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Filthy Family – Chapter Two (Ff, Teen 14y, Lesbian, Incest)

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Mother and daughter confront their deep desires.

Stacy awoke naked the next morning to the sound of her daddy’s car leaving. She recalled that he had mentioned having to work this Saturday, and as she lay thinking about the excitement of her first fuck the previous night, her hand went automatically to her horny bald pussy. She had not cleaned herself up after the wild incestuous love making last night, and she could feel her father’s dried semen crusted on her pubic mound and cunt lips.

A sexy shiver coursed through her body as she played with her engorged clit, remembering how nasty she had been by encouraging her daddy to cum inside her and try to get her pregnant. The thought no longer worried her, in fact she hoped she really had conceived last night. It was a perverted and fucked up thought that sent wicked jolts of electricity through her slender teenage body. She could not have known that her twin sister/daughters were already implanted and growing in her uterus.

A few minutes of playing with her pussy and thinking of how her mother had gone wild from watching her daughter get inseminated the night before gave Stacy a wicked idea for some more fun.

Stacy rose from the bed and stepped into the hall. She padded quietly down the hall to her parent’s bedroom and slowly opened the door. She saw her mother sprawled on the bed in a transparent black nightie, still sound asleep. The covers were thrown back and Stacy could see her mother’s hairy pussy through the filmy material of her lacy bikini bottoms. Looking at it brought a picture to Stacy’s mind of her mother sitting against the door frame last night wildly frigging herself, and the thought sent hot feelings through her own pussy.

Deborah’s breasts and nipples were also visible through the skimpy nylon nightie. Stacy walked quietly to the bed squeezing her soaking pussy through her panties and wondering if she could make her mother hot without waking her.

Kneeling beside the bed she carefully placed her hand between her mother’s thighs and rested her fingers lightly against the crotch of her mother’s sexy black panties. She slid her fingers slowly up and down over the silky material, rubbing Deborah’s pussy through the panties. Stacy knew it was beginning to work when she felt the thick, meaty lips of her mother’s pussy starting to swell under the thin nylon of the panties.

Deborah’s hips began to move, rubbing her pussy against Stacy’s fingers. Stacy’s fingers playing with her pussy were making Deborah have a sexy dream. Stacy felt the crotch of the panties getting damp as her mother’s juices began to ooze from her bushy cunt.

Her mother started moaning softly in her sleep. As Stacy slowly tugged her mother’s undies down over her hips, she discovered that her mother had a really hairy pussy. Full strands of thick black pubic hair covered her mom’s mound. Stacy had already decided that bald pussy was best after seeing her friends at school and also in some hot porno movies she had watched, but it was very exciting to see a full natural bush for once.

Wanting a better look at Mommy’s hairy cunt, Stacy ran her fingers over the naked, puffy lips. She was aroused at how thick and meaty her mom’s cunt lips were, so totally different to her own lips that were thinner and tucked away inside her vagina. She could only imagine how those meaty lips felt sliding over her daddy’s cock when he fucked her mother. She gently spread her mom’s vagina open with her fingers, peering into the pink depths of the reproductive system that she came from thirteen years earlier.

Deborah’s soft moaning and her own rising excitement made Stacy more daring, and she slipped her finger between the juicy lips of her mother’s pussy. Deborah’s dreamy movements made it easy for Stacy’s to slide her finger deeper and deeper into the slippery cunt. When her knuckles bumped against the clitoris, her mother’s pussy jumped against her hand. Rapid little quivers started going through Deborah’s body as she moved her aroused pussy against Stacy’s hand.

Suddenly Deborah woke with a start and raised her head. When she saw Stacy’s fingers pressed into her pussy she exclaimed, “Stacy, what are you doing to me? Stop it right now! You’re my daughter!”

She tried to close her legs to get away from the exciting fingers, but Stacy had other ideas. Pressing her fingers firmly into her mother’s pussy, Stacy looked into her mother’s eyes with an evil but sexy grin.

“Drop the act mom. I saw you watching daddy play with me last night. You got very excited when he was licking my pussy. You never did anything when he started to fuck me. You watched him fuck his own daughter without any protection and I saw you fucking cum all over your hands when he squirted his sperm inside me. I know you get off on incest, and I want you to have some fun too!” Stacy said, licking her lips.

Shocked by Stacy’s words, Deborah’s head dropped back on the pillow. She buried her face in her hands as she realized that Stacy had seen everything and was right. It was as if she was seeing it all again in vivid flashes of memory.

As Deborah remembered the things she had seen and had done the evening before, she recalled the feelings that had surged through her body. Now Stacy’s hand was causing the same exciting, hot feelings deep in her experienced pussy. She could feel her breasts and nipples swelling again as the hot blood pumped through them.

