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Dolly’s Uncle Part 3

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Dolly’s Uncle keeps things moving forward and Jason finally gets what he wants.

At this point in the story my uncle had made fucking my ass a regular thing. For me the exciting part was how deeply we had fallen in love. When I was at his house, which was quite a lot, we would hold hands, snuggle, watch porn, explore eachother and so many other things.
My cousin Jason had continued to touch me also but never in front of my uncle. He told me it had to be our secret that I let him touch me. Jason was a very good looking 18 year old and had graduated high school. He was headed to a major University to play football in the fall and was already making trips to the school for all kinds of events. I thought he was so attractive and he always turned me on just by smiling and flirting with me. I was glad he was only going to be 2 hours away so he could visit when he wasn’t busy. He and I had grown close and the sexual tension between us was intense.

That summer was when I started getting breast buds. My uncle would suck on me for hours and it made me so wet that my uncle would have to put a towel down.

My cousin had to go up to school for an orientation and my uncle worked it out so he and I could spend the weekend with my cousin near the school. He booked a gorgeous hotel room. And I was really surprised when my cousin decided to stay in the room with us.

My cousin had gone up on Friday and we took off early Saturday morning. At this point my uncle still had not put his cock in my pussy. In fact his cock had not gone near my kitty. It was driving me crazy so I decided to ask my Uncle about it as we drove.
“Daddy can I ask you a question?”
“Dolly baby, you know you can ask me anything.”
I took a deep breathe “Daddy how come you haven’t put your penis into my kitty yet? Isn’t that what Daddys and their girls do if they love each other?”
He looked at me and smiled. “Baby, do you want that from Daddy?”
I lifted my right knee up exposing 10 year old hairless virgin cunt, and spread my pussy lips so he could see my hole. “Yes Daddy, I want you to fuck me.”
Suddenly he pulled into a deserted parking lot and grabbed my face with his hands. His demeanor changed immediately from light hearted love to anger.
“Did you just say Fuck to your Daddy?”
“Yes Daddy, don’t you want to?”
“Do not ever swear to your Daddy. You are my sweet innocent baby girl and I will not tolerate such a potty mouth. Daddy is going to have to punish you.”
I had no idea what he even meant by that because he had never punished me before. I had always behaved and been very polite and agreeable.
“Now listen to me carefully and it will be over soon. First we are both going to get into the backseat. Do it now.”
He opened the door to get out and I climbed over the seats. He got in and laid me across his lap.
“Daddy has to punish you now baby. It is going to hurt but if you love Daddy, you will hold still and take the punishment without screaming. Can you do that?”
“Yes Daddy, I am sorry Daddy.” As I said that I started to cry and get scared.
He realized I was crying. “Its ok to cry baby, this is not meant to be fun, but it pleases Daddy very much when you cry.”
Suddenly I felt his hand slam into my ass and the sting was intense. I cried out and started to sob. I tried to pull away and he grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back. “Be quiet whore, 4 more.”
I knew fighting was futile. He was almost 200lbs bigger then I was.
He finished and started rubbing my ass and kissing it. “Does that feel better?”
“Yes Daddy.” I was still crying and in a ton of pain. “Baby girl, you did well for your first punishment.” He sat me up and unzipped his pants pulling out his huge cock. “Baby, you made Daddy so hard with your crying, you need to take care of it now.” I hesitated “Make me cum whore!” I lowered my head and started to suck his cock. He immediately shoved my head down choking me and holding it there longer than usual. I thought for sure I was going to pass out. But he let me up just in time. I forced me back down on his cock and I kept sucking.
“Fuck that 10 year old mouth feels so fucking god” then he was grunting and saying “fuck you little cock slut. Daddy taught you well.”
Then he was fucking my face holding my head. Suddenly I felt him explode shoving his cock down my throat. He held my head there for a moment making sure I swallowed every drop. “Good girl, never swear in front of Daddy again. Do you understand?”
“Yes Daddy.”
We climbed back in the front and got back on the road.
We finally got to the hotel and my cousin met us there. We got into our room and there was only one bed.
“Where is everyone sleeping?” My uncle said if Jason wants to stay he could sleep on the couch and we would share the bed.
A part of me wanted Jason in that moment so I told my uncle I forgot my tooth brush so he had to go to the store to get one for me. He said he had a few errands to run also so we could hang out or swim. We decided to watch a movie.

