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Filthy Family – Chapter Four (mff, Incest, Unsafe, Impreg, Bro/sis, Teen 14y)

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Stacy encourages Skye to fuck her brother, and it doesn’t take much convincing. A wild and unsafe incestuous fuck ensues.

When their spasms subsided, the two lesbian lovers lay on the floor gently stroking each other’s hair. Skye remembered her brother spying on them and looked at Stacy with bemusement.

“Stacy, Boyd came home while we were having sex. He was in the hall rubbing his cock and watching us do each other. I think he has gone to his room to play with his

“Fuck. Do you think he might tell?” Stacy asked.

“Maybe. What should we do?” Skye wondered.

“Hmm. Maybe if I go to his room and catch him beating off, he won’t dare to squeal,” Stacy said as she rose and headed for the hall.

In his haste to get to his room and jack off, Boyd had swung his door closed but didn’t think to lock it. He had hurriedly pulled off his clothes and dropped to the bed stroking his hard, throbbing cock while picturing his sister eating Stacy’s pussy and Stacy’s finger pumping in Skye’s cunt.

His cock seemed bigger and harder than he had ever seen it before. The swollen head was ruby red in its excited state. He wet his fingers with saliva and rubbed them over the head. He twitched from the sensations his fingers caused as he rubbed the underside of the head. Visions of fingers and tongues plunging into juicy young pussies ran through his mind, and he began to make short fast strokes with his hand wrapped around his sensitive cock.

Just as he felt his bloated balls tightening in preparation for shooting his semen into the air, the
door swung wide and Stacy stepped into the room. His hand stopped in mid-stroke, and he lay there clutching his prick and feeling very embarrassed.

Stacy stood there for a minute, gloriously naked, enjoying the sight of his hand on his swollen cock. Her hair fell with a light curl to near her shoulders. Her firm breasts jutted forward, and the rosy little nipples were still swollen. Her left hand played with a curl in her hair for a moment and then fell toward her crotch. Her fingers toyed with her mound and puffy pussy lips. Her hairless pussy was still wet from her juices and from Skye’s mouth.

Boyd was stunned by her sudden appearance and before he could recover, she walked over to him swinging her hips sexily, and sat on the bed. She reached out and took Boyd’s dick in her hand squeezing it slightly. It began to swell even bigger and harder. She smiled at him as she felt his cock throb in her hand.

“This is going to be fun,” Stacy thought as a better idea of how to keep Boyd from telling came to mind.

“Have you been spying on us, Boyd?” Stacy asked teasingly. “Did you get hot seeing your sister lick my pussy while I finger fucked her? Did your cock throb when you squeezed it the way it is throbbing when I do?”

Boyd had never been this close to a naked girl, and his cock had never been fondled by a girl before. He couldn’t find his voice, so he just smiled sheepishly at Stacy and vigorously nodded his head. Stacy gave him a wonderful sexy smile and began to slowly stroke his hard on.

She lifted Boyd’s sperm filled balls in her hand and lightly squeezed them. She took his hand and placed it on her breasts to let him feel them. Her nipple was poking into his palm, so Boyd gently rubbed and twisted it. She seemed to like that, and she lay back with her head toward his feet, still grasping his cock in her warm hand.

Stacy swung her legs up to the bed rolling on to her side facing Boyd. She raised her upper leg, opening her crotch to him. She slid her hand down her slim frame to her wet pussy, opening the lips as wide as she could with her fingers so he could see the pink flesh of her vagina.

“Can you see in there Boyd? See all the way inside me? That’s my baby maker, Boyd. It’s designed to please boys’ dicks and make babies. Do you like it?” she said sexily. Boyd just gasped, lost for words as his cock twitched with the uncontrollable biological urge to mate.

Giggling at the power she had over him, Stacy slid his hand from her breasts slowly down over her belly to her bald teenage cunt. Her hand guided his fingers over her pussy and into her slippery slit. Boyd began sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy. Her juices quickly lubricated his fingers making it easier to shove them deeper into her cunt.

She switched hands and stroked his cock faster and faster as she felt him finger fucking her hot little pussy. It was too much for him and his dick exploded, shooting sticky white baby juice all over his belly and onto Stacy’s perky little tits.

As he came, Boyd heard a gasping sound. Looking toward the door he saw Skye standing there clutching her firm breasts. She had on her a pair of her skimpiest panties but was otherwise naked.

