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Dirty little secret

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13 year old Lianna embarks on her first adventure into sex

I’m lianna at the age of 13 my body was all ready developed I was a B at that time with nice ass hazel eyes curly long hair tiny waist. My mom and my stepdad Dennis has been together since I was 3. He watches me on the weekends when my mom stays with my grandma to take care of her. Friday night was movie night he drinks and he let me drink I usually pass out but we have a great time he’s really a good dad not even a step dad. He had drinks out earlier the usual we started drinking it was amazing I felt great.Whats on your mind mama?. I want all the boys to love me I replied. You do?why do you want that? Daddy all girls need a boyfriend. Do you have a boyfriend? Not yet but Nathan is going to ask me everybody in school told me. I’m so sorry mama. Sorry!!! Daddy why you say SORRY! He giggled your getting tipsy I’m saying sorry because you don’t know what boys want your going to be terrible at what boys want. I got scared and said Dad no what I gotta learn for Nathan I do anything he’s so cute. Well you can watch this movie I have and it would show you exactly what they want. Yes a video I watch please I said all tipsy getting to the drunk point. He put the movie on and said come sit on my lap on the couch. I love you pajama dress you have on. Very pretty but your not wearing your bra your mom hates that. Yea mom is not cool like you you do t say nothing. That because I love and cupped one of my tiny breast my nipples harden right away and I felt so warm in my private part. I giggled daddy I think the drinks making me hot on my private parts. He laughed watch the movie. I saw a girl kissing a guy naked and then man was naked. Dad paused the movie. Why you paused it that makes me feel good watching it. Boys like this have you kissed before I turned my head toward him no but I want to I just don’t want to be bad. Turn around mama wrap your legs around me daddy said okay what now? I’m going to kiss you but don’t tell mommy or anybody I’m helping you. I said ok he put his hand on my legs caressing it it was making my privates hot then he leaned in and kissed me gently then I felt his tongue touching my tongue the I let out a sigh or as daddy says it a moan it felt good. Then I felt something hard on my private daddy I stopped kissing him something poking me. How does it feel it feels hard but it making my privates hotter it’s probably the drink. No mama that’s being horny means you like it and when you have that feeling you gotta let boys do what they want when they want always let them. He leaned in and kissed me again. I love kissing my dad but then he grabbed my butt and squeezed it I moaned again he whisper it’s because you like it your moaning making sounds but you have to make me make sounds. He started rocking me. Back and forth on the hard part of his pants but now I’m moaning loudly it feels good daddy I know baby I want you to rock back and forth by ya self like if your dancing grind hard. I rocked I was moaning OH DADDY !! It’s amazing can we do this every weekend?We can do this everyday. Daddy moaned damn baby you so soft and young perky tities he took of my dress. I covered my self he said stop let boys men anybody do what they want don’t hide your beauty. I put down my arms I felt comfortable daddy loves me he always been like my best friend. He looked at my tities and kissed it or sucked it but it was amazing I loved it I moaned daddy don’t stop but he did. Baby watch the rest of the movie I got to stop and relax my self. No i want more I said he grinned I know you do you love this don’t you? Yes I think I love you like how I love Nathan but more. Daddy kissed me and got up watch the movie I be back. I saw the man’s privates in the movie where he put it in the girl my private parts was still hot I still was drinking but now I’m about doze off. I hear daddy voice come on mama get in bed you can sleep with me tonight. I slept with daddy plenty of times normal. He carried me upstairs. Daddy I love you I had a great time tonight I watch the whole movie. He laid me down the bed and said ok get comfy you to drunk take off the dress. I took off my dress you can’t take off your panties to to be really comfy. I did because daddy said do what men tell me. I felt so good so warm. Daddy got in the bed I felt his bare chest on my back. Daddy? Yes baby ? Are you naked to? Yes I want to be comfy. Can I look? Come look. When I looked I saw his private it was bigger then the video guy. Daddy your private is big bigger that the man I watch in the video. He looked at me move my hair from my face kissed me. It’s called a dick baby and yours is a pussy. I can’t say those words. With me you would call it that it’s our dirty little secret. I smiled and said daddy your Dick is big. Daddy moaned your such a filthy girl I love it. Daddy kiss me pulled me close to and started sucking in my tities I moaned he kissed on my stomach and he French kissed my pussy moving his tongue all around it felt so good that all I wanted was more.Baby I want you to say daddy I want you to have me. I moaned loudly daddy gave me please daddy I want to be your girlfriend gave me daddy. Daddy moved up to my lips. Baby this is going to hurt them it’s going to feel amazing. He rubbed his dick on my pussy now I’m shaking my head yesss daddy yess daddy. He pushed I felt the pain but I was too drunk and to horny to care. He pushed in slowly in and out I moaned I loved it him stretching my inside playing with my young pussy . Daddy started to moan I wanted this since I met your mom I always wanted you I love you now your mine. You gonna let me do whatever I want with you yesss baby I love your tight pussy. I felt a amazing feeling and felt light headed a big rush like sugar and I screamed in pleasure. Daddy stopped and told me to hurry up open my mouth he put his dick in my mouth and I taste warm juice and I like the taste. We laid down and I said daddy you had juice down there it taste good. Yea to get the juice baby you have to suck it and play with it. I want that juice everyday. Daddy smiled you get it everyday just don’t let mom or anybody find out. I woke up to the next day with daddy French kissing my pussy I moaned I love this daddy he rubbed and kissed my pussy until I felt that amazing rush again. Until I moved out at 21 daddy had fucked me and even invited 3 of his friends on a regular basis to fuck me. I went to their house when dad and mom go on couple vacation and his friends would fuck me I let them do whatever they wanted. I enjoy getting fucked especially when it’s all day and more than 2 people

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  • Reply Horniman ID:3q9axyzrc

    Could be a really good story, but try breaking it up into paragraphs – it will make it much easier to read.

    • Bliss ID:10xcxoskvh3x

      100% agree