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Dyke made me fuck her (13yrs old)

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I’m 13, only seen my little sister naked before. This very rough woman made me fuck her

I guess I could say i was raped, though I’m a 13 year old and it was a woman who raped me. I didnt’ say anything about it. She was really rough looking, about 5ft. 9 inches tall, pretty chubby. She saw me and started talking to me. Eventually she followed me to the back of this abandoned house. On the second floor i had it set up with all the things I needed as a clubhouse. It was there she stripped naked and told me to do the same. I was just staring at her hairy pussy and her big tits. Then she slapped me and ordered me to strip too. I did, I was scared as she asked if I’d ever fucked anyone before. I told her no, she asked if I’d seen naked pussy and tits before. I told her I’d seen my little sister, but not since she was about 7. Then she asked more and I confessed to spying on my mom when she’s changing or in the bathroom. I had to describe my moms body to her and she was rubbing her hairy pussy while I did it.

Then she sat on the edge of the couch in the room, and made me kneel down between her legs. She spread open her pussy and made me lick her clit. After I had to suck on her inner pussy lips and her pussy hole. She asked me if I’d ever seen a pussy this close up before. I hadn’t. Had I felt one before and I told her about me and my sister feeling each other, and the one time I touched my moms pussy when she was sleeping. She very roughly made me lay on the couch and sucked my cock till I shot off in her mouth. I thought that was over but she stayed and after a while made me rub her pussy while she rubbed my butt, me not on my belly lying down. She licked my butthole a lot, even putting her tongue in it then her finger. That hurt a lot but she didn’t stop. She kept going for at least 30 minutes eventually getting 3 of her fat fingers in my little bottom. At that she stopped, rolled me over and started laughing at me because I must have liked it my cock was hard. She pulled me to the floor on my back and sat on top of me. She took my hands and showed me what to do to her nipples while she rode on my cock. I exploded in probably 20 minutes. Again, thinking it would be over, she sat on the couch and pulled me to her pussy again. She made me lick her pussy clean saying her girlfriend wouldn’t like the taste of my cum. I had to clean it all out of her and not spill any, then in the meantime make sure she came. She came three times from my tongue, then rolled over and made me lick her butthole. Reaching back around she got me hard and told me to fuck her in her ass.

With my cum in her butt she got dressed, and took my under pants with her as a souvenir of the virgin she fucked. She warned me to watch out for her, if she caught me out her again, it would happen again. She’d rape me and it would be me getting buttfucked. I stayed out there every day for three weeks and never saw her again.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    A wonderful experience for you. Yes, I guess you were raped, but I’d say it was worth it. Strange woman though!