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Date gone wrong

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Went out with a guy. Slept with his dad and buddy

I was 18 at the time. I was asked on a date by a 25 year old named Justin. He had picked me up from home. We had dinner. We hung out. He had too many drinks. I had to drive hime home. Helped him in the house. His dad James was home with a buddy of his named Paul. I went to Justin’s room with him. We sat on the bed for a bit and kissed and he was feeling my boobs. I was stroking his cock. He then blew his load. I got up to the bathroom to wash my hands because there was cum. I walked back into his bedroom and he was asleep. I got bored and went down stairs and James offered me a drink. I said ok I’d love one. Paul started talking with me and the 3 of us was talking random shit. And then about 2 hours had gone by and James offered to take me home. Paul came along. I sat in the back and Paul was next to me. Paul was talking with me the whole trip and had his hand on my legs I was feeling his bulge in his pants. We got to my place and I invited them in for a drink. They both said yes ofcourse. I was so turned on. Because of Paul. And I had a disappointing night with Justin.
James and Paul came in. I had put my stuff down. Amd told them to make them selves at home while I change my clothes. As I went into my bedroom. I got naked and they had walked in while I was naked. And they were looking me up and down and had there hands in there pants. And ofcourse Paul was the first to jump to it. He said definitely made my self at home baby. He came upto me and started kissing me. And rubbing my pussy.. James joined us. He was teasing my bum crack with his cock. After we all felt each other up. Was alot of them feeling me and sucking and licking every inch of me. James sat on the bed. I bent down to suck his cock and Paul fucked me from behind. He fucked me hard. I couldn’t really enjoy sucking james cock. Was such a nice thick size. Paul could really fuck. James asked me if I had ever done anal. I said yes. He said good girl. Your ass is mine. Paul then laid on the bed. I climbed ontop of Him. He entered my pussy again. And James spit on my ass. And he slid inside my bum. He held it deep inside me. It hurt so much. But Paul’s fast fucking took that pain away. Then they both fucked me. Paul slowed down alittle and enjoyed fucking me with a nice rythem. James then blew inside my ass. Then Paul said my turn. He got up and got behind me and fucked my ass for a bout 2 minutes and blew inside my ass too.
We then laid on the bed I was in the middle. We all talked for a bit and Paul asked me what I did tonight with Justin. I told them we had dinner and hung out. He had a few drinks. We were upstairs and we kissed and he fingered me and I stroked his cock and he blew. Then told them after I washed my hands and walked into the room Justin fell asleep. Paul said im glad he did. Other wise you wouldn’t have slept with Justin’s Daddy and his buddy Paul. We all laughed alittle. Then I asked them. What now? Paul said ‘well darling you have a daddy and Uncle now.. we will take care of your sexual needs from now. I smiled and James said. Good girl. We talked about more and fell asleep. When I woke up James was feeling my boobs. Amd sucking on my nipples. I then climbed ontop of Him and said. Good morning daddy. We started kissing and he started fucking my pussy. We were having passionate sex. We had sex for a good 10 minutes he then said. Honey. I’m about to cum I want you to swallow. I went down on him and sucked his cock till he blew in my mouth. I swallowed every drop. Then I looked into his eyes and gave his balls a kiss. Then kept sucking his cock till he went soft. Paul had woken up. And asked ‘hey wheres my breakfast? James said its ready I warmed it up for you. He got up and went to take a shower. Paul got ontop of me and we kissed for a bit. He slid his cock in my ass. And had my legs up against his chest. Fucked me in that position for atleast 5 or 6 minutes until he came in my ass. He then pulled out and we kissed alittle more. He also took a shower. James saved my number in his phone Then they left.
We still fuck till this day. Just knows. He had joined us a few times.

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