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Dolly’s Uncle

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Dolly’s Uncle teaches her everything she needs to know.

This is my story about how my Uncle and I became lovers. It started at 10 years old.

Ever since I was born, I have been extremely close to my Uncle. He is independently wealthy so he did not have to be at a 9-5 job. Before I was even in preschool he offered to watch me while my parents worked. Once I started school he would take me in the mornings and pick me up after school.
I remember having strange feelings for him even in kindergarten. I always felt so safe and content with him and we always had so much fun. He would always hold my hand and rub my back to fall asleep. We liked being attached when we were together. But he was always a perfect gentleman. Took great care of me, dentist and Dr. appts. He was kind of like my nanny until I was 16.
The first time anything happened I was 10. I got in his car after school and asked him where he got my nickname Dolly. Everyone in the family called me that now and since he gave me the name, I figured he was the person to ask. I remember he turned bright red and stuttered a bit. This was such a strange reaction from this handsome late 30’s 6’4” man. He was always so cool and confident all I could do was put my hand on his leg and ask what was wrong.
He said to me “Dolly baby, its a little embarrassing and I don’t think you are ready to hear why I started calling you that.”
His answer made me even more confused. I gave him my best puppy dog eyes and begged him while pushing out my lower lip. He smiled and told me that he hates when I do that cause I knew he couldn’t say no when I did that.
He went on to tell me the story of one night on a family camping trip, he and my other Uncle got very drunk and came to check on me and a cousin in our tent. He asked me if I remembered that night and I did. I remember the unzipping tent and turning on the lantern. When his face popped through I gave him a big smile and asked if they wanted to cuddle. I quickly fell asleep in my uncle’s arms and don’t remember anything else.
My uncle went on to explain that later, him and my other uncle were talking and both commented on how tiny and cute I was and that my big eyes and lips made me look like a certain kind of doll. I asked him what kind of doll is that? Again he got nervous and said “I will tell you but you cannot tell anyone. Ok?” I replied “ Of course, I love our secrets.”
“I do to my beautiful dolly baby” that made me giggle.
“Ok I am going to tell you. We both agreed you look like a tiny sex doll. You are so tiny and perfect with your big blue eyes and long blonde hair.”
“A sex doll? What does that mean?”
“Dolly, do you know what sex is?”
“No. Will you tell me? Please please please.?”
“Well sex is where babies coming from.”
“ How do babies come from sex.”
“Okay, I will explain it but again promise me you will never tell anyone I told you.”
I promised him again and again. “Ok baby, when we get back I will explain it to you.”
Our drive continued with our innocent flirting, while I was oblivious to it all. His hand rubbing my legs so sweetly. I didn’t know why it felt good when he touched me or that it was sexual. I only knew I liked it.
When finally got home and he came around and opened my door, as he always did, then picked me up to carry me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed. He loved to carry me like that many places. I was only 4’7 at 10 and maybe weighed 75lbs. I was tiny and I know he loved my size.

