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Cucking my own father with his friends. Part – 1

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I got fucked by all 6 of my father’s friends and they make him cuck for them

It was a sunny day and daddy had a BBQ party going on in his backyard. Like every weekend all six of his best friends were there drinking beers and talking amongst them while daddy flipped some steak.

Mommy had left daddy last year when he found out that she had been cheating on him with a few people for sometime and it broke daddy but all of his friends were there to cheer him up during this and even started having a BBQ weekend at our house since to help daddy.

While everyone was having fun I came to the backyard in my new two piece pink colour bikini uncle John bought me last week on my 11th birthday without telling daddy. I knew daddy would never buy me something so small that made my tiny tits propped up and my cute little asscheeks barely covered up. I was waiting for daddy to get drunk like usual and then come out but i couldn’t control my excitement. As i walked towards the pool where uncle John and uncle Bruce were drinking beer and laughing over something, suddenly I heard daddy calling me quite aggressively. I knew he’ll get mad for this bikini but i didn’t know he’ll be this mad. I slowly walked towards him in fear as to what he’ll say. He looked at me from head to toe and said

Daddy : shelly what the hell are you wearing right now ? And how do you even have something like this?

Me : uh….. daddy it’s a gift from uncle John. He gave it to me on my birthday. I thought it looked cute.

I slowly walked closer to daddy and hugged him to make him fall for my innocence like i always do when I do something bad and it worked like usual.
He looked at my puppy dog eyes and patted my head. His hand slightly fell on my back as he started rubbing it. It felt weird for a second but suddenly uncle John came over and said

John : I hope it’s cool that i bought her that Harry. She was telling me that she had been asking for a swimsuit from you for a bit and I just thought it would be good suprise for her. And you like this right shelly?

I quickly left my daddy’s embrace and ran towards uncle John and hugged him tightly, squeezing my tits on his waist making sure he feels them. I smiled from ear to ear and reply

Me : ofcourse dad– uh… uncle John. I love it!!!! Thankyou soo much for getting me this.

Daddy looked at us with an unusual face as he noticed how uncle John was touching my back and slowly rubbing my waist. Then before he could say anything
Uncle Robert and uncle Jamie came over with beers in their hands looking quite drunk.

Robert : I need to go to the washroom right this instant. Here hold this for me Harry and when I get back it should be empty you got it?

Uncle Robert handed daddy his beer as he ran inside quickly making all of us laugh as we see his belly bounce up and down as he goes. Uncle Jamie gives daddy his beer and took the spatula from his hand and said

Jamie : why don’t you go and make sure Robert doesn’t trip on the stairs. I’ll do the barbeque and look after shelly for you. And make sure those bottles better be empty when you get back alright?

Daddy wanted to make sure that Robert was okay but also the way uncle Jamie said he’ll look after me was making him a little uneasy. But he ignored his intuition trusting his friends like he always had for almost half his life. He laughed and said

Daddy : yeah okay. Just make sure she doesn’t play in the pool for too long. And baby make sure to annoy everyone lots for me okay ?

He said as he walked away drinking the beer in his hands.
The moment he went inside uncle Jamie looked at me and said

Jamie : well why don’t we take this party to the pool shelly. I know you’re dying to have some fun right ?

I smiled as uncle John’s hands reached my ass cheeks now and I looked up to him as i unwrapped my arms around him and now kept my hand on his crotch feeling the huge dick twitch that has been fucking me for over a year now.

Me : yes daddy Jamie. I wanna play lots with all of you like you taught me. I hope daddy gets to sleep soon and daddy Robby also comes back to play with me like always.

Right then all my daddies came towering over me as they looked down on me. Daddy John now rubbing my tits over my bra and daddy Bruce pushed his finger in my mouth and played with my tongue.
Daddy Mike took off his tshirt and his abs were on full display for me as i drooled over daddy Bruce’s fingers for them. Daddy Bruce laughed as he kept his other hand on daddy Mike’s ass and started groping it like usual.

Bruce : she always start acting like a real bitch whenever you show her those washboard and Mikey but I can’t complain because you are fucking hot.

Daddy Henry who loved to play games with me when all of us were together then suddenly pushed his two fingers in my tight pink colour pussy making me moan even louder and squirm like a good little slut they all made me. My pussy was already wet ever since I put on this bikini but being played by everyone at once was making me loose my mind. I couldn’t control my moans. My hands now rubbing daddy Mike and daddy Jamie cocks over their shorts. I was getting close to cumming just by being toyed with all of them for their own pleasure. It turned me on that everyone here had been fucking me for over a year and now has turned my body into a hole for them to fuck anytime they see me. While these thoughts raced through my mind daddy Henry took his fingers out of my wet pussy and took a lick of my juices as he looked me in my eyes reminding me that my body belonged to them and even my orgasms are theirs. Then daddy Henry said

Henry : the last one to get in the pool becomes everyone’s toy for the day and he or she has to follow everything they are told.

Even before he could complete his sentence everyone started running towards the pool and jumped right in where as I was left on the ground still feeling doozy with the sudden lack of their hands on my body. I looked and saw that daddy Bruce was removing his shoes and so i gathered all the strength I had left in my legs and ran for the pool where everyone was cheering for us on

Jamie : c’mon shelly run for it!!!!
Henry : i don’t want to fuck Bruce’s fat ass tonight!!!

And everybody started laughing at this as we jumped almost at the same time.
After a sec daddy Mike came towards me and turned me around to have my ass grinding on his fat dick. I looked back at him while biting my lips and asked

Me : wo won daddy?

Daddy John now stood in front of me and held my face in his hands as he bend down and started kissing me. His tongue exploring my wet and greedy mouth. My brain was turning off with this kiss as I heard daddy Henry say

Henry : so Bruce you lost and get ready to be our bitch for the weekend.


I hope you like this story. I’ll probably make this a 7-8 part series and try to send in the next part soon but only if you all like this enough for me to write the second part. I welcome each and every criticism in the comments or write me on shellylicious0 at gmail

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      I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be sure to post the next part soon.

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