I laid on the bed with my head towards the edge on my stomach and Jason was laying opposite with his head on the pillows. I had no panties on so I knew he could see up my sundress.
“Whoa, Dolly, what happened to your ass.”
“Oh I just fell.”
“Yeah ok. Does it hurt?”
“Yes, it still hurts bad.”
Just then he reached his hand out and started to rub my ass.
“How about I make it feel better?”
“Yes please.”
Just then he yanked me by my legs onto his lap so I was on my stomach spread eagle on too of his lap. He lifted my skirt and started massaging my ass. He could hear him enjoying the view “mmmm.mmmhmm. Dolly you are so hot. No one makes me as hard as you do.”
He started kneading my ass and spreading my cheeks apart admiring my asshole. “Dolly? Your asshole looks like its been used. Have you had a cock in your ass, you little slut.”
I got a little flustered and turned my head to look at him.
“Mmmm. Maybe.”
“Did you like it?”
“ is it a bug cock that went in your ass?”
“ not as big as yours but big”
“Did this man cum in your ass?”
“Yes, is that bad, please don’t tell anyone.”
With that he started massaging my pussy. “You are still so tight. Has anyone been in your kitty?”
“Wow, well… do you want to change that?”
I didn’t know what to say.
“Ummm… I am too little”
“Oh no baby, it will fit I promise.” He started pressing his thumb against my virgin hole and just barely popping it in.
Just then Jasons phone rang. “Fuck its Dad.”
He answered the phone and kept rubbing my pussy as he talked to his Dad about what we were doing. My uncle had suspicions that Jason was playing with me and wanted to ensure we were behaving. He hung up.
“Well we won’t have time today, but I want to bang your pussy. Would you like that?”
I shook my head yes. Then he got up, kissed me and walked to the bathroom.

Later that evening after dinner… Jason went out with friends and I was hanging out with my uncle.
He had given me a bath and was being so kind and loving. I was in his lap and he was reading to me.
“Baby, I have not forgotten what you asked me. I want to be honest with you, I am worried about ripping your sweet little 10 year old pussy and I like to be rough. I just love you too much to hurt you.”
“Yes Daddy”
“But I promise soon.”
“Ok Daddy”
And then I fell asleep.
I woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of moaning from a little girl. My uncle was sitting at the desk on his laptop watching porn. But this was different. The little girl was about my age but had a pacifier in her mouth and seemed in pain as her Daddy fucked her and she begged him not to.
He slammed his laptop and headed to the bed with me. “Baby, Daddy thinks about fucking you all the time so I like to watch porn that is similar to our relationship. Now lets curl up and go to sleep.”
We both got naked and he got behind me hard as a rock. Feeling his cock on my ass made me instantly wet and I started wiggling my tiny ass against him.
“Hold still baby or I will have to stick my cock in there.”
I giggled and kept wiggling.
“Oh you dirty little slut.” And before I knew what was happening his mouth was on my kitty and his tongue plunging into my ass.
“Tell Daddy you want his load in your butt.”
“Daddy I want your load in my butt”
“What baby wants baby gets.”
He had been fucking my ass multiple times a week for a few months so it easily slid in with a little pressure. It still hurt due to his girth but I always acted like I loved it. I did like the feeling of him cumming in my ass. And before I knew it he was shooting streams of cum deep into my 10 year old ass. I fell asleep with his cum dripping out of my asshole. He held me tight and made me sleep in it.

Then next morning, we went down to the pool to swim. My uncle said he was on vacation and started drinking right away. I really had not ever seen him drink so much. He started touching me in front of people at the pool and talking about my fat puffy pussy lips and big clit. He said men will always love my clit. At about 11, he was the drunkest I had ever seen him. The manager asked him to go back to his room and sleep it off. He was nice still and told me we were leaving.

