the smell of a bowl of rotting prawns about her.

‘He ‘ad mucky pics all round the cab of his truck – he’s the sort that wanks off when he’s driving round, looking at the local talent, squeezing himself off into his jeans – you know the type!

‘Jeans looked like he was a wanker. And smelled like he was a wanker. Soon as I got my head over his crotch I saw that them stains wern’t just working-type filth. There WAS that as well but there was lots of cummy-looking stuff. And even with the jeans zipped up there was cocksmell. And piss-smell. Mucky old fucker! Probably into filthy street-hookers as well, he couldn’t pull any normal slut with a body and cock like that!’

‘I got his cock into my mouth and he was pushing his jeans down, kinda feverish like and his mate was pawing me all over. He got my tits out like they are now and then he pulled down my knickers.

Oh! Sorry! I didn’t mention his mate! He was about seventeen, fresh-faced, long black hair and kinda timid-looking. Wasn’t timid once he got me knickers down though, his fingers were everywhere, prodding and poking like they’d never seen a cunt or girlie-asshole before…

‘Anyway, once I had the old guy’s jeans down I went for it big-style – sniffing the stink off the crown first, then grinning up at him to show I wasn’t fazed by his stink, then I skinned the foreskin down.’

‘Fuck, Suzie! His mates fingers were churning in my sloppy cunt and when I got the SMELL of that thing I had a fuckin’ cum!’

‘I just started licking and sucking the dirt off of that cock, tongue down the hole etcetera, while my fingers went under for the asshole, while he pushed up his hips to get me get in there, he was hot as a fried egg in oil…’

I’m quivering now. She’s painted a picture so vivid (as she loves to do) that I’m there with her, watching her, maybe reaching for the cock of the seventeen-year-old…
Mmmmm… My mind wanders…

HER on hands and knees in the cab of this truck, tits out, ass stuck up in the air, g-gtring (THAT one I’m looking at now) around her knees, mouth full of (alternately) cock and balls, her hands going for Gold with an ass-poke while the latino seventeen-year old gets his first feel of a slut’s cunt and asshole, gets his first feel of a girl’s tits… While I unzip his tight jeans and grope for his cock…


‘Then the young ‘un wanted some mouth too. But I made him push his jeans down and I pulled the cutest bubbliest of butts into my face. It was tanned like he wore really scanty swimmers. Anyway, while I was sucking ass I groped for his cock and it gave him such a shock he blew a fart right into my mouth! Just WOW and he did it! Farted right into my fuckin’ mouth! It felt and tasted REAL – his asshole just flowered open and it just blew straight in there. I nearly cum off right there and then….’

She disobeys and hooks the g-string aside, showing me her hairless cunt with its coating of scum.

‘Go on, Suzie, you know you want a taste,?’ she teases, forking her fingers and opening herself for me to see right in there…

‘I know you want it, Suzie, I know your mouth’s watering!’

‘Just get on with the story,’ I snapped.

But I watch the proof of her story first peep, then slide slowly out of that beautiful cunt and I lose my resolve, I sit on the edge of the settee, reach around and pull her towards me, lost in the beautiful smell that suddenly envelopes me.

The thread of cum is sliding down her thigh, my tongue flicks for it, more clings to my cheek.

Her hands come savage at the back of my head, pulling me into her, urging me to do it.

Urging me with her hands, with her writhing body, with her filthy mouth…

‘Do it!’ she hisses. ‘Suck the fuckin’ dirty jizz outta my cunt, you fuckin’ DirtBitch! Suck the old fucker’s filthy old fuckings outta my cunt…’

My thumbs split the golden, glistening, slippery-juicy, dirty peach.

CuntStink blooms and smells of Cunt. Smegma cock. Spunk. Gorgeous.

I use my tongue as a scoop to get the escaping elixir of lust until my tongue is thick. Then I look up at her…

She’s pulling at her teats, staring down, watching me. She gathers saliva in her mouth, drools it out onto her tits, smoothes it in.

And then, in response to my begging expression she gathers more. A three-inch glistening, white-shiny snail of thick spit, drools…

Drops onto my face.

She shudders, pinches her teats, thrusts her cunt into my face again.

My mouth cloys with the thick spoil of her cunt but I don’t waste it by swallowing. Instead I push her dress up exposing her belly.

And spit the stuff onto the tanned flesh of her belly.

It begins a slow journey back to where it came.

And then I go back for more.
A gasp from above me, she tries to hold my head firm, pulling my face urgently into her cunt, wanting to cum. I gather some of the sliding slime in my hands, slide them around to the tops of her thighs, upwards over the tanned cheeky ass and into the crack on top of the rope of pink.

But I don’t want her to cum.

Not yet.

I want to see her squirm more. I want her to cum when she’s clawing me for the need of it.
My tongue flicks deeper into her, worming its way into her until it aches with the effort.
I twist my head from side to side, getting my face more and more slimed with the spend.
My tongue prods her. Stabs her.

Sometimes I suck, my mouth completely covering her hole, sucking her like a milking machine on the udders of a cow.

Sometimes I blow, hoping her cunt will fart its dirty breath in my face.
She’s moaning now, she’s gasping, her body screaming for release.
I revel in the power. My power over her sweet body, so urgent with need.
I revel in the taste of her, the smell of her…
The smell of the cunt.
The smell of the filthy cocks that have fucked it.
Truckers’ jizz still comes thick on my tongue like honey. I spit again.
She shudders, jerking her fork savagely into my face. Smashing it into my face.
About to cum…
Not yet.
Not yet. My Slut.
Not yet…
You can wait…

I stand shakily, the tastes, the smells of spunk, of horny cunt, and of dirty cock making me unsteady with debauched lust.

I touch my lips to hers, lick her mouth urgently, suck her chin, lick her cheeks, suck her nose, eager for the smells and tastes of the men that have used her.

I wipe my face on hers – mixing elixirs of sex – hers and mine.

I kiss her – deeply. Sharing the tastes, the smells, relishing them. My cunt has slicked my panties and my hand goes down there – at last – to feel my own hammock-like pocket of juice… Unlike hers, this is all cunt-filth, borne just of her talking to me, that is why she is such a lovely gift to me, a seventeen-year-old I found who has reached the same level of filthy debaseness as I have at twenty-five.
‘They pissed on me too,’ she says, simply, her fingers smoothing the slime on her belly, pushing it back down to her fork. It gathers delightfully at her clit, then starts dropping off in thick snakes. I catch it, wipe it back up her belly, wipe it up over the dress, a clot of it I push between her tits and it starts meandering down the insides of the latex, shiny-white, see-thru dress. How are we EVER going to get out tonight where I’d planned we would go?
‘They didn’t want to, I made them, after they’d finished fucking me I knelt by the wheel of their truck and asked them if they’d piss down my dress. I wanted to know what it’d feel like. Thought it might be like wearing a sort of dress wet-suit and it is!
‘It hasn’t dried – it’s still there – smelly-wet-old piss making me feel oh-so fucking horny’.
‘It’s dried on my tits though, where they were sticking out. Want to lick off the dried stuff first?’
She smooths the hem of the dress back down so it hides her fork, then slides the wide, gold zipper down slowly, right as far as it will go, below her belly button, She stares at me as she does it.
I stare at those gorgeous melon-like things that she’s exposed for me and see that she’s right. Her tanned flesh is soaking wet.

. I know there must be silicone in there but who the hell cares? And she’s right – I can see stains on the upper bits where the dress didn’t cover. Below those bits, the fatty teats are shiny-wet, and there are dribbles down her belly.
And I can smell it. And it’s fucking wonderful, smelling that, with this angel of the devil showing me herself…
Rivulets trickle from where they’ve been trapped between soft skin and the second soft skin of latex, they dribble down her belly, seeping back into the dress where the zipper ends, just above her crotch.
She fucks gently with her hips, like she’s sexy-dancing, slides her hands to her cunt, under the hem of the dress, I hear ‘sickysicky’ sounds as her fingers plow the furrow of that hungry furnace…
‘Go on Babe lick the piss of two dirty cocks off of my tits and belly while I wank myself off.’
She shudders when I bend my head to do it.
She sucks in her breath as I suck and bite those rubbery, forever-hard teats.
‘Mmmm… Yesssss babe!’ she whispers, rotating her hips and using her fingers. The smell of her cunt rises in the heat from her body…
‘Can you taste piss? Smell it off of my tits?’
I can.
‘Ooohh! Yesss! Yessss!’ she hisses, lewdly mouthing off at me…

‘Bite the fuckers, Babe! Bite ‘em hard, I wanna cum off with pain in my tits, it goes straight to my cunt I fucking love it when a guy bites my teats, bites my cunt…
‘Jeez! They they were lovely, dirty fuckers, them two truckers. That old guy’s cock smelled like he’d fucked a horse or something.’

Her body shivers as my fingers trace a line up her thigh, touch her penis-stalk of a clit.

‘I knew you’d want it Babe. I knew you’d want to suck some scum out my cunt, that’s why I got fucked on my way over I haven’t told you it all yet, babes there was this drunk – at the top of the main street where the truckers dropped me off….

