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Barry the lodger (ch. 9)

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Barry and Mayme, as it turned out, are both voyeurists

Morning. I just woke up and got up, and Barry is going to leave the home.
– “Ah? Are you leaving already?”
– “Yes.”
– “How many hours?”
– “For a whole day. Today I’ll perform a lot.”
– “Oooooh…”
– “Be patient, please…”
He kissed me and left the home. Oh, how do I hang on for all day without Barry? Ugh, I have to limit myself to masturbation… and then I lay down on the bed, put my hand in my panties and began stroking my clitoris and labia, and squeezing my nipple with my fingers… Barry… my tasty morsel… I want to kiss and lick you from your head to your toes…
I moaned and licked my lips, and after that the pleasant feelings stopped…
Evening. Barry came back home. He opens the bedroom door and sees me masturbating again. His eyes shone and he got aroused. He continued to peep on me, he’s watching the movements of my naughty fingers that dancing on my clitoris, bathing in my vaginal lubrication to the sound of my passionate moans… he’s looking at my rhythmically moving hips… he’s admiring my aroused face with closed eyes and blush…
I moaned loudly, passionately…
Barry made a sound of pleasure that I suddenly heard. I turned to the door and see him standing at the door, I realized that he was peeping on me, and I was very embarrassed.
– “Barry!!!!” *blushes*
– “How beautifully you masturbate…”
– “Shameless!!” *covered her mouth with her hands and closed her eyes in embarrassment*
He went into the bedroom with a smile.
– “And you also peeped on me when I washed myself, naughty little girl…”
– “aaaah” *blushes* *looks away*
– “I’ll tell you honestly, I peep on you all the time… in the bedroom, and in the bathroom…”
– “What?? You… pervert!!” *blushes*
– “And you’re also not indifferent to peeping…”
And Barry is right, he doesn’t know that I peeped on him when he masturbated, and when he washed myself, I peeped more often than he thinks…
*doorbell rings*
“Oh! This is home delivery! Well, Mayme, now we’ll eat chic meals from my favorite restaurant “Le plaisir”! Mmm…”
And he came out of the bedroom. Hmm, and what is this hole on the door? … Ah! It’s clear now! Barry did it specifically in order to peep on me!!
The next day has come. Barry, as usual, peepes on me, looking into the hole on the door, and sees me naked. I assumed he’s peeping right now and decided to make sure of this… he’s continuing to look there and seeing that I moved somewhere and he thought: hmm… where’s her?
I went close to the door, sat down and looked through the hole, he suddenly saw my right eye. I gradually, slowly put my finger in the hole, he begins to suck it.
Barry made a sound of pleasure. I pulled my finger out and stood up.
“I’m sorry but… aah!!!”
He inserted his tongue into a hole and he’s caressing my clitoris and pubis with it!!
– “aah! mmm!!!”
– “mmm…”
– “ah… aaah…”
I stepped back.
“Barry… I’m very sorry but… don’t peep on me.”
And I closed the hole with a piece of cardboard.
He said, upset.
– “Barry… later you’ll thank me…”
– “Why?”
– “Because I’m preparing a surprise for you…”
– “Surprise?!!!” *he’s delighted*
– “A very special surprise… hee-hee…”
– “Mmm… a very special surprise…”
– “I’m ready!”
I open the door and Barry sees me in a beautiful, sexy black peignoir.
– “Wow! Mayme, you’re so sexy!!”
– “But the main thing is not this…”
I took off my peignoir, and…
“aaah!!!” *his exclamation of amazement*
I’m wearing sexy pink underwear, a translucent silk wavy fabric is attached to the top of the bra and of the panties with narrow straps. I turned my back to him and only the thin straps of the bra are visible from behind, and the panties are almost invisible, they’re like thongs from behind.
Barry made a sound of pleasure, looking at me and very aroused, his penis instantly became erect. I looked at it with embarrassment and lust. He’s touching my buttocks put his finger through my panties.
“m… Barry… wait… sit down…”
He sat down, I brought candy to his mouth, he took it in his mouth and he’s eating it. I sat on his knees, we’re hugging and kissing…
“mmm… what a smell…”
He smelled the pheromone perfume I used today. He lifted my bra and squeezing my nipple with his fingers gently…
“Here’s my favorite candy…”
He said and started licking my nipple…
– “aah!!!”
– “mmm… yummy…”
He began to move my panties aside.
– “mm… wait…”
– “Why should I wait???”
I stood up and went far, turning in front of him, now I turned my back to him, I want to tease him even more… he ran up to me and suddenly hugged me.
“I can’t wait!!!”
He said loudly and threw me down on the bed. He lay down on me, we’re licking each other’s tongues in embrace and I’m stroking his head. He’s sucking my nipple.
He moved my panties on me, inserted his tongue into my vagina and began to make reciprocating movements and suck my vaginal lubrication out of me and he’s swallowing it.
– “aaah!!!”
– “m… mm…” *sucks* *kisses*
I sat down and started unbuttoning his shirt. I’m licking his nipples with pleasure, he closed his eyes. Now he lay down, and I took his penis in my mouth and started moving my mouth up and down…
Barry’s loud moans turn me on so much… I’m running my tongue down the body of his penis, then I’m licking, sucking and kissing the head of his penis and squeezing gently his testicles, looking into his eyes with embarrassment and lust…
“AAAH!!! I can’t wait!!!”
He knelt, I lay on my side, he lifted my leg, put his penis into me and started making frictions…
“AH! AAAH!!!”
His penis is gliding so pleasantly inside me… now I’m leaning on my elbows and knees and he’s behind me…
“aah!!! mmm…”
He fell on me.
– “ah… ooh…”
– “ah… mm… now I’ll cum…”
– “oh yeah, cum into me…”
And he’s cumming into me, I feel how much of his sperm in me… we’re lying, turning to each other, he’s stroking my head, smiling and looking at me so gently… how sweet he is after all… I don’t want to have secrets from him…
– “um… B… Barry… I want to confess something… I… I p… peeped on you… when you… m… mas… masturbated…” *closed her eyes because of shame*
– “Oh?” *surprised and a little embarrassed*
– “I’m sorry…”
– “On the contrary, I’m flattered… Mayme, you’re indeed a naughty girl… it’s the one of the reasons I adore you…”
He’s kissing me gently.
– “I think I’m hungry…”
– “Perhaps me too”
– “Mayme, do you want to eat sausage?”
– “Hmmm, and why? You already have one… between your legs… AAH? What did I just say??? Nooooooo!!!!” *very embarrassed*
– “Ha-ha-ha-ha…” *grinned with a smile* “Mayme, you’re adorable…”
Sweet Barry, thank you for adoring this bad and naughty girl like me.

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