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debate tournament

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i was at a debate tournament with my team and we had just completed a debate on gay rights. we were discussing it with another team at my school. i had a crush on one this one boy on the team. he was skinny and soft and cute. i had a feeling he was gay but i needed to know for sure. as we were discussing, i looked at him with a sort of flirty smirk and said i don’t fuck with that gay shit. i think he caught it and he said me neither. his voice was still babyish and not deep. he was in the 11th grade. i’m gonna go to the bathroom, i said, again looking at him. he smiled again and said, i’ll come too. it was a quiet walk to the bathroom at this school but we could both feel the sexual tension. i went inside and he followed me and i locked the door behind us. we rushed forward and kissed gently but passionately. he didn’t have experience kissing i could tell. i pulled away. i knew you were into me, i said. he shyly responded. wanna fuck?, i asked. i’ve never done it before, he said flirtatiously. i’ll guide you through it don’t worry, i said. i moved forward and kissed him again. we started getting naked while kissing and i kissed his neck. i was fairly lean but much more muscular. i’m a senior. we both were completely naked now. i kissed his chest and nipples and moved down to his stomach. i then skipped his dick and kissed his thighs and calves and feet. then, i moved back up and went to town on his dick. he started moaning uncontrollably. i kept sucking and licking it. eventually, he spurted 5 heavy cumshots info my mouth and i swallowed it in one gulp. i got up from squatting and we kissed and embraced. fuck me, he said in a daze. i turned him around and ran my hands down his back. i stuck my finger up his butt and it was soft wet and warm. he moaned. i loved how it felt. i kept fingering his butt and he kept moaning. keep going he said while moaning. he cummed straight onto the bathroom wall. i still kept fingering him and he kept moaning loudly uncontrollably. i took my finger out and i was going to lick it, but his butt was dirty. i was still behind him and we both walked to the sink and i cuddled him from behind and looked at him in the mirror. i then washed my finger. next, i bent down and put my left arm under his knees and my right arm under his back and lifted him up. i carried him to the wall and he faced the wall. i ran my hands on his body and on his butt cheeks. then, i took my hard and throbbing dick and lined it up with his butt. i pushed it in and i felt the soft warm and wet insides of his ass. it was tight but i started off gentle and worked my way further in. he slightly shuddered with every moan. i kept working my way in until he relaxed and opened up fully and my dick was covered with moisture from his butt and i could easily slide in and out. we developed a rhythm of me pushing in and him pushing back against me. i fucked him until my body started tensing up when you get that feeling when you’re about to cum. and then, i cummed inside his ass. it was so warm and the feeling was amazing. i slowly stopped thrusting a bit after my last cumshot. the feeling of my cum lubricating my dick inside him was heaven. everything was super smooth. that was amazing, he whispered, out of breath. i kissed his shoulder. you were amazing, i said. he turned around and i pushed him against the wall and we made out. he finally learned how to use his tongue and move his lips while kissing. it was so hot. i was salivating into his mouth. i ran my hands over his butt and found my way to his hard dick. i rubbed it with my free hand and he pulsated. i broke the kiss and said, check this out. i put my hands behind his back and pulled his body toward me and lifted him up. he understood and wrapped his legs around my waist. his face shone with excitement and i smiled. i carried him to the sink area and put him there. he spread his legs out open for me. you know what, fuck it, i said. i put my hands behind his thighs and pulled him forward to reveal his ass. i bent down and licked his ass once and looked at his face. ohhh my god, don’t stop. he said. i pushed my tongue deeper in and moved it around and kept doing his for a couple of minutes. he moaned loudly and after i was finished, he was out of breath. i stood up and put my dick in his ass and fucked him again. next, i sat down against the wall and he sat down on my lap with his back against me and he rode my dick. then, he turned around and rode me again while we made out. after so many positions and so much cum, we were both finally exhausted after one hour of fucking in this bathroom. there was cum drying around his ass and also around his dick. i kissed him a couple more times and helped him put his clothes back on and he did the same for me. we got out of the bathroom and met our teams again. as we walked away we looked at each other and smiled. later that night, i went to his house and we repeated everything, took a shower together while fucking some more, and i cuddled with him while sleeping. the next morning, the same thing happened once again.

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