‘Oh Yeah!!! Fucking suck on my cunt you fucking MANWHORE! Blow me Babe! Want me to cunt-fart like last time? Wanna smell a cunt-fart? Well blow me while you suck…’

‘The drunk,’ I mumble. ‘Tell me … about the drunk…’

‘The drunk. He was laid behind the public toilets, I went in there first to see if there was some dirty ole man there waiting for a fag to suck ‘im off but there wasn’t so I went behind to see if there were any of ‘em there – there usually are – oh FUCK Babe, just tongue it gentle, make it last… this drunk was layed there, staring into space…. I stood over him an’ he stared up my dress – looked as if he was staring right into heaven – and he was kinda disbelieving – if you know what I mean…’

My hand strays to my cock, my shorts now soaked with pre-cum, wondering what’s coming next… Wondering if she’s making this bit up just for me. The truckers bit was true, I’m tasting them, but this drunk … could be this part is made up for my benefit. Who cares?

‘Oooh yes Babe, squeeze your fuckin’ cock, make the pisspole juice, I wanna suck those shorts off of you…

‘What – what – what’ this drunk says but that’s as far as he got because I was kneeling over his face, rubbin’ my cunt in his dirty beard then I took his bottle and shoved the fuckin neck right up my snatch right above his face – you should have seen his face – then I just whirled round, sat on his face scratchin’ my cunt on his beard while I unzipped his filthy jeans….’

Juices are sliding down my tongue. The cuntstink coming off of her is fantasic. I know how dogs feel when they wander for miles to get close to the dogbitch on heat that’s letting off such a stink. I slide my hands up her streaked thighs, open her with my thumbs and push my nose in there, then nose her clit as I suck her hole … as she continues relating her filthly story…

‘Holy Shit! The smell of that cock! Even I couldn’t have sucked that thing, but it was hardening so I swivelled and sat on it. It might have been sixty years old, it might have been a drunks, it might have been stinking beyond sucking, but it felt good as any cock I ever rode, ‘specially seeing I was where I was – in the half-dark, kneeling in the filth behind the men’s shithouse. It stinks to high heaven of old piss there anyway, where men’ve pissed when the john’s been closed. Lay down Babe I want my assholesuckin.’

I lead her to the mattress, lie down and she kneels, straddling me, sits on my chest and bends her head to my swollen shorts crotch. I feel her hands on me, feel her breathe through the spandex, hear her sniffing, feel her licking, then sucking.

‘Shit babe, I can’t wait to get at this thing,’ she mumbles. ‘To suck the honeys right out o’ it.’

All I can see is the most gorgeous ass you ever saw and the cunt beneath it, just poised above my chest. Not for long. She straightens, pulls the cheeks apart, sits back, wriggles her asshole over my nose and leaves it poised an inch above my mouth. My tongue knows excactly what to do. She tastes wonderful.

‘Oh yea, babe. Just tickle it a bit. Yes, like that. Tickle it open.’

‘The drunk … tell me about the drunk…’ I manage.

‘I was sat on that cock. He was grunting and groaning like a pig and tried to grab my tits but I slapped his hand off and did them myself until I cum. Then I pissed while I still fucked ‘im. Pissed right into the flies of ‘is jeans while I fucked him! Wish I’d gone in his face now…

‘Anyway he spunked – didn’t feel it, but he did, I could tell by the way he flopped around and went limp. Then I left him….’

We sit together on my shabby, well-worn, leather sofa, placed at the edge of our ‘arena’ – the black rubber sheet – and I ask what video she wants to watch.

‘Any Veronika Moser I haven’t seen?’ she asks, knowing I have a closet-full of dear Veronika..
I push the button on the remote and the VCR springs to life…
‘You haven’t seen this one,’ I say. ‘Not with me anyway,’ I add and get a sideways grin in return. A bleached-blonde Veronika flickers on the screen. I light a joint, drawing the smoke deeply into my lungs, pass it to Slut and we settle back in our seats to take in the show…

Veronika is on her knees, we view from her side as she takes the piss from two flaccid cocks, full in the face. Her red-lipsticked and slutty mouth is open of course and she’s swallowing what she can.
Zoom to fill the screen with just her face, the three cocks, three streams of piss and three sets of hanging balls which she is lovingly fondling.

(A man has no face to the Veronikas and My Sluts of this world … a man is merely a cock – no more than a spunk-shooter and a and piss-tap – a live dildo to provide succour for their perverse thirsts).

Each time Veronika’s mouth fills, she turns to the camera, and allows her drink to drool nastily from her lips. First she lets it pour between her tits and we see watch its path close-up, watch the river run down her belly to drip from her cunt. Then she drools each mouthfull into a pint glass a man keeps putting under her chin every time her mouth fills. The mouth returns hurriedly to the cocks each time – sucking and slurping – coaxing them to fuck-status. Sometimes, with a mouthfull of piss she will anoint one at its tip, then catch up with the piss as it drips from the ballsac, sucking and slurping and licking noisily. .
She sucks them more firmly now; more vigorously, drawing one in and out, then going for the next as if her only purpose – her only reason for living – is to suck cock – to give pleasure to the men.
In truth it is her that gets most pleasure – drawing it from her men … her cocks. One of her cocks is held by its owner and rapidly wanked, soon spewing thick ropes between her lips.
Veronika dribbles the slimy, spunky prize into the glass of piss. Then, without flicker of revulsion, she stands, raises the glass triumphantly, and sips the floating prize off the top of the pale liquid before stirring the bizarre cocktail with a finger and downing it in one. Swallowing, licking her lips with satisfaction, knwoing that before the night is out, that her drink will have been recycled again and will be in some man’s stomach, or on the floor between her legs, or dripping from the face of some deviant male or female.

We watch. The joint passes between us. We are drawn into Veronika’s perverse world, occasionally sharing lewd observations.
Slut’s hand is in my lap, casually stroking, gently squeezing my aching cock. Occasionally she will pass a fingertip gently over the head where the cock oil is seeping though the bright-yellow spandex, then she carefully wipes the ooze on her top lip as if it were the finest, most expensive of perfumes. So that she can smell cock while she watches the film. It’s an act performed without thought, commitment or prejudice, as though it’s a natural action – like she’s eating a bag of popcorn watching her favorite film. For her, of course, it is more natural than eating popcorn.

Veronika is on her knees, hungrily slurping an asshole. I know it’s a man’s because it’s hairy. The man has no face. I can’t help wondering who he is. One of her regular co-stars perhaps? A new recruit, there in reply to her filthy contact mag adverts? Maybe just a cameraman who just happens to need a shit!
Does she care?
No, she does not care .
He’s a nobody – an asshole from which to take her first feed of the party …. the first one to provide succour for her perverse hunger. The asshole flowers, the man grunts. Veronika sucks, slurping and sucking the filthy orifice as a turd emerges. She pulls her head back, more for the camera’s benefit than her own. Her pretty mouth opens wider-than-wide; hungrily, willingly – her tongue flicking the Tip of the Turd as if taunting it, waiting for the dirty, nasty, (beautiful to her), taste of fresh, filthy manshit.
Another man is kneeling behind her, watching over her shoulder, reaching around her and groping her tits. She does something with her hands below the camera-shot and her body-squirming movement tells us that she’s just helped the man shove his cock up her cunt. The bit of him that we can see is humping her frantically.
No-Face Ass-Man grunts again. As he pushes a perfectly-formed monster into the groaning-grovelling mouth of his this ShitBegging, ShitSlut.
Not a flicker of revulsion as she receives the vile thing between those sweet, red-painted lips, but her body jerks slightly as the man behind her makes use of her now clean, but soon to be defiled, partyhole.
And so, the proceedings have begun at Veronika’s unholy gathering. A gathering at which the Devil himself would love to preside. He probably does, unknown to them. She is shamelessly; lasciviously; leering into the camera now, as she sets about chewing and slurping on the thick stick of shit she holds in her hand, unfeeling of the cock reaming her cunt at the rear. The only reason we know it’s there is the jerking of her body.
Veronika’s pleasure is in what she holds in her hand. She sucks it lovingly, crayons it over her face, bites it, chews hungrily, swallows perversely; drooling and dribbling like an animal, her moaning and groaning becoming more enthusiastic. She pushes saliva-watered shit out of her mouth and it drips onto her tits. Her free hand smears the mess down her belly. We watch her frig herself and as she does it, we finally see the cock moving slowly in and out of her.
The scene fades.

