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Filthy Family – Chapter Three (ff, Teen 14y, Lesbian, Pee, Incest Mentions)

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Stacy and best friend Skye confide in each other and have a wild lesbian encounter, with someone watching.

After her mother left, Stacy lay on her parents’ huge bed for a while thinking about how lucky she was to have such horny and sexy parents. She knew there was a hell of a lot more horny incestuous fun to be had, and it excited her greatly.

As much as she loved the feeling of the combined fuck juices in, on and around her cunt, Stacy decided that a shower was in order. Her pussy was still tingling with teenage arousal as she rose from the marital bed, walked to the bathroom and stepped gloriously nude into the shower.

Standing under the soothing hot jets of water she lathered up with her mom’s perfumed soap and cleaned every part of her slender little frame, loving the feeling of the soapy water flowing over her perky tits and flat tummy. She hoped her tummy would soon be bulging with her father’s child.

She was careful to clean inside her pussy, using the handheld jet and a tube of her mom’s PH controlled cleaning wash to wash away the last remnants of the wild unprotected fucking she had done in the last 12 hours. She had heard about douches but had never used one.

“I must ask mom about that,” she thought to herself.

Stacy then squatted down and held her pussy lips open, sighing as she released her full bladder and felt the rush of warm yellow piss squirt from her pee hole. She could see the cloudy remnants of her father’s semen in the puddle of piss before it was washed down the drain.

“Fuck that feels good!” Stacy moaned as the last of her urine dripped from her bald box. She had heard about naughty piss games and even seen some of it in a dirty European porn movie her friend Skye had shown her once, and she wondered if she could convince her parents to try it with her some time. The thought made her shudder with pleasure.

Stacy then lathered up her pubic area and used one of her mom’s new lady razors to shave off the slight stubble that had grown since the last time she shaved, leaving her mound completely smooth and hairless. As she ran her fingers over her freshly shaved twat, she wondered how many times her dad had fucked her mom in this very shower cubicle. She vowed to try it with him sooner or later.

After shaving her legs, underarms and washing her gorgeous blonde hair, Stacy finally stopped the shower and dried herself off with her dad’s huge bath towel. Skipping down the hallway to her room with her hair in a towel she entered her own bedroom.

Standing in front of her wardrobe, the horny teen stepped into a pair of tight pink panties and was surprised how good it felt when she pulled them up tight against her smooth crotch. Since last night, it seemed that everything she did made her feel sexy.

“Fuck! My pussy is still not satisfied. It loves all the attention it has been getting, and it wants to be played with all the time!” Stacy decided as she rubbed her wet cunt lips through the silky material of her panties.

Slipping on an impossibly tight white tank top and a short red miniskirt that came to just below her panty crotch, she studied her image in the mirror. She was suitably impressed! Her nipples were harder than diamonds and they showed prominently through the thin tank top.

“I even look sexier now! Maybe I am as hot as daddy says I am,” thought Stacy.

Horny as all get up, Stacy thought about what to do that day. She immediately thought of her best friend Skye, who lived next door. She knew Skye would love to hear about what she had been up to, and so she decided to go next door to Skye’s house.

Stacy knew that Skye’s parents were out of town until next week, and her sexy brother Boyd was spending a couple of days at his equally sexy friend Tim’s house. So, she knew she had all the time in the world to let her friend know all about her wild introduction to sex.

When the doorbell rang, Skye was really happy to see Stacy because she was bored from being home alone. Being the lazy morning type, she hadn’t dressed yet and was still in the oversized white T-shirt and pale blue panties she had slept in. Skye was a well-built young girl with long, shapely legs merging into her tight round ass. Her high, firm breasts needed no bra to support them.

Remembering how her mother’s tongue felt in her pussy this morning caused Stacy to look at her friend from a different viewpoint. She caught herself staring at Skye’s breasts and at the juncture of her thighs where her panty covered pussy peeped from beneath the shirt.

“Oh Skye,” she breathed “I have so much to tell you about. A lot has happened to me since I saw you last.”

“Tell me all about it.” Skye replied. “Let’s go to my room so I can dress while I’m listening.” She led the way up the stairs, and Stacy followed, eying Skye’s firm little butt swaying back and forth in her tight blue panties. She let Skye get a little ahead so she could see her cotton covered pussy between her legs as they climbed the stairs. The hot feelings in her own pussy as she felt the lips rubbing together while she climbed the stairs made her want to get Skye hot too.

