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Chatting with people!

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Heyy all! I realized that I should’ve posted my session id in my last story haha

Sooo I’ll post it at the end of this, but do be warned that I am a very pervy person and I open up about myself a bit too much

If you wanna get to know me, read my previous story (idk how to link things lol) but if you wanna chat, then hit me up! My bf says it’s ok and he does it with girls all the time

I suppose I should tell you more about myself. At least before I bet my bf. Wellll basically I started masturbaiting when I was around 9, my friends showed me porn online, as one does, and obviously I feel in love with it. My parents are very bad when it comes to the internet so I had essentially free access. So I looked up the same porn vid and starting rubbing one out, had my first orgasm and all

Later on at 11, I started chatting with people online, mostly much older people because obviously, and they were telling me a sort of nasty things like how they wanna rape me and do anything they want to my body, which honestly just made me more horny.
The first time I actually showed my body online at 11 was actually to this college kid, he was big and buff and I drooled over him, so one day he showed me his cock and then asked me if he could see Mt body, so I sent it and it was a back and forth for a few days until he stopped talking to me which made me cry lol but there’s always better people

I remember one time where I video called this old man when i was 13 and I gave him a strip show, it was my first time doing that but apparently I did a good job because he came everywhere! I’m more of a texting gal but that boosted my confidence

I definitely still talk to older men a I loveee teasing them too, I’ve never actually met up with any one of them but better late than never!

Anyways heres my session id: 0564b71b784ea8ac39bb9a0b40146f55dcf6bc2d8c17d959da3e619a2f08c26405 can’t wait!

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  • Reply ISKZRI ID:6stx4h020c

    Couldn’t figure out this session ID thing. But here is my https://discord.gg/eZhtAP9k

  • Reply horny older man ID:2qmflxk3d21

    Chat me up anytime, Rosy. Disc jz0159

  • Reply ISKZRI ID:6stx4h020c

    Can anyone tell me how join a session on discord?

  • Reply Dmac ID:4bn00en3fia

    Just sent you a message on session

  • Reply ISKZRI ID:6stx4h020c

    Damn I feel old and stupid. Is this session ID to discord or what?

  • Reply Big Daddy 690 ID:1ei8nbpnt7cc

    Bigdadd690 I hope that you’re perverted I enjoy reading your stories maybe someday we’ll get to chat

  • Reply Nattm1898 ID:22lr1xsnhj

    You haven’t responded just yet. I’m sure your flooded with messages. To make it easier for you, I’ll post mine.

  • Reply ABC ID:4yij6rd3

    Hey Rosy I want chat with you but idk what this session thing is. But I really want chat with you so I have discord my username is adc2345. Idk if that will work for us to talk but I would love talk seeing how we are both very pervy. If not you could contact my email [email protected]. But idk what the session thing is so if you can hit me up on one of those platforms plz

    • Rosy ID:mp4ik4f84gu

      Hiya! You’re discord doesn’t seem to work, wanna try again? I don’t wanna be spammed by putting my own disc on here lol

    • ABC ID:4yij6rd3

      I misspelled my username for discord it’s actually abc2345 hopefully that will help

  • Reply marcel ID:1dbumar7puiw

    I dont really know much about this session thing, how does it exactly work if i may ask? Because i would love to chat with you Rosy