My cock is way too big now for these shorts. And I’m dying to shit. I’ve saved it for two days. Slut ordered a full load and that’s what she’s going to get, but it will have to be soon or I’m going to have to just let go, now in my shorts. Even that would be lovely – to feel the hot mess pushing out into the confines … spreading … filling the crack. Dirty warmth, gorgeous stink and then to piss, soaking the spandex, the piss soaking down under my balls to soften the packet. Grinding my ass down, feeling the lovely feel, like I used to do before Slut loomed on the horizon – or rather out of the gloom of that stinking toilet.
But no. Tonight that would be selfish – indulgent.
Tonight calls for more controlled proceedings; more ritualised perversion.
And Samantha and Snake will be here soon…
So I stand, strip off my top, light another joint. She’s staring at me, smiling as I knew she would. She’s staring mostly at my lewdly misshapen crotch. I give her what she wants; standing in front of her as she sits on the sofa, pass her the joint and make to push the shorts down…
‘No,’ she whispers, reaching for my crotch. ‘Leave them on. Piss ‘em up for me. I wanna suck piss outta your shorts… Suck shit outta them …. lovely.’
But I can’t piss. Not with a stonker like I’ve got. And she knows it, and smiles.
‘I’ll wet them, Lover,’ she tells me. ‘I’ll piss on you. An apertif.’
Our positions reverse.
I’m on the sofa, half lying back, gently squeezing cock. The spandex is thick with cock-ooze – ‘cockoil’ – as she calls it.
She straddles over my thighs, opens her cunt with the fingers of both hands – like she’s trying to tear herself in half. Then she’s pissing, fucking with her hips so the stream splashes my shorts and lower belly. A forceful fuck of her loins gets it as far as my neck. But it’s brief, because she cuts it, wipes her cunt with the palm of her hand, licks it clean, looks at me – then stares above my head, her face frozen in a mask of shock.
I’d left the door open and Samantha and Snake had instructions to come straight on in. By the look on Slut’s face they’ve done just that.
I stand and turn, drip piss and take Slut’s hand.
‘A little surprise for you,’ I tell her, grinning. She stares dumbly.
‘Remember?’ I remind her. ‘You said you wanted to make it with a girl? Well, meet Samantha and her ShitDaddy she calls Snake. They’re here to make our party PARTY!’
She just stands there with her dress gaping open, her tits heaving, looking like she’s about to faint. I motion Samantha and Snake over.
Samantha is gorgeous. Better than the obligatory photo sent with her reply to my ad.
You would swear she was sixteen. I know she’s touching twenty but she has that look and her petiteness to help and she loves to charade as the schoolgirl slut.
She’s 5’5”.
Tanned to a milky-coffee-brown.
Pretty face framed by spikey and slutty, neck-length blonde hair.
Gleaming, white-flashed smile with an ‘I suckcock’ mouth.
Small tits jut proud through a bright yellow, shiny spandex boob top that leaves her tanned, gold-studded belly bare down to where a shiny-white, PVC miniskirt is slung low on very girlish hips.
A miniskirt impossibly short. A skirt that’s no more than an eight-inch band of shiny-white PVC. And below it poking downwards in a ‘V’ is the amazing contrast of bright orange, shiny satin panties. The damn skirt doesn’t even hide her crotch! Below that – bare, tanned, muscled thigh to knee-length, black PVC boots.
From her feet upwards the tanned girl’s fantastic body is splashed with gaudy color…
Black boots, brown thighs, orange panties, white ‘skirt’, tanned belly, yellow top, taned face, white teeth, bleached-blond hair.
My Slut has regained some composure and blurts ‘Jeezey CheeseCocks! She’s fuckin’ gorgeous,’ before transferring her adoration to Snake.
‘And a fucking big-balled bikerstud in boots, tight leather shorts, jacket and nothing fuckin else,’ she mutters, walking slowly and slightly unsteadily to the couple.
Reaching them, she seems unsure what to do.
‘Go ahead, Slut,’ I encourage. ‘They’re here for your pleasure’.
Surprisingly – but then, no – not surprisingly – Slut does not go for a feel of the snake-of-a-cock that bulges the tight black leather shorts.
She bends her head tentatively, almost questioningly towards the girl’s…
No hesitation. Samantha lifts her head and kisses my Slut.
Tenderly, the two’s lips meet, brush, then kiss. And equally tenderly, Samantha’s hand slides up Slut’s thigh, pushing up the hem of the white dress.
Slut stiffens, still kissing the girl and her hand slides straight for the winking triangle of orange peeping below the hem of the girl’s miniskirt. It’s the petite blonde that stiffens now – as Slut’s middle finger strokes young cuntlet through shiny satin. (It should be wet and spunkey if Snake has followed my request and got the girl fucked on her way over here).
Snake’s eyes – like mine – are locked on the girls’ gently ministrating fingers. Snake’s are still locked there as he undresses his 6’2” hairy body right down to a white latex pouch that hangs heavily between his muscled thighs. A pouch that can barely contain a down-curved banana and two golf balls – judging by the size. I notice that he’s brought a black leather bag with him and I wonder what it might contain.
Slut has been watching because her free hand reaches out as if in command – and Snake moves forward, placing the bulging thing into her palm.
‘Ooooh fucking ACE,’ she whispers into her kiss, her fingers weighing the golf balls, then stroking the banana.
‘Wait till you feel that motherfucking meat stuffing you,’ Samantha takes time off her kiss to mutter.
Snake’s hand creeps up the back of Slut’s thigh and he whispers, ‘Samantha likes dominating. So dominate. She’ll do anything you ask.’
Slut acknowledges with a slight tremble of excitement. I smile to myself and dive to my cabinet to get two extra glasses. By the time I’ve got them on the table in front of the setee, things have progressed…
Snake is sitting back on the settee idly groping his pouch which has changed shape – the banana has anyway. Instead of pushing latex it’s poking it. He’s swigging beer, opening fresh cans as he drinks.
I join him in the beer and the grope but soon his hand idly slides over and I find that it’s HIS hand groping MY crotch and equally as quickly I find that MY hand had slid over to grope HIS. I’ve never felt such a monster and I want to see it – soon. I want Slut to see it also. I reach to the table for the two tablets which I pass to him and he grins wolfishly, downing one of them.
‘Samantha! Come!’ he orders and the girl stands meekly in front of us.
‘She smells lovely of cock,’ she tells Snake, nodding at Slut, her fingers fingering her cunt.
‘Her face, her breath, she stinks of old cheesey cock like she’s sucked off an army and got a bellyfull of spunk. See you two are getting friendly,’ she observes our sharing hands. ‘Nice. I like to see men suck each other’s cocks.’ She downs the Viagra along with an amazing quantity of the lager while Slut strips and stands with hips splayed, one hand gently smack her glistening piss-wet belly.
‘Kneel, and lick me,’ she commands, somewhat tentatively, looking relieved when the girl looks pleased and immediately kneels in front of her, directly in front of me and Snake.
‘Get that top off and show us your tits,’ commands Snake.
Samantha giggles, does all she is asked and commences a slow and loving swathing of Slut’s belly, licking the piss, sniffing like a dog, turning Slut around and running her tongue up and down the ass-crack, returning to dip her head to Slut’s cunt…
‘Her cunt’s loveley and fucking ripe,’ she announces to Snake and me. ‘She’s been fucked.’
‘She picked up two dirty truckers and a drunk on her way over here,’ I tell her, leaning forward to run my hands over those amazing tits that are no more than two large fried eggs, though they are sort of perky – a bit up-turned.
‘The truckers were filthy. They pissed on her after they’d fucked her. The drunk’s cock was too filthy to suck so she fucked herself with it and pissed over him.’
Samantha is wiping her face in the wet, where she hasn’t yet licked.
Slut pushes Samantha’s her head back, uses both hands to split her cunt – she likes doing that.
‘Suck it and see, Sam,’ she quips. ‘Suck the dirty trucker-fucker jizzies outta my cunt like a good little slave-girl. Lover-Boy’s had some but there’s three ballsloads up there – and they shot ‘em deep.’
Snake and me watch while the girl buries her face where she’s been asked to bury it and does what she obviously loves doing. She does it well, too – judging by the look on Slut’s face.
‘Who fucked Samantha?’ I ask Snake quietly, refilling his glass, and mine.
‘We stopped at the biker bar,’ he says loudly. She had five of them in the toilets – I made her suck ‘em till they were ready to blow and they just unloaded up her cunt. The prods went in, spunked the randy little cunt and came out again – like filling up a car with gas so she wouldn’t get all tired and carried away with things – see?’
I imagined….
‘She went to a biker bar dressed like that?’
‘Sure!’ she goes all the time dressed like that – or similar – well known for it! Shit she had six in a lunchbreak last week she told me! When that little cunt of hers gets the itch to be fucked there’s no stopping the bitch – she looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but put your cock in her cunt and it feels like that hot little fucker’s melting it! Samantha! Show our host your cunt.’
The girl stands, unzips the skirt and makes to slide out of the orange satin and very tiny panties.
‘Wait!’ orders Snake. ‘Give us a twirl!’
Ass. Perfect girl’s ass. Panties cutting the crack, seeming to force the dainty half-peaches aside. And a sharp ‘V’ of untanned bikini-line cutting both cheeks. Spoiling the perfect tan.
‘She sunbathes in the park with the bikers,’ Snake explains. ‘Or rather she sunbathes while they get drunk. Then she goes around each one and gropes ‘em and kisses ‘em until they’re drunk and horned for her. She likes them drunk. Drunk so she can climb all over them, sit that horny snatch on their cocks and hump off, going from one to another until she’s done the clock around while the others watch, then back to the first one she humped, trying to make him cum. When he does it’s on to the next one. If he doesn’t, if any of them don’t, she pisses on them, clothed or unclothed. That right Babes?’
‘Tick Tock. Fuck Around the Clock,’ says Samantha, leaning down, running both hands up my thighs until they reach bursting spandex. Leaning forward some more she brushes her lips on mine and breathes cuntbreath into my face. ‘But that was before I met Snakey,’ she whispers, smiling at me.
‘I told you to show our host your cunt,’ Snake reminded.
Samantha turns around, bends over so her hair is brushing the floor, slides the panties carefully down over her boots, giving us an eyeful of both holes. Then she climbs up and stands unsteadily on the settee, her booted thighs astride mine, her hands jiggling the perky fried eggs she seems to be very proud of.
But it’s the cunt I’m staring at.
Staring into.
The blonde’s a lie.
Down here she’s neat-trimmed black.
Flecked with creamy-white spunk.
‘Mister Max doesn’t like spunkie cunties,’ Samantha says in a very schoolgirlish voice.
I reach up, pull her down on me so that her knees are on the back of the setee…
So that fucked-out little cuntlet of hers is leering right into my face.
She pushes it onto my mouth.
Holds my head and brushes it all over my face.
‘Lick my smelly-used cuntie, Mister Max? Suck the jizzies out of Sammie’s slutty little cuntie.’
I feel like I’m getting my face licked by a puppy – except puppy-licks don’t smell like this.
This smell is heady.
Intoxicatingly sexual.
Smell of female arousal.
And male satisfaction.
Vaguely, in the background, I hear Slut’s voice telling me to cum in my shorts because she wants to lick my spunk out of them. And then I hear her telling me to shit in them because she wants to take them off me and lick the shit out of them. She’s jerk-squeezing me, trying to make me cum.
Instead, I try to piss, but can’t. I can hear Snakes fingers in Slut’s cunt, hear her gasps of pleasure and guttural, lewd remarks and pretty soon only one of her hands is working me and I can guess that Snake’s got the other one working him.
Meanwhile, Samantha’s brush has finished its work of spunk-art on my face and it’s being pressed urgently onto my mouth. I look up, over that flat, tanned belly and tiny tits and see her not as a schoolgirl by any stretch of the imagination. I see ‘slut’ written in her face, I see straggly blonde hair, I see unbridled lust, I see vicious gratification.
And then she’s doing it in my face. Holding my head, pissing right into my face while she looks down at me, greedily watching me take it.
It’s forceful but brief, into my eyes so it stings and I have to shut them, then her cunt is urgently asking for my mouth, nudging it, telling my mouth to let her do it in there and then my head automatically moves, upturns, my mouth opens and the cunt kisses it, feeling for it, planting down on it….
Pissing into it. Hot, fucking gorgeous, acrid girlpiss that overflows down my chest and belly though I try to swallow.
I force my eyes open, she’s frigging herself, banging that sweetcunt on my face. It’s slimy, it’s smeared at the edges with the jerked-up spunk of sweaty bikers – and it makes a fantastically dirty ‘sikky-sikky’ noise as she uses the stuff as lubricant to wank herself with.
Wanting to save some of the results of those wonderfully dirty unions in the bikers’ bar I turn my head and content myself with tonguing the tops of her lightly-muscled, tanned thighs where the juice of those abrupt unions is streaked in dry and crusty curd. I’m rewarded by a string of filth which slides slowly from her cunt, drips down my cheek.
I determine that it will stay there until later – one of the sluts will find it later.
The girl is moaning, frigging, jerking her hips, trying to keep her balance on the settee and then she’s jabbing at herself, poking herself and frigging at the same time, and moaning too, and then she’s holding my head again, smacking that juicy cuntlet into my face and I’m trying to suck it but can’t because it’s jerking too wildly and then she’s almost screaming and my mouth is getting bruised with the vicious force of her desperation – so much so that I grab her hips to hold her and go for that clit – sucking the core of her sensation in and out of my mouth, churning it with my tongue as she shouts, finally collapsing on top of me in delerious abandon.
Slowly, she climbs off.
‘Holyshite,’ she says matter-of-factly. ‘That was one good suckoff thanks I owe you.’
I smack her little ass as it passes in front of me. ‘Ow!’ she squeals, but sticks it out for me to do it again. So I do.
Snake has got Samantha’s panties in his mouth, he’s sucking the crotch. Slut has pulled his pouch-thing off and she’s holding the hugest uncut donger of a cock I ever saw, half kneeling, half lying between his thighs, her face inches from it.
Staring at it as though it was gold or a god or something.
To her, of course, it is.
Her eyes flicker to mine and she smiles a smile that says ‘thanks for this, I love you’ and then she’s back doing her admiratioin-wonderment-worship thing again.
‘It’s as you like them, Slut’ I tell her, glancing questioningly at Snake. ‘I told Snake how you liked them.’
‘Unwashed, dirty, sexed cock, Baby,’ confirms Snake. ‘Four fucks, one wank, loads of piss, kept as much of it in there as possible – I was told you like ‘em ripe.’
Quietly I kneel at Slut’s side and give her a drag at a joint. Samantha kneels at Slut’s ass and pushes her face into her cunt, or ass, or both, I can’t see which or what. The girl’s hands are under her new friend feeling her tits.
Slut peels back the foreskin of her god-thing, stares at it in wonderment, inhales deeply.
The bulging, ugly head is shiny at its tip with fresh stuff, the rest is caked with curd.
Slut’s body quivers, then jerks as she stifles an automatic retching reaction to the sight and smell. But I know she wants it, I know she wants to be watched doing it.
I stick the joint in her mouth again and she takes a grateful draw.
I pull Samantha away from licking and sucking at Slut and push her in close, to watch how this should be done. I also want to see her reaction to the vile act about to take place.
‘Fuckin’ ‘ell, Snakey! What’ve you done with that?’ she blurts, wiping streaks of Slut’s cunt from her mouth with the back of her hand – then as an afterthought, sniffing it.
‘Last night – you, Amanda and Shelley and then you again at bedtime and remember I didn’t let you suck me today. I’ve saved it for the slut here.’
‘Max told Snake to get it like this for me,’ explains Slut.
‘Ooooooh! You dirty fuckin’ cow! You likes ‘em filthy-stinking like that?’ she says before crawling round the other side of slut so she can watch more closely – adding, ‘I like ‘em dirty but this is fucking gross, can I try some?’
‘I’d puke if I got a taste of that,’ I tentatively suggest, glancing from Samantha to Slut who asks … ‘Ever got yourself puked over, Sammie?’
Samantha’s hand slides to her cunt, she shuts her eyes, quietly frigging herself.
‘No,’ she whispers. Pauses, then says ‘but I bet it’s fucking ace, let’s do it,’ and delicately wipes the flavor of her cunt onto her lips.
Slut takes her hand.
‘On the mattress, Sammie.’
Samantha lies on her back, thighs spread wide. Slut crawls up between them, kissing every inch from cunt over belly and tits to the girl’s mouth where they linger, touching gently.
‘Where? Where … do you … want to be puked on, Sammie?’ she kisses.
‘Cunt? Belly? Tits?’ she breathes. ‘On our faces … while I kiss you … where Sammie? Tell BigSlut where BabySlut … would like her little baby body fouling up with puke…’
Shit! She’s doing it to arouse Samantha but it’s electrifying me! Hearing the two of them. Or rather hearing Slut and watching Sammantha get wound up, her body jerking, her hips fucking, her cunt banging upwards, into Slut’s thigh.
Samantha squeezes her tits and holds them out as best she can, indicating to Slut that’s where she wants it. Snake has produced a black dildo from his little black leather bag. It’s nine inches, fat, and has two soft balls attached to act as a handle and also to be filled with liquid – I’ve seen the sort before.
‘Ooooh, Snakey fuck me with that while he does it?’ mewls Samantha but it’s Slut who takes the thing off of Snake and pushes it up that slick trap whereupon the girl starts wriggling anew, pulling her tits and giving us the benefit of that foul little mouth.
‘Suck it mister Max! Suck the filthy Snakeycock I want to watch you sucking stinkey cock, ooooh fuck me BigSlut fuck me BigSlut squirt that piss up my cuntie,’ and I know then what’s in the dildo-balls and I wonder whose piss it is but then Snake is ready, kneeling astride Samantha’s head facing down her body and he’s wanking slowly, staring at me. And that cock is pointed right at my face.
‘Suck me Max, get your mouth around my dick.’
I kneel, straddling Samantha who is making ‘hmmmf’ noises because Slut is fucking her hard with the plastic donger and her body’s jerking beneath me and I can see her face looking up, watching what I’m about to do and I feel her encouraging hands on my cock and balls and don’t really need Snake to say…
‘Suck my dick, Boy,’ because my hands are already reaching out for it, my head bending towards it, while Slut, still fucking Samantha with one hand uses the other to squeeze, roll and pinch my teats like she knows I love, to give me encouragement, while she gets her head in as close to mine as she can, doing a contortion-like thing..
‘Fucking shite, suck it, Max,’ she whispers. ‘I love to watch guys giving head, it’s so fucking horny and that meat is so fucking lovely,’ and then I smell it and my mouth is on it and Snake is wanking while Samantha’s tiny hands love my cock and balls, while Slut’s fingers clamp my teats, and then Snake holds my head and slowly pushes that mouth-bursting meat to the back of my throat I suddenly get the taste and immediately gip and at the same time Snake finds he can’t push any further because he’s in my throat and instantly my stomach contracts and I’m pushing myself backwards in panic, off the cock to stare down into the breathless face of Samantha who looks as if she’s in another world, stoned-out or something but I realise that she’s just waiting and wanting for me to do it.
All this in an instant because in reality I’m already puking, spewing a browny-filthy watery mess flecked with vivid red and green onto the tits of the crazed-looking girl.
‘Oh Fuck,’ Snake groans.
‘Fuck fuck fuck fuck,’ Samantha gasps.
‘Oh jeesey fucking cheesey pizza,’ moans Slut whose hands forget the girl’s dildo-ing and my teat-pinching and start smoothing the stuff over the girl’s tits and belly, while Samantha herself cranes her neck up off the mattress to watch.
I’m more careful with the second lot. I push Slut out of the way, heave the dido out of Samantha and puke over her belly, immediately laying on top of the her and shoving my cock where it’s desperate to go. I’m propped on my elbows, staring down into the girl’s face, my cock embedded balls-deep up that begging little fuck-hole of hers. And I’m spitting the last of the puke into her face.
‘Ooh fuck. Oooh fuck. Oooh fucking fuck,’ she repeats and grabs my hair, pulling my mouth down onto hers, and we kiss while I do what comes naturally. I bang the hell out of her cunt.
The smells, the sounds, the feelings, the feel of Slut’s hands now on my ass, now groping my balls. The act of Snake pushing his cock betwen our faces, almost prising us apart, the sight of him pushing the thing into Samantha’s mouth, the surprise on her face, the smell when he skins it and wipes it around her mouth, the panic when he replaces cock with a finger and prods the back of her throat almost savagely.
The instant she starts coughing and spitting puke into my face I feel myself cumming and my banging up her becomes a savage reaming and Samantha is writhing beneath me like a wild animal, choking and coughing, puking and splashing and someone – it must be Slut – is pissing on our heads and Snake is wanking that fucking monster right into Samantha’s face, and Slut sticks that warm and gungy dildo-cock into my mouth and squirts whosever piss it is down my throat, then takes it out and does it in my face and then drops down next to us and kisses and licks at me, licking off the piss, the puke and her own spit.
I cum, and Snake cums and Samantha screams like a stuck pig and her searching, noisy mouth finds Snake’s spewing ballsload and she chews on it, spits it at us, over us, before she does her post-orgasm passing-out act again and I fall atop her, shaking and twitching with her in the afterglow of that filthy, wonderful fuck.

