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BBC bulling me

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I was 12 and all my black friends bully me

I was 12, small blonde blue eyes boy then.
All my older black friends used to bully me and I could do anything to get away from them.
We used to play in this empty property and when they started bullying me I stopped going to play in this empty old house. I used to wear little shorts that my mom used to dress me to play outside.
So once I was outside playing and my two black friends tricked me into playing in the old empty house.
Once we were there they started touching my ass over my small shorts. They convinced me it was ok. So I didn’t mind but then they started putting their hands in my ass inside the small shorts I was wearing and I thought it was ok because since they were older than me I couldn’t resist. But once they made me show my small white ass. Again they started forcing me to pull my shorts down all the way down. They would touch my ass am I couldn’t stop them because they would tell me they would beat me up so I would let them.
One time they bullied me to go to the old house and pulled my shorts down and started rubbing their dicks in my ass, it felt good so I didn’t mind.
The older black boy told me to grab his black cock and it was so big and thick tha my hands could hardly wrap around their dicks. I would jack them off and it was fine until one them told me to kiss the tip of his thick black cock so I had to do it. Once I kissed it, it was salty and I kinda started liking it until he forced his cock in my my mouth. While. Jacked him off while I sucked him while the other guy rubbed his cock over my ass.
So, when he tried to fuck me I complained and he slapped me and I would be afraid. It was kinda painful but I got used to it. He fucked my ass while I kissed the other cock. I started loving it be their bitch.
So they would come to my house and ask my mom if I come out to play and my mom not knowing what was going on would tell me to go play with them.
I would suck his cock until he would cum all over me. But then the fucking started and it was awesome being the bitch for the black friends. They would fuck me one at the time and fill me up with cum until it dripped down my legs….. mmm…I loved being the bitch. I got so used to let them fuck it felt so good being dominated by real guys with strong black cocks that they told the other black kids. I stated wearing small shorts all the time to get fucked by sometimes three guys…..but all black kids fucked so good I became the bitch of the neighborhood.
I sucked so many black guys as I was growing up and taste their cum so good.
Once me and my sister were home alone and one of the black kid came over and told me to come to the door. I did and he started touching my ass and my sister at the same age of 15 caught us. And I begged her not to say anything to mom. She would wear a short skirt and the black kid reached under her skirt and she didn’t say anything while he touched her pussy and ass. I had to suck him while he would touch under her skirt. Needless to say he would cum all over myself and she loved it.
As we grew up I had older black friends that would invite both of us to ride around with them.
She would sit between us and she she would put her legs up so he could touch her pussy. We stopped at a convenient store to get something to drink and of course I had to get out and get the drinks. When I returned he was fucking her so good that she would moan while he fucked her sometimes three times and I had to clean his cock with my mouth and clean her pussy too. That became our weekend fun fuck black guys and I loved eating the cum from her pussy.
When we would’ve alone at home he would come over and we had to bend over so he would fuck both of us. Well, things changed and we grew up she got married and I am still a sissy 23 years old sissy.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Some people pay good money to be bullied and abused by black guys. Can’t say I blame them! What a great young life you had!!