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Confessions of family taboo

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I will deny all knowledge but this is how it all started

If questioned about this I will flatly deny it ever happened.

Been having sex with my sister for years. Started when we were on a family holiday. she was / is 4 years younger than me I’m now 46.
We were on a beach in Portugal. Second last day of our holiday and we had had wine with our lunch made us both have the giggles and it stopped me having control of my erection. We went to the beach and found some sand dunes where we could have privacy as she was self conscious of going topless.
I begged her to as I wanted to see them again.
So her with her tits out me with a boner, add wine to the equation and what could possibly go wrong.
She eventually said “are they so fascinating!?”
I just said as my cock would be fascinating to you if it was out right now,
“But it’s not !” She said
With that I pulled my trunks down and it sprang up like a Jack in the box making her squeal
To cut a story short she eventually took me in hand and with instruction wanked me almost to boiling point but I stopped her and stopped her as I was edging over and over.
Then as I moved to get best position she stopped.
I grabbed her wrist and said “DONT STOP!”
Pulling her wrist up and down I knew it was coming so I let go and said “FASTER!”
Well I looked at my dick as the first load oozes From my cock down my penis onto her hand I shouted “FASTER!”
The second a rope of cum leaped into the air half landing on her face and tit. The next landed all on her tits. She squealed every time even when the last offering nearly cleared my dick.
I was spent, I just
Looked At her covered in my teenage cum all white against her tanned body.
As much as I tried she wouldn’t taste it, that was for another day.
That wasn’t what I was going to tell you. I kinda got distracted.
So perhaps I’ll do a part two

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:8m0itujfid

    You didn’t say how old you were at the time. But, a very good start!

    • Bruc3L ID:5az32agd3

      She was 14