We sit together, share joints, and a lot more lager. Recovering. Preparing for the next bout. Snake, who is idly sampling the near-dried puke on Samantha’s tits points out that no one has sucked him yet, not properly and waves the flaccid thing around, looking from Samantha to Slut and back to Samantha.
‘I want you to do it,’ Samantha tells Slut. ‘I want to watch you wash it, then you can share the taste with me.’
Snake pushes down on the sette, draws on the joint and just waits.
Samantha lies on the settee with her head on Snake’s belly. She turns her face towards the cock, takes a playful lick at the hairy base.
Slut kneels, pushes Snake’s thighs apart and bends forward, taking the partially-flaccid cock in her right hand while her left slides to her cunt.
I just watch, and smoke. Get myself another stonker.
Slut’s tongue touches the tip where the foreskin is almost closed-over. She licks, gazing into Snake’s face. The cock fattens. She sucks, squeezes, her fingers go under his balls, she pokes. The cock fattens and lengthens. She smiles, sucks the tip gently, squeezes out some pre-cum and stares at it.
‘Fucking luvelly – cock oil,’ she tells us. She loves hearing herself say ‘cock oil’ it does something for her. After using the stuff as lip-gloss she pouts at Snake.
It’s fattened and lengthened as much as it can. She’s got it ready and wanting.
Her mouth forms an ‘O’ which she carefully places right over the tip of thing. Her hand moves downward in a brisk movement and she skins the entire head. She still has her mouth over just the tip.
But rapidly removes it when she gets the smell.
The head is caked with stuff.
‘Fuckin’ ‘ell,’ whispers Samantha, staring at it. And sniffing gently.
Slut just stares at it in wonderment, licks her lips slowly.
‘Slut’s caviar,’ she says softly.
‘Put it in your mouth, dirty cocksucking bitch,’ says Snake.
Slut puts her mouth back over the tip. Her eyes search us out.
She stifles a retch as she gets the full smell and some taste of the vile thing. The cock itself is as ugly as the very devil’s which isn’t helping.
It slowly disappears into the mouth of my Slut.
She’s sucking. We hear her doing it briefly and then she’s lifting her head without closing her mouth and I’m pushing the joint into Samantha’s mouth and she’s staring at me with understanding and staring at the saliva and cock-filth that Slut is now allowing to drool out of her mouth back onto the cock and then Samantha has her mouth wide open and the impromptu scenario gains momentum as Slut moves her mouth directly over Samatha’s and we watch as the vile cocktail slides from Slut’s mouth into the mouth of the girl.
I find that one of my hands has crept to Samanth’s crotch and the other to Slut’s and I’ve got three fingers pushing up two very sloppy, soggy cunts at the same time. Then Slut’s hand blurs as she ferociously wanks for a short time and we see why when she skins the cockhead again. She knows what she’s doing. I know what she’s doing because she’s done it with me and she’ll be doing it again with me very soon… That is unless Samantha wants to perform for us….
Samantha lifts her head, sees the frothy mess that Slut has wank-mixed. The old is churned in with the new and with her saliva and the whole lot is now a whitish-creamish gunge cloying to the head, beginning to ooze slowly down the sides.
‘Oh Jeeez bloodyhell,’ whispers Samantha and I take time off from her cunt to give her the joint again, figuring that she might need some extra courage to go through with this. She takes a draw, gives it to Slut who does the same, who then gives it to Snake while my fingers resume the abuse of the girls’ bodies.
‘Fucking hell, this is ace,’ whispers Samantha, then looks at me. ‘Fucking poke me hard I wanna cum doing this. Then she looks up at Snake and whispers, ‘Shit youself Snakey. Shit a little pile out under your balls?’ Her head returns to its resting place to await her next cocktail. It is difficult to recall, now I have seen and heard her in lust, the innocent-schoolgirl image she portrayed when she walked in here.
Now, her pretty mouth is ready for the next sharing. Her eyes are wild with desire, her cunt is squeezing on my fingers and there’s a furnace burning there, and her mouth spits the confirmation of her wishes…