Flopping on Skye’s bed, she started describing how her daddy had come into her room last night and played with her body. Skye had pulled her t-shirt off over her head, uncovering her firm round breasts. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open as she listened to Stacy’s story. She dropped the shirt to the floor and sprawled in a chair beside the bed, listening intently.

As Stacy continued her story of how her daddy had fondled her breasts and pussy, Skye felt warm tremors in her crotch and began to squirm in the chair. Copious amounts of sticky cunt cream began to seep from her aroused vagina into the crotch of her panties. She imagined the feelings that Stacy’s father must have caused as he played with Stacy’s body, and it was beginning to excite her own pussy very much.

When Stacy told how good it felt when her dad slipped his fingers under her panties, Skye could feel her breasts swelling and her nipples tightening. Stacy described the irresistible desire that surged through her body as she felt her father’s fingers spreading her gravy all over her pussy. Skye’s pussy was tingling, and she began to squeeze her thighs together to heighten the

“Daddy never tried anything like that with me,” Skye said. “But my brother Boyd is always trying to peek at me when I am undressed. Once he even took a picture of me as I got out of the shower!” she recalled with a tinge of sexual excitement. “He pretended there was no film in the camera, but I peeked in his room a few times and saw him looking at the picture while he plays with himself.”

Stacy told Skye about spotting her mother playing with her own hairy pussy in the hall while she watched daddy slip Stacy’s panties off and put his tongue deep into her pussy. She went into detail describing the feelings his tongue caused as it licked her clit and darted into her slippery pussy. Skye’s excitement rose until Stacy got to the point where her daddy slid his stiff cock into her slippery teenage cunt bareback, it was almost more than she could bear.

“Oh fuck, REALLY! You let him fuck you in the pussy without a rubber? Did he cum inside you? Skye panted, her snatch drooling with fuck lust.

Stacy decided to be as lewd and dirty as possible to really turn her horny friend on.

“Fuck yes! He was gonna pull out before he came, but I got so fucking horny I begged him to get me pregnant,” she said, grinning at Skye sexily.

“I guess the thought of making a baby in his little girl, and the feeling of my tight little pussy around his dick did it, cos’ he lost it and blew all of his sticky white daddy nut up my unprotected cunt. It felt fucking amazing!” Stacy giggled, playing with her engorged clit. Skye gasped out loud.

“Oh shit! Are you on the pill or something?” she asked, suddenly concerned about her friend.

“Nope! Totally unprotected and fertile,” Stacy said with a huge grin.

Stacy lay back on the bed and pulled off her pink undies, flipping up her red miniskirt and spreading her bald pussy lips apart as wide as she could. Skye actually drooled from her mouth at the sight, and a jolt of sexual excitement blasted through her body at the thought of her best friend getting knocked up. Swinging her legs apart, Skye gave in to the hot feelings in her throbbing cunt and dropped her hand between her thighs.

“Jesus, I just have to rub my pussy a little. Your story is getting me so hot I can’t sit still!” Skye spread her fingers over the crotch of her wet panties and began squeezing her cunt through the silky material.

Stacy was getting pretty aroused too. Retelling last night’s events and watching Skye’s excited behaviour was making Stacy’s pussy throb too. She rose from the bed and slipped off her top and skirt, standing gloriously nude in front of her best friend.

“Skye, watching you play with your pussy is making me hot too babe,” Stacy said. She knew Skye was staring at her crotch and she deliberately slid forward to the edge of the bed, spreading her thighs as she moved. Her hips begin to thrust her pussy against her hand as she squeezed it harder in her excitement.

“Oh Stacy, tell me more about how it felt to get fucked! Thinking about the things you’re describing is driving me wild. I just HAVE to get a dick in my cunt soon!” Skye moaned. She was openly staring at Stacy’s swollen red pussy lips protruding on each side of the panty crotch. She was visualizing that big cock sliding between those puffy lips, totally bare and condomless.

Skye started squeezing her breasts and teasing the nipples with her fingertips as her other hand continued to stimulate her pussy. Stacy watched as Skye’s fingers drove deeper and deeper in her crotch until she had most of the crotch of her pink panties shoved into her slit. Skye’s pussy lips were swollen and sticking out on both sides of the soaked, silky material.

“You’re doing just like Mommy did in the hall while she watched Daddy fuck me!”