Her mother’s nipples poked against the sheer fabric of her nightie, and Stacy could see them plainly. Her mother’s pussy was getting hot and juicy around Stacy’s fingers. She knew she had Mommy right where she wanted her. She began to slide her fingers in and out of her pussy, and she twisted her wrist to make her knuckles rub over Mommy’s swelling clit to stimulate that tiny bundle of nerve endings. Her mother’s movements made it obvious that Stacy was exciting her very much.

Deborah tried desperately to get her feelings under control, but her body was betraying her. The sensations that raced through her as her daughter’s fingers invaded her pussy caused her hips to roll involuntarily. Her cunt was doing her thinking for her, and it was pumping against Stacy’s hand.

“Stacy, stop for a minute. I want to talk,” Deborah said, sitting up in the bed as Stacy’s fingers slid out of her wet vagina with a plop. Stacy sat up too and licked her mom’s sex gravy off her fingers.

“What mom?” she asked.

“Be honest with me. Did you really enjoy what your father did to you last night?”

“Yes mommy. I LOVE sex! Daddy is so handsome and is a great fuck. I’m so glad he was my first! I’m going to be doing a lot more fucking from now on,” Stacy reassured her mother, throwing her arms around her and kissing her full on the lips.

Deborah felt relieved. In a flash all her inhibitions left her and were replaced with intense feelings of horny lust. She broke the kiss and looked her daughter in the eyes.

“You were really fucking nasty last night my little one. Where did you learn to be so dirty? And why did you let your dad fuck you without a rubber? And all that horny talk about him knocking you up? I don’t suppose you’re on birth control, are you?” Deborah said, fingering her pussy. Stacy giggled.

“No mommy, I’m fertile as they come. To be honest at first, I was worried about getting pregnant, but something just snapped in me and the thought of carrying daddy’s kid in my tummy just blew my mind. Don’t you think the risk of pregnancy makes the sex more exciting?”

“Oh YES baby, it does! I’ve always felt that way, but after you were born, we decided not to have any more kids. I don’t like what birth control does to me, so I’ve always made your father wear a condom. He fucking hates them, and to be perfectly honest I hate them too,” Deborah confessed.

“So, you’re not pissed off that I could be pregnant with an incestuous baby right now?” Stacy asked her.

“No baby I think it’s fucking hot! In fact, I think I might even take my chances too and give your dad a thrill by letting him fuck my hairy cunt bareback tonight!” Deborah groaned with her own perverted arousal.

“Oh mommy!” Stacy squealed. “We could have our babies together!”

Horny as fuck now, Deborah’s hands slid from her face to cup her breasts. The fingers squeezed and rolled her nipples passionately. Laying back on the bed again, she spread her legs wide and beckoned her daughter.

“Come and eat up all mommy’s special cream baby,” she purred.

Squealing again with lustful excitement, Stacy knelt down between her mother’s legs leaned forward to run her tongue into her cunt, sliding it up and over her mother’s clit. Her mother moaned loudly and wrapped her long, lovely legs around Stacy’s shoulders, pulling her daughter’s pretty face against her pussy.

Stacy’s long tongue slid deep into her mother’s cunt. Then it flicked teasingly over her clitoris. Deborah was gasping for breath.

“Mm, I LOVE your hairy pussy mommy!” Stacy murmured as she lapped at the pink interior. She savoured the musky taste of her mother’s girl-cum.

“Ooh do you honey? I really thought your bald pussy looked cute last night. Just like it did when you were a little girl. Do you think I should shave mine? Will you show me how?” Deborah moaned.

“Of course, mommy, hairy is nice but daddy would love it as a surprise! Let’s do it later today,” Stacy agreed.

Humping her pussy against her daughter’s face, and moaning loudly, Deborah came in a rush of delightful feelings. Looking down, Deborah saw that Stacy had her hand between her own thighs rubbing her hairless pussy frantically through her panties.

Deborah enjoyed the way Stacy made her cum so much that she wanted to make her daughter cum too. Her legs still held Stacy’s face trapped against her throbbing wet pussy. Spreading her thighs, she released her.

“You’re a tease, Stacy, and you really made me cum hard. I really enjoyed it, Honey, but now I want to make you enjoy it too,” she said.

Deborah swung her legs to the floor and rose from the bed, sliding her panties all the way off and dropping them to the floor. She sat down on the edge of the bed, exposing her hairy beaver to her daughter. Pulling Stacy to her feet, she fingered her daughter’s soaking wet vagina for a moment then raised her fingers to her mouth.

Deborah sucked the juices from her fingers, thrilled by the idea of tasting her daughter’s pussy. Her vaginal secretions were different to her own, thinner in consistency and less musky but delightfully tasty.