We got back to the room and he sat on the against the pillows. “Dolly, be a good slut and dance for me like a stripper.” I hesitated. “Do you want my belt this time?” I shook my head no. “Good then do what Daddy says and be a good whore for me.”
“Yes Daddy”
I started to dance as best I could as he gave instructions. He made me strip slowly for him then rub my body on his. He grabbed and rubbed much harder than he usually did and it turned me on.
He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. “Suck it whore.” I got between his legs and out his raging hard on in my mouth. I could hear him muttering and saying things like “good fucking whore”, “you are the best little slut baby.”
Next thing I knew he had flipped me over and looked at me from above.
“Dolly, Daddy needs to use you now. It will hurt and you can cry but Daddy will not stop or be gentle. Do you understand?”
“Are you going to put your penis in my kitty now Daddy?”
“Yes baby, so hold still while Daddy stretches that 10 year old virgin cunt.”
As he said that, I felt his head putting pressure on my hole. I gasped and everything in my body tightened. He tried to get in me multiple times but could not. He got up and grabbed a bottle of fireball whiskey . Poured a big cup of it and told me to drink it. I was afraid to question him in his state. So I took a sip. I almost spit it out but he started forcing it down my throat. “Thats my girl, drink up.” I did and then laid back down. He got on top of me and started to eat me out. After about 15 minutes I started to feel light headed and said “whoa, is this being drunk?”
“You relaxed now whore?” “Yes Daddy”
“Good, you are going to learn to love Daddys cock inside you whether you want to or not. And with that I felt the head of his cock stretch my opening feeling firey pain in my pussy.
“Daddy it hurts!”
“Good bitch, now be quiet and take Daddys big cock.”
He shoved another inch inside me. I started to cry and beg him not to. He laid down on top of me and covered my mouth. “Shhhh baby. You feel so fucking good. So tight.” I kept crying and begging for it to end. “You are doing so well baby. Daddy is so sorry but he has to use you. Daddy love you so much. Such a good girl.” He kept working himself in. He was about 4 inches in when he hit my cervix.
He slowly started going in and out of me and I felt every inch of me stretched beyond its limits.
“Daddy you are hurting me.”
“Oh no baby, you want this. Don’t you want Daddy to know how much you love him?”
I shook my head through my tears.
“Oh baby, it turns Daddy on so much when you cry.Fuck you are so tight. Fuck this is the best pussy of my life. Baby is am going to make you feel so good.”
He sat up and started watching his cock plunge in and out of me. He put a hand behind my head and lifted it so I could see his cock raping my virgin cunt. “Look how pretty your cunt looks on my cock you whore.”
I did like the site of him inside me. He kissed me and said, you are the woman of my dreams. He started panting and telling me things about when I was an infant. How pretty my pussy was even back then. How badly he has wanted to fuck me for years.
“Beg Daddy to come in your pussy whore.”
“Please Daddy I want your cum in my kitty.”
“Beg more.”
I started begging and begging.
“Suck your thumb and look at me.”
I did as I was told and he smiled down at me.
“Daddy is gonna cum in your pussy baby.”
And then he exploded, I could feel his forceful cum shooting violently into me. Frankly, that was my favorite part. He groaned and growled as he finished deep inside me.
He collapsed next to me and started sucking my breast buds. I laid there, his cum dripping out of me. My pussy red and swollen from the assault. It was still very painful. Once he had calmed down, he walked to his bag and grabbed the polaroid. He told me to spread my legs and push out some of him. I did and he snapped a picture.
“Fuck that cunt is so swollen.” He started to wipe up the cum with fingers and shove it back inside of me. “I want you to have my cum inside of you everyday.. and I think I found my favorite hole of all.”
I laid in the bed next to him, both of us naked. My pussy was still on fire and aching badly. I finally drifted off to sleep…