For a moment they were silent as they stared at each other. Then Skye walked over to the bed and stood looking down at Stacy and Boyd. His fingers were still in Stacy’s pussy, and she was gently rocking against them.

Skye could see the droplets of spunk on Stacy’s breasts and on his belly. Still not saying anything she knelt beside the bed, pulled his hand from Stacy’s cunt and sucked the juices from her brother’s fingers, one by one. She then moved down and licked Boyd’s teenage semen from Stacy’s breasts paying particular attention to the rising nipples.

Boyd felt wonderful sensations in his prick and looking down saw Stacy licking the sperm from the head of his cock, much as Skye was doing to her breasts. Boyd’s excitement increased when Stacy slipped her mouth over the head and began to suck it into her throat.

Rising from her knees, Skye drew her brother’s hand to her pantied crotch and began to rub his fingers over her pussy,

“Boyd, you’re always trying to peek up my skirt or at my titties and pussy. Isn’t feeling my pussy even better? Is this what you have been wanting to do all this time?” she taunted.

Boyd happily nodded his head as she continued pressing his fingers into her crotch. He could feel her panties getting warm and wet, and he loved the silky feel of them sliding over her pussy. He could still feel Stacy’s mouth sucking on his cock.

Wanting to excite her brother even more, Skye started humming a sexy tune, and bending her knees slightly, she began to bump and grind at him like a stripper while mashing his hand tightly against her cunt. Enjoying Skye’s pretence, Boyd started chanting.

“Take it off, Sis! Take it all off. Show me your hot little pussy!”

Skye dropped his hand and stepped back a bit. Spreading her legs apart for a better stance she swung her hips and threw her pussy at him like a pro. Boyd had a great view of her silky crotch. She slid her panties down one hip and then the other, teasing, but not revealing too much.

Stacy had stopped sucking Boyd’s cock to watch Skye, but she kept up a slow stroking action with her hand. She soon realized Skye was stimulating herself as much as she was exciting her brother with her teasing dance. Her pussy lips were so swollen they stuck out and her panties stretched like a pouch over them. When she thrust her hips toward Boyd, and Stacy could see the
wetness in her crotch from her flowing juices.

Skye hands ran down her legs and back up the inside of her thighs caressing her pussy as they reached it, before moving on to her breasts. She squeezed a breast in each hand, so the swollen nipples jutted out at her brother. Her efforts to tease her brother were making her hotter than ever. In her excitement, she was doing things for Boyd that she had never dreamed of doing in front of anyone. The more she did to tease her brother, the wilder she got because she was exciting herself as much or more than she was exciting him.

Feeling Stacy’s and her brother’s eyes following her sexy actions made her pussy throb and she felt her gravy flowing between the lips. She swung around with her back to them and raised to her toes to emphasize her sexy legs. Bending way over, she tugged her panties up into her crack, and wiggled her ass at Boyd so he could see the panties slip between her pussy lips.

She then slid her panties down her legs and off her feet. Still shaking her ass at them, she lifted the panties to her crotch and stuffed them into her pussy, sopping up her juices.

Stacy and Boyd had a great rear view of Skye’s excited pussy. They were fascinated as she spread her legs wide and pushed the panties into her pussy. They watched her rubbing the panties over her pussy. She then pulled them out and turned to drop them over Boyd’s face.

“Sniff your sister’s pussy, Boyd. Suck my fuck gravy from my panties.” Boyd excitedly pulled the panties to his mouth and licked the juicy crotch panel, tasting the musky essence of his sister’s arousal.

Watching him closely, Skye slowly slid her hands up the inside of her sexy thighs toward her crotch. Stacy felt Boyd’s cock jump in her hand when he saw his sister’s hands reach her pussy and saw her lean back spreading the lips wide with her fingers. She stretcher her vagina as wide as she could, allowing Boyd to see all the way to her winking little cervical opening.

“Here it is for you, Boyd. You have been trying to peek at my pussy for a long time. Now that I’m hot enough to enjoy showing it to you, how do you like it?”

“It makes me fucking hard having you spread your cunt for me sis, and I hope you will let me see it more often from now on. I hope you will let me do more than just look. Your pussy looks like it wants me to do more than just look at it.” He realized how exciting it was to Skye to be exhibiting her pussy for him. Her juices were flowing over her fingers as she held the entrance to her reproductive system open for his excited gaze.

Boyd’s took Skye’s hand and pulled her to the bed. She climbed over him and Stacy to lay with her pussy near his head. As he turned his head to look at her pussy, she pulled his head down between her spread thighs.

