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Brothers best friend breeded me and my family support it

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I was sleeping peacefully when that jerk raped me and now my family is helping him knock me up

I was sleeping peacefully in my bed when Zane walked in I slept nude and had no idea he was over but instead of walking me up he started to play with my pussy before I could wake up he shoved his dick into my virgin pussy waking me with a start.

“What are you doing stop that hurts”
“Shut up you know you love it you whore”

I called for help but when the door opened by dad walked in but rather then be mad he seemed happy before leaving the room he said to bring her down when you’re done. Zane continued to fuck me until he came hard in me I was panting but before anything I could say anything he dragged me downstairs naked where my family waited looking proud of him.

“It’s time she was broken in” said my mom who dragged me over to the table.

“This is so awesome I gotta show my friends” my brother set up a camera to record what’s happening to me.

“Turn that off what’s going on someone help me”

My family laughed as they held me down for Zane to fuck me again. He slammed his dick into me making me scream as he rammed me hard my parents looked so happy.

“It time you had a baby and Zanes gonna give it to you” my mother spoke softly.

“Damn right I am I’m gonna fill you up for everyone to see” Zane thrusted more roughly.

“NO I’m too young for a baby someone stop him”
I cried but mother spanked me telling me to behave.

Zane fucked me harder until he finally came slumming over he offered someone else a turn. My dad and brother eagerly took his place fucking me in the ass in pussy while my mom call family to let them.k lw what’s going on and to come over.

They arrived soon and we’re eager seeing my dad and brother breed me.

“We should have a BBQ and invite the neighbors they’d love to join to they’ve been eyeing her up a lot lately” my aunt spoke as she my uncle, cousins and grandfather showed up.

Before I could argue or call for help my dad and brother came hard in me they then dragged me to the yard tying me up so they can set up the BBQ.

Guest began to arrive as Zane started fucking me again they cheer for Zane congratulating him on finally getting me. They watched as I begged for help which they just laughed at as Zane came again in me filling my womb I was laid against the outside table as my cousins started playing with my body. They then lifted me up and put me on my grandfather’s cock making me ride him.

“That it good girl you deserve this for teasing everyone with your slutty behavior this was a matter of time to happen”

I cried but no one cared as neighbors watched me ride my grandfather he didn’t last long but I was dragged by the neighbors to the middle of the yard and was fuck in my ass mouth and pussy all congratulating me on being a whore and to enjoy this cock since I deserve it.

Zane came back to forced me to ride him in front of everyone to see me getting breeded he slammed hard into my pussy making me cum for him I was left on the grass panting as everyone ate and partied around me my brother brought over his camera showing that I was now the local whore and he can’t wait to bring his friends over to use me.

Zane laughed hearing that as my dad patted him on the back calling him my boyfriend and couldn’t wait for his first grandchild.

I passed out not able to stay awake and adjusted to my new life.

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