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Dirty old men 4

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Depraved interracial sex old and young, consensual sex

So to carry on from the last time I came home to madil being in our lounge wanting to talk, to him using my young wife’s wet pussy and stretching her anus and making me lick and suck my wife’s cunt cream off his engorged paki cock.

I was at work when I got a call from My wife saying madil had contacted her and asking to visit, I said you know why don’t you and she said yes I do, “well do you want him to visit” ” oh paul I don’t know what to say to him I have to call him back” just tell me the truth do you want him to come round as you know what he wants don’t you” yes I do” tell me what he wants then” he wants to fuck and use my married pussy, but I don’t know paul” right ok ring him back but record the call and just make an excuse for him not coming round ” OK il record it.

I got home that evening and said did you call him”yes I did and what did he say” I just said we were going away for a break and we would contact him on our return, oh good did you record it ” no I forgot sorry. No worries at least he knows now.
Cut along to about 5 weeks later my work was going well and so was Mary’s. She had been doing extra shifts at work and some night shifts which all helps with extra money, I had a medical checkup at work so had the day off, Mary was in bed asleep after a night shift, I was sitting at the table and Mary had left her phone on the table on charge, I thought I would have a look through as we always did with each other’s phones.
I them went on the laptop to send work an email when I noticed different files held within files on the home screen, I opened one up but it was password protected which I thought was strange, I tried our normal password but nothing, then I tried some numbers and it worked, I opened the file and there were pictures and videos of my young wife on a dirty mattress in a strange place being fucked and used by madil and some other older paki men, I was shocked to the core because this was something I never new about, I went through video after video of Mary submitting to older paki men,her young married cunt being used and stretched by much bigger cocks than I’d ever seen, all talking dirty to her, saying things like, you love paki cock don’t you white slut & her saying yes I can’t get enough of it I love being used and bred by paki cock” does your husband know you don’t go to work at night but come to madils flat to have her young white married pussy raped by paki cock” no he doesn’t and I don’t want him know please don’t tell him you can keep using me and breed me if you want.
I was in turmoil should I confront her as she’s been lying to me and going behind my back, I came to my senses and thought no I won’t say anything this will need more thinking about.
I was gob smacked, I copied the pictures and videos yo my external hard drive and hid it, I then went back to Mary’s phone and came across the recording of the phone call she had with madil that day when she said that she didn’t record it” hi madil it’s mary” ahh my little married whore when can I come round” paul said he doesn’t want to do it anymore” but what about you don’t you want anymore of my paki cock or come to my flat and have your married pussy raped and filled with paki cock cream” oh fuck yes I do you know I do I love being used by your paki cock and taking your paki cock cream, but I’m still a married woman and my husband has always been there when you have fucked me” yes I know but now he’s saying no” prove it to me just once say your doing a nightshift and come to my flat, let me use and rape your married cunt and let me me cream it and then we don’t have to do it anymore, ok when” good girl drive to my flat thurs night il send you the address then get rid of it ok.
I rung ken to see if he could give me some info on where madil had his secret flat, but what he told me has caught me off guard, he told me if that I ever say anything I would be in big trouble, he told me that Mary has also been to his flat at night and he has also been using her married cunt and she loves it, he’s also got another married woman involved and makes mary eat her pussy whilst he fucks her and creams her and the other woman eats kens spunk out of Mary’s married cunt because the other woman
likes young girls pussies, he said you have lost your young wife to paki cock now and any other cock that wants to use her, kens said he’s also trying to get Mary’s mum involved in there fucking sessions and to have her used by madil and his paki friends.

Part 5 to come

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