‘Go on, Snakey fuckin’ shit yourself . Shit up your balls. Let BigSlut give LittleSlut what she wants, give BigSlut some shit so she can mess-up LittleSlut’s tits good and make her cum.’
So it’s started. The ultimate has begun.
Snake farts. And he’s pushing.
I can’t stand it any longer. I stand up and peel off my shorts, throw them on Slut’s back and in a few wanks I’m lening into them and pissing over them.
Samantha’s face first. Then her tits. Finish on Slut’s back.
Then I just stand, watch and wait, leisurely wanking to keep things warm.
Slut pushes the cock with it’s coat of filth and catches Samantha unawares. Before she can move her head she has a swathe of the gung down her cheek but then Slut’s mouth forms the familiar ‘O’, she looks around to make sure everyone is watching, then her head dips, slides over that filthy object as if it were an ice-cream. We hear Snake’s shit squish out onto the leather settee and Slut’s hand goes frantic for it between his legs, under his balls – the huge cock still in her mouth. She’s washing it because we hear the sloshing noises and we all know what’s going to happen next and it does.
Samantha’s mouth is ready. Wide open, like a baby bird’s for food and Slut’s is a few inches above it. It opens slowly and the stinkingly vile-looking cheese-mix slides from her lips into the mouth of the greedy little puppy-girl who is proving to be just as deviant as the rest of us. She looks like she’s going to puke and rubs her clit as if that will help. Then Slut’s hand is out from Snake’s thighs and she’s smearing shit over Samantha’s tits and Samantha is watching that hand and going into wriggling, jiggling, wanking heaven, first with both hands working herself, then one of them wiping the shit over her tits as she shares a heady kiss with Slut, savoring (no doublt) the last of the spoils.
And then, of course, I’m giving them my last, the bit I’ve saved, pissing a gentle stream, soaking Slut’s hair, pouring off Samantha’s shitty tits and playing upwards to finish at the girls’ joined mouths.
And lying on her back on that settee, Samantha TeenSlut is Centre Stage and fucking loves it…
She has the taste of cockcheese and oldcunt in her mouth.
She’s got shit smeared on her tits, belly and face.
She’s been pissed on.
She’s got her fingers jerking in her cuntlet.
And she’s cumming in a writhing, wracking, jerking cum and as she does it Slut wanks Snake’s cock furiously and he reaches under his balls and gets more shit and smears it on Slut’s face and smears it on Samantha’s cunt and smears it on his own chest and he’s cumming and the first thick, white ropes stab upwards until Slut’s mouth goes where it should have been in the first place and she’s taking it all in the mouth until he’s finished and then she’s opening her mouth again over Samantha’s face but this time it’s wasted because Samantha has her eyes closed and is panting and jerking in post-orgasmic delight and the slippery slime just lays there on her face so it’s Slut’s mouth that ducks down again to suck the stuff back and she doesn’t know what to do with it except swallow until I grab her head, turn it to mine and she shares with me the lust of Snake’s balls and I taste the taste she and Samantha have been tasting and I lick her shit-smeared cheek and I push her back onto the settee, smack her thighs apart and shove my cock all the way up that slippery, hungry cunt of hers and start giving her the fucking of fuckings…
And Snake watches us briefly, then gets up quickly, picks up Samantha and throws her down right alongside us. But he doesn’t fuck her, his head slams right in there between her thighs and as I fuck and fuck and fuck I can hear him licking and slobbering, sucking out the injections of spunk she got earlier from the cocks of those bikers in the toilets and I realise that I’ve missed out on that one – I’d wanted to have Slut suck that out of her.
Samantha’s hands are free, she’s getting a free ride on Snake’s tongue so she decides to be neighborly and worms a hand between our slamming loins, going for cock on each outstroke. It’s greased with Slut’s spunked-up cunt of course and as soon as she realises this she’s going in there, getting her hand slimed and bringing it out again to either suck it clean or wipe the stuff over her pointy-little titties or once-pretty face.

