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Dark African 12yo learns about good sex

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I’m 48, white and divorced. I don’t really need a big house so I decided to just to rent a basement of this woman’s house and my work is remote and online.
The woman is maybe in her late 30s and is first generation from Ghana or Nigeria I’m not really sure. She’s fat and has giant tits into thick accent but she is super nice.

I have cooked for her from time to time because I love cooking. One day she came down to collect rent and we had some coffee and she was complaining about her daughter being bullied. Her daughter is 12 and the shade of her skin is about as dark as you are ever going to see on a black person. Plus the facial features of her race and where she comes from kind of gave her a big forehead and some prominent cheekbones. I thought she was beautiful and sexy and she had budding tits and beautiful white teeth.

The mother told me that she is mocked at school by Whites and blacks about the color of her skin and her forehead. I told her how that pisses me off and how I think she’s beautiful. The mother told me I should make it my mission to give her daughter whose name is Abigail some positive remarks to help her with her self-confidence.

School had just let out for the summer so I saw Abigail a lot more often and I would always tell her how beautiful she looked and I love her teeth and her shade of skin and she would smile and absorb the compliments like a sponge. The mother came down a couple days later and said Abigail loves the comments from you and said that you’re a very good looking tall white man. And I told her well it’s my job and actually my job and your job to give your daughter some confidence. The mom then expressed another disappointment that her daughter will have a difficult time dating and might seek interest with the wrong person and either get pregnant or be further let down. I said yes that’s a real possibility because most girls are starving for attention and your daughter is only getting it for me.

After further chatting about my background she learned that I was vasectomy safe and so the mother said listen. I probably shouldn’t say this but you meet a lot of requirements meaning you are nearby, convenient, safe and clean and the list goes on. Having said that you have my permission to seduce and teach my daughter what love and sex is like from a kind person and we will keep it just between us.

I thought about it for a minute and I said well maybe we should do this. The bushes on the side of the house grow to about 4 ft in height and hug the house I don’t know if you know it or not but there’s almost like a little tunnel if you get down on your hands and knees at the corner of the house and crawl in you can look in the window of the basement where my little living room and kitchenette is. Why don’t you tell your daughter to go down and peek in the window and maybe you can see our white tenant naked. If she agrees to it you need to text me that you’re getting ready to send her down and then send me another text when you see her crawling behind the bushes and make sure it’s only her.
Later that night the mother texted me and said Abigail is going to go down in about 15 minutes and she’s interested in seeing what a white man looks like naked. I said okay no problem just text me when she goes out the front door. I got naked in the bedroom and started playing with my dick and balls I didn’t get fully hard but I wanted to be half hard.

then I got a text message from the mom that Abigail should be at the window by now. I said okay and I waited about one more minute and then I walked out with my towel around my neck like I was going to shower and my dick was bouncing back and forth knowing that Abigail was basically 5 ft away staring right at me. It was dark outside so I couldn’t see Abigail even if I wanted to.. I started to make a cup of coffee and while the water was boiling I sat on the arm of the couch which means I’m facing the window Abigail is looking through and I’m acting like I’m doing an inspection on my balls and my cock and I’m looking at them and moving them around.

After another couple minutes I got my cup of coffee and went back into the other room and texted the mom and said I’m done. She said yes Abigail was already here and she said you are a very handsome naked white man. The mother then told me that she gave permission to Abigail if she wanted to explore anything with me but not to tell anybody. Abigail had a slight smile on her face and she says okay Mom.

A week later Abigail was moving some things from the basement up to the outside so the mother could do some gardening and Abigail had on a tight pair of shorts and flip-flops and a white T-shirt but no bra and her tits were so pointy and sticking straight out I could see the outline of the nipple through the fabric. I told Abigail to hold on a minute! She stopped and said what’s wrong I said nothing sweetheart but when I see someone as beautiful as you walk by I want to take a second look she smiled and put down the rake in the shovel and stood there and I looked at her up and down and I said you have beautiful toes they are perfectly shaped and those tight shorts look great on you and I squeezed her ass and I said and your shirt is tight on your chest and your breasts are beautiful and I just leaned in and caressed her right breast and through the t-shirt I pinched her nipple between my index and middle finger and she just stood there enjoying the attention. I asked her what time her mother went to bed and she said usually by 10:00 p.m. I told Abigail well if you want to come down here at 10:30 or 11:00 if you hear your mom sleeping come down here and we can explore more. Remember Abigail never said that she saw me naked yet even though she has.

