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Casey (13) who is not excited about staying after school in a kid’s daycare facility just down the way from his school. He walks with his friend’s to their buses and waves goodbye to them. He sighs and makes the walk over there.

There was a short cut through the park to get to the facility. He walks there and while on the way there, he sees one girl auburn hair with twin tails hairstyle with the same school uniform he wears, one adult man talking to the girl. At the park, chatting while he’s walking past by them he could have sworn he recognized her from her school. But he couldn’t tell. He sees both the girl and the man hold hands as he guides her to the bushes.

Curiousity, got a hold of the boy he decided to follow them instead keeping a distance he finds a good angle to see from the trees. He sees a strange sight. The little girl is on her knees moving her head back and forth. He couldn’t tell what she was doing. He decided to get a bit closer to them.

He quietly walked around using the trees, he gets behind a tree and gets a view at what they were doing the young girl is bobbing her head up and down between his legs, as the man moans. The young girl’s head rises up. He immediately recognizes her as his childhood crush!

Rayne, was a beautiful young girl, same age as Casey (13) with good grades, he saw her one time in one of the classes but never chatted with her. She has a string of saliva connecting her pink lips she leans in to lick the tip of this man’s penis.

He watches in awe at the sight of his crush licking the man’s shaft up and down along it then she kisses and sucks on his balls, before putting it all back in her mouth, and bobs her head up and down faster as the man grabs behind her head!

He moans and then he looks down upon Rayne as she gives him a good sucking. Casey wanted to jump out and save Rayne. But she’s not crying for help. Instead, he feels a hard on in his pants as he watches Rayne giving the man a blowjob.

Then the man moans louder and louder and his hips buck up deep into Rayne’s mouth. She then rises and makes a loud pop as she releases the man’s dick. As white substance leaks out of her mouth she then looks into the direction of where Casey is.

He hides did she see him? He doesn’t know. He quietly uses the bushes to sneak outta the park. To the daycare center. As he checks in he hears a familiar voice calling for his name! It was her Rayne!

Approached him his face goes pale, she embraces him to the daycare employees they think it was cute. Rayne whispers in his ear,”I saw you watching, did it excite you?” She asked him.

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