Suddenly Slut is mewling, bucking, cumming and I’m cumming too – I’m out of her, holding my cock and shooting spunk up over her belly and tits. Not as much as the first cum but there’s a pile there to be used and Samantha is not one to waste it. She scoops it up and ladles it onto her face. Not into her mouth this time – it stays on her face to show just how much of a stinky-dirty little whore she is. I notice that Snake’s face is getting the same treatment mine got, the girl’s loins are jerking and bouncing and he has to hold her down, to get what he wants, or give her what she wants – depending on which way you look at it.

But then he jumps onto her – his huge body seeming to stifle her small one and somehow he gets that thing up her and humps and humps and Slut reaches for his asscrack, finds what she wants and gives his back a massage with it before sliding that hand right onto Samantha’s face, the sucking and slurping noises indicating that Samantha likes to suck shitty fingers while she gets fucked.

But then Slut’s cunt must be feeling that itch again or she’s just realised that this is is her party not Samantha’s because she’s dragging Snake off of the girl, urging him to the centre-stage old and stained fuck-mattress, where she indicates in no uncertain terms that he’s to lie down because she’s going for a ride.

On she climbs – like she was drowning and has found the only lifeboat.

Her eyes widen as she holds the mammoth and tries to stuff herself with it.

Then she’s riding, shuttling her hips back and forth, round and round like she’s trying to screw that damn monster until it comes out of her throat. And while she’s doing it she’s running her hands in the shit on Snake’s chest and then she’s looking as if she’s trying to twist his teats right off of him.
Snake’s enjoying it – obviously used to this treatment.

He just lets her get on with it while his hands enjoy her tits, squeeze her teats until she yelps then he starts fucking and her body seems to be jumping all over the place like she was riding one of those rodeo machines and she’s using his teats to keep herself on there – she has hold of them and they’re getting yanked around like they were plastic or rubber or something.

Then, as suddenly as he started giving it to her he stops, pinches her teats so she screws up her face with the pain and he says quietly ‘Puke on me, Babe. Then I’ll fuck you, I want you to fucking puke your guts onto me.’

She looks shocked at first, then not so shocked and then an evil grin plays across her face.

‘Make me,’ she says.

So he does.

He’s got three shitty fingers sawing in and out of her mouth, her throat even. ‘Lay over me bitch, do it into my face,’ he says and she leans over him and he shoves his fingers right to the back of her throat. Her eyes go wide and her mouth opens like it was screaming, her tits heave and Samantha smears shit right under Slut’s nose, being helpful-like, and then it’s out, out like a fucking damn breaking and Snake gets it full-face. Full-face of milky-greenish, and darkly-streaked puke.

Slut groans, straightens, rides the cock, staring at the man she has just puked over, a savage look on her face, a devilish glint in her eyes. She spits the residue down onto her own tits while Samantha squats over Snake’s face, rubs her cunt in the mess and says ‘fuck her then, Snakey fuck the shit out of her cunt while I piss in your mouth and cum on your face.’

Slut’s right hand goes around Samantha to finger the girl’s right tit. Her left slides into the girls ass-crack, finger extended and she leans forward, whispering softly…

‘Dump on his face, SpiceSpice Baby shit right into his fucking face then wipe that cutey-shitty filthy ass in my face while I cum on this evil cock.’

Samantha’s body stiffens, her face alive with perverse thrill.

She stands, shakily.

‘Oooh yes, that’s better that’s better!’ Slut hisses. ‘Now we can see it better, now we can watch the shit drop on him. Do it there, right over him, right over his head, right in front of me, Jeez, what a gorgeous fucking ass…’

She’s right. It’s wonderful. It’s tight, tanned (apart from that milky bikini ‘V’).

Definitely not an ass you’d expect to see shit squeezing out of and dropping onto a middle-aged biker Daddy’s face.

But it does … eventually.

First the girl stands, back straight, tits thrust out. Her ass cheeks squeeze briefly, relax. With her feet astride Snake’s chest, she takes a step backward, the request is obvious and Slut responds, pressing her fingers against the girl’s hips, splitting the cheeks with her thumbs, pushing her face right into the crack.
Samantha stands straight, still looking straight ahead. And still with that look on her face.
‘You’re a fucking angel, Sammie,’ I whisper, pushing the joint between her lips, bending my head to lick her tits while she takes a deep draw of the intoxicating smoke. I figure we’re all going to need some extra courage to enjoy what is certain to become the shit piss and puke orgy to match any shit piss and puke orgy.
Slut is making funny mewling sounds and her tongue is exactly where Samantha was asking it to be. Then that little innocent does a filthy-sounding wet fart right into Slut’s mouth, piss squirts down her thigh and it’s obvious she’s trying to shit into the mouth of my very own, hungry, slobbering ShitSlut.

Said ShitSlut sucks. Dribbles. Slobbers. She can’t wait.

Impossible to describe the sound of nasty shit exiting that cute ass.

Impossible to describe the laviscious pleasure on the girl’s face as she slowly shits a turd into the mouth of her new-found girlfriend.

Impossible to describe the look of – is it Pleasure? Distaste? Shock? Horror? Perhaps Pride? on the face of Slut as she withdraws her head carefully, triumphantly showing us the thin turd hanging out of her sexy lips that are closed – clamped gently around it – just enough to hold it there for all to see.

I can’t resist sliding my hand into Samantha’s ass crack, feeling the warm shit plastered in there but I can’t feel it for long because my palm has begun to fill with a long and fatter thread of squeezed-out freshness and she’s pulling my hand away and squatting, holding herself open, inches above Snake’s sweating face because it’s still coming – and she’s farting again – splat and splutter little farts.
And while she uses that innocent-looking little body for that deviant act I use the shit in my hands as lube on my cock and balls because when she’s finished doing her dirties on Snake’s face this dirty cock is going right up her little asshole whether she likes it or not.
I happen to know (because her letter told me) that she ‘loves to take it up the shitter,’ a quaint way of putting it I thought at the time (and just one of the many reasons why I chose her and Snake out of about thirty other like-minded deviants who replied to that ad.)


I’ve finished messing myself up and wipe my hands on Samantha’s back as she finishes off.
Snake has his mouth – that hole in his beard – open. The hole is full of shit and there’s more piled on the beard. Samantha takes some off, wipes it on her cunt while she finishes the piss she has left into Snake’s eyes.

‘Fuck me you bassstardd,’ hisses Slut, who now finds she has a faceful of Snake’s left-overs because Samantha has risen from her dirty deed and has backed right into the face of my shitslut who is a little less than grateful at receiving a mouthfull of shit when her horny box isn’t getting well and truly goosed at the same time. Being shit on doesn’t turn on Slut. Being fucked and shit on, or whipped and shit on, or just fondled and shit on does.

It’s at that point that I remember Snake’s suggestion and go for his mobile phone, ignoring the mess I’m making, dial the preset button and when a female voice answers “Snake Pit” I give the preset message.…

And hope I’ve done the right thing, because I know what’s going to descend on us – to walk into my house – in the next ten minutes or so.…

Samantha’s off of Snake now and she’s looking down enquiringly to see what he’s going to do with her little gift. I think he’s wondering too, judging by the look on his face. He’s swallowed some – that’s for sure because his mouth isn’t full any more and there isn’t any more than there was on his beard so he hasn’t spat it out.

Slut ends his dilemma. She leans forward, lies on him, her cunt shuttling and bouncing on that stonker-cock. And she presses her face into the pile on his beard, her tongue searching out his mouth, with peculiar noises coming out of her throat. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that hole in the beard wasn’t filled with a bellyfull of puke in the next few minutes.

Samantha’s standing frigging herself off, watching the couple enjoy their filthy fuck.

I figure it’s time to set up some entertainment for our expected guests – to help them get into the swing of things so to speak – and I leave them to it and go to the TV and VCR. The TV is displaying grey squiggly lines – what the hell happened to Veronika, I don’t remember a thing of that film after Samantha and Snake turned up!

‘Are they all shit films?’ asks Samantha.

She’s crept up behind me and is sort of looking around me while she rubs her filthy brush on my ass and her fried eggs on my back. Her arms creep around me and she starts doing nice things to my cock and balls, seemingly happy to find them plastered with her shit. I hope she likes cock in the same condition as Slut does because mine has been marinated for those particular tastes too.

‘I like shit films,’ continues Samantha. ‘I like to watch them at home on my own and I like to shit in my panties and jerk off while I watch them, I’ve videod myself doing all sorts of dirty things, would you like to watch them sometime?’

The lump in my throat matches the one in Samantha’s hands as I scrabble with the tapes, trying to think which one would be best, under these circumstances, and then abandoning them, realising that none of us would need any shit video for encouragement with this girl and my slut around the place.

I take Samantha’s hand and lead her to the mattress, stopping on the way for a half pint of lager each and to light a joint. We stand on the mattress sharing the joint, and watch Slut and Snake.

So that’s why they’d gone quiet.

They’ve stopped fucking. Snake is still on his back and Slut is kneeling-sitting on his chest, playing with her juicy trap while Snake, head raised on two cushions, stares right into it, a strange expression on his face.

‘Oooooh!’ Samantha whispers to me. ‘I think she’s going to piss in his mouth. That’s the look he gets that when I piss in his mouth, will you piss in my mouth please while we watch?’

She doesn’t wait for a reply, just kneels, puts my cock in her mouth, looks up at me expectantly and starts playing with her trap. It’s a wonder that the damn thing isn’t worn away the amount of attention it gets.

If she wants it, she can have it. I’m bursting with lager.

