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Cruise ship cocktail waitress pt 1

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I m a twenty five yr old cocktail waitress on a cruise ship I have 34 dd tits firm athletic body, I work in a beach themed cocktail bar on board ship and I wear a bikini as my uniform , after we were out to sea for a couple of days I was working well into the evening things were a little slow when two guys came in and sat down at a table I n the corner ad I went over and they orderes a drink and when I came back we chatted a little they seemed nice and soon the guy behind me a little at the table was slowly caressing the inside of my thigh at first I wasn t sure so I didn t sat anythingbut soon I felt him slowly rubbing my pussy it felt nice and his friend smiled and he kissed me as I felt my bikini bottom slide down, I stepped out of it as I whispered to them we shouldn t ,and then I was leaned over the small table and I soon felt a hard cock sliding into me it felt good and soon he was very deep.He slowly fucked me as I moaned I was enjoying it and then I felt him unload his hot sperm deep inside of me I cum very hard on him. Afte r he pulled out his friend slid his dick into my ass and fucked me until he cum as well I enjoyed it alot. The next day I went to steam room to relax a little after I wrapped a towel around me I went in there was a handsome well built black man there as I sat down and soon we laughing and chatting along,he smiled as he took me into a kiss I liked it and wekissed alittle more and soon I felt my towel being opened and he was gently squezzing my tits I liked it and he gently slid his hand down and played with my clit, I moaned in pleasure ,after that he smiled as he stood up and took hid towel off I was soon staring wt his 10″ dick ,I lifted it up and started sucking it ,I noticed his balls were full, he was very hard quickly, I laid back on the bench and spread, he got down and slowly slid his dick into me soon I felt it going into my cervixbe he stopped. He slowly fucked me until I felt his hot sperm rushing into my cervix and filling my cervix and pussy. After he pulled out we kissed and relaxed, he asked if I could join him later in his cabin and I agreed to and we set a time, I knew it was going to be a great time he asked if I minded if he had a friend there and I said it was ok

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