She told Skye how they all climaxed at the same time, and how her mother had slipped back to her room before Daddy noticed her there. She even told Skye how he had kissed her cum filled pussy before he left, and how she hoped she had conceived a baby in her womb.

Skye was slumped down in her chair frantically playing with her pussy, and her eyes were almost glazed from staring at Stacy’s pussy. She could see the panties rubbing between her lips and against Stacy’s swollen clit. She could imagine the feelings that must have surged through Stacy’s mother’s cunt when she watched her husband’s condomless cock plunging into her daughter’s bald pussy.

Stacy knew she had excited Skye to the point where she could do anything she wanted to her. She rose from the bed and walked slowly toward Skye, enjoying the sensations she felt when her slippery pussy lips slid back and forth. Reaching Skye, she bent and placed her hand over Skye’s. She drove Skye’s fingers deeper into her crotch. She smeared Skye’s juices all over her pussy, then raised her own hand to her mouth and licked Skye’s juices from her fingers.

Skye lay helpless in the chair, thrusting her pussy hard against her fingers. Thrills shot through her excited young body as she watched Stacy licking the juices from her fingers. She felt Stacy take her hands and tug her to her feet, placing her arms around Stacy’s waist. Stacy’s arms encircled her waist and, her hands grasped her butt pulling her close until their breasts, bellies and thighs were pressed tightly together.

Stacy forced her leg between Skye’s thighs and against her mound. Skye sagged so her pussy was rubbing on Stacy’s thigh. It felt so good she almost collapsed to the floor, but Stacy supported her, and she heard Stacy’s voice in her ear.

“If you want to hear what happened this morning in my mom’s room you will have to do me a favour,” Stacy whispered.

“Anything you want, Stacy.” Skye gasped. “Looking at your pussy and listening to you talk has got my pussy so hot I can hardly stand it. I know how your mother must have felt last night watching you trying to make a baby with your dad. I almost wish Boyd were here to look at my pussy right now. I’d even let him fuck the shit out of me, without a rubber!” she panted.

Pleased and excited by Skye’s response, Stacy slid Skye’s panties off. She took Skye’s arm and guided her down to the floor stretching her out on the carpet. Skye’s legs were spread apart, and Stacy got a full view of her slippery, excited pussy. She had a very light covering of blonde peach fuzz on her mound, and the lips were so swollen they held her pussy open like a pink rose. Stacy stepped forward straddling her waist and lowered herself until her knees were on either side of Skye’s body and her pussy was close to her face.

Stacy began to tell Skye how she had slipped into her parents’ room and seen her mother’s shaved pussy through the transparent panties of her nightie. As she described how she had started caressing it while her mother slept, and how the lips swelled under her fingers, she reached back and started running her fingers over Skye’s pussy. Stacy told Skye how her mother’s pussy moved against her hand, making her get excited and recklessly slip her finger into her sleeping mother’s cunt.

Stacy’s pussy was so close to her face, Skye could study it in great detail as Stacy talked. The outer lips were adorned with a light covering of fine reddish hair. She ran her fingers lightly over them and watched them swell until they were puffy looking. Gradually they spread open all by themselves, and Skye could see the inner lips and the entrance to Stacy’s vagina.

She slipped her finger between the lips and rubbed it around as Stacy told how she had overcome her mother’s initial resistance when she woke and found Stacy playing with her pussy. Skye could see Stacy’s clitoris near the top of her slit, and she gently rubbed it with the tip of her finger.

“Oh Skye, that feels so good,” Stacy sighed. “But now I want you to do it with your tongue.”

Skye hesitated momentarily, but then she felt Stacy’s finger slipping deeper into her pussy. It felt so good as it slid in and out, she started licking Stacy’s pussy. She started rubbing Stacy’s love button with the tip of her tongue.

Drawing her legs up, Skye spread her thighs, and pumped her pussy against Stacy’s hand. Raising her head, she drove her tongue deep into Stacy’s cunt. Stacy reacted immediately. She stopped in the middle of telling how she had tongued her mother’s slit and slid forward mashing her pussy against Skye’s mouth and humped against her face. She squeezed Skye’s pussy tightly with her hand and drove her finger deeper between the juicy lips.