I take a draw on the joint, giving her a slow, controlled burst. And she swallows it. The second burst is swallowed too. And she keeps staring up at me with those starry-innocent eyes as she gets another.

She takes my cock out and holds it in front of her face. Her cheeks are kind of puffy, she’s holding a mouthful. She’s still staring…

Her hands give her cuntlet a rest. Instead she cups them under those tits of hers and offers them up as best little things like those can be offered up.

Then slowly opens her mouth and my piss kinda just drops out and splashes down her. It’s made clean runnels in the shit-mess that’s plastered on her.

‘Piss in my face. Shit on me. Fuck me. Piss in my cunt,’ she says – calmly – as if she’s saying “pass the marmalade please”.

I was almost hard when I pissed. Now I’m fully hard hard, but I manage to squirt a bit in that innocent face, then bend down to kiss her mouth while my cock splashes piss down her body. Her tongue worms in my mouth, I taste my piss, I stand and decide that it’s time I give her my presents, give her the ultimate slut-test.

My cock is plastered with shit. But under the foreskin it’s been protected so far. So far I haven’t fucked Samantha or Slut. So far I haven’t been sucked.

So I skin the head fully and show Samantha the dirt that’s been hiding – the stuff I’ve been carefully accumulating for two days – for Slut who considers it to be such a delicacy. The dregs of a fucking session the day before yesterday with a gutter-slut that picked me up. Two wanks yesterday, and as much piss as I was able to leave in there.

Samantha stares at it, takes my joint and sucks at it, holds the smoke in her lungs, scrabbles around for the dildo, pushes the thing up her box, exhales the smoke, takes my cock in both her hands and puts that head determinedly right under her nose. She breathes in deeply, then looks up at me with those starry and slightly drugged eyes…

‘Fucking lovely stinking cock,’ she says. ‘Cock-stink and shit-stink. A fucking gorgeous stinking cock for Sammie the slut to suck.’

She stares at me, opens her mouth, dips her head and in it goes – right into that hot little filthy-talking sweet little mouth!

Her eyes, as they stare up at me sort of contract as she gets the full taste of the rancidity of the thing and she gips, but then something takes over and a leering laugh disfigures that pretty face as she opens her mouth and wipes the wet head with its coating of gunge around her mouth and cheeks before putting it back in her mouth and sucking, tasting it to the full, her body convulsing twice in automatic revulsion before her eyes tell me that the sexual deviance in her has turned that same revulsion into lewd desire. She’s wanking me into her mouth now, closing her lips over the head occasionally, she’s trying make me cum … and I want to.

I grip the hair on the top of her head and those damn eyes keep staring up as I hold her steady and fuck that sweet mouth. The eyes are saying ‘cum in my mouth, piss in my mouth, use my mouth for your lovely, disgusting pleasure,’ and the words spoken by those devoted eyes send me over the edge, holding her hair and thrusting almost violently.

The bitch fucking loves that, being held and used and feeling my cum shoot to the back of her throat, she loves it even more when I just stand there and stare down while I fill her mouth with piss, she’s got both hands between her legs and she looks all ready to blow off, then suddenly she’s on her back on the mattress, tearing at her tits with one hand, her cunt with the other, jerking around screaming ‘shit on me give me a filthy fucking, piss up my cunt, shit in my face and fuck me.’

Snake and Slut come a-crawling over to get a piece of this excitement. Slut throws herself down next to Samantha and rams her fingers up the girl’s cunt.

‘Ooooh, fucking yesss!’ says LittleSlut. ‘But don’t fucking PLAY with it! Fucking POKE the fucking thing while he craps in my face.’

I didn’t think she’d want it there and I’m not sure that she really meant it so I squat over her tits – ass pointed at her face and she says nothing but her hands are up, she’s got fingers poking my hole.

‘Let her suck your asshole first,’ suggests Slut and there’s no murmur of discontent from Samantha so I squat the thing right down on her face and her tongue starts poking straight away. Kind of quaint – that feeling – wet, warm, tickly.

I try to shit and there’s a muffled groan from down-under and the tongue stops licking. Instead of the gentle licking, I get a full-mouth rectum-suck. As if to give enouragement Slut is stretching the girl’s sloppy cuntlet with three poking fingers and managing to get the clit as well. These bitches know how to service each other.

I’m pushing, wondering if this is what Samantha really wants, and I feel the turd break surface. The slippery slobbery slurping noises from down there confirm that this really is what the filthy little bitch wants, what she really really wants so I keep it coming, or going whichever you prefer.

Snake’s kneeling by her head, he’s wanking that donger and his head is down with hers, waiting to watch her take it, giving encouragement, in a Snake sort of way…

‘Suck his shit, you fucking dirty beautiful little bitch, suck that crap right outta that asshole I want to kiss that pretty mouth of yours when it’s full of stinking shit.’

Samantha’s head has my ass sitting right on it, Slut’s face and Snake’s face are at either side.

I’m shitting. And it feels like heaven.

They’re trying to see what they can see so I decide to let them see by raising an inch or so. Looking between my thighs I find I can see it too.

She’s ruined what felt to have been a good turd. It’s mashed right around her mouth and she’s tonguing the stuff back out. Slut has forgotten Samantha’s cuntal stimulus so Samantha takes this over herself. Eating shit and still remembering to frig herself.

‘Shit the rest on her tits,’ Slut suggests and I think this is a good idea too but before I do it I turn so I can watch what the three heads are doing.

The two faces of Snake and Slut are trying to kiss the face of Samantha at the same time but of course this isn’t working. So Snake lets Slut get in there first and the two girls kiss their filthy kiss while I unload right on Samantha’s belly and Snake can’t resist swathing the whole pile up the girl’s body to proper filthy her up from belly to mouth where they are still jointed in a slobbery and very shitty kiss.

I’m promised to fuck Samantha now so I get right down and slide my larger body over that stinking little one and although Slut’s head is in the way I manage to prop on my elbows and get right up to the nuts in that little cocktrap. It feels wonderfully hot and sweet and right in front of my face Snake is wiping my shit over Slut’s face and she looks like she’s going to cum off on the action but she doesn’t because he stops, kneels up and shoves that donger of his into her face.

He doesn’t get it that far though. He stops, just holding the thing and a peculiar look comes over his face – he’s very expressive, it seems. I don’t realise what he’s doing until I hear a fart and he puts his hand behind him and just sort of holds it there.

Then I DO know what he’s doing so it’s no surprise when the hand re-appears with a log resting in his palm.

From below, Samantha’s hand reaches up for it but Snake deftly evades the pleading hand and wastes that whole crap on his cock and balls. It’s thick, it stinks, it covers his cock and balls, it’s plastered in his ass and the destination of that shitcaked cock and balls is in the face and mouth of my slut who is just preparing herself in two ways…

First, she’s just sat her cunt onto Samantha’s mouth to the accompaniment of a ‘hmfffff’ from down below. Secondly, she’s just taken a long draw at a joint she hurriedly grabbed from the ashtray while she was sitting herself there.

‘Ready for this you shit-cock sucker?’ says Snake and Slut’s reply seems to be affirmitive because she gives him the joint and shuffles herself so that her dirty cunt is sitting right on Samantha’s equally dirty tits. I think she’s just giving Samantha a ground view of what she’s about to do until she looks down and calmly pisses into the girl’s face, obviously because she needs a piss – as opposed to wanting to piss in Samantha’s face.

The lager taking its toll.

Samantha’s eyes are shut tight, but her mouth is wide open and that is Slut’s target but the piss sprays mostly into her face making a disgusting brown fluid out of the already-soft shit. It was an unfortunate move.

Samantha can’t take it. She spits violently, and the shit-piss mess from her mouth splatters over Slut’s cunt, belly and thighs. I’m quick and it’s not wasted and it feels lovely wiping that mess up over her tits. But Samantha is making funny noises and it’s obvious what’s about to happen – she’s going to puke and she’s wriggling violently, trying to lie on her side so she can do it on the mattress without choking herself on it.

‘Jeez! Fuck! NO!’ screams Slut, throwing herself onto her back, pulling Samantha’s head right over hers. The girl looks startled and the fright has stopped the wretching.

No good for Slut, of course. Not her plan at all.

Slut’s fingers jab into the girl’s mouth almost violently and shock registers in Samantha’s eyes.

One cough, and she’s puking and it’s messy – greeenish, yellowish pasta perhaps pizza, pouring more than anything down onto Slut’s face and she doesn’t seem to like it because she’s spitting and her head is flailing from side to side, trying to avoid the stuff until I get down there and shove a bunch of three up her cunt and try for more. Her tack immediately changes as I knew it would and she pulls Samantha’s head down to hers and the two of them share the filth together while Slut tries to screw her cunt further onto my hand and I succeed in getting my hand right up her box and can’t resist having a go at Samantha’s too – seeing as it’s there right in front of my face and Samantha likes it too and the two of them are writhing and it feels like I’ve got my hands down the gullets of two huge and writhing fish and then Snake is pissing onto Samantha’s bouncing and shitty ass and it’s splashing up into my face and I remember what I’d planned and pull Samantha off of Slut, throw her onto her back, push her thighs up to her tits and go for a fuck of that tight-looking asshole.