We went into the house and he sat on the couch, me still attached to him with my legs wrapped. He looked so lovingly into my eyes I remember thinking how much I loved him.
“So, you want to know about sex.” He cleared his throat and brushed my long hair back over my shoulder as I smiled at him excited to learn something new. “Well, Dolly, sex is when a man puts his penis into a girls kitty and moves it in and out until magic juice comes out into the girls womb, then the girl releases an egg and the special juice turns the egg into the baby. Do you understand?”
I looked at him confused. “Why would any girl let a man put his penis into her kitty?”
“Because Dolly it feels really really good.”
“ Did you put your penis in Auntie Carol to make Jason?” Jason was my 17 year old cousin. He was and still is gorgeous like my uncle. Super tall, muscular and tan with gorgeous blonde hair.
“Yes, that is how we made Jason. And Dolly, two people who love eachother or want to show they love eachother might have sex even if they aren’t making a baby.”
“Do you have sex for fun?”
“I used to, until Auntie Carol moved out last year.”
“What do you do for fun sex now?”
“Well baby, I take care of it myself or with someone else.”
“Thats neat so is a sex doll instead of a real girl?”
“Yes and you look like one, you are tiny, sweet, amazing lips…”
As he went on talking about sex dolls and girls and boys, I felt something starting to push against my crotch. I knew a mans penis gets hard but didn’t know why. I wiggled my hips a little as he talked and I saw his eyes roll back and he bit his lip.
“Dolly you can’t do that.”
“Do what?” I acted innocent
“Wiggle like that when you are on my lap.” He then moved me onto the couch next to him and started to get up.
“Well, honey, I am going to take a nap alone today. I will be out in 30 minutes to help with your homework.”
“Ok” I told him. He leaned down and gave me a kiss on the lips. This was normal in my family for the men. My Dad and two uncles kissed their mother and father that way everytime. Grandpa kissed the granddaughters that way as well. Sometimes they lingered… never thought anything of it though.
He left and I sat in my catholic school uniform doing my homework. After about 10 minutes I thought I heard my uncle calling my name along with a woman’s moans. I went up the stairs and when I came around the corner his door was cracked open and I could see the tv. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A man was behind a woman putting his cock in and out of her as she screamed, yes Daddy, harder Daddy. I also noticed she was petit with blonde hair and blue eyes. I decided to sneak in and see what my uncle was doing. I thought he might be exercising due to the heavy breathing I heard. I crawled in and peaked. He couldn’t see me and I watched as he stroked his humongous cock with much excitement. Then he said “oh Dolly, your mouth feels so good on my cock.” As he said that the woman in the video turned around and started to suck the mans penis. My uncle was moaning “yeah that it Dolly, Daddy wants to cum all over that pretty face of yours.”
I didn’t even know what cum was, but I wanted to find out. I watched my uncle edge himself for about 15 minutes and then he exploded. His cum flew almost as high as the ceiling, he kept saying “thats my girl, yes, make Daddy cum. You are Daddys little cum slut.”
When I heard that I was so happy to know he thought of me making him feel good. I then crawled out and went back to doing homework.
When he did come down he kissed me on the head and hugged me wrapping me in his arms. Then sat down next to me. I didn’t know why but I could feel a squishy sensation in my panties. They were My Little Pony, my favorite ones he had bought for me. I only wore a size 6-7 still and he loved shopping with me for pretty panties.
As we started to work on homework I couldn’t help but squirm from this unfamiliar feeling. He kept watching me then finally asked why I couldn’t sit still today. I finally told him that the chair was uncomfortable. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me onto one of his legs. Now, my wet panties were against his leg and I really liked the feeling.
After a few minutes he got up and went to grab a beer. Suddenly I hear “oh my god” from the kitchen. I yelled to see what was wrong and when he came around the corner he had the biggest smile on his face.
He picked me up front to front and wrapped my legs around his waist. He sat down and cupped my face in his hands. “Dolly why is my leg wet baby?”
“I don’t know.”
“Did you get wet once I told you about sex?”
I was terrified to tell him what I saw. So I lied.
“Yes, but why are my panties wet, I didn’t pee myself.”
“I will tell you but you have to promise not to tell anyone.”
“I promise”
“So, when a little girls kitty gets wet, it means she wants a man to put his penis into her.”
“Cause she wants to make a baby with him?”
“Sometimes yes, but sometimes she just wants to feel good or make him feel good”

Just then Jason came through the front door and yelled out for his Dad. “Up here buddy.” Then he put me to the side of him and whispered to me that we could discuss it more tomorrow.
Jason and I played a video game while my uncle cooked. I was staying over the next few nights since my parents were on a trip. They traveled a lot and I had stayed with uncle many many nights.
My uncle helped me get in the bath tub and closed the curtain. While I was in the tub Jason came in to use the toilet since I always used his bath tub. The curtain was clear and I could see he had a huge penis too. Just then he caught me looking.
“Hey you little pervy girl. Stop trying to sneak a peak.” Of course he said that jokingly. Then he pulled back the curtain and said “Fair is fair.” I leaned back covering my flat chest as I had not developed at all. No hair anywhere, my nipples and areoles still pink and flat. “You know Dolly, you are very pretty.”
I said thanks and then he smiled again, glancing at my hairless slit, licked his lips and left. I felt myself getting wet all over again.