“I want you to do a lot more than just look, Boyd. I want you to eat my pussy like I was doing for Stacy when you were peeking at us.” Skye moaned.

Boyd kissed her pussy and ran his tongue all over her lips, enjoying the slightly salty taste and musky smell of her pussy. He suddenly felt two tongues licking his cock as Skye and Stacy embraced over it. He slid his hand between Stacy’s thighs and began finger fucking her as he tongued his sister’s cunt.

Skye shuddered as she felt her brother’s tongue probing deep in her pussy, and she began bucking against his mouth. His chin was rubbing her clitoris and driving her crazy. She never knew she could get so hot just thinking about having her own brother’s tongue in her pussy.

Skye could feel Boyd exploring it thoroughly with his tongue, and her excitement surged when she realized that her brother was the first boy to get into her panties.

Skye watched Stacy slip her mouth over the swollen ruby head of Boyd’s cock and start sucking it harder as his fingers plunged into her pussy. She saw him raising his loins to drive his cock deeper into Stacy’s throat. She thought Stacy would gag but saw her head tilt to let it slide into her throat.

Amazed, Skye watched Boyd fucking Stacy’s throat as though it were a tight pussy. Skye imagined how brother’s cock would feel if it were sliding into her pussy the way it was doing in Stacy’s throat.

Boyd was breathing hard, and his head lay on his sister’s thigh. He occasionally flicked his tongue over her swollen clit. He watched the girls licking his cock and then pressing their lips together in a passionate kiss. Stacy was still stroking his cock to keep it

“I want to fuck him,” Stacy whispered to Skye. The girls giggled with excitement.

“He’s my brother, and we’re the virgins here. I think my pussy should be the first to feel my brother’s cock,” Skye decided.

Her own words surprised and excited her. Watching his cock sliding into Stacy’s throat had made her imagine how it would feel pumping into her cunt. She wanted very much to fuck her brother and feel his cock stretching her pussy as it did Stacy’s throat. Rising to her knees she straddled Boyd’s hips. Stacy’s hand guided his cock to her pussy, rubbing it against her love button.

“Hold on sis, shit! I’ve got a rubber in my wallet,” Boyd said, remembering sex-ed and the lecture his dad had given him about fucking. Skye was having none of it though.

“No way bro! I want my first fuck to be totally unprotected. I want to feel every inch of your beautiful cock, and I want to feel your’ hot cum in my pussy. We are NOT using a rubber!” she demanded.

Boyd’s dick got even harder at the thought of doing what those dirty fuckers did in the porn movies, fucking without condoms.

“Shit okay. But what if you get pregnant?” he asked.

“Then so be it! It would be so fucking perverted it makes me hot thinking about it!” Skye squealed. Boyd gave in and rubbed his purple cock knob all over her cunt crack.

Stacy got excited watching Skye’s juices oozing over her brother’s cock, and she rubbed it between the lips until it was well lubricated. Holding his cock at the entrance to Skye’s cunt, Stacy pressed Skye’s hips down until the head of Boyd’s cock slipped into his sister’s virgin channel. She could almost feel it in her own pussy as she watched it slide in.

Skye felt Boyd’s cock stretching her pussy as it slipped in and bumped into her hymen. She started rising and lowering her hips over him, thinking of the way Boyd had plunged his cock into Stacy’s throat. She wanted to feel it slide deep in her pussy but was afraid it would hurt when it tore through her hymen. Boyd waited until she started down over the head, then thrust his cock up at his sister’s pussy.

She felt his cock tear through as it ripped her hymen to shreds and plunged deep into her belly. The pain was only momentary and the wonderful feeling of his cock stretching her pussy the same way it had stretched Stacy’s throat made her forget the hurt. Her brother’s cock fucking deep in her pussy felt even better than she had imagined. The feelings deep in her pussy were new and wonderful. She understood why Stacy had enjoyed her dad’s cock so much.

Placing her hands on Boyd’s hips she began making long slow strokes up and down his prick revelling in the feeling it caused as the swollen head slipped over the ridges in her unprotected vagina. Bottoming out mashed her clitoris against his hairy pubic bone and sent more tremors through her pussy. Skye rotated her hips to increase the feelings surging through her clit.