Stacy’s finger was sending waves of ecstasy through Skye, and her pussy was humping frantically against Stacy’s hand. She grabbed Stacy’s hips in her hands to draw her close and began rapidly fucking Stacy’s pussy with her tongue. She thrust her tongue into Stacy’s cunt, and then spread it flat on her pussy and licked the lips from bottom to top, rubbing her taste buds over Stacy’s swollen clit.

They were both so engrossed in the extreme pleasure they were feeling they didn’t realize that Boyd had come home and was peeking around the door. He had planned to stay at Tim’s longer, but Tim’s girlfriend had showed up and wanted Tim to shag her, so Boyd packed up and came home. When he entered the house, he threw down his bag and sneaked up the stairs thinking Skye might still be sprawled on her bed asleep. He was hoping to get another peek at his older sister’s sexy body.

Boyd had just turned seventeen, and still hadn’t had much luck with the girls. Most of the ones he knew were interested in the older guys that had cars. He watched a shitload of porn though, and he always got off on the horny unprotected sex on the screen. The scenes he loved the most were the ones where the girls had shaved slots, got fucked without a rubber and where the guy or guys came inside the girl. He knew from his sex-ed classes that cumming inside was risky, and that turned him on.

As he approached Skye’s room, he heard noises and noticed the door was ajar, so he stepped very softly. He could hardly believe his eyes when he peered carefully around the door. He was looking directly at his sister’s cunt. She was lying naked on the floor near the door with her legs drawn up and her knees spread out, her pussy spread so wide that he could see right up her pink baby channel.

Boyd had never seen a pussy wide open like that before, and it really excited him. Skye’s pretty friend Stacy was also naked and was straddling his sister’s breasts with her back toward Boyd. Neither girl could see him. Stacy’s had her hand on Skye’s crotch, and he could see the finger plunging into his sister’s juicy, open pussy. Skye was making fucking motions with her hips to drive the finger deeper. He knew Stacy’s pussy must be right in his sister’s face and from the motions he was sure Skye was fucking Stacy’s pussy with her tongue.

Even in his dreams, Boyd had never imagined seeing his sister like this, and it made his cock throb wildly in his jeans. Stacy was pushing her pussy against his sister’s mouth, her red hair swaying as she moved. He could hear the girls moaning as they stimulated each other’s pussies. Boyd grabbed at his throbbing cock through his pants and squeezed it hard.

Boyd had masturbated many times after only catching glimpses of Skye’s panties or breasts. Now her naked pussy was spread wide only a few feet from him, and he could see every detail as Stacy’s fingers slid in and out all slippery with his sister’s gravy. He wanted to pull out his cock and jerk off right there, but he was afraid of getting caught. He decided to watch a few more seconds and then go to his room to play with himself.

The girls were both oblivious to anything but the wonderful sexual feelings building in their pussies, so they were still unaware of Boyd’s watchful eyes. Skye planted her feet solidly on the floor and used her hips to rapidly shove her pussy against those wonderful fucking fingers of Stacy’s hand, driving them deeper into her drooling cunt. Her actions drove the base of Stacy’s thumb between her lips so that it pressed directly on her clit and slid rapidly back and forth over the little bud. Her head rolled to the side, and she gasped.

“My pussy’s going to cum all over your fingers, Stacy. Rub me hard!” In that same instant she caught sight of Boyd watching them with a dreamy look on his face as he squeezed the cock that was bulging in his jeans. In her excited condition it thrilled her tremendously to feel her brother’s eyes on her pussy. As she saw him turning to go to his room, she squealed “Fuck my pussy, Stacy, fuck it hard with your fingers.”

Her mouth went back to Stacy’s pussy, and she pulled it against her face until her nose was rubbing against Stacy’s clitoris while her tongue was buried deeply in Stacy’s cunt. She swirled her tongue around Stacy’s cunt sucking her juices into her mouth. Visions of Boyd hand stroking his cock in his room floated through her mind and excited her even more.

Skye’s renewed vigour pushed Stacy to the very edge of an orgasm that was building deep in her pelvis. Her Hips began to vibrate rapidly causing her super-sensitive clit to rub over Skye’s nose sending shock waves of intense feelings shooting through her pussy.

Skye felt Stacy’s fingers plunging in and out of her cunt stretching it wide. Stacy’s thumb was rubbing and pinching Skye’s button, making her hump wildly against it as she approached her climax. Both girls explosively climaxed simultaneously, bucking their cunts against each other and squealing in ecstasy.

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