Deborah pulled her daughter close and mouthed her firm, young breasts sucking first one, and then the other nipple into her mouth. Her knee slid between her daughter’s thighs and pressed against her pussy.

Stacy let her knees bend and mashed her hot, slippery cunt lips against her mother’s knee, feeling it get slippery from her sex gravy. She rubbed her teen pussy back and forth on mommy’s knee until her knees trembled from the exciting sensations surging through her cunt. Straightening up, she pulled the top of her mothers’ flimsy nightie over her head and cast it aside. Taking her mother’s turgid breasts in her hands, Stacy sucked on the nipples, one after the other.

Swinging her legs back onto the bed, Deborah pulled Stacy with her, spreading her legs wide so her daughter was between her thighs. She drew Stacy up until they were face to face. Stacy’s pussy and breasts were pressing tightly against her own. Pulling her head down, Deborah kissed her full on the mouth, sliding her tongue against Stacy’s. She felt her daughter respond to the sexy kiss by grinding her pussy against her mom’s until their clits rubbed like two tiny cocks. Shocking tremors of passion surged through their bodies.

Rolling Stacy to the side, Deborah flipped over on the bed until her head rested on Stacy’s thigh. Her daughter’s juicy young bald pussy excited her very much. Grasping the cheeks of Stacy’s ass she pulled her closer until her open mouth pressed against her pussy. Her tongue darted between the slippery wet lips and tasted Stacy’s teenage honey. She spread her daughter’s bald lips as wide as she could, peering into the fleshy pink depths of her baby factory. She could see the cervical mucus and she tasted the remnants of her husband’s semen in Stacy’s pussy. She shivered excitedly with the thought that Stacy might already be carrying David’s baby in her womb.

Excited by the feeling of her mother’s tongue in her pussy, Stacy pulled her mother’s cunt to her own mouth. Her nose pressed into the thatch of black hair on Deborah’s mound as her tongue licked all over the naked lips and up the slit between them.

They were moaning in delight over the feelings they were causing in each other’s pussies. Deborah remembered how much she enjoyed having David play with her ass while he was fucking her.

She slid her hand between Stacy’s thighs from behind and dipped her finger into her juicy cunt to get it slippery. Then she moved it back and rubbed the juices over the rim of Stacy’s ass. Deborah repeated the action several times, transferring Stacy’s juices from her pussy until it was well lubricated.

Stacy quivered each time Deborah ran her finger around her ass. She was almost overcome by the rush of exciting new feelings when her mother slid her long slender finger deep into her rectum. Stacy pressed her pussy against her mother’s face, greatly stimulated by the finger sliding in and out of her rear while Deborah’s tongue slid in and out of her cunt. In her rising
excitement, Stacy forgot about her mother’s pussy until Deborah raised her head.

“Do me too, Honey. Lick my pussy and play with my butt!” she pleaded.
Stacy dipped her fingers into her mother’s pussy until they were wet with Deborah’s juices. She swirled them around her mother’s ass until it was slippery, and then plunged one in all the way in up to her knuckles. Her mother moaned with pleasure and thrust her pussy against Stacy’s face as she drove her own tongue deep into Stacy’s cunt.

The dual action of tongues and fingers fucking into their bodies simultaneously drove them both to new heights of delight. With hips thrusting shamelessly, tongues and fingers sliding deep into pussies and asses, and noses rubbing clits, they fucked each other’s faces wildly until they both came at once, moaning and gasping for breath.

“Oh Honey, that was wonderful” Deborah purred. “What a marvellous way to wake up in the morning.”

“I loved it too, Mommy” Stacy replied. “I woke up thinking about watching you play with your pussy in the hall last night while daddy got me pregnant, and it made me so hot I had to come to your room. When I saw you sprawled on the bed with your bushy pussy showing through that sexy nightie, I couldn’t resist playing with it.”

Mother and daughter shared one last passionate, cummy kiss before Deborah had to rise and get dressed. She would have liked to have stayed and played with Stacy, but she had an appointment with her hairdresser in a short while.

Stacy lay idly fingering her pussy and watching while her mother slipped into a pair of filmy black bikini panties and stuffed her full breasts into a matching black bra. She watched her pull on dark stockings, fastening them with a lacy garter belt she wrapped around her hips.

Deborah was aware Stacy was fondling herself while she watched her dress, and it made her juices start to flow in her fresh panties. She wished she had more time to stay and play. She felt the lips of her pussy rubbing together between her thighs as she walked to her dressing table to apply her makeup.

It was obvious to Stacy that Mommy was still excited from the way she was rubbing her pussy against the chair. Stacy kissed her mother’s neck, forcing her forward so her pussy pressed hard against the corner of the chair making her squirm in her seat.

Stacy turned and went down the hall to her own room, knowing it wouldn’t be long until they played together again.

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