It isn’t that tight – not with such a lubrication of shit and once she realises what I’m after and holds her own thighs up, giving me a my hands back, I’m in there with not too much of an effort and it feels fucking fantastic and the expression on Samantha’s face tells me that she thinks it’s fucking fantastic too which makes it better for me and in spite of her size I find that I can still lay on her, fuck her ass, and kiss that shitty-pukey face at the same time and love her because she reacts in the way I want, by kissing, licking, wiping that face against mine, holding my head while she does it and finally, as I gather momentum, feeeling that tightest of assholes squeeze my cock, she sticks her fingers down my throat in silent plea for the ultimate.

‘Ooooh, fuck my shitter,’ she pleads. ‘Fuck me up the shitter and puke on me,’ she seems quite desperate and I have no intentions except to do what she asks.

Suddenly, Slut is on her back beside us and she’s holding her thighs up to her tits and craning her head up to watch while Snake goes for her asshole too. Her face is a mess of shit, piss and puke, her hair dripping with it and she’s spitting shit out of her mouth but then she’s gasping and her eyes are screwed up because – though I can’t see – Snake must be splitting her asshole with that evil monster.

Hardly have I time to notice this, my stomach contracts and Samantha’s face almost disappears – fouled by a slosh of puke, thicker than before, and definitely pizza this time, her hands scrabbling to clear her eyes, choking and spitting up at me as I fuck and fuck and fuck at that tight little ‘shitter’ of hers and drop my head to kiss that foul little mouth once more, shooting a wadge deep in her rectum.

The world seems to have stopped – for us. Slut is still getting her rectal reaming. She and Snake are thrashing around.

But for Samantha and me, the world has stopped.

I’m propped on my elbows, breathlessly staring down into her face. She’s panting, staring back up at me and I wildly think of somewhere to go from here.

Pressure inside me tells me where to go and Samantha seems to relax, seems to understand what I’m going to do and when I start doing it her expression tells me that she thinks that it’s a wonderful thing to do.

The feel of piss bursting from my cock, behing held around it in that confined space, the feel of it building up inside of her, then that pressure gradually easing until I piss another stream and she grabs me, pulling my face down on hers, kissing me and sobbing with passion as if I’m giving her a fortune in cash instead of an assfull of hot lager piss. She sobs until I’ve finished. Then it’s a different story.
She pushes me off and shakily stands, running her hands over her belly and showing me it’s swollen with piss, and she’s proud of it – like it was a baby or something.

I think of how she’d looked when she walked in here – wearing that pantie-flashing miniskirt and spandex top, looking fresh-faced and innocent and I look at her now, hair matted with piss, shit and puke and streaks of all three – dollops of some – decorating her little body.

‘This feels fucking fantastic. No one done that to me before,’ she tells me and stands over Snake who has just rolled off of Slut and looks as if he’s fucked his last ass of the night, though his cock is remarkably hard, as is mine – bless Viagra.

‘What’s he done?’ asks Snake. ‘Pissed up your ass?’

‘Yep. And it feels fucking fantastic,’ repeats Samantha, staring at Slut who stares back at Samantha, understanding what Samantha has planned to do with that assfull of my piss in due course.

But first, it seems, Samantha wants to suck cock, and she wants to suck one that’s still warm from a shitty ass-fuck. She chooses Snake’s and gets down on all fours, ass pushed out and makes sure we’re all watching as she ‘O’s’ her lips and closes them over the tip of Snake’s cock which is being held steady-ready by himself.

The ‘O’ has the effect of kinda ploughing the shit off of it as it slides into her mouth so Samantha ends up with a ring of it piled all around, which is – I guess – what she intended.

‘Grrrrrrhhhhhmmmhp,’ she mumbles, presumably to try to make some comment without dislodging the build-up.

The thing wont go all the way down her throat – too big – so Snake contents himself by very gently jerking off into her mouth while holding her head back a little so he can watch – closely and intimate-like. When he holds still for a while Samantha takes her cue and we hear her saliva sloshing as she gives the filthy thing the washing it so badly needs, she’s watching Snake and looking around at the three of us all the time she’s doing it, as if she’s performing this filthy act for our benefit. She’s lost out on that one though. Tonight our little butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my mouth miniskirted teenslut has proved that not only that butter would melt but also that she prefers the tastes of piss and shit and puke melting in there. In fact, tonight she’s proved that she’s as worthlessly hooked on deviant depravity as the rest of us.

Slut suddenly seems to notice that there’s a free cock and suddenly she’s on her knees, to my delight stealing the girl’s idea and getting herself a lipstick of shit off of my cock but that doesn’t last long because then she lies on her back with her head on Snake’s belly and smiles a shit-lipped smile at Samantha who immediately gets the idea and plants her mouth on Slut’s face.

They seem to have developed quite a penchant for this particular deviancy this evening.

The effect is not wearing thin – not on me. They make a beautiful couple, these two.

Samantha is the only one of the four of us who may possibly be unaware of the three video cameras concealed in the black satin drapes hanging from the ceiling – or maybe she just doesn’t give a fuck whether she’s recorded for all the Internet to see. Probably so.

Right now – she – Samantha needs cock again – apparently. Snake’s is nearest (and probably dearest) and she flips herself around, squatting over him, feeding her cunt with it – her ass is now pointed towards Slut’s face which is still lying on Snake’s belly. If I know Samantha like I think I know Samantha I think that the rich dressing of shit which is currently covering Sluts face is about to be dislodged by another – a gusher of my piss from her asshole laced with whatever shit she might still have had in there prior to my personally delivered piss-enema.

I straddle Snake’s legs, stick my cock in her mouth and look down over her back where she is impaled on mammoth shitty cock. And where Slut’s face waits.

‘Go ahead, Samantha. Shit in her face. She’s fucking well begging for it,’ I tell her, while gently using her soft mouth – I could use that mouth all of my life, it’s so wonderfully willing.

The world stops.

Samantha is pushing.

Slut is waiting, her head motionless, but her hands feverishly working at her cunt.

It’s a wonder that these bitches haven’t worn their cunts out – the amount of attention they give them.

Snake’s head is raised off of the mattress.

He’s waiting too.

And I bet he’s wishing that his cock wasn’t being used and that Slut wasn’t lying on him so he could get his face right in there with Slut’s.

Samantha holds the backs of my thighs, lifts up slightly on Snake’s stick…

And lets Rip.

It makes its exit in one huge blast – a direct hit.

A hosepipe-diameter, forced blast of piss exits the girl’s asshole and geysers into Slut’s face like a hurricane downpour onto tarmac. Piss, with flecks, and lumps of shit.

Then our world collapses. The door opens and our invited guests file in.
Shattering our moment.
Slut splutters, struggles to her feet, wiping the mess from her face, stammering ‘what the…’ Samantha looks like she’s been caught by mother.
Snake and me? We were expecting them, but they could have picked a better moment!

First, I notice the biker ‘Mama’. She’s dressed in black – or partially dressed.

Another one who likes to show out down at the bar where the lot of them have been until now.

Black leather, shiny biker thigh boots.

Black latex, shiny shortest of miniskirts.

And a black latex, shiny, busted-out boob-top that doesn’t do quite what it’s meant to do – cover the gigan tits that s q u e e z e up and out if it.

But it’s the cocks that catch the attention. The cocks that point to her centre.

Two tattoes of huge cocks emblazon both thighs, the heads spitting painted green slime up her flesh to the point where a fluffy bush of bleached cunthair shows below the rude hem of the latex miniskirt. Not wearing panties and the skirt doesn’t even cover her crotch – and she’s been in the bar like that! My kind of girl!

Her cohorts are irrelevant. Seven bikers in the usual garb of filthy denim, all with masses of unkempt hair, all with mustaches and beards. Seven more cocks for the girls – I wasn’t expecting Mama to come along but I’m sure glad she did, especially because of the way she’s looking at me – my shitty face, my shitty torso and my shitty dick.

She stares, licks her lips and smiles a smile that says she wants to lick me clean.

The males are stripping and Samantha and Slut can’t wait. They scrabble to their feet, rush to them, feverishly helping them to unbuckle belts and get their jeans down.

Impatient for the taste of new dirty cock.

I just lie there on the filthy mattress, let Mama take her cue. Does she want me or not?

She’s late thirty-something. Large-built but not an ounce of fat showing through the clothes.

Not a beautiful face, but a very sexual one, framed by a straggly-shaggy frizz of black perm.

I wonder whether she belongs to Snake and glance behind me to check on him.

If she belongs to him he doesn’t want her now. He’s getting his cock and balls washed by the mouth of a naked biker whose cock indicates that there was no coercion to perform this particular task.

Snake’s holding the base of his cock, stabbing it down the young (gay’s?) throat.

Jeeze! Who are these people!

Yes, Mama likes me. She’s still staring like a cat at a mouse, still smiling and then she slowly strips off the latex boob top to reveal a pair of tits that could make a fortune advertising a boob clinic. (They probably came from one but who the fuck cares – it looks like they’re going to be mine for the rest of the evening)

I’m wanking now, nice and slow, shit is squeezing out between my fingers and just for the benefit of Mama who is now advancing I go under my balls and get a fresh sample which I scrape enticingly over my cock.

‘Viagra’d?’ she smiles down at me, unzipping the skirt in half and throwing it to one side.

That blonde cunt stares right down at me, it’s mouth is slightly open, peeking from the bush of hair and I can see stuff around that mouth – she’s either been fucked or she’s creamed herself – or perhaps both.

‘Whose been a dirty baby then?’ she croons down at me.
‘Whose been a naughty boy and shit himself ?’
I think I’ve just found out why Samantha acts like she does.
She’s been potty-trained and had grammar lessons from this bitch.

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