Abigail came down at 11:00 with the same clothing on and I let her in and I gave her a hug and said I’m so proud of you sweetheart and don’t worry I will always be a nice guy and I’ll show you how a nice guy treats a woman. I held her by her little 12-year-old hand and brought her in and sat her on the chair by the kitchen table I pulled another chair and we faced each other. Without asking I just leaned in and gave her lips at tender kiss and asked her is this your first kiss and she said yes I said okay here’s another one and I leaned in and kissed her with more passion and we exchanged tongues. It was an absolute delight to watch her face go from a normal 12-year-old girl’s face to a face burning with passion now. We kissed a couple more times and I started to caress her breasts. Without even asking she pulled that shirt off in a heartbeat and her skin is just so dark but her nipples were like two pieces of black coal. Eileen forward and played with them and sucked on them and she loved it. I then stood her up and scooped her up in my arms like a husband carrying his wife through the marital doorway and took her to my bed and plopped her down and she sat on the edge of the bed and I said pull my shorts down. While sitting on the bed and I’m standing facing her she pulled my shorts down and my white cock bounced out at attention. She grabbed it and played with it with one hand and the other hand was on my balls. I could tell she had zero experience so I guided her and we spoke about what part feels good and how to do this with this hand and that hand and she started to suck on it and I gave her some more instruction but it takes time to be a experienced polished cocksucker so we didn’t go very far.

I then pulled her shorts off and there was no underwear and I got down on my hands and knees and pushed her legs back and she says I’m sorry I’m ugly and I said don’t ever say that You’re not ugly I love your skin tone and the area between your legs looks like it’s dark as cold and she says do you like it I said it’s absolutely beautiful. I pushed her legs back and then opened her pussy and a bright juicy pink center popped out at me. I just engulfed her pussy into my mouth and from my experience black women have thicker pussy lips than most white woman and even at 12:00 both of her pussy lips already were protruding outside of her vagina and I sucked and licked and pulled and teased and nibbled and swirled my tongue around her clit and the whole time she’s looking at me and her stomach is a flat as a pancake and both her hands are behind my head and she’s hissing and her mouth is open.

After about 7 or 8 minutes I could tell by her breath that something was going to happen and then all of a sudden her legs and lower abdomen bucked a few times and I knew she was experiencing an orgasm. I just held my mouth onto her pussy like it was glued there and let her ride out her orgasm.

It was like she was in the heat. I stood up with my cock dripping precum and she moved to the center of the bed and never closed her legs and as she got on the center of the bed she moved a pillow held her legs up open and high. I didn’t need a written invitation to know what was next. I got up on top of her slid my white cock against that dark cave and slipped in and immediately felt her hymen and told her I’m going to push through this and the only thing she said was fuck me!

Every virgin is different and when I pushed past her hymen it was not that big of a deal to her she didn’t wince in pain there wasn’t a huge amount of blood in fact it was almost no blood and so I just started sliding my cock in and out halfway until she got adjusted to it and started pounding on her little meaty slit.
We changed positions a few time and then I got her doggy style and I had that nice dark round ass up in the air and I told her how to reach her hands around so she could gape her pussy open and she was doing that and her pussy was opened a little bit and I was banging it from behind and I told her to stay in that gape position with her hands and soon I was going to spray sperm and I told her to keep her hands there and don’t move and I pulled my cock out and kept her ass still with my left hand and put the tip of my cock up to that gaping hole and jacked off and ejaculated every drop of sperm and empty both balls into that gaped open pussy.

I told her don’t move and I have an LED flashlight near the bed and I turned it on and helped her gape a little bit more and looked inside and I could see all of my load in there waiting.

I had her stand up but not straight standing because then the sperm would just drip out onto the bedspread so I had her stand up but lean against the wall a little bit and I took her left foot and lifted it up and put it on my shoulder as we were laying on the bed and watched the sperm leak out of that dark juicy cave and down her inner thigh all the way to her knee I grabbed a mirror and let her look and asked her what does it look like and she said it looks so good.

A reported back to the mother and needless to say I fucked that little Pop-Tart two or three times a week I treat her like a queen. I make her model clothes for me and tell her how beautiful she is and I make her stand in front of the mirror and tell herself that she’s beautiful and sexy and I’m turning her poor self-confidence around and she looks like a more confident young lady now. I love drilling that dark pussy and the mother loves that a nice white man is teaching her daughter the right ropes about sex intimacy and love all in the same house.

I will include an image. It’s not the girl that I’m fucking but I just wanted to give you an example of how dark she was


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    Black or white that age they are absolutely sweet little Pop-Tarts really nice for their mama want them to experience from a proper teacher

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    i love little black girls they’re so fantastic looking, our neighbor’s daughter used to sleep onside when there was no electricity, completely naked, let me tell you that black body was awesome

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    Perfect story, black pussy is nice I chat to girls and Ghana every day

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    Oh fuck !! Big Daddy !! you really turn me on how you take control !! and she looks similar to my girlfriend Aleesha !! I like your story and like you I can’t stand racist people on both sides !! how big is your dick Big Daddy just wanting to know !! Britney

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      7 inches fully hard and medium thickness…with low hanging balls that like to swing around!!

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    You lucky lucky man!