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Brother and sister make love for the first time

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Abby catches her brother masturbating and wants him to explain what he’s doing. He gladly tells her and proposes to put his willie in her weewee.

‘What are YOU doing?’, Abby cried out loud, entering my room without knocking as usual. Up till now I had been helping myself only at night, before sleeping. A daily ritual since two or three months, after a friend at school has taught me how to masturbate. The glorious feeling of pulling up and down and sensing the white stuff coming down my shaft was so intense, I couldn’t wait until I could go upstairs at nine and jack me off.

Today was Saturday afternoon and our parents were gone shopping. It was too hot to go outside, 110 degrees in the shade I saw. In the cool and shaded room I lay on my bed and took off my pants and underpants, grabbed my stiff willie and started off of a nice ride.

It was right at the moment my stuff splattered over my stomach that Abby entered the room. Sunlight came in from the open door, so she could clearly see what was happening.

‘What are YOU doing?’, she cried. Of course I couldn’t stop, even if I should have wanted it. She ran into the room to the bedside and gasped at the scene. My hand still around the shaft, my swollen head smuthered with cum and my belly blinking with sperm.

‘Eh, Abby, this is just what boys do,’ I mumbled, still dazzling after the relief of my white stuff. She kept looking at my penis, allthough it should not have been a surprise to her I had one and she had not. Until I was 9 and she was 5, we took out bath together and we innocently played with each others genitals.

Three years later now and I was grown into a tall, slender boy of 12, nearly 13 and on the edge of manhood (I imagined, as I could make seed). And Abby, having had her ninth birthday party last month, hadn’t seen my dick since three years. It surely had grown into a nice, strong pole of 13 centimeters (I measured it the day before). Dad had told me I had about the same length at my age and it would still grow to meet the length of his. I couldn’t wait until I could hold a prick of 18, just as my dad’s. Mam said I had to be patient, time flies and before I knew I would challenge dad’s cock.

Now Abby stood at my bedside, gasping at the scene and I simply said she could touch my belly. She put her little hand on it to feel the sticky stuff. Then I took my hand from my shaft and told her she could touch it too. She did happily.

‘But what did you do, Jeff?’ Well, I just jerked off, that’s all. Didn’t mam tell you how babies are made?’ She nodded. ‘Well, I can do that now. Here in my balls grow the seeds to make babies. When a boy puts his willie in a girl’s slit, and there’s an egg inside her tummy, they can make a baby.’

‘Should there be an egg in my tummy?’ she wondered.

‘No, of course not, you’re too small for that. First you have to bleed every month, as mam does. If I would put my willie in your slit, nothing of the kind would happen. We could fuck and have fun, you know? But now you’ve seen my willie and the sperm, you oughto let me see your weewee (as she called it). That’s just fair.’

‘Fair enough,’ she answered, ‘and I would like to have your willie in my weewee too, you know. Sounds exciting.’

‘Oh, it really is,’ I agreed, wondering how her slit would look now. There wasn’t that much difference since I saw her naked at the time. But at the sight of it, my pisser went immediately stiff again and grew steadily.

‘Lay on your back, Abby,’ I told her, ‘and open your legs. I know how it goes.’ Mam and dad had told me in every detail how babies were made. They found Abby a little too young for that, allthough she knew enough for her age.

As I leaded my cock into her little naked slit, it soon found the small entrance there and it went in easily until it was stopped by what I knew it must be her maiden fleece. As I could go in and out now that far, I decided not to break it but do that another time, when she was ready for it. Abby enjoyed it and she was a bit ennoyed when I stopped. I came in her little slit and pulled out. My stuff ran out het fanny. I was so excited I licked it up as I sometimes do when I play with myself. She smelled fantastic.

As we heard the car arriving, we put our clothes on. Allthough I think my parents wouldn’d mind our being naked and playing with each other, we just decided they didn’t have to know. And so we did it every Saturday afternoon until Abby was twelve, getting thirteen, and had her first bleeding. At that time I was 15 and ready to get me a girl of my own age I could fuck with. When I brought Claire home for the first time, my mam handed us a pack of condoms and just said we could go upstairs any time we felt the need.

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