My uncle helped me dry off and get dressed. I loved when he would rub the towel all over my body. My Dad would help me too but the way my uncle did it always made me feel special.
My uncle settled into his huge lazy boy in the living room and put on a show. He patted his lap for me to come sit on his lap. I remember Jason making a face and saying how we were quite the couple since his mom left. I was super happy she left because now my uncle and I could be openly affectionate. Cuddling and him rubbing my back, holding hands and just showing affection. I learned years later she left because of me.
I fell asleep quickly on my uncle as he rubbed my back and kissed my head as he had done since I was a little girl. Just loving and innocent.
Finally he was ready for bed. He held me in his arms as he walked to his bedroom. He laid me on the bed in my nightgown and laid next to me. I quickly fell back asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and my undies were wet again but this time on the outside of my butt and it was sticky. I played with it between my fingers and tasted it. It was salty and I didn’t know what I had sat in. I laid there thinking about the video I had seen and the woman licking his penis and how much the man liked it. I wanted to make my uncle feel that good. So being the little spitfire I was, I shimmied down under the covers between my uncles legs. There was just enough light to see his 9 inch cock hanging out of his shorts. I decided to stick my tongue out and taste it. I licked just the top. I thought, hey, this isn’t bad. So then I licked it again and again and again. I felt myself getting wet again between my legs. And then my uncle started waking up. For a moment he laid there moaning still half asleep until he realized who was licking his cock. He threw the covers back and pulled me up onto his chest.
“Dolly, baby, what were you doing?”
“I was trying to make you feel good.”
“Oh baby, you love me so much don’t you?”
“I do”
“Baby, you are too young to be doing that.”
“ i am 10 and not a little girl, don’t you want to feel good?”
“More then anything in the world, Daddy love his Dolly baby girl.”
“Can I call you Daddy? I really want you to be my Daddy.”
Just then I felt his cock grow and graze my tiny back.
“Oh baby, Daddy would love would love that.”
“Can I lick your penis again Daddy?”
“Baby, as long as you never tell anyone, and I mean anyone, you can lick Daddys penis as much as you like.”
He grabbed the back of my head and said “Daddy needs to teach you how to kiss like a big girl with your tongue first.”
The next few minutes was him teaching me how to french kiss.
After a bit, he pulled me back up and said “tonight lets make Daddy happy.” He then forced my head down to his cock. “Open your mouth and put it in.” I did as I was told and he kept telling me what to do and how good he felt. It only lasted a minute before he flipped me over on the bed onto my back. Straddled my chest and said “say ah and open wide for Daddys special juice”
I opened my mouth and felt ribbon after ribbon hitting my tongue, cheeks, nose, lips, everywhere on my face. When he was done he told me to not move, he reached under his bed and pulled out a polaroid camera and took a pic of my bare flat chest and face covered in his cum.
Then he laid down and spooned me. I said “did I do good Daddy?”
“Oh yes baby. You made Daddy feel so amazing. But Daddy would like to check and see if you enjoyed doing it.”
“How do you check Daddy?”
He had me roll on my back and spread my legs and he crawled between them.
“Daddy is going to touch your kitty now baby. Remember you cannot tell anyone and only Daddy gets to touch you there unless I tell you its ok.” I nodded
He rubbed one finger over my panties, tracing my slit very slowly. “Oh baby, you are soaked. Daddy needs to check under your panties and you have to stay very still.” I nodded again. Then he grabbed my face and said “no, its Yes Daddy when you answer me.
“Sorry Daddy, yes Daddy.”
“Good girl, now hold still while Daddy checks your tiny little kitty.” He slowly pulled my panties to the side, grazing his finger across my slit and it made me twitch a little. He then stopped and said “hold still baby.”
“Yes Daddy”
“Thats a good girl. Here we go.” His mouth gasped quietly as he pulled my panties aside again. “Oh baby, you are dripping so much, even your tiny butthole is wet.”
“Is that bad Daddy?”
“No baby, that means you really want to make Daddy feel good. Now no talking while Daddy gets to play with your kitty for the first time.”
I laid perfectly still as he used a finger to explore every part of my pussy. My favorite part was when he would tickle either one of my holes.
Then he lowered his head between my legs and sniffed. He moaned. “Baby, you smell so good. Your kitty is so perfect. You may not be ready but Daddy is going to taste it either way. Can you hold still and be a good girl for Daddy or do you need Daddy to hold you down?”
“I can hold still for you Daddy.”
“Thats my good girl, I know you will love Daddies tongue.”
Thats when my love for my uncle blossomed and I knew god made me for him. The second his tongue made a stroke from my asshole all the way up to the top of my slit I was officially his slut. I could not imagine a more amazing feeling. I loved trusted my uncle so I knew he would never hurt me.
I held still as much as I could but his tongue trying to stretch my 10 year old virgin hole was a lot for me. He must have been licking and rubbing my clit for an hour. He just couldn’t stop. Finally, he did and said he would teach me to cum once we had more time alone.
After that everyday I would suck his cock in the car on the way home from school. He bought toys and vibrators to use on me. The dildos were very tiny and I liked when he would just play with my pussy for hours. After about two weeks of this he put on porn to teach me what would happen next and new ways to suck his cock. I was in heaven and so was he. Until one day when he wanted to progress…

If you like it, let me know and I will keep going. Sorry, I am sure there are a lot of typos. There is much more to the story and plenty of good stuff to hear about.

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