I woke up to my uncle mounting me again. I begged him to stop but he didn’t listen and same as before he laid on top of me so I couldn’t move and covered my mouth. “Daddy is so horny baby. Be a good cum slut for Daddy and take his big Daddy cock.” I fought harder this time but it was useless.
He then flipped over still inside me so I was on top. I had watched enough porn with him to know what to do. “You can ride me or you can be punished and this time it will be much worse.”
“Yes Daddy”
“Put your feet next to you so you can bounce on my cock”
I did as I was told and began going up and down on his cock slowly.
“Fuck baby, your fat little girl pussy lips were made for your Daddys cock.”
He sat up and started sucking on my puffy nipples, sucking and biting.
He leaned back again “play with your clit while you ride my cock you tiny whore.”
I started rubbing my clit and it instantly relieved some of the pain and I let out a small moan.
“Oh! You like riding Daddys cock don’t you, you little slut?”
“Yes Daddy.”
“Good girl. Daddy wants you to cum on his cock. Fuck you have the best pussy I have ever felt. Go faster whore, get more of the cock in your tiny twat.”
Rubbing my clit with him inside me started feeling really good even though I was sore and swollen. I started moaning “yes Daddy, yes”
“Tell Daddy how much you like his cock”
“Daddy your cock feels so good. I love your Daddy cock.”
I was in pain but I honestly loved it. The pain made me feel so grown up and sexy for him. I started riding him faster and faster and I felt the blood rush into my clit and my walls start to close down clamping his cock inside me. And just as I was about to cum Jason walked in….
“What the fuck is going on? Dad she is fucking 10.”
I jumped off and scrambled into the bathroom.
I heard my uncle trying to calm him down.
“Jason calm down, she wanted it, and we love eachother”
“Dad are you hearing yourself?”
“Jason she is the love of my life.”
“What the fuck Dad.”
They went on for a bit and finally things calmed down. But my uncle was still clearly drunk and spouting nonsense.
“Jason what is it gonna take to keep you quiet?”
There was a long pause then Jason said…
“I love her too. Well, I guess I am in love with her too and I need to have her.”
I got nervous he would tell my uncle about the touching and flirting.
“I spend just as much time with her as you do Dad and nothing has happened like with you to but I know she loves me too.”
I could not believe what I was hearing. They talked so I couldn’t hear them and then finally the both said “deal”
“Dolly come out here to Daddy.”
I came out naked covering myself with my arms.
He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me.
“Baby, you love Daddy right?”
I nodded.
“And tell Daddy how you feel about Jason. Be honest dolly baby, Daddy wants the truth.”
“I think I love him too. Am I in trouble?”
“No baby.”
He put me between him and Jason who was now sotting on the couch.
“Baby, show Jason your body.”
He left me in the middle of the room completely exposed and went and sat on the bed.
“Jason, how does she look naked and used?”
“She looks beautiful and so fucking good.”
“Jason what do you like about my little slut?”
“She has the most amazing puffy little nipples and her ass is so cute. And Dad, her hairless pussy makes me so damn hard, i have been fantasizing about tasting her for a year now.”
“Jason, you do know her cunt is filled with my cum.”
“I know Dad.”
“Are you sure you want to taste her?”
“I think so.”
“Do you want to eat Daddys cum from her 10 year old cunt?”
“I do”
“Good boy, now Dolly, lay down and let your brother eat your cunt.”
I did as I was told as I laid down. Jason was on me so fast I barely was still before he ripped my legs open and dove his tongue into my hole. I could tell he wanted to taste me just as much as taste my Daddys cum.
My uncle looked at me. “How does that feel slut?”
I was already ready to cum, I had never been eaten like that, she was sucking my whole pussy deep into his mouth. “I love it Daddy.”
“Dolly, you know your brother sucks cock very well also. I used to make him dress up like you and please me. Once you were old enough I switched to you. You coming on to me was a dream come true.”
“I love you Daddy.”
“I love you too.”
“Jason now get up and fuck her face.” He did as he was told and his massive cock immediately choked me. He was fucking my face much harder then his Dad.
“Jason, Dolly, you are brother and sister now and may only play if I am there.”
Jason nodded.
“Jason do you want to fuck your sister?”
“Fuck yes I do.”
“Good but if you are gentle I will stop you.”
He laid me down and climbed on top of me. I felt his even bigger cock press against my opening.
He pushed into my swollen used tiny pussy and I felt so much pain again.
“Oh fuck, she is so tight”
“Once you fuck a little girl, its hard to fuck a grown women.”
“This is so much better then older women. Fuck Dolly, fuck this is so tight.”
My uncle pulled his cock out and started to stroke it as he watched us.
“Fuck me, watching someone else fuck her is just as fun as fucking her.” My uncle watched and moaned as he stroked himself.
“Jason, fuck her good.”
He was being so sweet and gentle. Since he was bigger he got less in. He leaned down and whispered in my ear. “I am going to fuck you nonstop until you can take all of my big cock you little girl slut.”
I held onto Jason as he fucked me harder and harder and I whimpered in pain. It had only been a minute but he reared back and slammed into me adding more cum to my well fucked sore pussy.
My uncle was going to cum and walked over and came on my face as Jason finished pouring a massive load deep inside me.
“Dolly baby, you are such a good girl.” Then he leaned down and kissed me. “Jason go turn on the shower so we can all get in and clean up.
We all got into the shower and my uncle sat instructing Jason on how to clean me, rubbing my pussy, pinching my nipples. Its then I learned I like having multiple partners and being watched. This would lead my uncle into all kinds of dark and seedy places, letting men fuck me bare at truck stops, behind strip clubs, to men he saw checking me out at stores and my favorite was servicing his friends and the breeding. So much to still tell!

More to come tomorrow!

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