Just knowing he was the first boy to have his cock in Skye’s pussy was enough to cause Boyd great excitement, but the fact that it was bareback drove him wild. The feelings in the head of his cock as the tight folds of her slippery vagina slipped over it left him breathless with pleasure. He was content to lie there and let his sister fuck him into oblivion.

Stacy was fingering her own pussy as she watched them. Her fingers and her pussy were flooded with her juices. Boyd watched as she reached up and spread her juices over Skye’s nipples until they were all slippery. He watched as Stacy rubbed, twisted and pulled on Skye’s nipples making them swell even more. He knew Skye was enjoying the added stimulation because she was fucking his cock harder than before, slamming her pussy against him.

Stacy’s hand dropped to Skye’s pussy and her fingers slipped into the slit to find her love button. She caught Skye’s clit between her slippery fingertips and begin to roll and squeeze it. She felt Skye hips jerking trying to get away from the intense new sensation, but Stacy’s fingers followed her pussy as it slid up and down Boyd’s cock, driving her wild.

Skye dropped her hips, so her brother’s cock was buried deep in her cunt and began to fuck it with wild abandon. She felt the muscles deep in her pussy spasm.

Stacy rolled her clitoris between her fingertips, watching Boyd making wild love to his sister. This was real sex, real incest, real mating. Boy and girl, brother and sister, cock and cunt, sperm and egg. She shuddered at the totally erotic thought, frigging her creamy cunt madly.

Boyd felt Skye’s pussy squeezing and milking his cock. He never knew girls had muscles like that in their pussies. The pulsating muscles made the pussy tighter and caused the vaginal folds to snap over the head of his cock sending thrilling sensations through his balls. He could no longer lay still, and he started throwing his hips up driving his pelvis against his sister’s pussy, matching her stroke for stroke, until she squealed in orgasmic lust.

“FUCK! Cumming! I’m cumming, Boyd! Cum with me!” She spat lewdly. Her toes curled as a huge orgasm ripped through her, sticky girl juice squirting out of her bare cunt lips and oozing out around her brother’s naked cock. She squealed in perverted lust.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum too sis!” Boyd growled, his dick slick with their combined sex fluids.

“Cum in her pussy! Don’t pull out!” Stacy said, her pussy soaked with cunt gravy. Her words gave Skye a shiver of perverted lust as she thought about getting pregnant from this wild forbidden fuck.

“Ooo do you wanna do it Boyd? Cum in my pussy? You want to get your slutty sister pregnant?” Skye grinned sexily. She could see it was turning Boyd on and she took it even further.

“Do it Boyd! Blow your sticky baby making load deep inside my tight cunt! Give me your fucking sperm and make me pregnant!” she screamed, juices still squirting from her cunt and oozing out over her brother’s sperm filled nuts as she came again. This was the most perverted scenario Boyd could have ever imagined, and at that moment he wanted nothing more than to breed with his cute sister. His semen boiled in his balls, the teenage sperm cells ready and waiting to go on their fertilization mission. He felt the tingle in his balls.

“Oh yeah? You want a fucking incest kid in your belly? Well here comes your baby!” he shouted.

His balls drew up in his sack and the sticky baby juice raced up his urethra, bursting forth in a creamy white fountain of spermy fluid to splatter wetly against his sister’s tiny cervix. Boyd howled with the intensity of his release, burying his penis to the hilt in his sister’s tight, hairless vagina and mashing their pubic bones together hard as he ejaculated ropes of sticky semen into her ripe and fertile womb.

Skye fell forward on Boyd’s chest, hugging her brother tightly as she felt his spunk squirting into her pussy. She wanted to be pregnant so badly, and as she thought about all those little sperm swimming toward her egg she climaxed again, her pussy clutching his cock in its tight grip trying to squeeze him dry. She reached down and squeezed his swollen balls, wanting every last drop of the juicy seed they contained in her ovulating womb.

Finally, the semen supply ran dry, and Skye hugged her brother tightly, deep French kissing him passionately. As his dick slipped from her cum filled snatch, she made no effort to close her legs, giving Stacy an unobstructed view of the sticky white baby making fluid leaking from her swollen vagina.

As the two incestuous lovers lay together, kissing and cuddling in the afterglow of their mating, thousands of Boyd’s sperm cells surrounded a tiny egg that was just starting its journey down her left fallopian tube after being released by her ovary early that morning. Before Boyd had even pulled his deflating dick from her snatch, Skye was pregnant with a baby boy who would be both her brother and her son. She would not know it for several weeks yet, but she and her brother were about to become parents.

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