Beach sex two daughters and parents and me !!

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My visit to the nudist beach only a few weeks ago in Spain , I am pretty big down below and yes I enjoy having the chance to show it off , so there I am walking past a few couples up to all kinds of sexual entertainment, but further away I spotted a genuine family real nudists and not your usual adults, there was a woman in her mid 40’s not bad bad nice body and a hairy guy who I presumed was her husband then just behind them where the two daughters both around 15/16 gorgeous little Pettit bodies

So I catch them up just a few feet away they decided to camp down out the way of anyone apart from me close by nothing sexual or anything going on just what appears to be real nudist enthusiast, so I say hello and the guy replies in broken English Hi and the sun is really hot isn’t it ? So I say oh not half yes indeed and strike up a little conversation, then the two teens stand by his side , I say oh you have a lovely looking family sir , he says I know smiling and offers me a drink of their beer they have in a cold box thing that you carry over your shoulders, sit down he says ,
And so we carry on chatting his wife noticed my cock and turned away grinning she said something to her husband in foreign lingo , he smiles also I thought what are they on about ? I look as to say what ? With a friendly smile ,
He then says what’s your name ? I say it’s paul and you ? Franco he says ok Franco nice to meat you , he then says paul my wife Marie has noticed you have one hell of a dick !!

Oh ok I laugh and say I was wondering what the giggling was about , I have some swimming trunks I can put those on if I’m embarrassing you and the daughters , no no it’s fine my friend the girls always come with us we enjoy the freedom and they are used to seeing nudity but we do try and stay away from the main parts with sexual activities occurring now and then , though we do encourage them to be open minded and so on ,

At that point Marie interrupts him saying take a picture of his dick fran ! short for Franco I say seriously? Next thing she starts laughing and says I will look at it when me and fran have a fuck and imagine your big dick paul , he also laughed I realise then, that these two are real fun and I like them and the crazy sense of humour,

I then say do you really want to take a picture? Sh says would you mind paul’o ? Laughing no not at all , but I then notice the two girls walking towards us , I started getting a little aroused with it all , and when those two sexy Gorgeous girls both sit down legs open showing their tight little pussy each as though it’s normal everyday occurrence, I started to feel my cock rising and getting fatter both girls are now just staring at it ,

At this point Fran says paul it’s ok my friend your not the first man that’s got hard in front of my daughters it’s natural they are very attractive we know any man would get wood looking at them , Marie then says really it’s ok paul o ‘ she gets her camera out and both daughters are now watching , Marie says you seen men with their cocks out before girls isn’t that so ? The eldest says laughing but not as big as his mom he he , so now I’m thinking jeez imagine fucking the two daughters and the mother helping out , I’m getting rock hard by now , then Marie has the camera pointing and says paul hold it out don’t be shy show us it be proud of that gorgeous cock then I just couldn’t help myself I get a good grip pulling my four skin back allowing them a proper look with my head on display

I thought fuck it and pull myself just for a second slowly next thing Fran nods as to say go for it , then Marie says you look so sexy just play with it for us , that’s it I pulled my self off and then I felt this warm little hand it was Lizzy the eldest her mother just said … feel nice paulo ? Her mother then said we must tell you they have jerked a guy off before we told them too if they wanted too do only if they enjoyed it ? And obviously now you know they do , then Marie joins in and take my cock in turns , Fran stands close also stroking Marie is encouraging saying your imagination is about fucking me and the girls isn’t it ? We’ll come on then , so I hope you enjoyed my little story not one bit of it was true but wow wouldn’t that be something if it was ,

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  • Reply Kiddyfucker69 ID:1dw6ykckel4i

    Nice story, but, it is in the section labelled “HAIRY”. There is no mention of any of them being even slightly hairy…

  • Reply watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

    This is a real nice and fun story. Totally believable fantasy. Hot.
    As an author, realize that your story sits along literally thousands of other stories, and may not be read or noticed for quite a while. Do not get discouraged. Keep writing. True stories are incredibly hot, even when embellished. Post many stories and you will become noticed, gain followers and haters. You are successful as an author when you start having that. Sometimes haters actually say something constructive or helpful. But mostly just ignore them, fighting them just encourages them to bother you more. Keep writing, you got talent to entertain others.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1dkltwbowkro

    Under what name did you write them?

  • Reply [email protected] ID:f4bjnnwhm

    Hope there is at least a part 2

    • Read it believe it ID:1dlqzy6u5ldo

      👍🏼 will do , though I have a couple that are genuine trouble is here unless it’s over the top ridiculously fantasy no one’s interested ,I submitted two a few months ago , never got a single comment, so I made this one up , I’ll write my real ones again but spice them up a little

    • watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

      Part 2, 3, 4, 5. Yes!